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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More Books

My shelves are overflowing, and I haven't yet found a way to draw an adequate salary while reading them all.  My future intent is to reorganize these links.  My habit is to gather first, then organize, mainly due to time restraints (I fear that if I spend too much time organizing them, I'll miss out on something important, lol).
Practical equality and Legal equality are two separate concepts.
The truth is that the Human species is divided into both races and subspecies.
Beautiful frontispiece, interesting history.
Interesting illustrations of life in Japan.
Art is a Science, I've always maintained, lol.
Look for the pdf format.
Women and children are / were treated like property by the Hindus, Muslims, even the Buddhists of India.
Mayo stirred up controversy with her book, naturally.
Use the pdf format.  This is interesting, if one wants to understand from where so many of these Hybrids are getting their philosophical ideas.  The author of this book claims to be a direct descendant of Mohammed (and as much as that one fornicated, I'm sure that there are probably millions by now).  This work is a "re-evaluation" of the Hindu Bhagavad Gita.  It seems that the Pagan Hindu religion is the source for much of contemporary religious dogma.
I like the cover on this one, lol.
Charming illustrations

Another example of typical psychotic Hybrid mindset.
Found a lot of weird stuff under the heading, "Mother India".
Rules for Chess
Probably a worthwhile read, for strategy.
Checkers used to be a very serious adult game.
Early 20th century ideas about child psychology, education, parenting (mostly by the State) and discipline.
Whoever posted these books on archive is an insane illiterate idiot.

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