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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Journals of the ROYAL ASIATIC Society of Great Britain and Ireland


1835 ~


_______ 1835 ~

01 Jan, 1829 ~ The Religious and Social Institutions of the Bouteas of Boutan
01 Jan, 1835 ~ Account of the Sabda Kalpa Druma, a Sanskrit Encyclopaedical Lexicon

01 Jan, 1837 ~ Evidence that the Phoenician and Irish Languages Are the Same

01 Jan, 1841 ~ The Chinese Secret Triad Society of the Tien-ti-Huih
01 Jan, 1843 ~ The Waralis and Katodis, Two of the Forest Tribes of the Northern Konkan

01 Jan, 1843 ~ The Khonds of Goomsur and Boad (Pagans Who Practice Human Sacrifice)

01 Jan, 1846 ~ The Secret Triad Society of China, Chiefly from Papers Belonging to the Society Found at Hong Kong
08 Jan, 1848 ~ The Paper Currency and Banking System of Fuhchowfoo
20 Apr, 1850 ~ On the Sacrifice of Human Beings as an Element of the Ancient Religion of India
01 Jan, 1856 ~ The Gypsies of Egypt, and The Gypsies of Syria
01 Jan, 1856 ~ The Supposed Vedic Authority for the Burning of Hindu Widows, and The Funeral Ceremonies of the Hindus

01 Jan, 1860 ~ Remarks by Raja Radhakanta Deva, Regarding Immolation of Hindu Widows

01 Jan, 1865 ~ The Identity of Xandrames and Krananda (Aryan Culture)

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