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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Charges Dropped, Case Dismissed (Again)

This makes the second time my oppressors have failed to have me unjustly punished, only for the sake of boosting their faulty egos.  I'm grateful to God and to the local Courts which so far have granted me merciful justice.  But I can't keep defending myself all alone against those monsters.  I have a life I need to live, and things I need to do for survival and Happiness (like, recover from this life-threatening, chronic Aspergillus infection -- my top priority).
I don't have a copy of the motion to dismiss with me today; but I'll definitely make an effort to reproduce it here for the record, before too long.  It's only one page this time (not eight, like the first time); so it shouldn't be too difficult a task for me.
Okay, here it is:
If it please the court, I would move that this case be dismissed, based on the following:
  • That the law in question, Section 42-10 of Ocala, Florida municipal codes (Ord. No. 2013-5, SS 1, adopted 11-20-12, retitled SS 42-10 from "Trespass" to "Trespass and Unlawful Lodging."  State law reference---Trespass, F.S. ch.810.) may easily be proved unconstitutional; and,

  • That anyway, I personally have not ever been in violation of the ordinance as it is written anyhow; and,

  • That there is also ample evidence to suggest that the arresting officer (who refused to identify herself, so I don't know her name -- but whose badge number I believe is either 89 or 98, and of course I can describe her too) systematically and over a long period of time (months) has targeted, harassed and stalked me, seeking to arrest me, and to cause me pain and suffering, and to effectively ban or have me banned from virtually every area laundry, so as to make it very inconvenient or nearly impossible for me to do my wash like any other citizen.
[Besides this motion to dismiss the case, I'd also filed a motion to postpone due to illness, and a statement of intent to be informed of all evidence used against me (Discovery).]

The Fall of Mankind

1 Corinthians 6:2-4…9-12…

Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

If then ye have judgments of things pertaining to this life, set them to judge who are least esteemed in the church.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God?  Be not deceived:  neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,  Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.  And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.  Meats for the belly, and the belly for meats: but God shall destroy both it and them.  Now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord; and the Lord for the body.  And God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power. Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot?  God forbid.  What?  know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body?  for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.  But he that is joined unto the Lord is [also] one spirit.

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.  What?  know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?  For ye are bought with a price:  therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

Genesis 49:16-18

“Dan shall judge his people, as one of the tribes of Israel… Dan shall be a serpent by the way, an adder in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward… I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.”

John 7:24

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Isaiah 11:11-16

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.

But they shall fly upon the shoulders of the Philistines toward the west; they shall spoil them of the east together: they shall lay their hand upon Edom and Moab; and the children of Ammon shall obey them.

And the LORD shall utterly destroy the tongue of the Egyptian sea; and with his mighty wind shall he shake his hand over the river, and shall smite it in the seven streams, and make men go over dryshod.

And there shall be an highway for the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria; like as it was to Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.
Revelation 13:16-18

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

[I believe the “number” and “mark” of the “Beast” refers to DNA markers, which are all numbered.  Genetics is a newly emerging science right now; there is a lot to learn from it, and there is also a lot that is being kept secret about it... One of the most important uses for genetics, is for technically distinguishing one species from another.  In Genesis at the time of Creation, God told Mankind that we are different from the other animals.  We are supposed to be more intelligent and morally superior to them (because Humans possess Free Will, unlike the other animals; and that is an easier way to distinguish between Humans and “Beasts of the Field”).  That is the reason why God stated that Humanity is the dominant species above all the other animals.  In fact, Science and Genetics in particular (through the study of Hybridism) only serve to beautifully corroborate that scripture.]

Jeremiah 31:27

Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast.

Leviticus 20-15

And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.

Leviticus 18:23-30

Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion [mixing of species; i.e. bad breeding practice or aka Hybridism, especially when women lie down for whatever reason with certain Lower Primates (i.e. specific monkeys or apes, such as Rhesus Macaque mulatto or Chimpanzees or Gorillas or Orangutans – all of which inferior species have subpopulations of individuals with identical blood types or blood factors as some individual or tribes or clans of Humanoids / Hominids – with which it is possible, but certainly not advisable, for Humans to crossbreed).  Although Human men cannot technically produce offspring with females of any inferior species, they do however expose themselves to dreadful diseases (like the Egyptian plagues, or like Ebola or HIV/AIDS, or like probably any STDs) whenever committing bestiality.  Once the “confusion” (i.e. Hybridism, or corruption of the aboriginal Human species’ genes) is established within the breeding population, it is all downhill from there… Thus the “Fall of Mankind”.  The Nephilim and Rephaim of the Bible were not gods, Giants, angels, or anything worthy of idolatry.  What they actually were:  the Fallen Ones or the Corrupted Ones (sometimes called "stones" due to their lack of Human consciousness).  The evil, mentally deranged, damaged offspring of bestial, hybrid, inter-species crossbreeding.  In fact psychopathy itself and perhaps most mental illness is mainly inherited via those corrupted, recessive, Hybrid genes.  The aboriginal Human genes which God created in the beginning, before “The Fall” of Mankind, give us our dominant traits.  What we have left of them anyway.

[And that is why the scriptures repeatedly condemn fornication along with bestiality:  because careless procreation is risky to the future of the Human species, the species so loved by God that he calls us his children and sent Jesus to bring us salvation from sin.  Fornication / careless procreation (i.e. sex without real Human love) is in fact a Crime against Humanity.  And a sin against God.  Furthermore, sex and procreation without real love between the partners involved is without question a form of bestiality; because it stands up to simple logic and reason that only Human beings are capable of experiencing real Human love – either Beasts of the Field or those people who are merely superficially or physically ‘normal’ but really possessing the minds and emotions of Beasts of the Field lacking Free Will… cannot].

…Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things:  for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:  And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.  Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:  (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)  That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.  For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.  Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein:  I am the LORD your God.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SEMANTICS PARABLE [LESSON], or… The Story of A-town and B-ville

Once upon a time… there were two small communities, spiritually as well as geographically situated at a considerable distance from each other.  They had, however, these problems in common:  both were hard hit by a recession, so that in each of the towns there were about one hundred heads of families unemployed…


The city fathers of A-town… were substantial and sound-thinking businessmen.  The unemployed tried hard, as unemployed people usually do, to find jobs; but the situation did not improve.  The city fathers had been brought up to believe that there is always enough work for everyone, if you only look for it hard enough.  Comforting themselves with this doctrine, the city fathers could have shrugged their shoulders and turned their backs on the problem, except for the fact that they were genuinely kindhearted men [or rather they were under social and political pressures to act]… In order to prevent hardship, they felt that they had to provide these [unemployed] people with some means of sustenance [since they had no real, humane, acceptable, paying jobs for them].  Their principles [i.e. their belief systems, doctrines, religions] told them, nevertheless, that if people were given “something for nothing”, it would “demoralize their character”.  Naturally this made the city fathers even more unhappy, because they were faced with the “horrible” choice of (1) letting the unemployed starve [and be homeless], or (2) “destroying their moral character”.


The solution they finally hit upon, after much debate and soul-searching, was this.  They decided to give the unemployed families “relief payments” of XXXX dollars a month.  (They considered using the English term “dole,” but with their characteristic ‘American’ penchant for euphemism, they decided on the less offensive term.)  To make sure that the unemployed would not take their ‘unearned’ payments too much for granted, however, they decided that the “relief” was to be accompanied by a moral lesson; to wit:  the obtaining of the ‘assistance’ would be made so difficult, humiliating, and disagreeable [i.e. punitive] that there would be no temptation for anyone to go through the process unless it was absolutely necessary; the moral disapproval [i.e. hatred] of the community would be turned upon the [unemployed] recipients of the money at all times in such a way that they would try hard to get “off relief” and “regain their self-respect.”  Some even proposed that people on relief be denied the vote, so that the moral lesson would be more deeply impressed upon them.  Others suggested that their names be published at regular intervals in the newspapers.  [Others even suggested the unemployed be regarded as criminals, drug addicts, and forced to give blood and urine samples on a regular basis].  The city fathers had enough faith in the goodness of Human nature to expect that the recipients would be grateful, since they were getting “something for nothing, something which they hadn’t worked for.”


When the plan was put into operation, however, the recipients of the relief checks proved to be an ungrateful, ugly bunch.  They seemed to resent the cross-examinations [i.e. interrogations] and ‘inspections’ at the hands of the “relief investigators,” who, they said, took advantage of a man’s misery [or misfortune] to snoop into every detail of his private life.  In spite of uplifting editorials in A-town Tribune telling them how grateful they ought to be, the recipients of the relief refused to learn any moral lessons, declaring that they were “just as good as anybody else.”  When, for example they permitted themselves the rare luxury of a movie or an evening of bingo, their neighbors looked at them sourly as if to say, “I work hard and pay my taxes just in order to support loafers like you in idleness and pleasure.”  This attitude, which was fairly characteristic of those members of the community who still had jobs, further embittered the relief recipients, so that they showed even less gratitude as time went on and were constantly on the lookout for insults, real or imaginary, from people who might think that they weren’t as good as anybody else.  A number of them took to moping all day long; one or two even committed suicide.  Others, feeling that they had failed to provide, found it hard to look their wives and children in the face [leading to a higher divorce rate].  Children whose parents were “on relief” felt inferior to classmates whose parents were not “public charges” [i.e. Wards of the State].  Some of these children developed inferiority complexes which affected not only their grades at school, but their careers after graduation [not to mention the discrimination which surely held them down].  Finally, several relief recipients felt they could stand their loss of self-respect [which had in fact been imposed upon them by their ‘society’] no longer and decided, after many efforts to gain honest jobs, that they would earn money by their own efforts even if they had to rob.  They did so and were caught and sent to the state penitentiary.  [And some of them, turning their disappointment upon themselves, chose instead to hit the bottle, becoming drunks or druggies.  Some also became addicted to sex, breeding more impoverished children.]


The depression, therefore, hit A-town very hard.  The relief policy had averted starvation, no doubt, but suicide, personal quarrels [i.e. violence], unhappy homes [divorce, domestic abuse], the weakening of social organizations [civil strife], the maladjustment of children [the most innocent victims of all], and, finally, crime, had resulted.  The town was divided in two, the “haves” and the “have-nots,” so that there was class hatred.  People shook their heads sadly and declared that it all went to prove over again what they had known from the beginning, that giving people “something for nothing” inevitably demoralizes their character.  The citizens of A-town gloomily waited [hoped] for prosperity to return, with less and less hope as time went on.


[The inhabitants of A-town had exceedingly negative attitudes toward Humanity, and too much faith in their institutionalized Economic System, which failed because it did not provide a living at all times for every individual in their society.]


The story of the other community, B-ville, was entirely different.  B-ville was a relatively isolated town, too far out of the way to be reached by Rotary Club speakers and other dispensers of conventional wisdom [i.e. organized belief systems, religions].  One of the aldermen, however, who was something of an economist, explained to his fellow aldermen that unemployment, like sickness, accident, fire, tornado, or death, hits unexpectedly [i.e. is not a choice] in modern society [with its International / Global, Corporate State Economy], irrespective of the victim’s merits or deserts.  He went on to say that B’ville’s homes, parks, streets, industries, and everything else B-ville was proud of, had been built in part by the work of these same people who were now unemployed.  He then proposed to apply a principle of ‘insurance’:  if the work these unemployed people had previously done for the community could be regarded as a form of “premiums” paid to the community against a time of misfortune [i.e. illness, economic depression, etc.], payments now made to them to prevent their starvation [and hopefully, homelessness – shelter being another very basic necessity of Human life] could be regarded as “insurance claims.”  He therefore proposed that all men of good repute [who had not become victims of character assassination] who had worked in the community in some line of useful endeavor, whether as machinists, clerks, or bank managers… be regarded as “citizen policyholders,” having “claims” against the city in the case of unemployment for XXXX dollars a month until such time as they might again be employed.  Naturally, he had to talk very slowly and patiently since the idea was entirely new to his fellow aldermen.  But he described his plan as a “straight business proposition,” and finally they were persuaded.  They worked out in detail, to everyone’s satisfaction, the conditions under which citizens should be regarded as policyholders in the city’s social insurance plan, and decided to give checks for XXXX dollars a month to the heads of each of B-ville’s indigent families.


B-ville’s “claim adjusters,” whose duty it was to investigate the claims of the citizen “policyholders,” had a much better time than A-town’s “relief investigators.”  While the latter had been resentfully regarded as snoopers, the former, having no moral lesson to teach [nor political motivations, nor greedy designs on the Treasury] – but simply a business transaction to carry out [with neutrality, equanimity, dispassion, and fairness], treated their ‘clients’ with businesslike courtesy and got the same amount of information as the relief investigators had, with considerably less difficulty.  There were no hard feelings.  It further happened, fortunately, that news of B-ville’s plans reached a liberal newspaper editor in the big city at the other end of the state.  This writer described the plan in a leading feature story headed “B-VILLE LOOKS AHEAD. Adventure in Social Pioneering Launched by Upper Valley Community.”  As a result of this publicity, inquiries about the plan began to come to the city hall even before the first checks were mailed out.  This led, naturally, to a considerable feeling of pride on the part of the aldermen, who, being boosters, felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to put B-ville on the map.


Accordingly, the aldermen decided that instead of simply mailing out the checks as they had originally intended, they would publicly present the first checks at a monster civic ceremony.  They invited the governor of the state, who was glad to come to bolster his none-too-enthusiastic support in that locality… the president of the state university… the senator from their district… and other functionaries.  The decorated the National Guard armory with flags and got out the American Legion Fife and Drum Corps, the Boy Scouts, and other civic organization.  At the big celebration, each family to receive a “social insurance check” was marched up to the platform to receive it, and the governor and the mayor shook hands with each of them as they came trooping up in their best clothes.  Fine speeches were made; there was much cheering and shouting; pictures of the event showing the recipients of the checks shaking hands with the mayor, and the governor patting the heads of the children, were published not only in the local papers but also in several metropolitan picture sections.


Every recipient of these insurance checks had a feeling, therefore, that he had been personally honored, that he lived in a wonderful little town, and that he could face his unemployment with greater courage and assurance since his community was behind him.  The men and women found themselves being kidded in a friendly way by their acquaintances for having been “up there with the big shots”… The children at school found themselves envied for having their pictures in the papers.  All in all, B-ville’s unemployed did not commit suicide, were not haunted by a sense of failure, did not turn to crime, did not manifest personal maladjustments [such as addictions, abuse, violent behavior, divorce, adultery], did not develop class hatred as a result of their XXXX dollars a month…


[However, one can easily see how the politicians might manage to find ways to ruin good things anyway.]
Source: Language in Thought and Action (Fourth Edition), by S. I. Hayakawa
"... Thus we talk of free enterprise, of capitalist society, of the rights of free association, of parliamentary government, as though all of these words stand for the same things they formerly did.  Social institutions are what they do, not necessarily what we say they do.  It is the verb that matters, not the noun.
If this is not understood, we become symbol worshipers.  The categories we once evolved and which were the tools we used in our intercourse with reality become hopelessly blunted.  In these circumstances the social and political realities we are supposed to be grappling with change and reshape themselves independently of the collective impact of our ideas.  As we fumble with outworn categories our political vitality is sucked away and we stumble from one situation to another, without chart, without compass, and with the steering wheel lashed to a course we are no longer following.
This is the real point of danger for a political party and for the leaders and thinkers who inspire it.  For if they are out of touch with reality, the masses are not."
[Unless they've become hopelessly brainwashed, and completely dumbed-down...]
Aneurin Bevan, In Place of Fear

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Meowclops is Brittnee's Old Twitter Account, but Where Is She?

Brittnee's twitter account has been tampered with, what a surprise.  What happened to her?  I bet Andrew Auernheimer knows.

This is on his Following list, by the way.  This is why I had such a hard time finding it.  He changed the name and the avatar, replacing the picture of Brittnee holding this one-eyed cat.  That's how I was able to recognize it.  I recognize the cat.  He changed her other name to enucleated, which means genererally, the removal of the nucleus of a cell -- but can also refer to the surgical removal of an eye.
He's so sick; why would anyone do that?  He's a psychopath.  He removed the taunts that the trolls left on her page, and her tweet asking him directly, "I thought we were pals?"  The other trolls were probably more of his sock puppets.  Legion, that's the devil's name.
I think he might have removed some of her pictures too (I haven't checked yet; still reeling over this latest discovery).  But I see he left up the one of him saluting Hitler, wearing the Hail Satan t-shirt.  He must be very proud of himself.
In media photographs of him, he is often seen in this exact same pose.
This is what I get at this picture.  Weird.  Talk of violence and rape.
The person she was cussing out, allegedly a journalist -- whose very first Twitter Following is none other than Barack Obama Himself...
On second thought, he might have posted that posing as Brittnee.  After all, he took over her account and has tampered with it significantly.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Harassment by Law Enforcement, Stand Up for Your Rights

The following is my argument for Order to Dismiss false charges against me.  This morning I appeared in court and was told, "Ms. ____, the State has decided not to pursue these charges against you.  The charges have been dropped.  The case is dismissed.  You're free to go."
I thanked the judge and with misty eyes and glad heart humbly and respectfully exited the courtroom.
MEMORANDUM ~ Argument for Order to Dismiss Charges:
It is evident that in this case these charges (two counts [state statute] 843.02 [Resisting Without Violence / Obstruction of an officer's duties -- a first degree misdemeanor which in Florida may be punishable a) For a misdemeanor of the first degree, by a definite term of imprisonment not exceeding 1 year ~ OR ~ d) $1,000, when the conviction is of a misdemeanor of the first degree... for each count]) were unjustified and resulting from dishonest abuse of office; therefore, they rightfully ought to be dismissed.
1. My first encounter with OPD officer Jessica Nasworth, although I didn't realize it until after I was released from jail, was about one month prior to the time she arrested me.  On May 22, 2014, she received my call at OPD when I reported my wallet stolen.  After asking my name and learning that my driver's license ID had been in the wallet, she suddenly cut the conversation short and gave me an incident number with which I later filed the official report with OPD (2014-xxxxx).  She was not informed of the fact that my Birth Certificate and Social Security card had not been stolen, and were in fact still in my possession.
2. On June 30, 2014, around 1:05 AM, as I was walking on the sidewalk of the 3900 [typo, should have said 2900] block of East ___ ___ Street, on the North side of the street, officer Jessica Nasworth drove up from behind me heading in the same direction I was walking (East), then wheeled around the circular intersection at 30th Avenue to double back toward me, and immediately pulled her squad car up onto the sidewalk in front of me and facing me, startling me, and blocking my path.  I feared she might run over me with that car, and thought her behavior extremely aggressive.
3. An officer fitting the description of Jessica Nasworth (later identified to me by OPD officer Tuck) immediately got out of the car and demanded my ID [her exact words were something like, "Do you have any identification on you?"].  As I stood dumb-founded feeling challenged, bullied, harassed, inconvenienced, and unnecessarily stressed, she then mumbled something incoherent and barely audible.  So I asked her to please speak clearly and loud enough to understand.  I thought she might explain her behavior, but she did not.
4. Instead, she again mumbled something incoherent, then 'accused' me of being "homeless".
5. At that point, I told officer Nasworth that she had no valid reason to detain me.
6. Officer Nasworth then replied in a very low, nearly inaudible tone of voice, that I was "not being detained."  Despite her unwillingness or inability to communicate very clearly, which seemed disrespectful, I was nevertheless able to easily read her lips and barely hear her state unequivocally that I was not actually being detained.  She got the message across, despite the fact that she seemed very conflicted and not entirely honest in her manner of speech.
7. However, since I agreed that there should be no valid reason to ruin my peace, health, and liberty, as well as the enjoyment of my walk in the cool night air in the neighborhood where I grew up and felt comfortable, I replied, "Okay, since I'm not being detained, then I shall now be on my way."
8. Just as I began to make a move to step around her squad car, officer Jessica Nasworth hastily and nervously asked, "COULD you identify yourself?" (Implying that she meant, if I were actually compelled to do so.).
9. I nodded yes, because I had my Birth Certificate and SS card with me at the time; then attempted to step around the squad car that was still parked on the sidewalk.
10. Officer Nasworth, standing next to her squad car near the front bumper when I stepped into the street to go around her car (there was no traffic at all that evening [i.e. very early morning]), immediately threatened, "IF I ticket you with a misdemeanor pedestrian violation, you WILL be compelled to provide your identification." (Implying that was what she intended to do, if I continued to walk in the street in order to step around her car parked on and blocking the sidewalk path).
11. Although I found her behavior and threats extremely unreasonable and unfair, I wanted to avoid getting a ticket for a pedestrian violation, with all the stress and hardship that might incur.  So, I got back on the sidewalk and attempted to scoot past her car by walking tight-rope fashion on the curb.  I was afraid to turn my back on her to change my direction of travel (there were no witnesses around to see how she was behaving).  I was likewise afraid to cross the street, with her making threats about pedestrian violations.
12. As I attempted to scoot past the squad car on the curb, officer Nasworth repositioned herself to stand by the back passenger door, so that she was already waiting there when I got to that point.  As soon as I got to that point, beside the passenger door, she grabbed my right wrist with her left hand, holding on to it.
13. When she grabbed my wrist, as shocked as I was, I expected her to explain why she'd assaulted me.  But she only stared at me coldly, in a hard, inhuman, sadistic fashion.
14. So I asked her, "Are you arresting me?"  "Why?"  "I haven't done anything wrong."
15. But instead of explaining why she grabbed me, she just continued staring for a moment as if to intimidate me, as if to instill fear into my heart; then asked a very strange question:  "So, you don't believe I'm legitimate?"  The way she said that was like a challenge, like some schoolyard bully.  I'd never said anything to elicit such an odd response from her.  I really didn't want anything to do with her, in fact.  She terrified me.  I just hoped that I could continue about my business, go on with my life, and not be harassed by this very strange person with a badge.  But I didn't find her behavior fair or justified, or even normal; and in that way I agreed with her suggestion that it was not legitimate, so I answered her question with a shake of my head, "No."
16. Continuing to hold me by the wrist and staring me down, she then threatened, "Shall I call my supervisor now and prove to you that I AM legitimate?"  But she didn't call at that moment; instead she continued holding my wrist and staring at me in an evil fashion.  Her behavior was disturbing, and I felt an overwhelming jolt of uncontrollable terror as I instinctively tried to pull away from her grip on me.  I felt violated.  But she just calmly held onto me, as I wondered why she was doing so.  Once again, I instinctively tried to pull my arm away from her but again she held on to my wrist.
17. After my second attempt to get away from her, she radioed one back-up officer, then said rather proudly, "I AM legitimate."  I was just dumbfounded, shocked.  I thought she behaved like some predatory animal or heartless machine, not like a normal Human being.
18. Then she ordered me to turn around toward the car and allow her to handcuff me.  [I refused as a matter of principle to cooperate with her mistreatment of me, answering, "No!" -- but was completely passive, non-violent the whole time, not wanting the situation to escalate into violence, especially aware that she had a gun.  At no time did she inform me that I was under arrest, much less tell me the reason why she grabbed me; and no one ever read me my Miranda Rights, either.]
19. After she placed me into the back of the squad car, the other officer which I must assume was this "supervisor" she'd spoken of, showed up and they gave each other high-fives, cracking jokes.  Then they conversed together for a few minutes until I called their attention to the fact that two young children accompanied by an adult male were passing by in the street on foot and one child with no helmet on a bicycle without lights (actually committing REAL traffic violations).
20. Their conversation thus interrupted, appearing more than a little surprised and dismayed about that particular circumstance, they briefly spoke to the man before allowing them to leave, and then turned their attention to searching my bags.
21. They found nothing incriminating in my bags.
22. I was driven to the jail in fear of my life, not knowing what this anonymous officer (Nasworth, whose identification I only found out later, after leaving jail) was capable of doing.  I was there booked on two counts of 843.02 resisting without violence, and people kept asking me: "But what else did you do?"  I explained that was all -- because I wasn't actually breaking the law when she grabbed me and frightened me.
23. During the eleven days spent in jail, which I must say was a very traumatic experience for me in and of itself [it was deplorable in many ways (never mind the mere fact of being locked up) the substandard living conditions and attitudes of some officials in that county jail -- for which prisoners are charged at least $50 / day (much more than it would cost to adequately shelter a homeless person)], having never been arrested before in all my 56 years -- a chronic fungal ear infection which I've been trying for years to recover from, relapsed, causing me a great deal of unnecessary pain and suffering.  I did seek medical care for it while in MCJ, but was released before they ever got around to treating it (which is just as well, since I can treat it better myself with home remedies).
I was just happy to be free again, free to nurse my ears and free to be a real Human being, not being treated like some caged animal or slave.
24. All of this personal hardship and cost to the State / County was unnecessary and no fault of mine, your Honor.  I'm not in the habit of seeking trouble or strife, have never been so poorly treated by law enforcement, and was deeply shocked at how practiced officer Nasworth was to so easily manipulate me into being arrested after informing me and implying more than once that I was in fact NOT being detained and therefore had every reason to believe that I was free to go on about my own business, my own life as a free and joyful US citizen.
25. The unadulterated evidence from both the recorded telephone conversation on May 22, when officer Nasworth learned that my driver's license had been stolen, and the dash-cam video and audio from both squad cars at the scene, would prove beyond reasonable doubt that I'm telling the truth, your Honor.
And if the prosecution should choose to suppress that evidence, then the case can only be one of officer Nasworth's word against mine -- because there were no other witnesses on the scene that early morning, nor any traffic at all, until after officer Nasworth had me already locked up and handcuffed in her squad car.
In which case, I hope you will agree that by law the preponderance of doubt ought to lie in my favor, your Honor, especially considering my heretofore clean record, having never been arrested before for anything other than a few very minor traffic violations, and the fact that no other charges were filed against me in this case, and the fact that officer Nasworth could find no valid reason to detain me in the first place, which is why she told me that I was "not being detained" and so should have been free to continue on with my life unmolested.
Thank you for hearing the reasons why these charges should be dismissed, your Honor.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Grandfathers Were Gentlemen

Extracts from the Records of Newtown. EDITED BY THE TOWN CLERK. EDITOR'S NOTE. — The following

copy of the will of John Denman Has been procured from the archives in Jamaica [New York].  It presents

a faithful idea of the ancient wills.  It also marks the exodus of the Denman family from Newtown, and

their settlement in the Jerseys [New Jersey]:


In the name of God, amen.  The thirteen day of December, in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand –

seven hundred and fourteen,  I, John Denman, of Newtown, in Queens County, on Nassau Island, in the

province of New York, yeoman, being sick and weak in body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be

given unto God there for, calling unto mind the mortality of my body, and knowing it is appointed for all

men once to dye, do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that

is to say first and principally I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God Almighty that gave it,

and for my body, I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian-like manner, at the discretion of

my executors hereafter named, nothing doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall receive the

same again by the mighty power of God, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased

God to bless me in this life — I give, devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form



I will that all my lawful debts shall be paid wheresoever due by bills, bonds, or any other lawful amounts



Item, I doe hereby ordain my dearly beloved wife, Mary Denman, to be executrix, and also my beloved

friend and brother in-law, Jeremiah Gannugh [Gano, his wife’s maiden name] of Flushing, in Queens

county aforesaid, executor, to be assistant to my beloved wife; giving and granting to my said executors

full power, lawful and absolute authority by these presents to make seal of all or any part of all my lands

and meadows as they shall seem meet or convenient for the payment of all the debts, and after the

debts are all paid what shall be left of lands, meadows or goods and chattels shall be and remain to my

beloved wife Mary, during her natural life or her widowhood to be for her Own benefit and profitt, and

at her decease or marriage [she eventually married a Brooks, who was probably another French

Huguenot like herself] that then what land and meadow shall be left in her possession, and after all the

lawful debts are paid as aforesaid that then I give, grant and bequeath unto my beloved Son, John

Denman [my 6th (?) g-grandfather], my musket, to be by him injoyed for his birthright, and that all the

rest which shall be then remaining, after all my lawful debts are paid as above stated that then all the

land  and meadow which shall be left I will and bequeath to my four beloved sons, John, William, Philip

and Thomas Denman, to be equally divided by them, quantity and quality, my eldest son [John, husband

of Mary Elizabeth Williams; from whom we are descended through his son Daniel and wife, Deborah

Scudder] to take his first choice in the division, and the remainder of the movable estate that Shall then

be left I doe give and bequeath also to my three daughters, Martha, Mary and Elizabeth Denman, to be

also by them equally by them divided, giving and bequeathing my land and meadow as above expressed,

to my four sons above named, to them and to their heirs and assigns for ever, and also to my three

daughters above named, Martha, Mary and Elizabeth Denman, above said to be by them divided equally

— and I doe hereby utterly disallow, revoke and disannul, all and every other testaments, wills, legacies

and enventory by me in any wise before this time named willed and bequeathed, ratifying and

confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set

my hand and seal the day and year first above written.


JOHN DENMAN \ Seal \ .


Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the said John Denman, as his last will and

Testament in the presence of us the subscribers, viz: Sam'l. Schuder [Samuel Scudder] (his E mark),

Jacob Reeder, John Gunsell.


At a special meeting of John Jackson, Esq., Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, in Queens county, and

Willm. [William] Bloodgood and Anthony Waters, Esqrs., Justices of the said county, held at Jamaica, in

Said county, on Tuesday, the-first day of March, in the first year of the reigne of our Sovereigne Lord

George, King of Great Brittaine, &c., &c., Anno Dom 1714, the within last will and testament of John

Denman, of Newtown, in Queen’s county, Yeoman, deceased, therein named was proven by the oaths

of Sam'l. Schuder [Samuel Scudder], Jacob Reeder and John Gunsell, witnesses thereunto subscribed.

And Mary Denman and Jeremiah Gennung [ssp. Gennugh / Gano], executors thereunto named, are

hereunto impowered and authorized to act and doe what executors by law are required or ought to

doe, they having already exhibited an inventory of the goods and chattels of the said testator, and also

given in bond with sureties for their true performance of the same.  [signed] John Jackson, Willm.

[William] Bloodgood, Anthony Waters.  Entered March 2, 1714 J. SMITH, Clerk. Queens County, Clerk's

Office, ss. [signed and sealed]


… I, John H. Sutphin, Clerk of said county, do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing

instrument with the original thereof recorded in my office, March 2d, 1714, in Liber C of Deeds, page 53,

and that the same is a true copy thereof and of the whole original.  Witness my hand as Clerk and the

Seal of Queens county, at Jamaica [NY], this 2d day of July, 1884.  JOHN H. SUTPHIN, Clerk.


… John, the eldest son [married to Mary Elizabeth Williams, of Welsh descent, and possibly related to

Rhode Island Governor, Roger Williams], purchased in 1720 a hundred acre tract in what is now called

the town of Cranford, Union county, New Jersey.  He died in 1775 [or most likely 1776, at the outbreak

of the Revolution, when it is rumored that he died shortly after standing in for his sons during the

christening  of two of his grandsons, while their fathers were away fighting]… leaving four sons, John

[the eldest, who for whatever reason only received “two shillings” from the will of his father John’s New

Jersey estate, ironically a far cry from the musket and land generously bequeathed to his father by his

grandfather – all three men of the same namesake, John Denman], Daniel [my ancestor, who with

brother John and son James, went down to fight in Georgia and vicinity during the Revolution –  never to

return to New Jersey (only John apparently did return to his NJ family, either during or following the

war; Daniel’s wife, Deborah Scudder, evidently was widowed during the war and remarried another

Denman man, Philip, probably Daniel’s Connecticut cousin; and James received Georgia land to homestead, in a post-war lottery)], Joseph and Christopher Denman [both of

whom fought the War for New Jersey], and two  daughters, Mary and Jennie.  Christopher; the youngest

son, purchased the rights of his brothers in the [100 acre New Jersey] farm [which the family had

purchased after settling their New York estate], and he became sole owner.  He died in 1808, leaving the

farm to his only son, John Denman [here the family broke from tradition of naming their eldest sons

“John” – Christopher’s eldest brother gave none of his sons that name, oddly enough; suggesting some

sort of grievance between him and their father might have been the reason for the father disowning him

in his will]… whose death took place in 1849, leaving the farm undivided.  The old homestead [in New

Jersey] still remains in the family and name [as of 1884, when this article was published in the Newtown

Register; the estate also is rumored to have supplied lumber for the building or maintenance of the USS

Constitution (“Old Ironsides”, a major asset during the War of 1812 and presently the only seaworthy

historical wooden US navy ship); the estate is also home to a locally famous tree called Old Peppy, a

Pepperidge tree].

(My 7th ? g-grandfather’s will, published in the December, 1884 issue of the Newtown (Long Island, New York) Register.)
(Updating a previous post of this and another will, now that I've learned a lot more about the family history and cleared up a few details.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Penguin Jumper Diagram

Fire up your knitting needles and help baby Penguins stay warm...

I was told the baby Penguins are in trouble again, and they really do need those sweaters this time (evidently, there has been much controversy and excitement over it about which I was unaware)... So, I decided that if I was going to jump into the fray and make a few for donation, I'd better get busy and come up with a working diagram first.  Because, I find that visuals are most helpful when knitting and crocheting.  They often make the text more comprehensible, and the process speedier.
So there you have it; hope it will be of use to some charitable souls out there who would like to help them out.
This links to the latest call for sweaters, complete with cute pictures and easy patterns for the Penguin sweaters.  Always remember to use real wool yarns for them, because living out on those icebergs, they need the very warmest fibers available.  (I'm thinking laundry shrinkage won't ever be an issue for them, so synthetics aren't necessary.)
Link to the official pattern.
Apparently, this has been an ongoing concern for at least a few years.  I do feel for them; because I can imagine just how difficult it must be, trying to survive in a Global Economy dominated by the Nazi Fascist Corporate State.  I mean, it's even tough for us Human beings (perhaps more so, in many ways)...
For further information please contact Joyce Ball at
Please send finished jumpers to:
Knits for Nature
Phillip Island Nature Parks
Reply Paid 97
Victoria 3922
Email for more details to
*EDIT check*

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

American Fascist Dictatorship and the Corporate State, the Beginning of the End of Democracy: George Washington, Cincinnatus, and Mussolini

Although this is now 2014, the Society only has published a list of contributors and patrons from 2011, apparently.  This list includes European nobility, the highest ranking officers in all branches of the US military, Ambassadors, judges, doctors, lawyers -- every type of "professional".  The list also includes "anonymous" and a number of non-profit organizations, family trusts, etc.

Yet with all this money backing them, they still don't seem to have enough -- they continue to solicit more from the general public, which is generally excluded from membership in this particular fraternal organization.  Using the founder of the Society, George Washington, they attempt to play upon American red-blooded patriotism... Yet the Society is about as un-American as imaginable:  it is as much French as it is American, for one thing.  And for another, Cincinnatus was a Roman dictator -- the exact antithesis of freedom and democracy.
Notice their logo and the significance of blood and eugenics to these people:

Dr. John Roberts Bockstoce
Mr. John Henry Bridger
Mr. Francis Gorham Brigham III
Mr. George Miller Chester, Jr.
Mr. Charles Lilly Coltman III
Mr. Beverly Means DuBose III
Mr. Frederick Lorimer Graham
Mr. William Hershey Greer, Jr.
Mr. David Alexander Harrison IV
Mr. John Christopher Harvey
Rt. Rev. Robert Condit Harvey
Dr. Edward McDonnell Kendall
Dr. J. Phillip London
Mr. William Pless Lunger
R.Adm. Kleber Sanlin Masterson, Jr.
Mr. Capers Walter McDonald
Mr. Robert Fillmore Norfleet, Jr.
The George & Carol Olmsted Foundation
Mr. Ross Gamble Perry
Mr. William Francis Price, Jr.
John S. Rankin Charitable Trust
Mr. George Sunderland Rich
Mr. William Henry Savage
Mr. Michael David Sherrill
R.Adm. H. Kirk Unruh, Jr.
  • Benefactors

  • Mr. John Edwin Atwood Avery, Jr.
    Dr. Cordell Lee Bragg III
    Mr. Edmund Tompkins DeJarnette, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Clifton Etter, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Goodloe Harper III
    Mr. William Clay Howe
    Mr. Jay Wayne Jackson
    Mr. Jonathan Jensen
    The late Catesby Brooke Jones
    Mr. Chiswell Dabney Langhorne, Jr.
    Mr. Clifford Butler Lewis
    Mr. Henry Hopkins Livingston III

    Mr. James Thomas Martin
    Mr. William McGowan Matthew
    Mr. David Arthur McCormick
    Mr. Ray Donavon Munford, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Edwards Noell III
    Mr. Francis Avery Packer, Jr.
    Mr. Philip Winston Pillsbury, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Alonza Saunders IV
    Mr. William Polk Skinner
    Mr. Lee Dudley Walker
    Mr. Marston Watson
  • Leaders

    Judge Richard Bender Abell
    Mr. William Wallace Anderson V
    Mr. Thomas St. John Arnold, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Saltonstall Auchincloss, Jr.
    Dr. Robert Binning Fraser Baker
    Dr. James Gilbert Baldwin, Jr.
    Mr. Arnold Broyles Barrett, Sr.
    Mr. Paul Gervais Bell III
    Mr. Samuel Merrifield Bemiss III
    Mr. William North Blanchard
    Mr. George Caleb Bradham
    Mr. Robert Bruce Brier
    Mr. Richard Fairlie Brinkley
    Mr. Lawrence Lea Brooke
    Mr. Thomas Rutherfoord Brown

    Mr. Armistead Burwell, Jr.
    Col. Douglas Brougher Cairns
    Mr. Keith Armistead Carr
    Mr. William Pfingst Carrell II
    Dr. Robert Girard Carroon
    Raynald, duc de Choiseul Praslin
    Mr. Randolph Warner Church, Jr.
    Mr. Rutledge Carter Clement, Jr.
    LoŸs, comte de Colbert Cannet
    Mr. Charles Lilly Coltman IV
    Mr. Charles Allerton Coolidge III
    Mr. Howard Ellis Cox, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Francis Darden
    Mr. Edmund Tompkins DeJarnette III
    Mr. Ross Bayley Diffenderffer, Jr.
    Mr. Anthony Randolph Dike
    The Dillon Fund
    Mr. Scott Richard Driver
    Mr. Sherburne Wentworth Dunn
    Mr. David Murchison Eggleston Sr.
    Mr. Allen Mead Ferguson
    Mr. Henry Burnett Fishburne, Jr.
    Mr. William Alexander Fisher III
    Mr. Ronald Lee Fleming
    Dr. William Innes Forbes III
    Mr. James Granbery Foster, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Bartley Gorin
    Mr. Lane Woodworth Goss
    Dr. Stevan Gressitt
    Mr. Frank Sheffield Hale
    Dr. William Mudd Martin Haskell
    Mr. John Drayton Hastie, Jr.
    Mr. Wallace Colby Henderson
    Mr. Nathan Van Meter Hendricks III
    Mr. William Maury Hill
    Mr. Samuel Draper Hummel
    Mr. Irby Bruce Jackson, Jr.
    Mr. Bryan Scott Johnson
    Mr. Earl Johnson, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Hill Jones, Jr.
    Dr. Robert Gregory Joseph
    Mr. Jackson Kemper IV
    Mr. Thomas Stephen Kenan III
    Mr. Francis Parker King, Jr.
    Lt. Col. Bruce Jeffrey Koedding
    Mr. Allen Ledyard
    Mr. Lewis Cass Ledyard, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Wolters Ledyard
    Mr. George Wright Lennon
    Mr. Steven Clay Lilly
    Mr. Henry Colwell Beadleston Lindh
    Mr. Eugene De Valcourt Lockwood
    Brig. Gen. Benjamin Franklin Lucas II
    Mr. Ross Warne Maghan, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Mason Maney
    Judge John McClellan Marshall
    Mr. St. Julien Ravenel Marshall, Jr.
    Mrs. Ellen M. Martin
    Mr. John Harvey Martin
    Mr. Robert Withers Massie III
    Mr. Roderick Bell Mathews
    Mr. Frank Mauran
    Mr. Frank Mauran IV
    Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick
    Mr. Charles Alexander McGrath
    Dr. Hollis Warren Merrick III
    Mr. J. William Middendorf II
    Mr. Michael Miller
    Mr. Brame Perry Morrison, Jr.
    Mr. Spencer Wood Morten, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Batcheller Neely, Jr.
    Dr. Charles Morris Kinloch Nelson
    Mr. Charles Watson Newhall III
    Dr. Leland Madison Park
    Mr. Frederick Pope Parker III
    Mr. Felix Chisolm Pelzer
    Mr. James Keith Peoples
    Mr. John Michael Phelps
    Mr. Theodore Winston Price
    Dr. James Orlo Pringle
    Dr. William Ivan Procter
    Dr. David Shepherd Raiford
    Mr. William Russell Raiford
    Mrs. Joseph B. Ramsey
    Mr. Steven Gregory Reese
    Mr. Wayne Jerome Rogers
    Mr. Charles William Schellenger
    Mr. Hugh Scott III
    Dr. Edward Allen Seidel
    Mr. Peter Hoadley Sellers
    Mr. Robert Gould Shaw
    Mr. John Jermain Slocum, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Bland Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Sherwood Hubbard Smith, Jr.
    Mr. David Wayne Snodgrass
    Mr. Edwin Tillman Stirling
    Mr. John Stephen Sullivan III
    Mr. James Layton Switzer, Jr.
    Dr. Paul Kent Switzer III
    Mr. Hugh McMaster Tarbutton
    Mr. Walker Taylor III
    Mr. Richard Winston Thaler, Jr.
    Mr. William Evan Timmons
    Mr. Thomas Howard Townsend
    Mr. Scott Edwin Tracy
    Mr. William Cattell Trimble, Jr.
    Mr. Frank Keech Turner, Jr.
    Mr. John Cole Tuten, Jr.
    Mr. Rufus Putnam Van Zandt
    Mr. Jehangir Fuller Varzi
    Mrs. Arthur D. Weekes III
    Mr. Douglas Reid Weimer
    Mr. John Harrison Wellford III
    Mr. Francis Xavier Wells
    Mr. Stephen Mills Wilkins
    Dr. George Burns Williams
    Mr. William Fletcher Womble
    Mr. Sidney Clay Wooten, Jr.
    Mr. Alexander Penn Hill Wyrough
  • Patrons

  • Mr. William Eugenius Adams, Jr.
    Mr. Willard Curtis Agee, Jr.
    Mr. Haywood Griffin Alexander
    Mr. Lewis Stetson Allen
    Mr. James Kerr Anderson
    Mr. Rodney Armstrong
    Mr. John Absalom Baird, Jr.
    Mr. Albert Parker Barnes, Jr.
    Mr. John Ashe Bason
    Mr. George William Beale
    Mr. Lloyd Noland Bell
    Rev. Joseph Pershing Bishop
    Mr. Peter Whitney Boardman
    Mr. John Grimston Bockstoce
    Mr. George Boyd V
    Mr. John Randolph Bratton
    Mr. Theodore D. Bratton
    Mr. Bartow Hughes Bridges, Jr.
    Mr. Francis Gorham Brigham, Jr.
    Mr. Peter McDonald Bristow
    Col. George Mercer Brooke III
    Mr. Robert Lawrence Brooke
    Mr. James Wesley Cooper Broughton
    Mr. Brian Sperry Brown, Jr.
    Mr. George Hanks Brown
    Mr. John Stewart Bryan III
    Mr. Franklin Leigh Burke
    Mr. James Bradley Burke
    Mr. Walter Brodie Burwell, Jr.
    Mr. Marion Tyus Butler, Jr.
    Lt. Col. Robert Walker Cairns
    Mr. Austin Heaton Carr, Jr.
    Mr. Samuel Baldwin Carr, Jr.
    Dr. Joseph Douglas Cawley
    Mr. Wayne Chatfield-Taylor II
    Mr. James Theodore Cheatham III
    Mr. David William Chester
    Mr. Stuart MacDonald Christhilf III
    Mr. Michael Steele Bright Churchman
    Mr. Reuben Grove Clark, Jr.
    Mr. John Pinckney Clement III
    Mr. Robert Lebby Clement, Jr.
    The late William Perry Clements, Jr.
    Mr. Aaron Neal Clinard
    Mr. Duncan Hunter Cocroft
    Mr. Terence Winslow Collins
    Mr. Charles Horace Conner, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Bledsoe Cormack
    Mr. Damien Mott Cregeau
    Mr. Robert Masters Crichton, Jr.
    Mr. William Flowers Crozer
    Mr. Charles Kenneth Dalgleish
    Mr. Henry Darlington, Jr.
    Mr. Joel Thomas Daves IV
    Mr. Grady Clay Davies
    Mr. Archibald Hilliard Davis, Jr.
    Mr. Harry Lowell Davis
    Mr. Victor Weyher Dawson, Jr.
    Brig. Gen. Lee Armistead Denson, Jr.
    Mr. James Steele Denton
    Mr. Peter Mapes Dodge
    Dr. John Morgan Douglass, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Halliwell Pringle Duell
    Mr. Jack Jones Early
    Mr. Hugh Garland Edmunds, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffrey Allen Engler
    Mr. Robert Campbell Farmer
    Mr. Charles Cuthbert Fenwick, Jr.
    Mr. John Baxton Flowers III
    Dr. Waldo Emerson Floyd III
    Carol and Carter Fox Family Fund of
    The Community Foundation Serving
    Richmond and Central Virginia
    Mr. Robert Elliott Freer III
    Mr. George Ross French, Jr.
    Mr. Donald Geoffrey Bidmead Gamble
    Dr. John William Gareis
    Dr. James Pinchot Gaston
    Mr. John Marshall Gephart, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Paul Gibson
    Mr. Nicholas Gilman
    Mr. Leslie Eaton Goldsborough, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Fitzsimons Good
    Mr. William Dunbar Gould IV
    Mr. John Clarke Griffin, Jr.
    Mr. Henry Ellerbe Grimball
    Mrs. Juliette D. Guild
    Mr. David Philip Halle, Jr.
    Dr. Steven Jimerson Harpole
    Mr. Murray David Harwich, Jr.
    Mr. Gregg Wieland Hawes
    Mr. Paul Meriwether Haygood
    Mr. Samuel Jackson Hays III
    Dr. Hubert Benbury Haywood III
    Mr. Maurice Kingsley Heartfield, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Hall Henry
    Mr. James Allen Hill, Jr.
    Mr. Joel Dyer Hinman
    Mr. Peter Cooper Hitt, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Charles Horton
    Mr. Ernest Ogg Houseman, Jr.
    Mr. Frederick Talley Drum Hunt, Jr.
    Mr. John Arthur Hurley III
    Mr. Henry Wigglesworth Ijams
    Mr. Daniel Dana Jackson III
    Mr. Harold Edward Jervey III
    Mr. John Rodman Justice
    Mr. James Graham Kenan III
    Mr. Mark John Kington
    Mr. Paul Joseph Kinyon
    Mr. Joseph Branch Craige Kluttz
    Mr. Robert Hairston Kluttz
    Mr. David Peter Kollock
    Mr. Albert Richard Lamb III
    Mr. Peter Flitner Henshaw Lamb
    Mr. John William Lander III
    Mr. George Varick Lauder
    Mr. Robert William Lawson III
    Mr. Angus Macaulay Lawton
    Mr. Gerald Law Leonard
    Mr. Charles Holmes Lewis
    Dr. William Goddard Light
    Col. John Allen Lighthall
    Mr. Donald Vause Lincoln
    Lt. Col. Howard Sandland Lincoln (Ret.)
    Mr. Louis Wooten Little, Sr.
    Dr. James Robert Logan
    Mr. William Joseph Longan, Jr.
    Mr. Keith Prescott Low
    Mr. Isaac Hayden Lutterloh III
    Mr. Henry Sharpe Lynn, Jr.
    Mr. Douglass Sorrel Mackall III
    Mr. Edwin Robeson MacKethan III
    Mr. William Steven Mark, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Marion Marsteller III
    Mr. Charles Robert Martin, Jr.
    Mr. Anthony Westwood Maupin
    Mr. James Wilson McCall
    Mr. Willard McCall, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffrey Sanborn McKennis
    Mr. Charles Grice McMullan, Jr.
    Mr. Stephen Mather McPherson
    Mr. Charles Francis Middleton III
    Dr. Cecil Morgan, Jr.
    Mr. James Adger Neel
    Mr. Charles Ashton Newhall
    Mr. Thomas Lloyd Norris, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Francis Ober
    Ober Family Fund of the Princeton
    Area Community Foundation
    Mr. William Hoyt Olinger
    Judge George Carter Paine II
    Mr. Robert Andrew Parker
    Mr. Robert Irvin Payne
    Mr. Dennis Lee Peters
    Ambassador Thomas Reeve Pickering
    Mr. James Hilliard Polk III
    Mr. John Ridgely Porter III
    Mr. Roy Francis Price
    Mr. Richard Renz Raiford
    Dr. William Postell Raiford
    Mr. Joseph Bunn Ramsey, Jr.
    Mr. Rudolph Stewart Rauch III
    Mr. David Ross Reese
    Mr. Philip Key Reily III
    Mr. Joseph Cheshire Rhett
    Mr. Louis Sanford Rice III
    Mr. John Ely Riegel
    Mr. Samuel Noble Roberts
    Dr. Surry Parker Roberts
    Col. Blake James Robertson
    Mr. Timothy Brian Robertson
    Mr. William Randolph Robins
    Dr. David Paul Roselle
    Rev. Philip Burwell Roulette
    Dr. Marshall deGraffenried Ruffin, Jr.
    Mr. Seymour Sanford Saltus
    Dr. James Asa Shield, Jr.
    Mr. James Quincy Shirley
    Mr. Philip Edward Shute
    Mr. Donnell Middleton Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Edward Stebbins
    Col. Sava Stepanovitch
    Mr. Wilmer Curtis Stith
    Mr. John Leo Patrick Sullivan, Jr.
    Mr. James David Sympson
    Mr. Benjamin Walter Taylor, Jr.
    Mr. George William Bagby Taylor
    Mr. James Hopkins Taylor
    Mr. Julius Heyward Taylor III
    Mr. Richard Stephen Taylor
    Mr. Walker Taylor IV
    Dr. Samuel Phillip Tillman
    Mr. Henry Hotchkiss Townshend, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Mosby Turnbull
    Col. Lionel Berdou Urquhart
    Mr. Paul Bartlett Van Buren
    Mr. Peter Howard Van Demark
    Dr. Jon Van Winkle
    Mr. Charles Auguste Philippe von Hemert
    Mr. Robert Manning Wadsworth
    Mr. Stephen Hart Wadsworth
    Mr. Gordon Willcox Wallace
    Mr. Mark Crosby Ward
    Washington National Cathedral
    Mr. Scott MacAlpin Watson
    Mr. Christopher Converse Webb
    Mr. George Creighton Webb
    Dr. John Ranier Weis
    Mr. Joseph William Albert Whitehorne IV
    Mr. Charles Seymour Whitman III
    Mr. John Russell Whitman
    Dr. William James Wiggs, Jr.
    Mr. Scott Edward Wilbur
    Mr. Hugh Miller Wilkinson III
    Mr. Alfred Williams IV
    Mr. Rhys Hoyle Williams
    Judge Jere Malcolm Harris Willis, Jr.
    Mr. John Grant Wilmer, Jr.
    Mr. William Breckinridge Wilson
    Mr. Jonathan Tufts Woods
    Mr. David Habersham Wright
    Mr. Peter Meldrim Wright
    Mr. Richard Randall Page Wyrough
    Mr. William Frederick Yonkers
    Mr. Gary Edward Young
    Mr. Jerry William Zillion

  • Sustainers

  • Mr. Gordon Abbott, Jr.
    Capt. Arch Turner Allen III
    Mr. Thomas Nelson Allen
    Mr. William Joseph Allen, Jr.
    Lt. Col. William Joseph Allen III
    Mr. William Ward Allen
    Mr. Thomas Ausley Allison
    Mr. Evan Randolf Ancker
    Mr. John Martin Perry Archer
    Mr. Robert Carter Arnold
    Mr. John Bruce Ashcraft
    Mr. William Bradley Bacon
    Mr. Richard Paxton Badham, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Joseph Baker III
    Mr. Robert Frederick Baldwin, Jr.
    Mr. James Falvy Barr, Jr.
    Mr. Edwin Warner Bass
    Mr. Robert Russell Baxter
    Mr. James Payne Beckwith, Jr.
    Mr. John Lawrence Beglan, Jr.
    Mr. James Willard Bartlett Benkard
    Mr. Leo Price Blackford
    Mr. John Davenport Blackwell, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Orren Blaisdell
    Mr. Bache Bleecker
    Mr. William Merlin Bliss, Jr.
    Mr. Carroll Marbury Blundon
    Dr. Ker Boyce IV
    Mr. Francis Bradley, Jr.
    Dr. James Bernard Breckinridge
    Mr. John Parke Brinkley
    Mr. Charles Edward Brinley II
    Mr. Louis Elliott Bristol III
    Mr. Charles Spinola Waggaman Brodhead
    Mr. William Beckett Brown III
    Mr. Stuart Maryman Bumpas
    Mr. John Christopher Burch, Jr.
    Mr. Jeffry Christian Burden
    Mr. Archer Christian Burke
    Mr. John Kirkland Burke, Jr.
    Mr. Marshall Armistead Burke
    Mr. Philip John Burne
    Mr. Carter Hamilton Burwell
    Mr. William Ware Bush
    Mr. Nathan Bushnell III
    Mr. Malcolm Lee Butler
    Mr. Charles Lorraine Cabell
    Dr. Charles Colcock Jones Carpenter, Jr.
    Mr. Julian Shakespeare Carr IV
    Mr. Thomas Heyward Carter, Jr.
    Mrs. Charlotte C. Chamberlain
    Mr. Kenneth Huntington Chase
    Mr. Joseph Blount Cheshire V
    Mr. William Polk Cheshire
    Mr. Humphrey Hardison Childers
    Mr. Samuel Graham Childers
    Mr. Philip Raab Christhilf
    Mrs. Barbara L. Claiborne
    Dr. Herbert Augustine Claiborne, Jr.
    Dr. Gaylord Lee Clark, Jr.
    Mr. Donald Sumner Clarke
    Mr. Andrew Crawford Clarkson, Jr.
    Mr. Rutledge Carter Clement III
    Mr. Shawn Christopher Clements
    Mr. Donnell Borden Cobb, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Lull Cochrane, Jr.
    Mr. Loren Fletcher Cole, Jr.
    Mr. Clayton Fritz Coltman
    Dr. Leslie Trumbull Cooper, Jr.
    Mr. William Shaw Corbitt III
    Mr. Gregory Byrd Crampton
    Maj. Gen. Willis Dale Crittenberger, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Edward Crocker, Jr.
    Mr. William Marshall Crozier, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Pelham Curtis II
    Mr. Maxwell Granger Dale
    Mr. Robert Williams Daniel, Jr.
    Mr. Donald Weston Darby, Jr.
    Mr. John Washington Davidge III
    Mr. Robert Gage Davidson
    Mr. William Douglas Davidson
    Dr. Vincent Claud De Baun
    Mr. Edward Mandell de Windt
    Col. Guy Keller Dean III
    Mr. Ralph Lynn DeGroff, Jr.
    Mr. John Bullock Demere
    Dr. Robert James Devine
    Dr. Alfred James Dickinson IV
    Mr. Ben Franklin Dixon IV
    Mr. James Morten Dodge
    Mr. Joshua Worthington Dorsey IV
    Mr. William Rinaldo Dorsey III
    Mr. James Horton Doughton
    Mr. Andrew Simonds Drury, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Underwood Dudley II
    Mr. David Warner Dumas
    Mr. Townsend Helme Dunn
    Mr. John Leveret Dwight, Jr.
    Mr. Antony Taylor Edgar
    Dr. James Burrows Edwards
    Mr. Beverley Purnell Eggleston III
    Mr. Dyson Price Ehrhardt
    Mr. James Patteson Ellerson
    Mr. Douglas Trowbridge Elliman
    Mr. Lamar Hamilton Ellis, Jr.
    Mr. John Gray Blount Ellison, Jr.
    Mr. John Davis Evans, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Beverley Evans, Jr.
    Dr. Nathaniel McGregor Ewell III
    Mr. Frank Sprague Exley
    Mr. Michael Farnum
    Mr. Thomas Trail Fenton
    Dr. David Hackett Fischer
    Mr. William Henry Fishburne
    Mr. Thomas Henry Fitzgerald, Jr.
    R.Adm. Paul Lowe Foster
    Mr. Baylor Tarrant Fox-Kemper
    Mr. Regnier Brandon Fradd
    Mr. Alexander Lanson Franklin II
    Dr. Thomas Nash French III
    Mr. Benjamin Charles Frick
    Mr. Herbert Laurence Fritz, Jr.
    Mr. Frederick DeBow Fulkerson IV
    Mr. David Buffum Fultz
    Mr. David Henry Gambrell
    Mr. Robert Woods Garland
    Mr. Samuel Garre III
    Mr. Peter Parker McNair Gates
    Mr. John Mullette Gaultney
    Mr. William Walton Gibbons
    Mr. Frederick Lamb Gilman
    Mr. Thomas Poynton Ives Goddard
    Mr. William Harrison Goodwin
    Mr. Richard James Gookin
    Mr. John Tillery Gregory, Jr.
    Mr. John Edward Griffith II
    Dr. Lloyd Tayloe Griffith
    Mr. Joseph Halsey Groff III
    Mr. William Bradley Hale
    Mr. Stephen Baylor Hall
    Lt. Col. Budd Jaye Hallberg
    Mr. James Amos Hamilton III
    Mr. Palmer Clarkson Hamilton
    Mr. Holmes Plexico Harden
    Mr. Chester Alfred Hardy
    Mr. Preston Hampton Haskell III
    Mr. Edmund Burke Haywood
    Mr. Egbert Lynch Haywood, Jr.
    Mr. John Roderick Heller III
    Dr. Fraser Cummins Henderson
    Mr. Douglas Merton Henry
    Mr. David Fredric Hess
    Mr. Charles Higginson
    Dr. George James Hill
    Mr. John Bright Hill, Jr.
    Mr. Outerbridge Horsey
    Mr. Ervin Wildt Houston
    Mr. Dale Harley Howard
    Mr. George Blaine Huff, Jr.
    Mr. Paul Douglas Huling
    Mr. Graham Humes
    Mr. David Rayner Idell
    Mr. Francis Plummer Jenkins, Jr.
    Mr. Walter Weinhagen John
    Mr. Charles Hill Jones III
    Mr. William Hart Judd III
    Mr. John Vaughan Kean
    Mr. Stephen John Kelleher, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Kelly VI
    Mr. Christopher Rogers Kloman
    Mr. Fredric Dayton Knight
    Mr. Calvin Battle Koonce, Jr.
    Mr. Bronson Edmondson Lamb, Jr.
    Mr. William Winlock Lannon
    Dr. Charles Edward Lee
    Mr. David Weeks Lee
    Mr. Robert Henry Lewis
    Mr. Richard Kimball Lincoln
    The late William Bennett Little, Jr.
    Mr. John Walley Littlefield, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Ashe Lockhart
    Mr. Tarlton Heath Long
    Dr. Walker Anderson Long
    Mr. Wifert O'Dell Davis Long
    Mr. Alfred Lee Loomis III
    Dr. Isaac Hayden Lutterloh, Jr.
    The late Dr. John Franklin Lynch, Jr.
    Mr. Colin MacNair III
    Mr. Richard Rollin Macsherry
    Mr. William Twining Madden
    Mr. David Saltonstall Mallett
    Mr. Charles King Mallory III
    Mr. Forrest Allen Mann, Jr.
    Mr. John Stewart Marr
    Mr. William Allen Marshall
    Mr. Bradley Anthony Martin III
    Mr. John Cooper Masterson
    Dr. Donald Power Maxwell, Jr.
    Mr. John Worth McAlister III
    Dr. Alston Jones McCaslin VI
    Mr. James Selby McClinton III
    Mr. John Lee McElroy, Jr.
    Mr. James Charles McHargue
    Adm. Kinnaird Rowe McKee
    Mr. George H. McNeely IV
    Mr. Edwin Baylies Meade, Jr.
    Mr. John Herbert Mears III
    Mr. William de Berniere Mebane
    Mr. Charles Edwin Menefee, Jr.
    Mr. John Frederick Menefee
    Mr. Willis Carleton Merrill, Jr.
    Mr. Henry Roberts Miller IV
    Dr. Horace William Miller IV
    Mr. Philippus Miller V
    Mr. Christopher Stuart Moffitt
    Mr. Thomas Scott Monsted
    Mr. Robert Latane Montague III
    Mr. James Tolman Caldwell Moore
    Mr. Roger Alston Moore
    Mr. Roger Crawford Moore, Jr.
    Dr. James Sayle Moose III
    Mr. Michael McClary Morison
    Mr. Wade Hampton Morris
    Mr. Mills Lane Morrison
    Mr. William McGillivray Morrison
    Mr. John David Stoddard Muhlenberg
    Mr. James Stanley Munday
    Mr. Matthias Brickell Murfree III
    Mr. James Bryson Murphy, Jr.
    Mr. Sean S. Murray
    Mr. John Hawkins Napier III
    Mr. Brent Drane Nash
    Mr. Thornton Lee Neathery
    Mr. Robert Thomas Newcomb
    Mr. William Lytle Nichol V
    Mr. William Lytle Nichol IV
    Mr. Christopher Mark Nichols
    Lt. Col. John Edward Norvell
    Mr. Ferdinand Henry Onnen III
    Mr. Frederick Ira Ordway III
    Maj. Gen. Douglas Vincent O'Dell, Jr.
    Mr. Jonathan Williamson Parker
    Mr. Walter Herbert Parsons III
    Mr. Ralph Maxwell Payne
    Mr. William Ford Peck
    Mr. Samuel Dexter Perry
    Mr. David Jason Phelps
    Mr. Edward William Phifer III
    Mr. Richard Clark Pierce
    The Rev. Dr. Thomas Frederick Pike
    Mr. Alfred Gaillard Pinckney
    Mr. Richard Booth Platt
    Mr. David Carter Pope
    Mr. Christopher John Porter
    Mr. George Forrest Pragoff
    Mr. Sheldon Ellsworth Prentice
    Mr. Robert Means Prioleau
    The Rev. Frederick Wallace Pyne
    Mr. William McKenzie Ragland, Jr.
    Mr. David Tilghman Ralston
    Mr. Angus Macdonald Crawford Randolph
    Mr. Edward Rawson
    Mr. Brooke Reeve III
    Mr. Robert Carter Reid
    Mr. David Hopkins Rembert III
    Mr. Ern Reynolds
    Lt. Col. Max James Riekse
    Mr. Walter van Braam Roberts, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Heard Robertson, Jr.
    Mr. William Todd Robins III
    Mr. Cabell Brooke Robinson
    Mr. Powell Robinson, Jr.
    Mr. Stanley Frazer Rose
    Mr. David Harris Rowe
    Mr. Douglas Pendleton Rucker, Jr.
    Dr. Alexander Preston Russell
    Col. Francis Xavier Ryan
    Mr. William Barlow Sanders III
    Mr. George Cole Scott III
    Mr. Nicholas Sellers
    Mr. John McConville Shannon
    Mr. Alfred Lee Shapleigh III
    Mr. Stephen Payson Shaw
    Mr. Robert Arthur Sherman
    The late William Hill Sigmon
    Dr. Hugh Vernon Simon, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph Patterson Sims III
    Mr. Andrew Augustus Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Earl Thomas Smith
    Mr. William Carr Smith
    Mr. William Oliver Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Christopher Warren Snow
    Mr. Gilbert Harris Snow
    Mr. William Joseph deThrom Somerville III
    Mr. Lee Sparks IV
    Mr. Henry Benning Spencer II
    Mr. Kenneth Murchison Sprunt, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Albert Stephens
    Judge Henry Leonidas Stevens IV
    Dr. George Beattie Stoneman
    Mr. Frederick Nash Strudwick II
    Mr. Michael Hunt Studley
    Mr. Paul Francis Summers III
    Mr. John Hampton Sumner
    Mr. Robert Calvin Sutliff, Jr.
    Mr. Charles William Swinford, Jr.
    Mr. Frank Talbott IV
    Mr. William St. Clair Talley
    Mr. Jacob Thomas Tanner, Jr.
    Mr. David Higginbotham Taylor
    Theo B. Bean Foundation, Inc.
    Mr. James Richard Thomas, Jr.
    Mr. William George Thomas IV
    Mr. William Albert Thorndike
    Mr. Hugh Harrison Tompkins
    Mr. Theodore Ridgeway Trimble
    Mr. William Eaton Urquhart, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Everett Vaill
    Mr. Granville Gray Valentine III
    Mr. Richmond Viall III
    Capt. Francis Laughlin Wadsworth
    Mr. Harry Gambol Walker, Jr.
    Mr. Littleton Waller Tazewell Waller II
    The Rev. Dr. Albert Clinton Walling II
    Mr. John Hardin Ward IV
    Mr. Nicholas Donnell Ward
    Mr. Jack D. Warren, Jr.
    Mr. John Augustine Washington
    Mr. Jennings Edward Watkins
    Mr. Alexander Webb III
    Mr. Sinclair Weeks, Jr.
    Mr. Arthur Lee Weisiger
    Mr. Minor Tompkins Weisiger
    Mr. Porter King Wheeler
    Mr. Samuel Bowman Wheeler IV
    Dr. Eric Leighton Whittall
    Mr. Edward George Wickes, Jr.
    Mr. James Ward Wickes
    Mr. Herbert Lloyd Wilkerson
    Mr. Everett Crosby Willet
    Mr. Emil Otto Nolting Williams, Jr.
    Mr. George Bruce Williams
    Mr. John Jackson Williams
    Mr. John Stanton Williams III
    Mr. Mark Calhoun Williams
    Mr. Richard Dudley Williams
    Mr. Thomas Murray Williams
    Mr. Caldwell Russell Willig
    Mr. Jere Malcolm Harris Willis III
    Mr. Knox Randolph Wilmer
    Mr. James Julius Winn, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Tucker Witt
    Mr. Frederick Philips Wood, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Benbury Wood
    Mr. Henry Sewall Woodbridge, Jr.
    Dr. Denis Buchanan Woodfield
    Mr. Stuart Dudley Woodring
    Dr. Edward Franklin Woods
    Mr. Walter Nelson Woodson
    Mr. Edward Avery Wyatt V
    Mr. George Humphrey Yetter
    Mr. Richard Galt Zimermann

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  • Mr. Charles Grant Abbott, Jr.
    Mr. Christopher Cunningham Abbott
    Mr. David Wilder Adams
    Mr. Alexander Aldrich
    Mr. Montgomery Meigs Alger
    Mr. Thomas Lide Alison, Jr.
    Mr. Clarence Jones Allen II
    M.Sgt. Karl Koepke Allen
    Maj. Gen. Ronald Converse Allen, Jr.
    Mr. William Thompson Allgood
    Mr. Christopher FitzSimons Allison
    Dr. Robert J. Allison
    Mr. Peter Bancroft Amato-von Hemert
    Mr. Robert Buehn Anderson
    Mr. Zollie Neil Anderson, Jr.
    Mr. George Patterson Apperson III
    Mr. Paul Arbon
    Mr. Matthew Fielding Archer
    Mr. William Stevenson MacLaren Arnold
    Mr. Richard Saltonstall Auchincloss III
    Mr. Brynn Frederic Aurelius
    Mr. Dunham Moore Aurelius
    Mr. John Carlile Babcock
    Mr. Richard Paxton Badham III
    Mr. Gordon Charles Baker
    Mr. Robert Flowers Baker
    Mr. Henry Furlong Baldwin
    Mr. Edward Henry Balfour
    Mr. John Palmer Bankson III
    Mrs. Dixon A. Barr
    Mr. William Edward Barr
    Mr. Anderson Dupre Barrett
    Mr. George Barnes Barrett II
    Mr. Lawrence Haney Barrett II
    Mr. William Hale Barrett
    Mr. Francis Lewis Barroll, Jr.
    Mr. George Robert Bason, Jr.
    Mr. Timothy Field Beard
    Mr. Stuart Morgan Beck
    Mr. Henry Lyman Parsons Beckwith
    Mr. John Jeffrey Beglan
    Mr. Paul Gervais Bell, Jr.
    Mr. Craig Miller Bennett, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Guerrant Read Bennett
    Mr. Perry Benson, Jr.
    Dr. Andrew Edward Bentley
    Col. Christopher Farrar Bentley
    The Rev. Henry Farrar Bentley
    Col. Stephen John Bentley
    Mr. James Marcellus Best
    Mr. Albert Jeremiah Beveridge III
    Mr. Christopher Stark Biddle
    Mr. Nicholas Biddle, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Allan Biggs
    Mr. Carl Fleming Blackwell
    Mr. David Alan Blake
    Mr. Bruce Ginder Bleecker
    Mr. Robert Boyd Block
    Mr. George Blow
    Mr. Daniel Joseph Bock
    Mr. Edwin Lee Boehringer
    Mr. Charles Daniel Boone, Sr.
    Mr. William Crosswell Bowen III
    Mr. Peter Eliot Bowles
    Mr. Lawrence Gregory Boyd
    Dr. Robert T. Boyd III
    Mr. Daniel Howard Bradley, Jr.
    Dr. Lucien Edward Brailsford II
    Mr. Thomas Colton Braniff
    Mr. William Milton Breeze
    Judge Peter Scott Bridges
    Mr. Michael Helm Bright
    Mr. Thomas Hamilton Brinkley
    Mr. Philip Briscoe VI
    Mr. Dandridge Brooke
    Mr. Henry Phelps Brooks III
    Mr. Benjamin Moseley Brown
    Mr. James Dorsey Brown III
    Mr. John Madison Brown
    Mr. Nicholas Brown
    Mr. Preston Brown
    Mr. Terry Orville Brown
    Mr. Frank King Bruce III
    Mr. John Lawrence Bruch III
    The Rev. Jonathan Randolph Bryan
    Mr. John Creighton Buchanan III
    Mr. Clifford Avery Buell
    Mr. Alexander Taylor Burden
    Mr. Douglas Norwood Burdett
    Mr. Henry Davis Burke
    Mr. Richard Marshall Burr
    Mr. Robert Lewis Bushnell
    Mr. Clifford Lee Bussells, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Overton Cailleteau
    Mr. Ronald Alva Cain, Jr.
    Mr. James Duryea Cameron
    Dr. Donald Barnes Campbell
    Mr. George Anthony Campbell, Jr.
    Mr. Potter Brooks Campbell
    Mr. Robert Burbage Campbell
    Mr. Vilasa Noah Campbell
    Mr. John Pearce Cann III
    Mr. Michael David Winslow Cannon
    Mr. Robert Lyttleton Capell III
    Mr. Charles Rising Carey
    Mr. Walter Bliss Carnochan
    Mr. Charles Albert Carr, Jr.
    Mr. Henry George Carrison III
    Dr. Barry Joseph Carroll
    Dr. Burr Noland Carter II
    Mr. Christopher Joel Carter
    Mr. Edward Hill Carter
    Dr. Robert Hill Carter II
    Mr. David Winn Hord Cartmell
    Mr. Thomas Crosby Chadwick
    Mr. Douglas Alexander Stewart Chalmers, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Ernest Chamberlain, Jr.
    Mr. Douglas Campbell Chamberlain
    Mr. Robert Vernon Chandler
    Mr. Richard Morse Chapin
    Mr. David Ashby Chase
    Mr. William Thomas Cheatham IV
    Mr. Godfrey Cheshire, Jr.
    Mr. Francis Gracey Childers II
    Mr. Frank Anderson Chisholm, Jr.
    Mr. Stuart MacDonald Christhilf IV
    Mr. Andrew Henry Christian, Jr.
    Mr. Frank Patteson Christian III
    Mr. Philip Schuyler Church III
    Dr. James Nohl Churchyard
    Dr. Jonathan Hubbard Cilley, Jr.
    Dr. Thomas Sterling Claiborne, Jr.
    Mr. William Robertson Claiborne
    Dr. Howard Weston Clarke, Jr.
    Mr. William Clarkson V
    Mr. Paul Clemente, Jr.
    Mr. William Perry Clements III
    Mr. Gregory Scott Clemmer
    Mr. James Harvey Cleveland III
    Mr. DeWitt Clinton, Jr.
    Mr. Calvin Hayes Cobb, Jr.
    The late George Moffett Cochran
    Lt. Col. Lewis Cole Cochran
    Dr. Barton Merrick Cockey
    Mr. John Bonnell Codington, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Edward Coen
    Mr. Francis Palmer Coggswell
    Mr. Edwin Bryan Connerat, Jr.
    Mr. Edwin Bryan Connerat III
    Mr. Reed Helms Connerat
    Dr. Henry Fairfax Conquest
    Mr. John Carpenter Converse
    Mr. Paul Blackwell Conway
    Mr. Morton Remick Cook, Jr.
    Mr. Nicholas Trout Cooke III
    Dr. William Lawrence Corbin, Jr.
    Mr. James Sitgreaves Cox
    Mr. Michael Jackson Cox
    Mr. Eric Ryan Craft
    Mr. Morgan Justus Craft
    Mr. John Deming Crane
    Mr. Talbot Harlow Crane
    Mr. Rodrick Patten Craven
    Dr. Wales Craven
    Mr. George Glover Crocker, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Holland Culver, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas James Curtis II
    Brig. Gen. Harry Jirou Dalton, Jr.
    Mr. James William Cromwell Daniel III
    Mr. William Gadsden Daniels
    Mr. George Samuel Darby
    Dr. Henry Jackson Darst, Jr.
    Mr. William Harley Dartt, Sr.
    Mr. Byrd Warwick Davenport, Jr.
    Mr. Harry Augustus Davenport III
    Mr. Huntley Gibson Davenport
    Mr. Chester Logan Davidson, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Gage Davidson, Jr.
    Mr. William Blount Rodman Davis
    Mr. Robert Lambdin Dawson, Sr.
    Dr. Andrew Imbrie Dayton
    Mr. Frederick Deane III
    Mr. John Dennis Delafield
    Mr. Joseph Latawiec Dennison, Jr.
    Mr. Harmar Denny Denny IV
    Mr. Herbert Thacker Herr Denny
    Mr. Michael Clark Denton
    Mr. Charlton deSaussure, Jr.
    Mr. Charlton deSaussure III
    Mr. Charles William Dickinson IV
    Mr. Paul Mattingly Dickinson
    Mr. Claude Augustus Diffenderffer IV
    Col. George Huntington Dimon, Jr.
    Mr. Lloyd Pillsbury Dodge, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Gaylord Donnelley
    Mr. Walter Cullars Dorsey
    Dr. James William Dow, Jr.
    Dr. Charles Edward Francis Drake
    Mr. Clark McAdams Driemeyer
    Mr. Theodore Matthew Duay III
    Mr. Charles Franklin DuBose
    Mr. Philip Rowland Church Dudley
    Mr. Andrew Adgate Duer
    Mr. Kirk Mallory Duffy
    Mr. Neal Holland Duncan
    Dr. Joseph Laurence Dunn, Jr.
    Mr. Ward Westbrook Dunning
    Mr. David Warren Eaton
    Mr. John Randolph Eggleston
    Mr. Thomas Trowbridge Elliman
    Dr. Richard Schindler Elliott
    Mr. James Hagood Ellison, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Jack Ewing
    Mr. Charles Edward Farr
    Mr. Jonathan Prescott Feltner
    Mr. Charles Cuthbert Fenwick III
    Mr. Carter Townshend Fields
    The late Edward Smoot Finley, Sr.
    Mr. Junius Rodes Fishburne, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Watson Fisher
    Mr. William McPherson Fitzhugh
    Mr. Newell Flather
    Mr. Thomas J. Fleming
    Mr. Edward Thornton Floyd
    Mr. John Paul Chadwick Floyd
    Dr. Waldo Emerson Floyd, Jr.
    Mr. Morehead Foard
    Mr. Richard Morehead Foard
    Mr. Charles Barstow Wright Forbes
    Mr. Bradbury Poor Foss
    Mr. Paul Richard Foster
    Capt. Charles Worthington Fowler III
    Dr. Judson Bolling Franklin
    Mr. William Curtis Fredericks
    Mr. Robert Elliott Freer, Jr.
    Mr. John H. Frye III
    Mr. Roland Mushat Frye, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Sanford Fuller
    Mr. Hull Platt Fulweiler
    Mr. Adam William Gaines
    Mr. Gordon Elbridge Gale
    Mr. Frank Hutchinson Galloney III
    Mr. William Richard Galt III
    Mr. Thomas Hall Bidmead Gamull
    Mr. Robert John Gang III
    Mr. David John Gano
    Mr. Muscoe Russell Hunter Garnett, Jr.
    Mr. Alexander Gaston
    Mr. Arthur Lee Gaston II
    Mr. Tyler Collins Gately
    Mr. Walter Winn Gayle III
    Mr. Harrison Moncure Geho
    Mr. Henry Clay Gibson, Jr.
    The Rev. Robert Todd Giffin
    Mr. John William Stuart Gilchrist, Jr.
    Mr. Egbert Leigh Giles
    Mr. Wayne Gene Gilkinson
    Mr. Charles Lamb Gilliam
    The Rev. Malcolm Douglas Girardeau, Jr.
    Mr. Harry Smith Glaze, Jr.
    Mr. Thomas Shircliff Glover
    Mr. Lewis Bouldin Goode, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Lewis Goode
    Mr. Nicholas Bright Goodhue
    Mr. John Frank Goodwin III
    Mr. Wilfred Lacy Goodwyn III
    Mr. Arthur McGuire Gordon
    Mr. George Barnett Gordon
    Dr. Spencer Gordon, Jr.
    Mr. William Murray Gordon
    Mr. Charles Lane Goss II
    Mr. Lewis Ludlow Gould
    The late Dana Loomis Gowen
    Mr. Lewis Sidney Graham, Jr.
    Mr. William Alexander Graham III
    Mr. Schuyler Varick Grant
    Mr. Downey Milliken Gray III
    Mr. Halcott Pride Green
    Mr. Philip Hilliard Greene
    Mr. Richard Drayton Greene
    Mr. George Holeman Greer
    Dr. John Greever
    Mrs. Margaret P. Gregory
    Mr. H. Vaughan Griffin, Jr.
    Mr. Henry Ellerbe Grimball, Jr.
    Maj. Gen. James Alexander Grimsley, Jr.
    Mr. William Denmead Groff IV
    Mr. Edward Burd Grubb V
    Mr. Robert Lillard Guthrie
    Mr. Nicholas Baylor Hall
    Mr. Northmore Wilbur Hamill II
    Mr. William Haring Hamilton
    Mr. Randall Alan Hammond
    Dr. Donald Lincoln Hamner
    Mr. James Reid Hancock
    Mr. James Briscoe Hanks
    Mr. William Howard Hanks
    Mr. Victor Henry Hanson II
    Mr. Albert Harkness III
    Mr. William Harleston, Jr.
    Mr. Gordon Huntington Harper
    Dr. William Edney Harris III
    Mr. William Lee Hart, Jr.
    Mr. William Lee Hart III
    Col. George Bowman Hartness
    Mr. Montague Williams Haskell
    Mr. David Burrell Hastings, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Waverly Hazelwood, Jr.
    Mr. John Maxwell Heard
    Mr. Maurice Kingsley Heartfield III
    Mr. Moses Lee Heath, Jr.
    Mr. John Frederick Hemenway
    Mr. Gerald Van Syckel Henderson
    Mr. Ronald Holstein Henderson, Sr.
    Mr. Frank Lindley Henry
    Mr. Edgar Hicks
    Mr. Peter Lander Higgins
    Mr. Jeffrey Dupuis Hill
    Mr. Jerry Patrick Hill
    Mr. David Hillman
    Dr. George Brooke Hoey
    Mr. Shepherd Monson Holcombe, Jr.
    Mr. Peter Drew Holden
    Mr. Buell Hollister III
    Mr. William Goodwyn Holmes, Jr.
    Mr. Peter Chardon Brooks Homans
    Mr. Andrew Langis Hoon
    Mr. Philip Wilmer Hoon
    Mr. Philip Wilmer Hoon, Jr.
    Mr. Brien Purcell Horan
    Mr. David Gerald Houck
    Mr. Gerald Wilfred Houck, Jr.
    Lt. Col. David Wood Hough
    Mr. Peter Betts Hubbell
    Mr. Frank Howard Hudgins
    Mr. Daniel Elliott Huger, Jr.
    Dr. James Gordon Hunter, Jr.
    Mr. Christopher Hussey
    Mr. Henry Hamilton Hutchinson III
    Mr. Earl McSherry Hyde, Jr.
    Mr. Richard Allen Hynson
    Mr. Gerald Wayne Irion
    Mr. Stephen Whitney Isaacson
    Mr. Herbert Worth Jackson IV
    Mr. Herrick Jackson
    Mr. Joseph Crosby Jefferds III
    Mr. Arthur Joye Jenkins, Jr.
    Mr. Samuel Clark Jenkins
    Mr. Charles Owen Johnson
    Mr. Frederick DeVeau Johnson, Jr.
    Mr. George Dean Johnson III
    Mr. James William Johnston IV
    Mr. Norwood Johnston II
    Mr. Andrew Berrien Jones
    Mr. Basil Magruder Jones, Jr.
    Mr. Catesby ap Catesby Jones
    Mr. Edward Harral Jones, Jr.
    Mr. Homer Daniel Jones IV
    Mr. William Cox Jones
    Mr. Peter Haring Judd
    Mr. Curtis Peter Junker
    Mr. Joseph Swan Junkin
    Mr. David Alexander Kean
    Mr. Robert Taylor Scott Keith, Jr.
    Mr. Frederick Rogers Kellogg
    Mr. Timothy Wood Kemper
    Mr. Jonathan Byrd Keyser
    Mr. George Gordon King
    Dr. William Walter King
    Mr. John Merriam Kingsbury
    Mr. Francis Marion Kirk
    Lt. Col. Vincent Edward Knapp, Jr.
    Mr. Mark Wickwire Knight
    Mr. John O'Donnell Knox
    Mr. John Somerville Knox IV
    Mr. Stanley Denmead Kolb, Jr.
    Mr. John Christian Kolbe
    Mr. Junius Anderson Kolbe
    Mr. John Aiken Koonce
    Mr. David Watson Kruger
    Mr. Charles Chandler Krulak
    Mr. John Harold Kuhnle
    Mr. Robert Johnston Kyle, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Henley Lamb
    Mr. Garrison Fairfield Lane
    Mr. Bradford Noyes Lapsley
    Mr. Robert Harris Large
    Mr. Robert Parke Latham
    Mr. Croom McDonald Lawrence
    Mr. Lewis Peyton Lawson
    Mr. William Johnston Leach, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Archer Leake, Jr.
    Mr. Francis Carter Leake
    Mr. Bruce Young Leaman
    Mr. George Ford LeBoutillier
    Mr. Robert Edward Lee
    Mr. Louis Marcel LeHardy
    Mr. Ward Morehouse LeHardy
    Mr. Ward Morehouse LeHardy, Jr.
    Maj. Gen. Richard Eldon Leithiser
    Mr. Frederick Lennig III
    Mr. Howard James Leonard, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Kendall Lewis, Jr.
    Mr. Stephan Murray Lieske
    Mr. Peter Michael Lighthall
    Dr. John Bertram Little
    Mr. Warren Masters Little
    Mr. Peter Porcher Littlefield
    Mr. Melvin Phillip Livingston
    Mr. Philip Robert Livingston, Jr.
    Mr. Philip Robert Livingston III
    Mr. Stephen Stuart Logue, Jr.
    Dr. William Lord London
    Mr. Alfred Worthington Loomis
    Mr. James Stephen Lord, Jr.
    The late Dr. Samuel Smith Lord, Jr.
    The late William Caleb Loring
    Mr. John Lowell
    Capt. William Lowndes III
    Mr. Karl Geoffrey Lutterloh
    Mr. Donald Charles Lynde
    Dr. John R. Maass
    Mr. Robert Walker MacMillan
    Mr. Clinton Kilty Macsherry III
    Mr. Richard Hammond Macsherry
    Dr. William Muir Manger
    Mr. William Muir Manger, Jr.
    Mr. Malcolm Shelton Mann
    Judge Howard Edwards Manning, Jr.
    Mr. David Hatton Marbury IV
    Mr. Edward Harris Mariner
    Dr. Malcolm Lafayette Marion III
    Dr. Francis Swaby Markland, Jr.
    Mr. John Marshall, Jr.
    Mr. John Randolph Marshall
    Mr. Samuel Wilson Marshall III
    Mr. Benjamin Bryant Martin
    Mr. Christopher Early Martin
    Mr. Lansing Ten Eyck Martin
    Mr. Hatley Norton Mason III
    Mr. Thomas MacNeill Massengale
    Mr. Henry Murray Massie, Jr.
    Mr. Anthony Stewart Maurice
    Mr. Alexander Galt McAlister
    Mr. Willard McCall III
    Mr. Guyton Bobo McCall
    Mr. Brown McCallum, Jr.
    Mr. Brown James McCallum
    Mr. Righton Garnett McCallum
    Dr. Silas Dobbs McCaslin
    Mr. Sean Brownson McCoy
    Mr. John Warwick McCullough, Jr.
    Mr. John Octavius McElvey, Jr.
    Mr. James Thomas McKee
    Mr. Robert Milligan McLane
    Mr. George Hite McLean, Jr.
    Mr. Forbes Reynolds McPherson
    Mr. William Bradford Mead
    Mr. John Gilmer Mebane, Jr.
    Mr. John Gilmer Mebane III
    Mr. Henry Wigglesworth Mellen
    Mr. Nicholas Harvey Merriam
    Mr. William Spedden Merrick III
    Mr. William Gadsden King Merrill
    Mr. William Hughes Milam, Jr.
    Mr. Thatcher Lillie Pierce Milholland
    Mr. Andrew Pickens Miller
    Mr. Michael Miller, Jr.
    Mr. Robertson Lispenard Miller
    Mr. Stephen Robeson Miller
    Mr. Watts Leverich Miller
    Mr. George Braxton Mitchell
    Mr. Hugh Maxwell Mitchell, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph Bradford Mitchell
    Mr. Charles Barrett Monday II
    Mr. Charles Neils Monsted III
    Mr. John Lewis Montgomery II
    Mr. Benjamin Allston Moore, Jr.
    The Rev. Christopher Chamberlain Moore
    Mr. James Osborne Moore V
    Mr. John Gregory Moore
    Mr. William Worsham Moore, Jr.
    Mr. Livingfield More
    Mr. DeWitt Crawford Morrill
    Mr. William Howell Morrison
    Mr. Franklin Lyon Morton
    The late John Stewart Morton, Jr.
    Mr. Herbert Jaques Motley, Jr.
    Mr. Minor Myers III
    Mr. Henry Nanninga II
    Dr. Robert Armstead Naud
    Mr. Spencer Golbert Nauman, Jr.
    Mr. William Henry Neal, Jr.
    Dr. William Kirk Neal II
    Mr. John Grosvenor Neely, Sr.
    Mr. Warwick Fay Neville
    Mr. William Howard Paul Nevils
    Mr. William Verplanck Newlin
    Mr. Richard Everard Meade Nichol
    Brig. Gen. John William Francis Nicholson
    Mr. Nicholas Niles, Jr.
    Mr. Nicholas Niles III
    Mr. Joseph Arnold Norcross
    Mr. John Van R. Norfleet
    Mr. Peter Wilmot North
    Capt. Allyn Sumner Norton, Jr.
    Mr. Arthur Doniphan Old
    Mr. Andrew Oliver II
    Mr. Ferdinand Henry Onnen, Jr.
    Mr. Edgar Bayly Orem, Jr.
    Mr. John Thomas O'Connell III
    The late Arthur Thomas O'Malley
    Mr. John Arthur O'Malley
    Mr. James Archer O'Reilly III
    Mr. Cecil Wray Page, Jr.
    Mr. John Roger Page
    Mr. Scott Robert Papp
    Mr. William Wynnewood Park
    Mr. Thornton Jenkins Parker III
    Mr. Lauren Allan Parrott, Jr.
    Dr. Hudnall Weaver Paschal
    Mr. Walter William Patten, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Marshall Peabody, Jr.
    Mr. Gardiner Pennypacker Pearson
    Mr. Jason Carl Pedigo
    Mr. John Franklin Perkins
    Mr. George Williamson Perry
    Mr. Samuel Lloyd Perry
    Mr. Benjamin Stephen Persons
    Mr. Robert Scandrett Persons
    Mr. Faison Thomson Peters
    Mr. Peter John Pettibone
    The Rev. Francis Bradley Peyton IV
    Mr. Charles Edward Phebus
    Mr. Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
    Dr. Neal Chase Pitts
    Mr. Richard Booth Platt, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Nelson Plowden, Jr.
    Mr. Russell Zimmerman Plowden
    Mr. Rutherford Mell Poats
    Mr. Harding Scott Polk
    Dr. John Fleming Polk, Jr.
    The Rev. Rollin Saxe Polk, Jr.
    The Rev. Robert Pollard III
    Mr. Andrew Hobart Porter
    Mr. John Thornton Posey
    Deacon John Michael Powers, Jr.
    Mr. Emile Pragoff III
    Mr. Allen Douglas Pratt
    Col. James Timothy Pratt III
    Mr. Stephen Davis Pratt
    Mr. Britt Armfield Preyer, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph Rich Proctor, Jr.
    Mr. Alexander LeFevre Pugh III
    Mr. Lucius Wilson Pullen II
    Mr. Alfred Magill Randolph
    Mr. Alfred Magill Randolph, Jr.
    Mr. Leonard Beale Randolph
    Mr. Andrew Meserve Rankin II
    Mr. John Ferrell Reed III
    Ambassador Joseph Verner Reed, Jr.
    Mr. Kent Bingham Reed
    Mr. Isaac Stockton Keith Reeves V
    Mr. Isaac Stockton Keith Reeves VI
    Mr. Malcolm Clephan Reeves II
    Dr. David Hopkins Rembert, Jr.
    Dr. Laurie Earl Rennie
    The Rev. Dr. William Paterson Rhett, Jr.
    Mr. Grahame Preson Richards, Jr.
    Mr. Edward Whitecomb Rider
    Mr. John Ritchie IV
    Dr. Ralph Hardee Rives
    Mr. Joseph Colwell Robbins
    Mr. Howard Spotswood Robins
    Mr. William Randolph Robins, Jr.
    Comte de Rochambeau
    Dr. William James Kenneth Rockwell
    Mr. William Spencer Rockwell, Jr.
    Dr. Edward Burrows Rogers
    Brig. Gen. Francis Drake Rogers, Jr.
    Mr. Gardner Spencer Rogers
    Mr. John Edward Rogers
    Mr. William Stewart Roberts Rogers
    Mr. Joseph Young Rowe
    Mr. Henry Middleton Rutledge
    Mr. William Fitts Ryan, Jr.
    Mr. John Waltz Salvage, Jr.
    Dr. Irwin Taylor Sanders II
    Mr. Alexander Graham Sanderson III
    Mr. Jon Fredric Sanford
    Mr. Newell Winfield Sapp, Jr.
    Mr. Newell Winfield Sapp III
    Mr. Lansdale Ghiselin Sasscer, Jr.
    The late Dr. Forrest Rickenbach Schaeffer
    Dr. John William Schiffeler
    Mr. James Edward Schmitt
    Mr. Roger Michael Laurence Schmitt
    Mr. Stephen Frederick Schreiber
    Mr. William Harrison Schroeder
    Mr. Howard K. Schuyler
    Mr. Robert Crandall Schwartz
    Mr. John Cole Scott
    Mr. Robert Francis Seedlock, Jr.
    Dr. Mortimer Newlin Stead Sellers
    Dr. John Arthur Shaw
    Mr. Roger Bruce Shaw
    Mr. Richard Burdick Sheffield
    Mr. John McKay Sheftall
    Mr. William Lowe Sheftall III
    Mr. Irving Chase Sheldon, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Latham Sherman
    Mr. Henry Fletcher Sherrill
    Mr. Scott DeForest Shiland
    Dr. Robert Lawrence Shirley
    Mr. James Ferebee Short
    Mr. John Calhoun Simonds, Jr.
    Mr. Albert Simons III
    Mr. Leonard Henderson Sims III
    Mr. John Anthony Sisca
    Mr. Robert Carroll Slaughter III
    Mr. Peter Gordon Sloan, Jr.
    Mr. Michael Kirby Smeltzer
    Mr. Edward Samuel Smith, Jr.
    Mr. Elliott Stowers Smith
    Mr. Gordon Burns Smith
    Mr. James Smith
    Mr. Joseph Judson Smith III
    Mr. Randolph Philip Smith
    Mr. Thomas Marshall Smith
    Mr. William Ware Smith III
    Mr. James Alexander Somervell
    Dr. Lewis Stone Sorley III
    Cdr. Michael Henry Spencer
    Mr. William Doerter Spiegel, Jr.
    Mr. Phineas Sprague
    Mr. Robert Harris Sproat
    Mr. Laurence Gray Sprunt
    Mr. Edward Frost Stacy
    Mr. William Legare Stanton Stafford
    Mr. Edward Clinton Stebbins
    Mr. John Mark Stephenson
    Mr. Cameron Platt Sterling
    Mr. Robert Lee Sterling, Jr.
    Mr. Warner Strong Sterling
    Judge Samuel Black Sterrett
    Mr. Henry Dana Stevens IV
    Mr. Charles Walter Stewart
    Mr. Harry Eugene Stewart
    Mr. Kelly Loyd Stewart
    Mr. Robert Garey Stewart
    Mr. Gordon Malvern Fair Stick, Jr.
    Mr. David Anthony Strong
    Mr. Neil Albert Struby
    Mr. Lewis Castleman Strudwick
    Mr. Alexis Gannet Studley
    Mr. Conrad Boyd Sturges, Jr.
    Mr. James Russell Owen Sullivan
    Mr. Paul Francis Summers, Jr.
    Mr. Stark Armistead Sutton III
    Mr. Kenneth Wayne Sweet, Sr.
    Mr. Rodman Keenon Swinford
    Mr. Francis Jacques Sypher, Jr.
    Mr. Gardner Alexander Taft
    Mr. William Richmond Talbot, Jr.
    Mr. Robert Kerr Taliaferro, Sr.
    Mr. Charles Arnold Tarbell
    Dr. Conrad Tasche
    Mr. Henry Cox Taylor
    Mr. William Gilchrist Taylor
    Mr. James Browder Tennant
    Mr. Neyle Colquitt Theriault
    Mr. Abram McComas Thomas
    Mr. James Richard Thomas
    Mr. Richard Peter Thomas
    Mr. Richard Russell Thomas, Jr.
    Mr. Stephen Livingston Thomas
    Mr. John Lowell Thorndike
    Mr. Peter Cabell Thorp
    Mr. Robert Jaquette Thorpe
    Mr. Richard Carmichael Tilghman, Jr.
    Mr. Albert Tilt III
    Mr. Seldon Taylor Tompkins
    Dr. Llewellyn Morgan Toulmin
    Mr. Frank Stone Trautman
    Mr. Heber Venable Traywick, Jr.
    Dr. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble, Jr.
    Mr. Guy Temple Tripp III
    Dr. Henry St. George Tucker III
    Mr. Thomas Strong McCready Tudor
    Mr. Robert William Turk
    Dr. Toni Richard Turk
    Mr. Benjamin Harrison Turnbull
    Mr. Benjamin Walton Turnbull
    Mr. Halcott Mebane Turner
    Capt. Thomas Jefferson Turpin
    Mr. John Cole Tuten III
    Mr. William Bullard Tutt
    Mr. Matthew Morse Twist
    Mr. George Randolph Tyler
    Mr. Roger Browne Tyler II
    Mr. William Blakely Tyler
    Dr. Thomas Teackle Upshur IV
    Kenneth Trist Urquhart
    Judge Harold Lynn Van Voorhis (Ret.)
    Mr. John Vander Horst, Jr.
    Mr. James Brinckerhoff Vredenburgh IV
    Mr. Charles Hastings Wadhams, Jr.
    Mr. Hunt Bradford Wagstaff
    Mr. Harry Gambol Walker III
    Mr. James Amory Sullivan Walker
    Mr. Norman Stewart Walker
    Lt. Gen. John Furman Wall
    Mr. Clarke Southall Wallace
    Mr. John Witherspoon Wallace, Jr.
    Mr. Tracy Frederick Kershaw Walsh
    Mr. Andrew Henshaw Ward, Jr.
    Mr. James Jay Ward
    Mr. John Faulconer Ware III
    FranÇois, comte de Waresquiel
    Mr. Richard Agassiz Warren
    Mr. William Trapnell Warthen
    Mr. Kenneth Wood Washburn
    Mr. John Knight Waters, Jr.
    Mr. John David Dorsey Watkins
    Mr. Lowry Rush Watkins, Jr.
    Lt. Gen. Claudius E. Watts III
    Mr. Andrew Harriss Weathersbee
    Mr. Richard Beverly Raney Webb, Jr.
    Mr. Van Wyck Hoke Webb, Jr.
    Mr. Harry Otto Weber, Jr.
    Mr. John Wingate Weeks, Jr.
    Judge William Dowse Weeks
    Mr. Ten Eyck Thompson Wellford, Sr.
    Mr. John Claire Wells
    Mr. Peter Rollins Wells
    Mr. William Albert Wescott
    Mr. Robert Stephen Westbrook II
    Mr. George Yandes Wheeler III
    Mr. William Mills Wheeler II
    Mr. Henry Chalfant Wheelwright
    Mr. Fred Henry White IV
    Mr. Hugh Vernon White, Jr.
    Mr. John Maxwell White, Jr.
    Mr. William McClanahan White
    Mr. Kennon Caithness Whittle, Jr.
    Mr. Kennon Caithness Whittle III
    Mr. Jared Kent Wick
    Mr. William Jenkins Wilcox, Jr.
    Mr. Albert Mims Wilkinson, Jr.
    Mr. John Charles Wilkinson
    Mr. Theodore S. Wilkinson
    Dr. Armistead Marshall Williams
    Mr. Ashton Boyce Denmead Williams
    Mr. Bernard Franklin Williams, Jr.
    Mr. Charles Seyburn Williams
    Mr. David Lee Williams
    Mr. Erskine Archer Williams
    Mr. George Emerson Williams III
    Mr. George Morgan Williams
    Mr. George Thomas Williams
    Dr. Mortimer Lee Williams
    Mr. Phillip Lee Williams
    Mr. Silas Williams, Jr.
    Mr. John Bolling Williamson
    Mr. Thomas Spencer Williamson III
    Dr. Charles Inman Wilmer
    Wilmington Club
    Mr. Anthony Winston
    Mr. Richard Hungerford Wise
    Mr. Samuel Brown Witt III
    Mr. Thomas Hillyer Witthans
    Mr. Joseph vanBeuren Wittmann, Jr.
    Mr. Joseph vanBeuren Wittmann III
    Mr. Brian Michael Barrett Wood
    Mr. George Shaffer Wood III
    Dr. Thomas Cooper Woods
    Dr. William Hedge Woods
    Mr. Bartlett Alexander McLennan Woodward
    Mr. Christopher Early Woodward
    Mr. Hugh McLennan Woodward
    Mr. Madison Pendleton Wootton
    Mr. Benjamin Taliaferro Wright
    Col. Richard Kenneth Wright
    Mr. Richard Morgan Wright, Jr.
    Capt. Richard Taliaferro Wright
    Mr. Walter Garnett Basinger Wright
    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Wylly II,
    The Pam and Tom Wylly Advised Fund of The
    Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
    Mr. Franklin Wyman III
    Mr. Carter Fitzhugh Yeatman
    Mr. William Robert Yonkers
    Mr. John Hughes Young IV
    The late William Hugh Young
    Mr. William Hugh Young III
    The Rev. George Zabriskie II
    Mr. Richard Chew Zantzinger III
    They finally got around to publishing 2013's list of contributors, supposedly.  I found that some of the "foundations" or 'charitable organizations', 'non-profits' listed on the 2011 list above -- hardly exist.  They have no websites, and just seem to be shadows haunting promo boards.