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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Common 18th Century Attire Worldwide
c1787, by Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur'ile+des+amis&source=bl&ots=bXE0ziWGYB&sig=G8OeieyqSeNxhH14_tO8fgXCwkc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=1MuGUZycEpKI9gTir4GoAQ&ved=0CH4Q6AEwDQ#v=onepage&q=l'ile%20des%20amis&f=false
Overview of Human Philosophy of the Nineteenth Century

Title Page of American Attire
Title Page of Asian Attire

Title Page of African Attire

Title Page for European Attire

Title Page for American Attire, from a different Edition

Title Page for European Attire, from a different Edition
Male Dancer, Sandwich Islands

Canoeing Costume, Sandwich Islands

Sandwich Islands Woman

Male Islander, Sandwich Islands

Man of Tonga

Woman of Tahiti

Man of Tahiti

Tahitian Dancer

Tahitian with Present for the King
Islander (? very difficult for me to translate; maybe Patoo)

Woman of Fire Island

Man of Fire Island

Man of Mangela

Patagonian Woman and Children

Patagonian Man

East Indian Man

Chilean Spaniard

Woman of Lima, Peru

Ecuadorian Indian
Ecuadorian Peasant Woman and Infant

Ecuadorian Peasant Man

Man of Surinam

Woman and Children of Surinam

Mexican Aborigine Hunter

Mexican Indian Man

Mexican Indian Traveler

Mexican Woman and Children

Mexican Indian Policeman

Aborigine Woman of Baja California
Baja California Aborigine Man

Woman of Prince Guillaume Bay

Man of Prince Guillaume Bay

Woman of Nootka Island

Man of Nootka Island

Unalaska Fisherman

Woman and Infant of Unalaska

Unalaska Man

Florida Aborigine Man

Quaker Woman

Quaker Man

Acadian Woman

Acadian Man

Female Canadian Savage

Male Canadian Savage

Northern Woman

Northern Man

Hawaiian Islander


Woman and Infant of Greenland

Man of Greenland
Arab Horseman of Yemen

Arab Desert Nomad

Man of Barbary

Armenian Man and Youth

Man of Aragon

Woman of Aragon

Bulgarian Man

Bulgarian Girl

Bavarian Man

Bavarian Woman

Peasant Woman of the Grand Duchy of Baden

Bernese Peasant Man

Bernese Peasant Woman

Another Bernese Peasant Man

Bernese Dairy Maid

Bashkir Man

Bashkir Woman

Ostrogoth Woman

Ostrogoth Shaman

Siberian Man

Czechoslovakian Woman

Czechoslovakian Girl

Woman of Burgos

Temple Dancer, India

Man of Brabant

Woman of Brabant

Corsican Woman

Greek Man

Greek Woman

Woman of Caux

Lady of Calais


Chinese Horseman

Chinese Slave Woman

Chinese Archer

Chinese Musicians

Chinese Lady

Chinese Gardener

Chingulais Man and Youth

Chingulais Woman and Girl

Caffre Man

Caffre Woman

Corfiot Man

Corfiot Woman

East Indian Man of Coromandel

Croatian Swordsman

Croatian Maid

Croatian Rifleman

Croatian Woman

Man of Bakar, Croatia

Woman of Bakar, Croatia

Meat Man

Meat Woman

Catalan Man

Catalan Woman

Man of Ausbourg

Lady of Ausbourg

Woman and Infant of Ausbourg

Philippine Islander 

Northeast Asian Islander Man

Northeast Asian Islander Woman

Woman of Angou

Woman Carrying Melons

Greek Woman and Sicilian Woman

Woman of Calabria

Andalusian Man
Woman of Dalecarlia

Woman of the Black Forest

Woman of Frascati

Woman of Frascati (back view)

Finnish Man

Finnish Woman

Estonian Woman

Lady of Genoa

Hungarian Man

Hungarian Woman

Dutch Sailor

Peasant Man of Dalecarlia

Polish Woman and Child

Frisian Woman and Girl

Frisian Sailor

Hottentot Man

Hottentot Woman and Infant

Man of Salamanca

Man of Java

Woman of Java

Japanese Man

Japanese Woman

Man of Fuime with Hoe

Lipperode Girl in Wedding Garb

Lipperode Girl

Man of Iceland

Woman of Iceland

Jewish Woman

Kalmuck Man

Tatar Woman of Katchin

Katchin Girl

Man with Carcass

Ainu Woman

Woman of Fuime

Ainu Man

Korean Man

Kamlschadale Woman

Man of Kaluga

Mounted Kyrgyz Man

Circassian Woman

Man of Kabardino

Woman of Kabardino

Tatar Man of Kazan

Tatar Woman of Kazan

Middle-class Florentine Woman

Sami Man

Sami Woman

Ingrian Woman

Mari Man

Mari Woman

Man of Istria

Woman and Child of Lemnos Island

Woman of Istria

Kalamata Woman

Woman of Dalmatia

Soothsayer of Kamchatka

English Man

English Peasant Woman

Middle Class Man of London

Middle Class Woman of London

Highland Scotsman

Tatar Woman of Astrachan

Man of Kamchatka

Woman of Kamchatka
Man of the Black Forest
Four more volumes of Eighteenth century peasant attire.
Not sure what this is about, by the same author (all in French language).
Digital Gallery of the New York Public Library.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Life in Ancient Greece.

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