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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Charges Dropped, Case Dismissed (Again)

This makes the second time my oppressors have failed to have me unjustly punished, only for the sake of boosting their faulty egos.  I'm grateful to God and to the local Courts which so far have granted me merciful justice.  But I can't keep defending myself all alone against those monsters.  I have a life I need to live, and things I need to do for survival and Happiness (like, recover from this life-threatening, chronic Aspergillus infection -- my top priority).
I don't have a copy of the motion to dismiss with me today; but I'll definitely make an effort to reproduce it here for the record, before too long.  It's only one page this time (not eight, like the first time); so it shouldn't be too difficult a task for me.
Okay, here it is:
If it please the court, I would move that this case be dismissed, based on the following:
  • That the law in question, Section 42-10 of Ocala, Florida municipal codes (Ord. No. 2013-5, SS 1, adopted 11-20-12, retitled SS 42-10 from "Trespass" to "Trespass and Unlawful Lodging."  State law reference---Trespass, F.S. ch.810.) may easily be proved unconstitutional; and,

  • That anyway, I personally have not ever been in violation of the ordinance as it is written anyhow; and,

  • That there is also ample evidence to suggest that the arresting officer (who refused to identify herself, so I don't know her name -- but whose badge number I believe is either 89 or 98, and of course I can describe her too) systematically and over a long period of time (months) has targeted, harassed and stalked me, seeking to arrest me, and to cause me pain and suffering, and to effectively ban or have me banned from virtually every area laundry, so as to make it very inconvenient or nearly impossible for me to do my wash like any other citizen.
[Besides this motion to dismiss the case, I'd also filed a motion to postpone due to illness, and a statement of intent to be informed of all evidence used against me (Discovery).]

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