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Monday, April 29, 2013

My Heroes

This is a work in progress, as I have accumulated admiration for quite a number of historical personages; and I haven't the time to list all of them at once.  I am starting off at random, in no particular order of esteem, mostly on the bases of convenience and coincidence.
Patrick Henry
Be mindful that Wikipedia, like other politically motivated sources, throws some spin on history, attempting to revise it.  So in all cases, use your own judgment of the facts.  The fact is that he opposed the U.S. Constitution which was presented as a replacement for the original Articles of the Confederation.  It is also a fact that he insisted on including a Bill of Rights for American citizens; and that he recommended at least twenty amendments to the document, straight from the get-go.
This is an online copy of Wirt's original c1817 edition of Patrick Henry's biography.  I have an 1837 edition of it.
Some excerpts of his speeches arguing against the proposed U.S. Constitution, at the Philadelphia Convention.
"But God had a tender eye over America and did raise her up a Henry, a Franklin, a Jefferson, an Adams, and a host of other worthies, to ____ fight ____ battles of mind with the intellectual grants of the old world"  ~ Inscription in the front of the Patrick Henry biography.
An interesting discussion concerning the U.S. Constitution.  I could certainly write a very long blog about it myself, and the temptation to do so is overwhelming; but, I'm going to try to conserve my energy for the time being.
The Voice of Freedom
Here's the treasure chest:  CORRESPONDENCE -- My ancestor, John Sevier, Patrick Henry's contemporary, is mentioned four times within volumes I and II of this text (page 460 in volume I; pages 65, 276, and 316 in volume II).  There doesn't seem to be much evidence yet, that they actually ever communicated personally or directly with each other; but I still need to pore over volume III above, the one containing records of Henry's correspondences.  In any case, I'm sure that they were quite familiar with and aware of each others' political influence.

From page 460, volume I

A description of the Battle of King's Mountain

Description of the State of Franklin controversy

"Sevier... was no traitor to his country"; and in fact it says here that he sounded the alarm about Spain.  But the history revisionist, Gordon Belt, would have us to believe otherwise.
Gordon Belt plans on writing his own biography of John Sevier... oh, joy (I bet he's seeing the $$$ signs, plus the opportunity to revise history yet again in favor of Andrew Jackson).
Thomas Jefferson declared him, the greatest orator that ever lived.
Patrick Henry was said to have looked Arabic or Jewish, and this explains why.  His mother was apparently of Moorish ancestry (and I believe "Henry" is or was a Jewish -- or Israeli / Hebrew, perhaps -- surname).

Above all else, St. Francis Xavier was a missionary, because he loved both God and Humanity
French language
A lot of family history; Francis Xavier is said to be an uncle of John Sevier, so if I am as I believe related to John Sevier, then I am also a niece of Francis Xavier.
Letters to a Princess of Germany; French language (not really certain they are Xavier's, must double-check -- but very interesting, anyway).
Apostle of India and Japan.
Apostle of the Indies, interesting frontispiece.
Nice bookplate
French language
French language, portrait frontispiece.
Histories of Ignatius, Xavier, and Favre, from the Jesuit viewpoint, c2006; first word in the text: "sex"... so strange, yet so typical.
From the Basque point of view, c1955.
F. X. Garneau; perhaps another branch of the family; in Canadian French language.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crimes Against Humanity: Bestiality

The Original Sin was Bestiality
Many editions of this book; most without illustrations.
A more contemporary commentary on the book.
Another edition, branded "The Temple Classics" and edited by Israel Gollancz.
Scottish philosopher, a Calvinist who "lost his faith".  I should note here, that had he any real faith, he could not have "lost" it.  My own faith was on shaky ground, until the Lord blessed me one day with an anointing of the Holy Spirit, healing my heart in the process.  Since that time, there has been absolutely nothing at all that could ever cause me to disbelieve.  Seeing is believing, but faith is even more reinforced by touch and by sound.

So the author didn't really so much "lose his faith", as he simply rebelled against the prefabricated indoctrinations foisted upon him from earliest childhood, by the religious sect to which his parents or family belonged.  He very commendably resisted brainwashing, but probably failed anyway to replace it with much authentic Truth.

Although written in the nineteenth century (begun in 1831, first published in Boston in 1835), this book contains timeless symbolism, while cutting right to the heart of the Human condition.  Illustrations by Edmund J. Sullivan.  Sullivan was influenced by the Art Nouveau movement; his work was used to illustrate the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and a Grateful Dead album cover.  I believe there may be more significance in the illustrations of the book, than in the actual narrative (although it is probably an interesting experience to read, anyway).  Regardless, it is fairly apparent to me, that (like Anatole France and many other published writers) the author fell under the influence of the Gnostics, at least to some degree.

The Naked Truth holds a mirror to the Prince of Lies

The Aboriginal Savage is naked, like the Truth

A Belle, decorated like a birthday cake

Chaos (notice the serpents)

Before the Fall, Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed

"And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed."  ~ Genesis 2:25

The Prince of Lies is a pedagogue, a teacher

The Prince of Lies is the Grim Reaper, wearing a Peacock feather and a grinning mask

Romance sits among the Lilies, wearing a Rose in her hair

War feeds on Human carcasses

The Victorian ideal:  superficiality, appearances, 'image'

Heraldry:  the hereditary "Right to Bear Arms"

Bestial Hybridism among the Human population

Reality and Truth versus Illusion, Delusion, Fantasy

A semi-formal arrangement of Gold Peacock feathers (endpaper); symbolic of Pagan Aryanism


Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) was a Persian philosopher and scholar.  Born into a family of tent-makers; it would be fair to surmise that he was an Aryan.
Thomas Hyde (1636-1703) was the first scholar to seriously study Khayyam.
Edward Fitz-Gerald (1809-1883) wrote the first and most famous translation of the Rubaiyat.

Until now, I was never fully aware of just how much symbolism is to be found in the Rubaiyat -- a work of literature which I'd previously thought to be nothing more than sensual in nature.  It is sensual, but it also is somewhat revealing of the underlying issue of the Human condition.  There is quite a lot of Illuminati innuendo contained within both, the verses composed by Khayyam and the illustrations drawn by Edmund J. Sullivan. 
"Those who husbanded the Golden Grain" = the Serpent Seed of Cain
This picture indicates the false claim by the Serpent Seed of Cain, that they were fathered by Adam.
The Courts = Royalty or Royal Houses

Lion = Judah

Lizard = Dragon (Serpent Seed)

Wild Ass = Egypt

Notice that the Lion and Lizard keep company with the Monkey and the Frog

Glorifying Human Sacrifice, Death

An allusion to Human sacrifice, Jesus Christ, Anti-Christ.  Many people don't understand that Jesus' main mission was not to "die for us", but rather to bring us the Truth -- to teach and enlighten us; not, to be used Satanically as a Human sacrifice -- although of course, in His wisdom He knew that was exactly what would happen anyway.  It is tragic that the Church(es) and its / their followers have turned the facts of His life and death upside down, glorifying His death and adapting it to their rituals of Human sacrifice.  They accommodated the true Gospel by subverting it into their pre-existing Pagan doctrines, just as they always do with regard to the demise of any Human being.  For them, the death of Humanity is a cause for ritualized celebration, ceremony, wine, and feasting.

And to provide further insult, they now falsely claim that Jesus of Nazareth ("the Galilean") never even existed, was just a fictional Pagan "god", etc.  All lies, and they completely turn a deaf ear whenever anyone points out the numerous historical references to Christ and to the fact of His crucifixion on Calvary (also called Golgotha).

Wikipedia doesn't even cite every reference to Christ by ancient historians, many of whom lived contemporary to the same time of His life and death.  He was legendary, an extremely unique individual, even during His own lifetime.  But because He was so well loved, with such a following, He generated much controversy even then, and attracted more than His fair share of jealous enemies.
Hedonism (ie Foolishness) is justified with denials of soul, afterlife, and conscience.

The image appropriated by the Grateful Dead, for use on their best-selling album cover.

The Heathen are lost and blind, confused and shortsighted.

The Grape (or Wine) is symbolic of Human Blood

Cluster of grapes in the shape of a Human heart -- bleeding into a Pagan ceremonial bowl.

Bestial Hybrids (the Serpent Seed of Cain) superstitiously believe that through ritual Human sacrifice, involving bloodshed, they may attain worldly powers.

Subtle Alchemist = Lucifer

Star of Solomon is the Seal of the "Subtle" Alchemist

Cheetahs = Egypt (or Babylon)

"Abracadabra" is a spell used by Freemasons

Mahmud = Praised One (or Idol, god)

Humanity attacked by evil (inhuman) forces; the Baboon sits upon the distressed Human woman's naked back, in possession of her body.

The Single Eye = Peacock feather; Aryanism


Pagan Sun worship

There is a definite relationship between Serpent and Sun worship; they are virtually the same thing.

The Swastika and Star of David are both common Pagan cult symbols, and there are definite historical connections between all of the Serpent and Sun worship symbols.  Many people who support the Illuminati now claim that because those symbols have been found throughout the world in connection with many diverse ancient civilizations, that it somehow lends credibility, authentication, or authority to the present use of them for ceremonial or identification purposes.

All of these same symbols are also associated with the Indo-Europeans or Aryans, long known as the "Nobility" or "Noble Ones" (along with other designations).
Destiny = the Illuminati 'playing God'
Destiny plays a game of Chess with Cain (with Serpentine hair); game pieces represent Humanity.
The writing is on the wall...

"During the drunken feast, Belshazzar uses the holy golden and silver vessels, from Solomon's Temple, to praise 'the gods of gold and silver, brass, iron, wood, and stone'.  Soon afterward, disembodied fingers appear and write on the wall of the royal palace the words:

"Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin"

"And this is the writing that was inscribed:  mina, mina, shekel, half-mina.  This is the interpretation of the matter:  mina, God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; shekel, you have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; half-mina, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians."  ~ Daniel 5:25-28

They can obliterate texts, and murder witnesses -- but they can't kill Truth

Hybrids:  "The Truth hurts."

Humans:  "The Truth sets us free."
Very ominous words, indeed.

Earth's first Clay = Adamite Seed, Humanity

Last Harvest = Bestial Hybrid offspring, subHuman subspecies

Seed = Serpent Seed

"And the dragon [Satan or Serpent] was wroth with the [Human] woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her [Adamite or Human, not Serpent] seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."  ~ Revelation 12:17

"And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea."  ~ Isaiah 11:11

An allusion to Lucifer [Light], which the author believes is better sought in the Tavern, rather than in the Temple.

Tavern = Place where Wine (ie Human Blood) is procured

Temple = the Holy Sanctuary, source of the real "True Light" (ie Holy Spirit)

This verse alludes to the Hybrids' attempts to mitigate against their Fallen condition (ie their Bestial nature), by way of punishing Humanity for it.  That is the reason for their evil, Anti-Christ attitudes, among other things.

"And I saw the woman [ie the Whore of Babylon] drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration [ie amazement]."  ~ Revelation 17:6

Aryan debauchery; Human blood ritually offered to their Sun god (Lucifer).  Blood sacrifices may be accomplished in two different fashions:  1) Literally, by the slaughter of Human beings; and 2) Figuratively (or metaphorically, symbolically), by the simple act of drinking wine.

Human sacrifice in Aztec culture

Molechm, a false god who nevertheless has an appetite for Human children.  Notice the Hybrid, bestial physique of this particular idol.  Most Pagan idols were either animals or part-animal, part-Human (ie Hybrids).

Here is an example of Aryan rationalizations of their Pagan religious practices, including the practice of Human sacrifice.  Their message is that it is something that should be accepted as 'normal', even honorable (for the victim, ironically), because it has been going on for so long (since antiquity, or prehistory).  In other words, they refuse to evolve culturally or to move beyond the Stone Age.  In other words, they are bound to their rituals -- by tradition.

I think that maybe one reason the Hybrids were anciently referred to as "stones" (other than their lack of Human souls and emotional expression), was probably because they literally had nothing other than stone tools, and lived in stone caves.  It is quite plausible that the "Stone Age" was not at all the first, or original, "Human culture", but rather resulted from the drastic devolution of the Human species following their breeding with Lower Primates (Apes, Monkeys).  It's like comparing Mules (hybrid mammals) with purebred Horses.  Mules are generally slightly more intelligent than Donkeys (or, Asses), perhaps; but, far less intelligent than the average Horse.

A tamer version of Human sacrifice, this one is purely symbolic.

An ironic 'joke'

Bacchanalias were Greek or Roman orgies to the god of Wine.  This particularly disgusting artistic depiction, nevertheless illustrates what I've been trying to get across, not just about the mindset of Paganism, but also both, the reality and popularity, of Bestiality.  I am convinced that the proliferation of 'Human' mutants and their associated genetic mutations, is caused by past experiments in bestial hybridization of the Human species.  If one can get past the shock of it all, one might realize how serious a topic it is for the future of Humanity.

And it is very clear to me, the overwhelming connections between Wine, Blood, Sex, War, Religion, Heraldry, Secret Societies, Bestiality, Hybridization, Greed, Hedonism, etc..  Every time I make any attempt to understand the causes of our current Civilization's problems, these particular subjects are always involved.  So, whenever I look into Freemasonry (or, the Illuminati), Human Origins (or, Genetics), and so on (every deep and complicated subject with global implications) -- it always boils down to the Original Sin:  Bestiality.

It is a subject which, while certain segments of our society seek to normalize it (the punishment for the crime of Bestiality -- which is actually rape of any animal -- not so long ago, during the Colonial American era, was death), those of us who find it disgusting would prefer not to acknowledge, think about, or discuss it.  And that is understandable; who wants to talk about such gross, ugly, filthy, vile, unpleasant things?  Not I, either.  But, as with all evil -- we cannot simply sweep it under the rug and forget about it; instead, we need to give the House a real, thorough cleansing.  And we can't fix what we aren't even aware of being broken.

"Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death."  ~ Exodus 22:19

Hybrids always blame God (ie Good, morality) for their Fallen state -- never admitting to Sin.  In fact, they usually will deny that there is any such thing as "right" or "wrong".  It's all the same, to them.  That is how they justify themselves, a simple psychological defense mechanism.

Hybrids also confuse the facts:  Adam was not necessarily an individual man per se; it is more reasonable to assume that "Adam" is symbolic of Mankind, of Humankind.  Likewise, Eve was not just some silly individual woman of ancient times... Eve is symbolic of the female Human slaves who were forced to commit bestiality (ie raped), in order to breed "slave races".  It is no coincidence that in the parable, it was the Serpent who beguiled Eve.  And the reason it was the woman who was "seduced", is because it was Human women who were enslaved and used as breeders.  Like livestock.

The Hindu figure, Rama, with his Monkey chiefs

Hindu Monkey god, Hanuman, pays homage to Rama

The reason those ancient female fertility fetishes were devoid of personal facial features (and often without arms or legs, either), and completely naked of clothing, is because they were utterly dehumanized slaves.  They were nothing more than breeding stock, to the Pagan Serpent Seed.

The Hybrid perception of their Fallen condition; they covetously reach for the sweet grapes (Humanity), but it is something they can never achieve or possess inherently -- by virtue of their birth, heredity, pedigree, family lineage, and genes.  They are destined to lose, and that makes them angry.  Even Hybrids who are uneducated about their real biological condition, instinctively know that they are somehow different from fully Human beings.  They have a natural, innate jealously toward Humanity.

Blaming God, hating Humanity

Serpent Worship
Potter's Shop = Human population

I stood alone = author is a Hybrid (part Human, part Ape - a psychopath), not a fully Human being
"But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord."  ~ 2 Corinthians 3:18

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  ~ Genesis 1:27
Hybrid denial of the Human soul, connection to the Creator God, and of the afterlife.  Because the more enlightened, educated Hybrids (ie the Illuminati) realize they have no souls; and because the less informed psychopaths simply cannot comprehend what Human beings teach about such things -- their intent is to make Human beings disbelieve and lose their faith in God.  Their intent is to dehumanize the Human species. 
In typical Hybrid fashion, they over-emphasize the importance of the physical, material, biological body -- at the expense and impoverishment of the soul.  They speak as if the Human soul and spirit doesn't exist -- because, for them it doesn't.  So they know that when they die, there is no chance of any afterlife (although they often try in various ways to invent one without benefit of God's grace; eg Quantum Leaping, Vampirism, Alchemy, Sorcery, etc.).  That is one reason why they are so hedonistic -- they are attempting to grab all of the pleasure they can, while they continue to breathe.  In fact, justification of sensuous pleasure-seeking (particularly fornication) is the main theme of the Rubaiyat.

(the belief that a person can manifest anything they desire, with the use of thoughts or will-power alone)
(ritual blood fetish)
(use of Sorcery to gain material wealth and political, social power)
(also known as Spell-craft -- ritual uses of words and ceremonial activities, gestures, etc., for the goal of gaining supernatural powers)
Vessel of a more ungainly Make = Hybrid

Again, they choose to blame God for their condition, or to justify it by falsely alleging that after all, it was God (and not Cain's offspring, or themselves through fornication) who made them that way.
Hybrid vessels... one looks much like the Pagan god, Dagon; another like a Phoenician, Philistine, or Hittite; another has a circular form.  The narrator of the poem is visible, standing in the background, accompanying the Hybrid vessels.  It is clear that the imperfect Hybrids share the same environment or habitat (ie Earth, the Planet, the Garden, the Community, Society...) as that which is occupied by the Clay (Adamite or Human) vessels.

Hybrids proclaim that they ought not to be tested, nor held to standards, nor their integrity judged; they assure us (and one another) that they are just fine and dandy, as they are.  But, if that were the case -- why would it be a fact needing to be stated, especially in writing?

Hybrids believe that imbibing Wine (ie Human Blood, ritualistically) strengthens them, providing for them long life.  I get the impression that it also cheers them up, elevates their moods, makes them high.

Hybrids wish to live by the Blood (Grape or Wine), die by the Blood, and be buried with the Blood -- a product of their jealousy toward Humanity.  Warfare and other modes of bloodshed or abuses of Human beings, is a fetish for them:  they get intense pleasure from it.  That is why, despite their posturing, posing, and promises -- the world continues to be devoid of Peace and Security or Safety.
Hybrids hope to "Snare" the "True Believers" (ie fully Human beings, Adamites), by putting on the pretense of Humanity -- which they believe may only be accomplished magically, by imbibing (sacrificing) Human blood (ie figuratively speaking, Wine or Grape).

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."  ~ Matthew 7:15

The Perfumed Flowers which grow in Blood-soaked soil

Hybrids (ie psychopaths) get a special thrill just knowing that they can use the Blood of Human Saints and Martyrs to engender ever more future slaughters.  Holocaust propaganda is just one example.  Their ultimate goal is to exploit Humanity (whom they treat like chattel) to the fullest; then when it no longer serves any useful purpose for them, utterly destroy it forever.  Human bodies are nothing more than trash, to them; a problem of disposal and sanitation -- a health issue (their own health, of course).

They act in conspiratorial, cooperative accord, toward that end (thus the proliferation of Secret Societies, exclusive fraternities); and they are patient, with utmost confidence that the campaign of species warfare waged -- genocide -- continues even long after the deaths of individual "warriors" (or "knights", as some prefer).  One generation of Hybrids indoctrinates and initiates the next, into a perpetual cycle of hatred toward the Human race.  And, the overall machinations of the Beast are broken down into compartmentalized departments, each with different, specific functions.  Hence, the many different Cults, Fraternities, Royal Houses, Nations, etc. 

Lacking true Human spirit, it is not difficult for them to subjugate their own personalities and desires for the greater (more evil) common mission; and since life itself holds very little value for them, beyond pleasure-seeking activities -- they often will cheerfully martyr themselves for the cause, sometimes in order to bring monetary reward or support for their surviving families (who are likewise initiated somehow or other, into the overall anti-Christ scheme against the Human species), but most often only to egotistically give themselves legendary status and fame.

The power structure of the Illuminati is modeled after the Egyptian Pyramid, so that only those at the very tip top (called the Cap Stone) -- the chosen few -- really know everything that is going on, regarding Humanity and Hybridization.  Most Hybrids (like their Human counterparts) are deliberately kept completely in the dark, right where the Illuminati wants them.  The Illuminati uses Human beings and Hybrids of lower status as slave labor, patsies, and unwitting dupes.  Like puppet-masters, they sit behind the scenes pulling strings, while their slaves do all of the dirty work and hard labor.  Everyone is kept as much in the dark as possible, although a certain amount of psychological or behavioral conditioning is necessary to keep things functioning smoothly, like a huge machine:  a mindless, soulless Leviathan or Behemoth, which, when set into motion, is like a loaded freight train or rows of dominoes -- nearly impossible to stop quickly or without a huge disaster.

And when Human nature works against their aims (as it often does), the Illuminati always seeks somehow to turn even that to their advantage.  That is why Human beings often feel that no matter how 'good', 'cooperative', and 'obedient', etc., they are -- they are constantly being punished, anyway.  Abusing Human beings is just so much entertainment for the Illuminati.  The Illuminati are such accomplished, practiced liars and such ruthless despots, that they even have most people unquestioningly convinced of the "authorities" supposed "Rights to Rule and to Bear Arms" -- "Rights" which are nothing more or less than false constructs (much like the Corporate Economy).

Hereditary Society of the Cincinnati logo is the DNA spiral.

And whenever Human beings mistakenly complain about our plights to the powers-that-be, with the expectation that they should really care about our pain or quality of life (as implied in the so-called "social contract") -- our laments are usually met with sadistic comments about God's cruelty (as if God is causing all of the abuses of official powers and criminal behaviors among our 'leadership').  Or sometimes alternatively, with sadistic remarks about Human meekness or frailty (viewed by them as weaknesses of character).  Oftentimes that additional wounding, added insult to injury is enough to quell our protests and make us back down; even often causing  many Humans to develop Self-defeating emotional defenses, like trying harder to please, etc.

Idols = Bestial Hybrids

Men = Mankind, Human beings

So it is apparent that the Hybrids desire to enjoy rosy reputations among the Human population... only, without earning it.  They are the consummate con-artists.

According to Liebenfels, the Pagan idols and gods, their objects of worship, were mostly bestial Hybrid creatures -- real, living things.

"And he [the Beast, possessed by Satan] had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."  ~ Revelation 13:15

This verse also indicates that the Beast is not merely symbolic of a spiritual entity or entities, but also signifies a real, live creature or creatures... which obviously are not Human.

Hybrids cannot ever truly repent of their sins -- for that, they would need a Human conscience.  So they simply immerse themselves within their pursuits of pleasure.

Wine of course has a double meaning throughout these verses.  It literally applies to the wanton drunkenness of the Heathen, which often leads them to violence, fornication, foolishness, and even death.  But it also applies to Human sacrifice, by which they feel the pleasure of power, although ever mindful that they cannot ever truly become Human themselves.  In both cases, the Hybrids experience both pleasure and pain -- yet, as always with them, their feelings are very shallow.

The Bar Scene, in Star Wars

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Drunk Military

The Whore of Babylon, riding the many-headed Beast, holding the Cup of Wine

William Blake's Whore of Babylon

Galileo before the Catholic Inquisition

The Prince of Lies is a Bar Tender, serving Wine to Hybrids

Life is very short

"And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth."  ~ Genesis 5:32

Moon of my Delight = Ishtar (Easter)

A tamer depiction of Ishtar

A modern Ishtar with the Lion of Judah

The usual depiction of a pregnant Ishtar, purely a sex object

I have news for a lot of people:  Ishtar does not represent any real Matriarchal society; rather, it represents the transitional phase from the Matriarchal to the Patriarchal mode.  A true Matriarchal society is a Human society, and people of either gender are not treated objectively, like things or like commodities.  Children and families are valued and protected in such a society.  In Matriarchal society, men and women respect and love one another; whereas in the Patriarchal mode, one finds phallus worship, sexual deviance, and adoration of the so-called "Alpha male".  Patriarchal society is a Lower Primate (Ape or Monkey, subHuman) type of society.  Primogeniture, Caste, and Heraldry are just a few dominant hallmarks of Patriarchy.
An allusion to Romance, which is just a illusory substitute for authentic Human love.  Hybrids are usually addicted to sex and romance, because for them it provides a means to discover what it is like to be Human.  Because they can't find much of Humanity within themselves, they try to gain it through conquering others.

Don Juan was illegitimate royalty; although supposedly a fictional character, it is believed by many that his life was modeled on a real person of royal blood.

The Marquis de Sade was another sexual addict of noble or royal blood.  His work is so evil I could not read it, and was compelled to throw it in the trash (very out of character for me, a person who keeps and studies even books I don't like, just for the learning experience).  His works, and the Story of O (by Anonymous), promote Sado-masochism and Bondage fetishes.  They are very dangerous, mentally unhealthy, besides being perverse.

In the same category, is all of the violent pornography which is available to the public online or in magazines, videos, etc., these days.  Sexual perversions should never be encouraged in any fashion whatsoever.  And for that reason, I apologize for copying Wikipedia's picture above, which is very difficult to look at; but, I think that it is important for people to understand that this sort of thing is part of the mainstream culture nowdays.

Also in that category, are books such as the ancient Hindu Karma Sutra and the Islamic erotica, The Perfumed Garden.  I mention these historical works only to prove that hedonism has been around for a very long time, is commonly a practice of the higher castes and of royalty, aristocracy or nobility -- and that it all leads back to Pagan, Aryan, India and Persia (keeping in mind that the Persian and Indian Empires once overlapped territories, when in their full glory and power).

Hindu Kama Sutra
Arabian erotica.

References to bestiality are made in the ancient art of the Middle East, India, and even in Japan.  I'm sure that if I were to investigate a bit further, I would easily turn up more evidence for it, virtually worldwide.  I am sure that it would be found in association with all cultures which also practiced, or practice, Human sacrifice.

Tamam Shud means "the End"

"This blog, and blogger, is proudly reactionary and counterrevolutionary. I support that which strengthens monarchy and traditional values and oppose that which weakens them. However, I also strive to be practical and realistic and that means never sacrificing a preferable present in the hope of a totally perfect future. I support monarchs having actual powers and more than mere symbolic authority but I will support and defend even the most purely ceremonial monarchies as preferable to an outright republic since there is at least a root from which the tree can be restored. No matter how stripped down and muzzled, any monarchy at all provides more to work with than a republic for history has largely proven the last German Kaiser correct when he said, “Monarchy is like virginity, once lost, you can never get it back”. That is not always true, but in the vast majority of cases it is and that is why a republic is a calamity that is to be avoided at all costs and I will defend even the smallest nub of an existing monarchy rather than giving up on it in the na├»ve hope that something better can come from the triumph of republicanism. I believe monarchists must be resolute, determined and loyal to the death, whether in good times or bad."  ~ The Mad Monarchist

Notice the skeletal "Prince of Lies" on this website's homepage.

As a postscript, the Rubaiyat has been the focus of some extremely bizarre murder mysteries.


Another edition of the same book, with exquisite Art Nouveau illustrations.
This copy has a gorgeous Art Nouveau frontispiece, illustrating the narrator's love interest or idol, pouring Wine upon his grave, in order to fertilize the Perfumed Garden.

This is a picture of the Taj Mahal in India, a Persian castle with romantic overtones.

Classic Art Nouveau style


"More than 100 English [Anglican, or Church of England] ministers were removed from their livings by order of the Puritan Parliament for various offenses:  speaking treasonously about Parliament, joining the Cavaliers (in support of King Charles), refusing to administer the Sacrament and other doctrinal irregularities, publishing tracts without license, sequestering Catholics, failing to observe the Sabbath, intemperance, fornication, cursing, gambling and even bestiality.  A book, published in London in 1643, described these Scandalous Priests, including the Reverend Washington (Number 9, on page 4):"

The Anglican rector, Lawrence Washington, George Washington's g-g-grandfather, was removed from his position for alcoholism.


History of the War of the Hussites and of the Council of Basil (in two volumes
c1731, French language; but I think I can translate it.

Hussite heresy, from the Catholic point of view.

The Reformationists lost that war, so I would expect the hereditary and historical comparisons given in this book to cast the Hussites or Czechs(?) in an unfavorable light.

Council of Basil history, Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Council of Basel from the Catholic point of view.

From the book:  page 258 of volume II... Mr. De Beausobre's Dissertation on the Bohemian Adamites to Mr. L'Enfant (Child), part 1
(page 298, A supplement to part 1)
page 309, Dissertation on the Adamites, part 2

c1878, this little book, which tries to understand the Origins of the Human species, admits what I've been trying to point out all along:  that the Indo-European Aryans are from the East, ie from West Asia (and that is confirmed in another title which I will produce here shortly, on the subject of European traditional and historical Titles of Nobility and Royalty), and that they are in fact Japheths (not Semites, as are pure European Caucasoids).

Here it is:  "Asiatic Origin of European Titles"

Quite frankly, the Aryans are a very mixed race (not purely Caucasoid, but more like Heinz 57), however they originated in the Japheth cultures of Persia and India.  Caucasoids (indigenous Europeans, those who were there prior to the Aryan invasions) are the true Semites (ie Hebrew Israelites, not the people posing now as "Jews").  Middle Eastern Aryans pretend that because they happen to have some Caucasoid genes, that makes them Semites, but not true; because their Mongoloid ancestors stole those genes through warfare and rape (marriage-by-capture, and sexual slavery).

And the earliest Hamites first populated Babylon and Egypt, but then flowed downward into the interior of Africa (not the other way around, ie not Out of Africa).  They also interbred quite freely with the some of the nearby Japheths.

Semites tended to avoid those tribes which indulged in bestiality.  However, it is clear to me, that some tribes of Hamite Hybrids that had bred with Chimpanzees invaded indigenous Europe from North Africa.  Those same types of Chimpanzee Hybrids also made their way to Australia and even parts of North America.  Aryan Hybrids which had bred with Rhesus monkeys also invaded Caucasoid / Semite Europe.  And the Hybrids which had bred with Gorillas invaded Japhethite East Asia, creating the Mongoloid race.  The Negroid race was created from blends of both Chimpanzee and Gorilla Hybrids.

The singular, true Human species originated in the Mediterranean region near the Caucasus, and all three of Noah's sons were truly 'Human'.  However, the Semite tribe was the only one which wisely and conscientiously refrained from bestiality (it was forbidden, considered immoral and impure); while the Japheths bred Human women (mostly, but not always, captured Semites) with Rhesus monkeys, and the Hamites bred them with both Gorillas and Chimpanzees.  I think they were probably also bred with both, Baboons and Orangutans, at various times and localities.  And, that is the reason for all of the astonishing diversity of both phenotypes and genotypes within the global Hominid population.  The first physiological clue, beside outward morphology, is the dizzying array of 'Human' blood types.  But beyond that, DNA holds the ultimate key to the puzzle.

"Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."  ~ Revelation 13:18

How can the "number of the beast" be the "number of a man" -- unless it is a Hybrid creature?

c1888, Serpent Worship and Other Essays
Origin of Serpent Worship, page 81... It is unfortunate that Aryans have been fictitiously linked to Semites in too many cases; when the truth is that it was well-known by many, that they are Japheths.  Causes a terrible confusion, hindering understanding.  It seems that after the Indo-Europeans (Mongoloid Aryans) invaded Europe and conquered the indigenous European Semites (Caucasoids) there, they then initiated a campaign of intense propaganda in order to establish those territories as rightfully belonging to themselves.  If people believe that, they are less likely to fight for their own homelands and for their own civil (ie Human) rights.
The Adamites, page 107
The Descendants of Cain, page 128
Sacred Prostitution, page 149 (why don't they call it what it really was:  sexual slavery).
After a chapter describing conjugal relations within Caste societies, a chapter called "Marriage by Capture", page 180.  The truth is, that women were and have always been little more than property within any Patriarchal society.  Female confinement rituals and laws are just one very glaring example of how those societies treat women as livestock or breeders.
Development of the Family, page 192, discusses the differences between Matriarchal and Patriarchal societies; however, one must understand that there is much confusion around defining true Matriarchies.
The Social Position of Woman as Affected by 'Civilization', page 219... Women were dehumanized under the Patriarchal systems, in a nutshell.
After some discussions on Pagan Spirituality and Totemism, a chapter on Man and the Ape, page 278; at this point they bring Darwin into the conversation.

A parody of the reality

A parody of the reality

A parody of the reality

I keep stumbling on more and more evidence; c1865
The Kin Kong King or Diamond Sutra (Buddhist theology, philosophy).

"Having arrived at the perfection of wisdom, there is no individuality left."

"On not receiving and not coveting the reward of virtuous conduct."

"The characteristic of the 'One Harmonious Principle.'"

"Every appearance is in fact unreal and false."

From a mid-19th century book of Fairy Tales

Children playing with Snakes and Toads

Dragon... These are from an old book of Norse Fairy Tales



A White Shining One (Aryan), beside her Peacock


While browsing through antique books of Fairy Tales, I discovered this one called, The Monkey Prince, about a Hindu man whose Human wife gave birth to a monkey.

Anunnaki were Pagan deities.

The Giant of the Flood, from a pre-Holocaust (c1919) book of Jewish folklore.

Beasts (Serpents, Dragons, etc.), Bestiality (ie Beauty and the Beast, etc.), Trolls (crafty sub-Humans), Aryanism (Peacocks, Monkeys, etc.), and Giants (usually cast as objects of dread and hatred)... all major elements of folklore and fairy tales.  Also sub-Human Changelings, Fairies and Elves, of course.

Harsh, hypocritical words, from a "minister".
But, he / they would like free money, anyway.

Kind of hard to decipher the babble, but I think probably an Anonymous, Rh- Gnostic wrote this piece.
I'll read through this when I have more time, maybe tomorrow.
Maybe if I read enough of it, I'll understand where they're coming from.

A long list of DNA test results from European Royalty.

A mockery of Christianity and of Humanity.

"Finally, among primates, human [blood] serum dissolves the corpuscles of fishes, frog, snakes, pigeon, fowl, night-heron, horse, swine, ox, rabbit, guinea-pig, dog, cat, hedgehog, and lemur.  The effect of human [blood] serum was tried upon the blood of six species of apes (the platyrhines, Pithesciurus sciurcus, Atoles ater; the catarrhines, Cynocephalus babuin, Macacus sinicus, Macacus cynomolgus, and Rhesus nemestriuus, at the Berlin Zoological Garden).  In all cases the Human [blood] serum dissolved the ape corpuscles.  The serum of Macacus had no effect upon the blood of some persons [ie some humans], while the blood of others was quickly dissolved by it.

Among the true anthropoid apes is first found blood which is physiologically equivalent to that of man... It is well known that the horse and ass, dog and wolf, rabbit and hare readily cross [ie breed offspring].  It would be a valuable experiment to attempt by means of artificial fertilization, a cross between the rat and mouse, or between the domestic cat and the ocelot [or, between Humans and Apes??? -- I'm already on record stating that it has already been done, in ancient history].  The physiological similarity of the blood of either pair of animals points toward the possibility of a successful crossing.