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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meowclops is Brittnee's Old Twitter Account, but Where Is She?

Brittnee's twitter account has been tampered with, what a surprise.  What happened to her?  I bet Andrew Auernheimer knows.

This is on his Following list, by the way.  This is why I had such a hard time finding it.  He changed the name and the avatar, replacing the picture of Brittnee holding this one-eyed cat.  That's how I was able to recognize it.  I recognize the cat.  He changed her other name to enucleated, which means genererally, the removal of the nucleus of a cell -- but can also refer to the surgical removal of an eye.
He's so sick; why would anyone do that?  He's a psychopath.  He removed the taunts that the trolls left on her page, and her tweet asking him directly, "I thought we were pals?"  The other trolls were probably more of his sock puppets.  Legion, that's the devil's name.
I think he might have removed some of her pictures too (I haven't checked yet; still reeling over this latest discovery).  But I see he left up the one of him saluting Hitler, wearing the Hail Satan t-shirt.  He must be very proud of himself.
In media photographs of him, he is often seen in this exact same pose.
This is what I get at this picture.  Weird.  Talk of violence and rape.
The person she was cussing out, allegedly a journalist -- whose very first Twitter Following is none other than Barack Obama Himself...
On second thought, he might have posted that posing as Brittnee.  After all, he took over her account and has tampered with it significantly.

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