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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Residential Architecture and Floor Plans

From Costume Design and Home Planning, c1916
Nice Ranch style plans, some are very small.
More 1950's Ranches
1950's Ranches
1958 Ranches
1952 Ranches
1920's styles: Houses, Bungalows, Barns, Commercial Buildings, Churches
Small House plans from 1945; meant to be energy-efficient, economical.
Redwood Homes of 1927, by California Architects
California Redwood Homes, 1925
Concrete Block Houses of 1925, with some Garage plans included
1927, including smaller homes, duplexes
1885 Rural, Farmhouses; with some Churches, Barns
1878, Village and Country Houses
Artistic Dwellings, 1893
Fifty Low and Medium Priced Homes of 1913
Homes of Character, 1912
Practical House Plans for Town and Country
Southern Homes of 1922, some very small; plus a few garages.
Brick Bungalows and Small Houses, 1926
1922, Brick Houses
Cottages, 1924
Showcase American Homes, 1922
Cottages, 1940's
California "Dream Houses" (many with balconies), 1940's
1946, "Ideal" Homes, some very small
1908, Houses and Barns
1930 Poultry House plans
1916 Poultry Houses
1946 Brick Houses
Small Homes of 1939
The Little Gold Mine, How-to Manual, 1889
1889, How to Build a Livable Home
How to Read Plans and Estimate Costs, 1917
1864, Homebuilding Knowledge
How to Build Stairs and Railings
1951, Modern Residential Architecture
The Bungalow Book, 1910
Bungalowcraft, 1908
Gazebos and Garden Structures, 1810
Orchard House / Greenhouse, 1860
Vineyards, 1856
House and Garden's Book of Gardens, 1921
1950, innovative design
1955, Easy to Build, Small Homes
1797, Farmhouses and Villas
1805 edition
Country Houses and Outbuildings, 1866
Restoration of the White House, 1903
Schoolhouse Architecture, 1876
Country Homes and Gardens, 1907
Fine Suburban Architecture, 1916
1942, Nice Smaller Homes
Colonial Style, 1930
1959, Small Homes, Cabins, Vacation Houses
Harmonious Homes, 1948
Sterling Homes, small houses, 1940's
1955, Small Homes
1950, Small Homes with Fireplaces
1950, Another book of Small Homes with Fireplaces
1920's, Homes of Beauty and Character (smaller homes, and garages)
1949, Moderately priced Eastern Homes
1930's Small Homes
1945, Concrete Homes, excellent plans for tiny houses
1930's, Homes with Fireplaces
1961, Split-level Ranches
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They have a Seafood Festival, yummy!
The Bensen House in Grant, Florida (Cracker style)
Cracker houses are of three basic types:
1- Farmhouse (one room deep and two rooms wide)... 2 rooms, total
2- Townhouse (one room deep and one room wide)... 1 room
3- Plantation house (a simple home that is two rooms deep and two rooms wide)... 4 rooms, total
Usually a kitchen was built with a shed roof off to the back of the house, or separate from the main structure.  Outhouses were also usually built separate from the main structure.

I miss the Live Oaks, Sabal Palms, and the Century Plants (in foreground) of Florida
Oakland Plantation house basement and main floor
Included for the cover art
Included for the historical interest
A collection of interesting personal papers.
Very nicely illustrated.
Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages (breath-takingly beautiful architecture).
Chinese style.
Italian Villa from Godey's Lady
Floor plan for the Italian Villa
Winter Scene from Godey's Lady
Rural or Suburban house, floor plan... from Godey's Lady
Authentic East Indian Bungalow

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