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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

This comparison of my own autosomal DNA to that of various archaic samples is very intriguing. Mind you, this is a very, very limited sampling, with just two from North America. My DNA hardly resembles that of Kenniwick Man. But look at Clovis, Montana (12.5 kya). And most of my really close matches are quite old, including the one in Siberia (45 kya, the oldest sample shown here).
"Wouldn't this make Ust'-ishim similar to Amerindians, who also are more similar to East Asians, WHG, and Mal'ta (i.e., "ANE") than they are to Stuttgart (i.e., "EEF")?

"My goodness, German [Dziebel] is going to have a field day with these findings..."
"similar to Amerindians"
"The first complete genomic sequence from a Native American was presented by Rasmussen et al.. The individual, called Anzick-1, was associated with Clovis artifacts and is about 12,600 y old. The Anzick-1 sequence is closer to present-day Native Americans than it is to any non-American group, and hence the population to which it belongs is either directly ancestral to present-day Native American populations or very closely related to their direct ancestors. Rasmussen et al. also reported that there was a deep branch separating present-day northern Native American populations from those of southern North America and South America."
It also happens to be one of my best matches.
GedMatch North Amerind function
Other than the ancient DNA comparison, they've not been very good at picking up the Native American blood that I'm suppose to have. I know my family: they're very reliable and I don't believe for one moment that they were mistaken at all. I also saw a photograph of my gg-grandmother. She was definitely Cherokee. God, how I wish I'd taken that picture when it was offered me, so I could post it here. But my sister got it, and lost it.
It's showing little dabs of Arctic Amerind and South American Amerind. So frustrating.
This K10 ancient DNA function picked up 1.70 percent Amerindian. Am I getting warmer?
This African DNA only calculator parses out the finer details of that little dab of "North African" that showed up on my Eurogenes 23 analysis. My African DNA, what little bit I have, is overwhelmingly Western Semitic.
The East Semitic languages consist of the extinct Eblaite and Akkadian languages, while the remaining majority of Semitic languages form the West Semitic languages grouping. It consists of the clearly defined sub-groups: Ethiopic, South Arabian, Arabic and Northwest Semitic (this including Hebrew, Aramaic and Ugaritic). The first two, Ethiopic and South Arabian, show particular common features, and are often grouped together as South Semitic.
It's probably impossible to pin down, but I would guess Hebrew / Aramaic / Ugaritic... Or quite likely Phoenician...
Ancient Eurasia K6
This chart is of very poor resolution, and for some reason it won't click into a separate window... but let me see if I can get this right. It shows, approximately:
44 % -- West European Hunter-gatherer
36 % -- Natufian (something I've never heard of before, it is an ancient Levant culture)
18 % -- Ancestral North Eurasian

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