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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Finally got around to getting my autosomes analyzed... Here's what they look like on Eurogenes 36.

Eurogenes K13
Hunter-gather vs. Farmer
Eu-test, V2, K15
Eurogenes ANE K7
This test is supposed to gauge the amount of ancient north Eurasian ancestry.
Eurogenes K9b
This is the only one so far, that has picked up even the slightest amount of native American for me.  It also includes ancestry suggesting to me at least of having some part of my native American ancestry (Asian and African).
...essentially an upgraded version of the EUtest. Unlike the original, it includes an Amerindian component and five native reference populations from North and Central America. So obviously it should be a lot more useful for users from the New World who are wondering about Amerindian admixture.
That seems to cover the Eurogenes analyses.

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