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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Prophecy, links

These links are listed for my own research only... I don't advocate or promote any of them, necessarily.  In fact, I haven't yet found enough time to even read them all.  I just needed a place to collect them for future reference.

Monday, November 5, 2012

More Bullshit from Dienekes' Anthropology Blog

The following is my comment, which he/they were too candy-assed to publish:

"Peter Frost has offered the theory that "gentlemen prefer blondes" because during the Ice Age boreal hunters lived a harsh lifestyle that killed many of them, but the remainder could not adopt a polygynous lifestyle, because provisioning for a wife was expensive. As a result, women had to compete for the remaining men, and men could be picky, preferring those with a "rare color advantage."

Lol, what a fantasy.

"provisioning for a wife was expensive" -- as if women didn't work hard then as always.  Women did most of the ~dirty work, in fact (as always).

"...women had to compete for the remaining men, and men could be picky..."

LMAO.  Those men were indeed polygynous, but they did like unusual coloring and looks.  They also preferred submissive, dumb women -- then, as now.

UPDATE:  They finally got around to publishing my comment, after all.  I have every right to expect that they wouldn't, though, based on past experiences.  And the theory he promotes here is still BS.  Too bad men have always had their values skewed... just look at the results.


Waiting to see if this gets published (11/20/2012 10:00 AM):

"It also further supports my claim of Native American lineage through my mtDNA, the subclade of which is at least very, very closely related to X2a (the one "European" group documented to have be found among NA's). If Amerindian mtDNA of Mongoloid origin may be found in both ancient and modern Europe, then it follows that DNA of Caucasoid origin may also be found in ancient and modern North America, among certain lineages of some Native peoples (like, the Cherokee)."

(UPDATE: He posted my comment, yeah!)

Good King Saul

King Saul got a bad rap by the Jews, who preferred David over him purely for political reasons, because David was from Judah and Saul was an Israelite.  If Saul was angry and paranoid of David, he certainly had every right to be:  David continuously plotted against Saul.

In fact David and Solomon were terrible, narcististic, Hybrid kings, descended from Canaanites, whose forefathers were Tubal-cain, Japheth (Noah's son who founded the Asian tribes), Ashekenaz, and Cain; while Saul was a good, courageous, humble, honest, hardworking Human being -- descended from Abel or actually his younger brother, Seth.  Saul was also descended from Noah's son, Shem (who founded the aboriginal European and some few American tribes) -- the Jews were not.

Saul was monogamous (a purely Human trait); also, he and his sons personally went into battle to defend Israel from enemy invaders, bravely risking their own lives (they literally martyred themselves for their people).  But David and Solomon both hired foreign mercenary soldiers with tax money, to fight for their defense, while they fornicated with (literally raping) every virgin, princess, slave and ape they could get their hands on.

From Second Chronicles, the Ninth Chapter, all of which describes king Solomon:  "For the king's ships went to Tarshish [in India, during the ancient Persian empire] with the servants of Huram [Hiram]: every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks."

Peacocks are symbolic of Aryanism and Aryans, the "bright, shining ones", which originated with the "monkey armies" of India.  (The Peacock Cult, practiced secretly among some Aryan tribes of the Middle East, is a satanic religion of devil worship.)

Neanderthals were the Hybrid offspring of female Human slaves (who were probably Israelites captured or sold into slavery by their Jewish enemies) and Rhesus monkeys, bred in the ancient Agricultural civilization located in the Indus Valley.  The Vedic Hindu monkey god, Hanuman, was in reality a Neanderthal.  The ancient Jews mixed themselves genetically with those creatures.  It's documented in the Bible, that they "married strange and foreign wives".

Primogeniture, a form of Patriarchal heredity, was the cause of much jealousy and criminal behavior between siblings such as the Jews and Israelites.  The Jews were particularly jealous of Israelites, because they wished to assert their rights to inherit the land, while Jacob (Israel) actually favored his younger son Joseph instead.  That's why Judah talked his other brothers into selling Joseph into Egyptian slavery.

David and Solomon promoted slavery, while Saul did not.  Saul didn't need slaves to support his simple lifestyle.  Those who served him were family, and did so willingly.

Furthermore, in Wanderings... History of the Jews, author Rabbi Chaim Potok admits with a tone that is both proud and boastful, that most of the hype surrounding king David at least (and I would assume the same goes for Solomon and other celebrated Jews), including the false myth that David heroically killed the giant, Goliath, with a stone and slingshot (according to Potok, it was another, anonymous man who killed Goliath) -- is nothing more than political propaganda.  With their propensity to lie and deceive, I wonder why anyone would ever take Jews seriously.  They (even their assumed spiritual leaders, their rabbis) too obviously mistake dishonesty for cleverness or intelligence, perhaps because they've so often gotten away with such behavior.

I love and respect king Saul, despite the frequent, dogged, and mostly successful attempts by assumed spiritual leaders to smear his good name... and I'm completely unimpressed by either David or Solomon, despite the many aggrandizing lies issued in their support.  Even the Bible (which as we should all know by now has been tampered with by Jewish scribes throughout history, and so must be studied with utmost care and spiritual discernment) clearly and unequivocally reports how evil were those two early Judean kings; but unfortunately for Humanity, some (or most) people are only blinded by their obscene, ill-gotten wealth and the power which they purchased with that wealth.

To this very moment, Jews and Zionist Christians continue to shamelessly, hypocritically smear king Saul's name in order to promote their swine, David and Solomon.  But the Bible says that God's chosen people are Israelnot Judah.  Some day the truth will be known to all.  Then people will stop loving the lies.  I look forward with gladness to that imminent, great and terrible Day of the Lord.


(Talmudic source; straight from the horse's mouth.)
(Full text of the Babylonian Talmud.)
(This site makes all the connections between the Roman Empire, including the Vatican, and Israel, and then some.  It is full of crap mixed with half-truths.)
(Interesting.  Maybe I'll be able to sort out this blogger's information, after all.  Maybe his intent really is to seek out truth.  It's so difficult for anyone to find the truth these days, amid all the lies and confusion.)
(He says that a 1932 booklet about the Japanese states that Hebrew epitaphs had been found all over the Japanese islands.  That's very interesting, because similar stories are told about such writings on stones across America.  I remember one in particular is supposed to exist in Mexico.  On a slightly different subject, maybe, ancient Runes have also been found on stones in North America.)

Quoted from the above page:

"A D 450-1100... The Romans re-named the Scythians Germans ("genuine") to distinguish from the newly arrived Sarmatians in Scythia. Some of these came to Britain as Anglo-Saxons, AD 450-600; others, after moving north through Jutland, became known as Danes and Vikings. Some of these came directly to England, but others settled for a short time in France and were called Normans."

My father's paternal lineage is Danish Viking / Norman, by way of England... so, I find this information rather interesting.  He's saying that Danish Vikings / Normans are really Germans / Scythians.  And they preceded the Sarmathians in Scythia.  And, that they're related to the Anglo-Saxons.  Hmm.  I also have some Basque blood through my paternal lineage.  I take it these are all aboriginal tribes of Europeans, who were mostly Hunter-Gatherers, which preceded the later Indo-European / Aryan, Agriculturalist invaders.


"This is an incomplete list of names for various groups of Israelites as they migrated.

"Khumri, Cimmerians, Sakkas, Sacasene, Sacasune, Schythians, Cimbri, Thraco-Cimmerians, Celt, Galatians, Germans, Saxons, Normans, Danes, Gimira, Kimmeroii, Iskuza, Gauls, Angles, Picts, Iberes, Scots, Basques, Bretons, Goths, Vandals, Lombards, Franks, Burgundians, Ostrogoths, Daci, Belgae, Massagetae...

According to this source, Scythians were one tribe of many Israelites.  He also does a fairly good job of describing the separation between Judah and Israel.  I just detect some few flaws in his theories, and disagree about some things (like the nature of the "Beast", for which I'm sure I personally have probably the most unique and unusual theory of all time).  But, this guy does seem to really be trying to get to the essence of the truth, so I give him credit for that.  However, if he's promoting the idea that the Royal houses are Israeli and not Judean, I think that's inaccurate.  It seems fairly obvious though, that he is quite accurately pointing out the Royal connections to king David and the tribe of Judah.  Many people assume that the Israelite tribes are closely related to Judah, but I've proven otherwise.  The tribes of Judah and Benjamin, at least, have had their DNA corrupted by hybridization with lower primates.  Of course, I have reason to believe that such genetic corruption has destroyed more than a few Human lineages throughout the ages, besides those two.  The Cohenites are also definitely Hybrids; and so are those descended from Ishmael.  I need to study this author's writings more, when I'm feeling better (hopefully soon); because I'd hate to disagree with him if he's mostly correct.  I'm keeping an open mind, and allowing for honest mistakes.


The thing about being so sick is that it has presented me with a double-bind paradox:  on the one hand, I've had more time to do what I consider to be important research, leading me into perhaps more truths than even I am able to handle emotionally; but on the other hand, I haven't been feeling completely up to par physically, and my energy levels are very depleted these days (for nearly three years now).  So, now that I've had my eyes opened to things which have long been confusing to me -- I'm ready for healing, and for moving on from this decidedly trying situation.  And too, I would like to have the strength I need to dig even further, and to publicly share even more of it preferably in a more coherent fashion.  I feel a duty to speak out, whether or not anyone pays any attention to or understands what I'm saying.  I don't expect anyone to blindly believe every theory I put forth (even I don't do that), but it would be great if someone would at least help me prove or disprove them.

I'm ready to turn the page now, to begin trying to adapt to and live with this mind-blowing knowledge.  That is, if it's even possible for a Human being to live joyfully in a world so strangely inhuman as this one.  I get the uncomfortable sense that time is quickly running out, for me at least, and perhaps even for everyone else.  I can't see the future at all any more; only darkness, coldness and death.  But I hope the future turns out much better for Humanity than has the present and past; I hope for miracles, because what we have going right now -- the civilization which Society and Government have created for us -- is not very good.  I get a strong sense of urgency, that whatever remnants of Human beings are left on Earth now need to wake up to the terrifying, serious dangers of cohabitating a planet with Hybrids.  If I don't put that point across strongly and clearly enough, I will feel that I've failed my responsibilities as a Human being.

I understand that what I'm saying is extremely difficult for any fully Human person, with Human morals, feelings and intelligence, to wrap one's mind around.  When I first discovered for myself some of the true facts of the matters of Human origins and genetic corruption through ancient practices of bestiality, it caused me to go into a state of shock from which I doubt I can ever recover completely.  I don't wish that same fate on anyone, but I believe with all my heart that the truth is always worth knowing, despite the obvious drawback that it might shatter some illusions.

As for the Hybrids themselves, their reactions are only too predictable, now that I know what they really are.
(I'm descended from the tribe of Dan, through my father. For some inexplicable reason, and I believe wrongly, Dan was deliberately left out of the end-times prophecies in the book of Revelation. I believe the reason it was left out is because Jewish scribes feared the powerful tribe of Dan, which is called the "Judge" in old biblical scriptures. Judah and Dan were long-time enemies, back when Israel became divided in civil war during ancient times.)