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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Penguin Jumper Diagram

Fire up your knitting needles and help baby Penguins stay warm...

I was told the baby Penguins are in trouble again, and they really do need those sweaters this time (evidently, there has been much controversy and excitement over it about which I was unaware)... So, I decided that if I was going to jump into the fray and make a few for donation, I'd better get busy and come up with a working diagram first.  Because, I find that visuals are most helpful when knitting and crocheting.  They often make the text more comprehensible, and the process speedier.
So there you have it; hope it will be of use to some charitable souls out there who would like to help them out.
This links to the latest call for sweaters, complete with cute pictures and easy patterns for the Penguin sweaters.  Always remember to use real wool yarns for them, because living out on those icebergs, they need the very warmest fibers available.  (I'm thinking laundry shrinkage won't ever be an issue for them, so synthetics aren't necessary.)
Link to the official pattern.
Apparently, this has been an ongoing concern for at least a few years.  I do feel for them; because I can imagine just how difficult it must be, trying to survive in a Global Economy dominated by the Nazi Fascist Corporate State.  I mean, it's even tough for us Human beings (perhaps more so, in many ways)...
For further information please contact Joyce Ball at
Please send finished jumpers to:
Knits for Nature
Phillip Island Nature Parks
Reply Paid 97
Victoria 3922
Email for more details to
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