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Monday, October 31, 2011

update on yesterday's 'DNA forums' reply

My reply was published, but the last two sentences (about Hybrids) were 'edited' out of it by the moderator, "michael" (I believe)... LOL.

They're very sensitive on that forum, about anything said regarding Human hybridization or whenever I try to point out the distinction between Aryans (Indo-Europeans) & Caucasians. One moderater, "R1a1a" (his Ydna haplogroup), restricted my posts because of my claim that there are substantial differences between Native American Caucasian DNA & the European varieties.

He even went so far as to tell me that I am NOT Cherokee, due to my Caucasian mtDNA haplogroup (which is 'W'; subclade is as yet, unclassified - but is possibly 'W1e' or something similar). He said that's a "European haplogroup". (Like he's the expert on World History & Anthropology). Bullshit - not every 'W' subclade is European; mine happens to be Native American & I can prove it.

I know that I'm Cherokee (directly descended through my maternal lineage), & he has got some nerve to tell me otherwise. He also insists that I don't have enough blood quantum to call myself Native American.

Again, bullshit. He restricted me, based on his taking offense by my statements about Aryans. I maintain that Aryans/Indo-Europeans are not Caucasians: they're mixed-race, mixed-species (!!) ~Hybrids~ (descended from Neanderthals, in fact). Which, is the TRUTH, LOL.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

DNA forum reply awaiting 'moderator approval'

It would have made very little difference, lol. 'Royalty' are mainly puppets (figureheads), anyway; and even queens like Elizabeth II are subject to their husbands' (or, 'royal consorts') psychological & physical domination, in many cases. Elizabeth is/has been a queen only nominally; in reality she's just a dumb, subservient wife who just happens to be very rich. She doesn't make any decisions on her own; they're all made by ~committee~. And in reality, kings aren't that much more powerful than queens, except perhaps physically.

[Furthermore, mentally & emotionally, a Hybrid is a Hybrid: the women are no more moral than the men, & in fact they tend to idolize their men. (Royalty are Hybrids, because Human beings don't set themselves on thrones or pedestals.)]

*The last paragraph (parenthesized) was edited out of this post by DNA forum moderator...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

DNA forums reply (1)

Humans = Homo sapiens. But there is far more *real evidence* which suggests that the Neanderthal did not exist "long before humans", & that they were instead merely one of several forms of Human/Ape ~hybrids~. I'm not going to lay out all of the evidence for my theory here, because the text would fill books. And I don't feel compelled to anyway, because you don't provide evidence to the contrary either (other than hearsay).

I would suggest that readers interested in DNA inheritance take a cold hard look at the real evidence, without bias, & not simply accept the 'politically correct' (or, 'socially acceptable') though vague, explanations. I agree that the possiblity of Humans mating with Apes is somewhat shocking (even though most of you generally have already accepted that Humans had sex with ~Neanderthals~, go figure). But the prospect of breeding Humans with Apes (or any other lower life-forms) is not a modern idea; it's been done already. LOL. Problem is, it doesn't improve our species (Homo sapiens); it only corrupts it instead.

Neanderthal Essay (DNA forums reply draft)

There's no REAL evidence to support your claim, of "Neanderthals being around long before humans...(Homo sapiens)". And if they had been, for ex. their bones should have been uncovered in the Americas (rather than limited to specific areas radiating from certain points in the Near East), as dinosaurs and other ancient critters have been found here. Their bones should also have been found in Africa & the Far East (where ~other~ varieties of Hybrid bones have been found), had they been present on Earth "long" prior to Homo sapiens.

In fact there is more evidence to support the theory that Neanderthals, like some other subhuman hominids, were Hybrid crosses between Homo sapiens & various types of lower apes. Blood-group & -type research bears it out (eg gorillas, chimps & rhesus monkey populations all share similar blood chemistries w/ Humans that they DON'T share w/ one another: gorillas share bloodgroup B with Humans; chimps bloodgroup A; Rhesus monkeys Rh- bloodtype; & so on); as does the fact that much evidence has been found, of limited levels of fraternization (including sex) between the subhuman Hominids & Human beings.

I believe (based on what I've learned about History & DNA), that there may have been several reasons for ~some~ ancient Homo sapiens to have bred w/ various lower apes. Bottlenecking of our species during the Ice Age(s) may have been one reason.

Some of them may have viewed it as a means to survive & repopulate, in the face of climate extremes which had suddenly wiped out the vast majority of the less well adapted Humans. (Humans don't only wear clothing for modesty, after all. We need it for warmth, too.)

Another reason may have been Pagan superstitions: such as the forces which caused the ancient Hindus to breed the Brahman cattle which they worshipped, & to cover their religious temple walls with frescos of the so-called "monkey armies", a legendary slave 'race' of which the earlier generations depicted in that historical artwork look very much like ~Neanderthals~.

It's no coincidence that Neanderthal bones are found radiating Westward from that geological point. And since they were agriculturalists (farmers quite interested in breeding stock), it's quite logical that they would have engaged in some clever (though often disasterous) genetic experimentation.

If Neanderthals were a separate species from Homo sapiens (rather than as I suspect, a Hybrid species), you shouldn't find any more evidence of them cohabitating with Human beings (or, of them crudely taking on certain Human customs) than is found between Humans and any other lower ape (such as gorillas, chimps or monkeys).

Instead, they seem to have been semi-domesticated by Homo sapiens. Semi-domesticated, because they were too primitive & wild genetically & intellectually to fully domesticate. They were 'almost' Human, more so than any other primates. Yet gorillas, chimps & monkeys still exist alongside Humans & for the most part when left alone, have adapted very well to living in the wild.

And if Neanderthals were a separate species from Homo sapiens, they would be like the gorillas & live off to themselves. Thus they would have survived as a separate species. Instead, traces of their DNA are found among modern Human beings; so they were Hybrids.