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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ancient Giants Research
According to many sources, the ancient Giants were of a Caucasoid phenotype.
An early study of brain capacities, done by a French doctor.
Many references to Giants are found in Ancient History.
French language study of Gigantism, believed to be a health or medical problem.
Dwarves and Giants; French language.

German language
Awesome antique color prints.
Incredible artwork.
Possible misinterpretations of scriptures.
The Crimson Fairy Book
Yellow Fairy Book
Very old, 18th century.
Cornish legends.
page 334
Ancient Mysteries Described, c1823
History of the Isle of Man, c1780
Fairy tale book; beautiful artwork.
Italian language, about Captain Byron's encounter with Patagonian Giants.
Captain Bourne's encounter with the Patagonian Giants.
From the Italian language book, detailing Capt. Byron's experience with the Giants of Patagonia.  At a different time, on yet another exploratory voyage, a Capt. Bourne had a similar encounter with them.  Capt. Bourne claimed to have been held captive by them, needing to sneak away in order to escape.
Dogged by Giant Turkana Natives in Africa
A sort of treatise on the subject of Giants.
An autobiographical account of real, documented Giants in Texas.


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