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Monday, September 12, 2016

Harappa World function
I'm discovering so many fun applications on the GedMatch website! Chromosome paintings are my present distraction. Eurasia K11 CHG-NAF Admixture Proportions (Caucasus Hunter-gatherer / Neolithic Anatolian Farmer) makes me look somewhat exotic, with just miniscule Amerindian and considerable Kalash, among others. The majority is West Eurasion Hunter-gatherer, Caucasus HG, and Neolithic Anatolian Farmer... Zero Papuan, whew.
World9 Admixture Proportions picked up small but significant Amerindian genes. I'm still puzzled by the fact that they don't show the amount I would expect in my genome. But I can only attribute that problem to the issues surrounding getting the N. American tribes to cooperate in genetic studies. One can hardly blame them, though.
MDLP World-22 Admixture Proportions is picking up small but significant amounts of north Amerindian and Samoedic, along with the usual. I wish the links would work, because the chromosome paintings are so dramatically graphic.
puntDNAL K10 ancient admixture proportions also picks up small but significant proportions of Amerindian.
Anyway, I'm still exploring, and there's so much to learn from these many different ancestry calculators, that I can't comment on every one of them. And the links don't work, so I have to leave it at that. But I can tell you it is a lot of fun, and very interesting.
Here's my chromosome painting of Eurogenes K36, lol. The resolution is poor, but it doesn't matter much anyway, as there is too much information to process anyway:
"...(The best admixture calculators at Gedmatch are: Dodecad World9, Eurogenes K13, MDLP World-22, Eurogenes K36 or in some cases HarappaWorld). For a great guide on using Gedmatch tools and other third-party sites to find Native American DNA, please read The Autosomal Me – Rooting Around in the Weeds Using Third Party Tools Posted by Roberta Estes section on"
I've progressed to using the Stanford University Esquilax tool. It just pronounced me "CEU" (Caucasoid European). That was on the Hapmap 2 function. This tool must be used in Google Chrome.
Hapmap 3 gave me interesting results. It presents my genome as being mostly TSI (orange, Toscani Italian), GIH (purple, Gujarati Indians in Houston, Texas), and MEX (green, Mexican). Since I have virtually no Spanish or Hispanic ancestry on any other test, I take it the Mexican must be Meso-American. The Gujaratis are East Indians, lol. Oh my, how did I get so exotic?
Hapmap 3 results
Good news! I only have six Neanderthal alleles in my genotype. I guess that means my autosomes, since that is what I uploaded here. I'd like to run my mtDNA through the same function, if it will allow it.
This is pretty amazing, considering how "European" I am.
Positive Selection estimate
This is me on Hapmap World

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