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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theozoology and Aryanism
In the original German language.
An original c1905 version in the English language.
Same book presented on american-buddha; includes the original hand-written manuscript in German language, along with the English translation.
Dr. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels (Adolf Joseph Lanz, 1874-1954):  Austrian Catholic Cistercian monk, who was apparently defrocked after converting his religious views to align with those Gnostic leanings held by the Knights Templar.  I suspect, with good reason, that Liebenfels, who changed his name, was born into a Jewish family which had converted to Catholicism during the Inquisitions.  So, like Ignatius de Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order, the Society of Jesus) and many others, they probably were Crypto-Jews.

In some ways, at his very core, he was really a dutiful and sincere Biblical scholar; to that degree, there is much to be gleaned from his writings; however, all of his work is unfortunately tainted by the fact that he was under the dominance of his employers and benefactors, the Elite Status Quo.  The very same demographic whose entitlements he so vigorously defended, were later (surprise!) found to possess the grotesquely evil, bestial elements of corrupt DNA which he had so critically exposed.

At the same time, it is apparent that his patrons exploited his diligently intellectual endeavors for their own benefit.  When it profited them to use his works as justification to commit crimes against Humanity and Genocide, they did so without hesitation or conscience.  And then likewise later, after it was discovered (in around 1940) that science had the means to prove that the Illuminati are themselves bestially substandard, subhuman, biologically -- the very product of those ancient breeding experiments with Lower Primates intended by their own ancestors to create an unlimited supply of slaves -- they quickly reversed, covering the knowledge up for many decades, and when it could no longer be kept hidden, began an intensive media campaign of propaganda bent on both obscuring and even inventing the facts of the matter.

It is interesting to note that this book, first published in 1904, is currently being labelled "eugenics", and "nazi" -- despite the fact that those two concepts didn't really appear on the horizon until a later date.  Evidently those labels are now being used to discredit Liebenfels' ideas, by the same demographic which once had enthusiastically misappropriated them.

Thus we see all the internet websites, television shows, advertising, movies, and even speeches given by politicians, which only work to glorify and glamourize the Illuminati and everything that defines them:  Neanderthals, ethnocentricity, inbreeding, incest, competition, games, sports, Transhumanism, Homosexuality, Promiscuity, Fornication, Adultery, Sexual deviance, Bestiality, Pedophilia, S&M, Bondage, Fetishism, Slavery, Vampirism, Cannibalism, Racism, Aryanism, Rhesus negative blood, monkeys, apes, Serpent religion, Phallus worship, Serpent Seed, Secret Societies, Royalty, Castes, Classism, Entitlements, Aristocracy...

Authoritarianism, Usury, Gangs and gangsters, Thugs and Thuggery, Bullying, Suicide, Homocide, Spousal and Child Abuse, Syndicates, Organizations, "Non-profits", Fraternities, power, wealth, aggression, violence, hostility, prejudice, discrimination, wars, Corporatism, Globalism, Fascism, Nazism, Totalitarianism, Dictatorships, gluttony, greed, plunder, consumerism, debauchery, Bacchanalia, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, waste, fraud, larceny, embezzlement, rapes, idolatry, hero-worship, celebrities, Popes, gossip, smear campaigns, innuendo, derision, snears, smirks, disrespect, rude manners, false accusations, harrassment, gangstalking, self-righteousness, hypocrisy...

Genocides, Eugenics, Darwinism, Luciferianism, Devil worship, Obsessive Compulsive Ritualism, Magick, Sleight of Hand, Smoke-and-Mirrors, Subliminal message programming, Mind Control, Mythology, Personality Cults, Paganism, "Reptilians", Atheism, Mind Cults, Codes, Symbolism, Secret handshakes, Gestures, Languages, Badges, Jewelry, Uniforms, Status Symbols, Occult, Esotericism, Kabbalism, pseudo-science, pseudo-medicine, pseudo-education, State-Established and Supported, Prefabricated Religions...

Gnosticism, Ecumenicalism, Zionism, Propaganda, Narcissism, Psychopathy, Cryptology, Comedy, Melodrama, Hysteria, Terrorism, "Security" forces, Alpha male worship, Patriarchy, Primogeniture, Idolatry, Hedonism, Nihilism, Anonymous, Legion, Demonology, Sorcery, Confusion, Deception, Klowning, Puerility, Trolling, Bureaucracy, Career Politicians, Lifetime terms for Judges, a Justice System that panders to Wall Street, Chaos, Prostitution, Pimping, Human trafficking, Mafia, Black Market, Hustling, Mockery, Imitation, Posing, Posturing, and so on (it really creeps into every aspect of our daily lives, unfortunately)...

Even music, something which ought to be simply enjoyed, is often misappropriated for the purpose of mind control, propaganda, subversion, etc.  The news media, which ought to serve the public honestly and informatively, along with the "entertainment industry", is instead very blatantly used for the purpose of detournement, the tool of anarchists.
Detournement and Hegelian logic are merely sophisticated forms of mind control, enslavement, entrainment, behavior conditioning and / or modification.

"But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt." ~ Isaiah 57:20
The Cistercian Order seems to have been rivals of the Benedictines, while the Benedictines seem to be somehow allied or associated with Freemasonry, thus also to the Templars, Gnostics, and Jesuits.
While I do not subscribe to Gnosticism, Aryanism, or Nazism, I do often find it probative to read their writings, research, and stated beliefs.  Truth is an elusive element, to be found in the strangest places at times.  That is why the Bible speaks of winnowing the truth, like separating the wheat from the chaff.  It's a dirty job, but someone must do it.  And there is much to be learned from this man's little dissertation.  Like, how he interpreted scriptures.  And, how he has influenced future generations of Gnostics, Eugenicists, and Nazis...

"The ungodly [false, unrighteous] are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away." ~ Psalms 1:4 KJV

"And now they [the ungodly] sin more and more, and have made them molten images of their silver, and idols according to their own understanding, all of it the work of the craftsmen: they say of them, 'Let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves'.

"Therefore they shall be as the morning cloud, and as the early dew that passeth away, as the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the floor, and as the smoke out of the chimney." ~ Hosea 13:3-4

... In other words, the Godly shall endure for eternity, but the un-Godly will eventually cease to exist forever.
I found this strange yet intriguing manuscript, by simply searching for "neanderthals" in the website.  While it was an unexpected discovery for me, it was not completely surprising, and I am grateful that someone was intelligent enough to save the document for posterity.  Because, as we all should know by now:  when we fail to learn from history, we are in danger of repeating past mistakes.
But although I may find much in there that is disagreeable to my sensibilities, I would not hazard to lightly dismiss the entire thesis of his work.  So now I will explore his interpretations of Holy Scripture, and how they are mirrored or reflected by certain contemporary individuals, events, and groups.  If I have enough time for it, I also plan to go back over all of the references cited by the author -- in finer detail -- so as to determine the accuracy and logic of his interpretations.
I have already made and demonstrated the many definite connections between Neanderthals, Aryans, Freemasonry, Gnosticism, the Babylonian Talmud, Paganism, Luciferianism, Sorcery, Serpent Religion, all mainstream State-sanctioned Religions, Zionism, Nazism, Fascism, and the Ashkenazi (among others).  Likewise I have been exceedingly troubled by the irritating mix of facts and deception to be found in all of these groups' (collectively, the "Illuminati", or 'people in the know', 'people who are allowed to learn the secrets guarded by secret societies'...) publicity campaigns (ie propaganda).  But not to worry, because any true Human being with Human intelligence and Human morals may easily recognize truth and distinguish it from fantasy or even outright lies.  And I have frankly become a Human lie-detector in my later years, so I'm sure I can get to the bottom of at least the more important parts of the puzzle.
This video sponsored by the Knights Hospitallers Templar is just one infuriating example of the kind of misinformation saturating the media.  The Gnostics are pushing for globalism, including one world religion -- their religion, because we are supposed to accept their premise that they are royalty, our noble 'superiors' with rights to rule us, based on their bloodtype and / or family genetics.

Ironically, Rhesus negative bloodtype is a recessive genetic trait; and as such, it ought to be obvious to practically everyone, that since it is not carried by a dominant gene, it can only be the product of hybridization.  So, since their bloodtype is that of Hybrids, then it is impossible and illogical to assume that they are the original Human species.

That would be like claiming that Mules, not Horses or Donkeys, are the original species of the three types of animal.  Mules are Hybrids, and as such cannot be considered an original, natural species.  Their tendency to be sterile also proves that they are unnatural, hybrids.  But even Darwin knew that hybrid mammals are not always sterile, but only sometimes and only in some individuals.  That is the character of hybridization:  it is extremely unpredictable.  It often produces mutations, even "monsters".  All the propaganda promoting "hybrid vigor" is simply for the benefit of the Illuminati, who know that they are themselves Hybrids... Nevertheless, it shouldn't ever be that difficult to recognize or define, especially now that we have the tool of genetics to use for analysis.  But even without DNA testing, there are subtle ways of distinguishing between the Human species and its various subspecies.

Ptolemy referred to the Aryans of the region in Persia near today's Cabul, Afghanistan, as the "Aristophyli" or "The Noble Tribes".  Originally, all Aryans were practitioners of Pagan religions.  In fact, they referred to themselves as the Serpent Seed, for various reasons, but primarily because they practiced Serpent Worship.  So, to use Bible scripture the way that Dr. Liebenfels did, in an attempt to present those anti-christ tribes and their descendants as somehow superior, noble, and even Godly, or Christian, is extremely disingenuous and more than slightly ironic.  But, the Illuminati's whole "Aryan (Neanderthal) superiority" argument is based on the idolatrous worship of particular physical features -- mostly color.  It completely disregards the importance of intelligence, Human emotions, Virtue, or Human soul.  It ignores the significance of Human morality, while promoting bestiality.

Nevertheless, Dr. Liebenfels and his ilk are not content to allow the Bible to stand alone:  they always characteristically mix in a bit of myth and ancient history (typically grossly misinterpreted by them, as much as are the scriptures).  Here, I will just highlight some of the more interesting examples of the Aryan mindset exposed by Dr. Liebenfels' musings, fraught as it is with weak logic and overwhelmed with delusion.

To begin, the full title of Dr. Liebenfels' book is: THEOZOOLOGY, or the Science of the Sodomite Apelings and the Divine Electron.  An introduction to the most ancient and most modern philosophy and a JUSTIFICATION of the MONARCHY and the NOBILITY.

So, the main raison d'etre for his thesis, is promotion and support of the Monarchy and the Nobility.

(Remember the 'lost', 'forgotten', Titles of Nobility Amendment; the Original Thirteenth Amendment which conveniently 'disappeared' during the War of 1812, and about which no one seems capable of understanding the significance?)

David Dodge discussing the significance of the missing Original Thirteenth Amendment (please ignore the rudeness of the Hybrid person who is conducting the interview with this awesome Human being, and just listen to the wisdom of this honorable elder American citizen).

This video, which doesn't allow embedding, shows the process someone went through in order to provide a real paper trail proving the validity and the ratification of the Original Thirteenth Amendment (don't be thrown by the silly title on it, just watch it -- you'll be glad you did).

Membership in this most exclusive (anti-) "American" fraternity is stringently restricted by blood and family relationships.
Only those insiders who "belong" are entitled to bear arms (according to them).
History of the Order of the Cincinnati, and how it relates to the French Revolution, Britain, and the American Revolution.
This page holds a list of all the original founding members of the Order.  Membership is strictly hereditary, and all of the members claim "noble" or "royal" blood.
The Order was founded by none other than the first American President, General George Washington.  Ironically, (like Andrew Jackson) he never had any children of his own.
This is an intriguing and highly intellectual website, which discusses the issue of the Order of the Cincinnati.
Cincinnatus, a Roman dictator, is their hero.

As with all Aryans, they are fascinated with the subjects of eugenics, bloodlines, and 'breeding'.  And while they claim to be "noble", "royal", and "American" -- they are actually none of the above, except within their own delusional constructs.

CONSTRUCT:  An idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence.

So, the Aryans spend a lot of time, resources, and effort, trying to build up persuasive "evidence" with which to shore up their self-serving declarations and convince the unsuspecting masses that only they are "entitled" to be wealthy, favored, and "in charge" of the most important aspects of our lives and of our destinies:  Life, Liberty, Equality, Justice, the Pursuit of Happiness, and all other divinely gifted Rights of Humanity (ie Civil Rights).  Because, they know full well that Truth does not substantiate the concept of rule by dictatorships, organizations, republics, secret societies, corporations, or monarchies.

The author begins on the wrong foot, by misinterpreting scripture.  Of First John 4:8 & 12, he claims that it means:  "God is love devoid of the ape-nature... If we preserve this love among our kind, then God will remain in us."

However, I ran those verses through a very reliable translator, and found that the King James version of the scripture is a far more accurate interpretation:  "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love...  Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another."

So, while I would tend to agree that real Human beings, created in the image of God, should certainly be "devoid of the [subhuman] ape-nature" -- that is not what the scripture is actually saying.  What the scripture really states unequivocally, is pretty self explanatory.

Liebenfels went on to claim that there is Truth in the wisdom of the ancients (ie Serpent Wisdom).  He said that while the old priests spoke or wrote using symbols, codes, and riddles (clearly meant to deceive), they were justified in doing so because:  "The scientific treatises of the ancients are written in a secret language and contain absolutely no absurdities or fables.  Based upon the artistic products of the ancients we have no reason to consider them as less intelligent than modern man.  The ancient geographer Strabo says:  'Every inquiry concerning the gods explores the old notions and fables (mythoi), while the ancients concealed their natural ideas, which they preserved in these events in parables, and always mixed their inquiries with the fables.'  Thus also Pythagoras, as well as Plato and Jesus, had two types of teaching and two types of students.  'To you is given to know the rune [secret] (Ulfilas) of the Kingdom of God; however, to those who are outside, everything will be done in parables (parabolai).' ...The Jerusalemites were sachas-people; one man asked his neighbor:  'What did you have your meal with today?  With "bread" made from leaven "flour," or from unleavened "f[l]our"?  With Godolic "wine"... on a wide "cushion," or on a narrow "cushion" in good or bad company?'  R. Hisda [Jewish Talmudist] explained:  'Everything (is meant) in the erotic sense.'  The original texts and various ancient translations and commentaries of the more ancient Fathers give us the key to this secret language and from this we may receive the unfathomable wisdom of the ancients."

Rabbi Hisda, the Babylonian Talmudist, who proclaimed that practically all of the everyday, mundane chit-chat indulged in by Jews is actually erotically charged, vulgar sexual innuendo (and so by association -- since they are allegedly "God's chosen people" -- should be considered "normal" and "acceptable").

Do NOT click on the above link, if you are easily offended by Satanic symbolism mingled with nudity and / or vulgar sexual innuendo.  This is a profile of Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen), the English "comedian".

Sacha Baron Cohen's "official website", which is only slightly less offensive than the previous one.

("Rune", "secret".)

Missionary Ulfilis (also Wulfila, Gothic language) explaining the "Gospels" to Goths in 310 AD.  The evangelist had a captive audience.  The Templars are very interested in Teutonic culture, along with their Secret Societies.  However, they are quite aware of their Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, and East Indian roots, too -- all Aryan.

Liebenfels is referring to Gnostic wisdom or Serpent Wisdom, which is all based in Pagan superstitions, erotic fantasies, and phallic worship.  The Ancient (Luciferian, Illuminati) "Wisdom" is the basis of all of the modern New Age philosophies and cults, as well.  And because they are so very grasping of control and authority, it insidiously permeates all of the media (including "Public Education") to which we mere mortals are exposed throughout the course of our lifetimes.  It is also the driving force behind the Ecumenical movement and Zionism, both of which are extremely political and have been embraced by practically all of the mainstream, State established, formulaic and 'approved', 'socially acceptable' religions.

Therefore, he is compelled to include even (or, especially) Jesus among the list of wise ancient "Fathers" who sought to teach us, the "two types of students" -- Insiders (now commonly known as the Illuminati, those who are trusted, or allowed to know, the Secrets), and Outsiders (presumably "Gentiles" and individuals of lesser 'nobility' or status within the pyramidically structured organization).  If you think that joining or serving them will provide protection for you and your family from them, and perhaps somehow cause you to magically become an "Insider" like them, you are tragically mistaken:  entitlement comes only by virtue of blood, or genetics.  It is strictly inherited.  Always remember that.  Because, they will never forget.

... Liebenfels posits:  "In our search for God we neophytes have lost our way because we have forgotten the basic principle of all wisdom of the ancients, and because we have forgotten the goal and the beginning of all investigation:  the human body.  Hippolytus says this beautifully:  'The beginning of spiritual maturity is the knowledge of humanity, the knowledge of God is perfected (spiritual) maturity.'  So then we are searching for God by following the advice of the ancients -- along anthropological lines!"

I would put that concept into slightly different terms:  In order to know God, one must be of God, ie must have been created in God's spiritual (because God is the Holy Spirit) 'image' (or likeness, type, resemblance, offspring).  One must be a true Human being, who easily recognizes that God (Good, Righteousness) is our heavenly (or spiritual) 'Father'.  Because only Human beings were created in God's spiritual 'image'.  Only Humans can comprehend the meaning of Righteous morality.  Holy Scriptures clearly distinguish the important difference between Humanity and beasts (or animals).  It is indeed a genetic distinction.  "Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death."  But this idea goes far beyond the mere physical, carnal, or biological aspects of Humanity; it also involves the psyche, or soul of a Human being.  Merely possessing an apparent Human body is not enough; one must also have and express Human emotions, intelligence, and most importantly, exhibit Human morality.  Morality which isn't Godly or Righteous, in the purest sense of those words, is not Human morality.  Morality which isn't Godly or Righteous, in the purest sense of those words, is Bestial morality.

What is Godly?  What is Righteous?  What is virtuous?  If you are Human, you know the answers to those questions.

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

"But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass [ie mirror, reflection] the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image [type] from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord." ~ 2Corinthians 3:17-18


"The second most peculiar creation, besides man, is the ape.  The ancients knew this all too well.  Full of bitterness Ennius calls out:  'O ape, you abominable monster, how similar you are to us men!'  The ancient beast-men Behemoth and Leviathan are called the 'first fruits' of the ways of God in Job 15:19.  That there were, at one time, beast-men is not to be doubted after the discoveries of the Pithecanthropus, Dubois, the Neanderthal, Spyder, Krapinesian skull fragments and countless discoveries of stone tools.  It is probable that these beast-men have not yet fully disappeared.

[Here in the narrative, the author proceeded to point out the many similarities of certain primitive tribemen to apes and other lower primates; and ironically -- since DNA had not yet been discovered nor studied in Liebenfels' time -- he failed to understand that in addition to being enslaved by Hybrid Humanoids, he was quite possibly himself a carrier of Neanderthal genes.] ..."Also, there were, and still are, dwarves -- about which ancient accounts speak.  MacIver found many dwarf skulls in the graves of Abydos in Egypt.  Kollman asserts that in the middle of the 6th millenium before Christ, dwarves made up 20 percent of the population.  Disregarding the smallness of their bodies, nothing may be said concerning their other physical properties.  Further, it may be concluded from these discoveries that a taller human race was mixed with these dwarves.  Dwarves are still attested today by finds made over the whole earth.  In just those areas where we hear reports about dwarves a smaller human type may still be identified today.

"The Alpine-cretins are, in my view, not extinct, but rather they are remnants of a particular human type.  Cretinism propagates itself, and it is especially strong, in the vicinity of the old cloisters and fortified towns, where they remain protected from complete extinction by good-hearted people, through their own charities, such as the charity for the feeble-minded at Admont, or by wanton adulterous women.  In the fairy-tales and legends of all peoples, dwarves who violate beautiful women play important roles.  'When I lay with your mother for the first time, it was in green May at midday, how she cried hot tears when I conquered her,' thus boasts the dwarf Alberich...

"That there were, and still are, people with tails is a scientific fact... Bolsche says that the caudal-vertebra is even more developed in humans tha[n] it is in the man-like apes [except for Rhesus Macaque monkeys, of course]... Examples of hirsute [hairy] people... [and] people with scaly skin (ichthyiosis)... The close blood relationship between humans and apes was demonstrated by Uhlenhuth and Friedenthal by means of blood serum injections and by Lassar and Mechnikov by trans-innoculation of a type of syphilis which is peculiar to humans and chimpanzees..."

[Speaking of evidence of humanoids (especially females) with exceptionally large buttocks, he says], "When these women wore clothes they must have resembled walking bells."  [You may rest assured, that this subspecies still exists and is quite common in the region of America where I now reside.]

[With regards to ancient pictographs, he notes], "Ape-like beings, some with tails, some covered with hair, can be seen... With the biped ape-man from Sanchi (India)..., the large penis is again especially emphasized [indicating phallic and/or Alpha male worship].  Neither is there any shortage of dwarf representations... [W]e see the exemplary Egyptian dwarf with a big rump, and short arms and legs, while the head is of normal size.  The dwarf with a tail... has a bearded face and a protruding tongue.  Although these representations are temporally and spatially very disparate, they show so much correspondence that one must unconditionally accept the existence of this type of dwarf-people.  A final piece of convincing proof is provided by the earth-dwellings of those dwarves which are still preserved for us.  The puzzling earth-stalls, which are especially numerous in Lower Austria, can only in part have been dwarf-dwellings of this type.

[First Kings 10:22, "For the king had at sea a navy of Tharshish [Tarshish] with the navy of Hiram: once in three years came the navy of Tharshish, bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks."]

"It is important to collect the reports of the ancients about apes and to examine them in greater detail.  In the Bible, the ape (Hebrew, qop), as such only occurs in I Kings 10:22 and in II Chronicles 9:21.  The original Hebrew text corresponds word-for-word in both cases.  Solomon receives 'gold, silver, ivory, and apes (Hebrew, qopim).'  The Latin Bible translates the word with simiae, in contrast, the Greeks translate only II Chronicles 9:21 with pithekoi, as opposed to I Kings 10:22 with lithoi = 'stones.'  It is said in the Talmud that 'in dreams, all animals are equivalent except the ape and the long-tailed monkey.'  What the Talmud says in connection with this is also noteworthy:  'Whoever sees a dwarf... an ape, or a long-tailed monkey, should say:  Blessed is he who alters the creatures!' [What a curious choice of words, praising: "he who alters the creatures".] -- Another Semitic word for 'ape' is tamewan.  This word stands for a monster in Job 3:16... and in the Targum (the Aramaic translation of the Bible) in Isaiah 13:21 and in Isaiah 34:4 it translates the Hebrew siim.  The Greeks said theria and daimonia, the Romans used bestiae and daemonia.

"Both Biblical passages give accounts of hordes of apes that roved about ruined places.  From this it seems clear that to the ancients a demon was an ape (or similar being).  Hebrew temunah, which is derived from tamewan, also occurs... in Exodus 20:4 -- the corresponding translations are:  Greek homoioma and Latin similitudo.  The Greek word thamnos = Latin frutex = 'stump.'  'Idiot' is what I consider to be a paraphrase for the Semitic tamewan.  In fact, there is a nice verse by Empedocles in his book Concerning the Nature of Demons:  'Truly, I have been a kuros, a kore, a thamnos, a bat, and a fish which fled out of the sea.'

"That which we call the theory of evolution was called transmigration (metempsychosis) by the ancients.  In Isaiah 13:22 and 34:14 the hairy monsters, the se'irim, dance with the tamewan.  Jerome says that they are shells (incubones) or satyrs, or 'certain' wood-folk [ie apes, monkeys, or hybrids].  Esau is such a hairy sa'ir-man (Genesis 27:11).  The inhabitants of Palistine [ie Canaanites] committed fornication with these ape-people, and God had to forbid this illicit intercourse strongly (Leviticus 17:7).  The se'irim were called daimonia, metaioi, chimaroi, and tragoi (Leviticus 16:5) by the Greeks; and pilosi, hirei, and daemones by the Romans.  In the original Hebrew spelling, Hebrew sa'ir is exactly the same as Hebrew sa'ar, which can mean 'horror,' 'pubic hair,' 'gate,' or 'barley.'

"Therefore, we read about a howling 'gate' (sa'ar) of Babylon in Isaiah 14:31, and in Judith 5:8, that God destroyed the enemy 'gates.'  The famous scape-goat Azazel (Leviticus 4:23; 9:3, etc.) was also a sa'ar.  A further name for an ape-like being is the Hebrew ze'eb and namer (Jeremiah 5:6; Habaluk 1:8).  The Greeks translate this with lykos and pardalis, 'wolf' and 'leopard.'  In the already oft-mentioned passage in Isaiah 13:21 it is said that the houses are filled with siim and 'ochim.  For Bochart, along with other older commentators, the 'oach is an ape-like being.  The Syrians call these kol-people, the Greeks echo or typhon, and the Romans dracones.

"Now, it is not meaningless that in the divine mythology Echo is a nymph and the consort of Pan.  In that ape-man society there also appear 'ijim, which Bochart identifies with baboons.  Aeliean says that the thoes are a cross-breed between 'wolves' and 'panthers.'  In Jeremiah 50:38 Jerome calls the 'ijim 'fig-beasts'; we will see how they came to be known by th[at] name.  I will only mention that among the Spartans Pan was called Skytes, ie 'the fig-beast.'  The 'emim were giants and monsters (Jeremiah 50:38 and Deuteronomy 2:11).  They are identified with the repha'im and 'enakim.  The Romans speak of them as portenta (monsters), strangely, the Greeks say nesoi (ie islands) for these.  The siim, which have already been mentioned, are also translated in this strange way.  In Isaiah 13:21 and Jeremiah 50:38 they are 'dragons,' in Psalms 73:14 an 'Ethiopian mob,' and Isaiah 23:13 as 'strong men,'  All these diverse definitions come into remarkable agreement once they are understood as 'ape-men.'

"It was as difficult for the ancients as it is for modern researchers to draw exact distinctions betweent the lower human types and the higher fossils of the remains of the beast-men.  Because the siim are also called 'dragons,' we may assume that the ancients conceived of 'dragons' as beast-men.  It is then quite believable that dragons abduct beautiful women, speak, and act rationally (eg Revelation 13:11).

"A very common Semitic word for ape-man is sa-di.  Therefore the Targam almost always says sadi for the Hebrew sa'ir (eg Leviticus 17:7).  Genesis 14:5 has:  'They come together in the valley of the ape-men and killed the raphaim, zuzim, emmim, chorim and emore.'  These are obviously beast-men.  It must be mentioned that this sidim-valley lies near Sodom.  In the Talmudic tractate Kilaim (concerning [the subject of] mongrels) VIII the adonai ha-sadeh is mentioned.  All commentators interpret this as an ape-man.  In the same tractate it is said that the adonai ha-sadeh, the qoped ('hedgehog'), and the chuldat ('weasel') belong to the same genus.  The chaiat ha-sadeh (beasts of the fields, sadeh-beings), which always occur formulaically in the Bible, are always first-born beings.  In Genesis 9:5 they are said to have hands, and in Joshua 8:29 one is called a 'king' in [the region of] Ai.  It is difficult to comprehend the anger of God against him and against the infamous chaiah in Leviticus 26:6, which are to be exterminated, unless they are understood to be beast-men.

[Darwin also was quite interested in the subjects of hybridism and 'mongrelism' among the Human species.  However, Darwins' ideas were biased with a specific political agenda:  the understandably politically-correct cause of anti-slavery, which at that time involved the justification of slavery based on such physical features as color and/or physical morphology (shape or form).  These days, slavery is justified more so on the basis of heredity and economic factors (a throwback to the age of Feudalism and 'Chivalry').  But, however it is justified, it is still immoral, and it is yet another insidious element of Aryan, Nazi logic.  Had slavery not been an issue, and had Darwin the tools of genetic analysis, he might have thought differently.]

"In II Kings 97:30 there is a being which is called 'asimah, and which supports itself with its hands and lives in royal palaces.  Important for the equivalence of 'asimah and 'beast-man' is Isaiah 14:9 -- where Aqu. and Theod. have raphaeim, the Sept. has gigantes and the Syra has 'asimat'Asimah is however the same as Phon. charim.  Now, we have already recognized the Horitians as a tribe of people (cf. usum-gallu and Eshmun).  The Egyptian words for simians are:  aan, nfr, ap (Hebrew qop; Greek kepos), an, utn (Adonis, Greek hedone), bnt (the Goat of Mendes), sa, bsa (Bes), hpi, kafu, etc.  Erman writes that the ape was the favorite lap-pet among the Egyptians.  They are very often found in this role in grave paintings.  Just as our fine [European] ladies dress up their little lap-dogs, so too did the Egyptians often dress their ape-lovers in finery."

Madame Du Barry's Pet Monkey
(Du Barry was the much reviled mistress of France's King Louis XV.)

Michael Jackson with his Pet Chimp, "Bubbles"

Hanuman, the Hindu Monkey God

Rama's Monkey Army

This Hindu temple bas relief sculpture depicts a display of ancient breeding achievements relative to Hybridization.

A Crunchie Trophy Awarded by TechCrunch

Illustrated game box (Ideal, c1976) for "King Kong", showing the "Beast" (described as a god-like ruler of an Asian nation) standing atop the Twin Towers with the "Beautiful Woman", who had been offered to him as a "sacrifice" by his subjects. 


A Parody of Reality

Sorcery, Bestiality

Another controversial book, but one worth reading.  It was written with complete objectivity and without a shred of malice.  So, like the Rhesus negative controversy, there is no basis for the uproar waged over it.  Keep in mind, that Burton (the author, Sir Richard Burton) is itself a Jewish surname; and also keep in mind how many known Jewish authors have been similarly demonized by their own people, just for telling the truth... Wilhelm Reich, Erich Fromm, Arthur Koestler, etc.; the list goes on.

Perpetuating the Stereotype

Bestiality was the "Original" Sin

['She {Lady Eletta} gave herself and her living body,' said the Opponent {the Serpent, Lucifer}, 'to two Popes, sixty Cardinals, fourteen Princes, eighteen merchants, the Queen of Cyprus, three Turks, four Jews, the Lord Bishop of Arezzo's ape, a hermaphrodite, and the Devil.  But we are wandering from our subject, which is to discover the proper character of Truth.'  (from The Human Tragedy, by Anatole France, c1917)]

"Because it is important for what follows, I will mention that, according to Strabo, the Etruscans called apes arimer.  According to the Iliad and Deuteronomy 3:6, the dwelling places of the 'giants' were in Arimer-land (Syria), and Hesychius glosses the Arimer-mountain (Hermon?) with 'ape-mountain.'  In antiquity India was especially rich in apes.  Strabo reports about the clever way in which the ape-men were captured.  The ape-hunters went into the forest which were especially inhabited by apes, set vessels of water down in front of themselves and washed out their eyes with water while the apes curiously watched from their hiding places.  Then the hunters put down vessels filled with bird-lime instead of water, went away and looked out from a distance.  When the beasts jumped down and imitated the actions of the hunters they pasted their eyes shut, then the hunters ran out again and captured them alive.  This was similar to the method of capture by means of tubes which were covered with bird-lime on the inside, and put on by the apes as if they were pants.

"Another Greek word for an ape-like creature is 'sphinx.'  They are mentioned by Strabo as living beside baboons and keboi.  Aelian tells of a humanoid race of apes near in size to the Hyrkanian dog, and which has a satyr-like chin.  This report agrees with Herodotus, who says that four Babylonian villages are responsible for the breeding of 'Indian dogs'.  Another passage which proves this, and in which the Greek kyones are understood as ape-like beings, is Strabo (821) and Procopius (Goth. 3:26) which reports concerning the pygmies of Sicily, that are called 'little dogs.'  Pliny tells us that the ape-men were in evidence at the Roman games, although earlier the Senate had been against this kind of nonsense and had forbidden the import of 'Africans.'  Pliny describes this ape genus as 'a perfect imitation of the human.'  It is only in the genital member that there exists a difference.  'Protect yourself,' thus warns Ignatius in his epistle to the Smyrnans IV, 'from the beasts in the form of men' (apo ton therion anthropomorphon!).

"The words under consideration are interpreted by most commentators as 'apes' or 'ape-like beings.'  Among other, less well-known words, which are also to be interpreted as meaning 'beast-men,' I would first mention the nymph Echidna, who according to Herodotus lived in the grottos of Arimer-land.  With this maiden of mixed forms Hercules commits fornication and engenders the three Scythian tribes.  The sphinx or phix is a daughter of Echidna.  According to others, she is the daughter of Pan and Hybris (ie Sodomy).  Echidna must have been a humanoid being, because otherwise Christ could not have called a part of the Jews 'the brood of Echidna' (Matthew 3:7; 12:34; 23:33).  These passages correspond to John 8:44 where this tribe is descended from the Devil.  Christ maintains exactly that which is said in Ezra 16:3, namely that part of the inhabitants are descended from the Amorites and Hittite women (giants).  When Paul landed in Malta he was approached by an echidna (Acts 28:2), but he rejects her."

(R1a group.)
(F2a subclade descended from the Supergroup R)
(Descendant of Supergroup M.)

[All very Asian or Oriental.  This is why I believe the tribes of Japheth and Shem are exactly the opposite of how they are ordinarily represented; in other words, Japheth is really Shem and Shem is actually Japheth.  I believe, barring future evidence regarding Neanderthal genome structure, which might conflict with or serve to refute my present theory, that known DNA facts prove my conclusion is correct.]

According to "common knowledge", the tribes indicated in red are supposedly descended from Japheth, but I believe that is false -- they are more likely Shem.  Shem is Caucasoid, and those are the Caucasian tribes located in the Caucasus region of the world.  Japheth is Asian or Mongoloid, and is actually probably those tribes indicated on this map, in green.  All of the ancient interspecies breeding and  bestial hybridizations have resulted in that mix-up (which I believe may have been an intentional deception).  However, the people who most emphatically claim to be Semitic, are actually mostly Mongoloid or Asian (especially in their patrilineal inheritance -- and they are, after all, a self-described "Patriarchal" society) -- not so much Caucasoid.

R1a is also a genetic motif of Proto-IndoEuropeans (ie Aryans)

Most migration theories of the Aryans are very obscure and extremely biased.

Adding to the confusion, is the very fractured character of the Aryan tribes as a whole.  There is no real unity or coherence to them.  However, there are some interesting patterns to be seen within their histories, politics, religions, civilizations, cultures, social structures, customs, and migrations.  Amid all the diversity though, they continually allude back to what is most important to them:  color and physical form.  They seem to rely on those things for proof of their entitlements, and their authority to rule "outsiders".

Notice how closely the Neanderthal Range Maps mirror the ones for Aryan Migrations

The only place not represented here for Neanderthal Range, which I ordinarily would expect to see, is India; and I think that there must be some good reasons for that particular omission, other than that they never existed there.  One is the very humid, jungly climate in India, not conducive to the preservation of bones.  Another would be the fact that Hindus (the oldest religion in the world) practice ritual cremation of their dead, further enhancing decomposition.  Another might be that the region experienced types of hybridization which have obscured much evidence of Neanderthal genes.  The fact that East Indian populations bear very unusual and unique blood types and other genetic characteristics, seems to support that view.  Otherwise, the two range maps are nearly identical.

I find it interesting that modern Neanderthals (which are, and always have been, hominoid, subhuman Hybrids), being that they are otherwise so very proud of their family lineages and genetic inheritance, nevertheless continue to baselessly insist that Rhesus negative blood (the recessive type, which they claim is their own) isn't compatible with Rhesus monkey blood -- when the truth is exactly the opposite.  They're very proud of their blood, even to the point of laughable vanity and obsessive fixations; yet terribly quick to falsely point out that it is "Rhesus positives who have the 'monkey blood.'"

I think the reason for that pathetic display of Freudian denial can only be because of their racist inclinations.  After all, Aryans have spent almost their entire history claiming to be the superior, 'special', 'royal', and aboriginal Humans; the validity of which they have always based almost solely on physical characteristics such as eye, hair, and skin color; or on material ones such as the amount of treasure they own.  They would have to eat a lot of crow, if they were to acknowledge the fact that their blood does not agglutinate when mixed with that of the monkeys.

They do seem to think however, that it is a very important distinction (that is, which population really has the 'monkey blood', as they put it; and making sure we all believe falsely that it is not them who has it), one worth spending a lot of time, money, and resources on spinning propaganda.  It is obvious they are trying to save face, to avoid embarrassment -- as if they naturally assume that Human beings would be as mercilessly genocidal as they are -- if we only knew the truth of the matter.  But the truth is easily proven with a simple blood test; and DNA analysis likely sheds a brilliantly blinding light on the subject of humanoid hybridization.  And the Human species is really not so ignoble as that.

Here, they simply cut off the portions of the world which would include India.

Morphological Differences in Hominoid Skeletons (Homo Sapiens sapiens, right; and Homo Sapiens neanderthalensis, on the left)

A very controversial subject, involving an outcry and calls for censorship.
Not sure why anyone would be surprised, in light of how many Neanderthal remains have been discovered in Germany.

Many Jews today (the more outspoken ones), actually have no problem admitting (bragging really) that they have significant Neanderthal ancestry.  It is just a fact of life which they really cannot deny; however, they constantly assert that Neanderthalism is somehow, biologically, a superior trait.  I find such racist attitudes extremely offensive.  I find it incomprehensible that anyone would dismiss the more important considerations of morals and ethics, in favor of mere physical traits.

However, if they insist on playing that game, at least it isn't very difficult for someone with just average common sense to spot homonoids possessing the classic Neanderthal morphology; its characteristics are very distinctive.  But bottom line, morals and true Humanity (such as possession of a conscience, integrity, empathy, etc.) mean far more to me than looks.

I was reading in the newspaper just today (April 8, 2013), about contemporary Jews' (who are no longer "gentle" -- ie "gentile" -- according to author and Rabbi, Chaim Potok) remembrance of the "6 million Jews" murdered by Hitler's Nazis, "and their collaborators".  The fact is that their "collaborators" were mostly wealthy Jews.  And the eugenicists' methods of selection for 'culling' from the 'herd' involved mainly the use of physical measurements (ie morphology), in addition to arbitrary condemnation of the weak, injured, sick, the "gentle" (ie pacifists), and the poor.

But, I don't find much evidence that they in all their solidarity take responsibility or hold themselves in any way accountable for that fact.  Instead, they only pull out the "anti-Semite" card every chance they get (ie whenever their behavior is criticized or questionned), while jockeying for more wealth, political power, and authority over us 'commoners' -- the "goyim".  And it has nothing at all to do with religion either, other than the fact that many of them are so anti-Christian; it is more about blood inheritance (or, race) for them.  I believe that what really happened in WWII Europe, was that the Neanderthal Hybrids (Jewish or otherwise) destroyed as many of the true Human Jews as they could possibly get away with, thereby "cleansing", modifying, and "purifying" their bloodstock.  That was more a war between species, than between ideologies or anything else.

Who is a Jew, defined according to Wikipedia (and they ought to know, if anyone does).

The Wikipedia version; but let's keep in mind it is a Jewish corporation.
"In the Torah/Hebrew Bible, goy and its variants appear over 550 times in reference to Israelites and to Gentile nations."
Used disparagingly, like the "n" word.

[In reality, the scriptures use of that word is not at all in reference to Israel, as claimed by Wikipedia, an organization representing Jews and Jewish culture, customs, beliefs.]

Israelites were a Semitic nation, prior to its splitting apart when three of the original twelve tribes (who later collectively refer to themselves as "Jews", due to the geographical location of their kingdom -- Jerusalem -- and the fact that one of the tribes are supposedly descendants of Jacob's eldest son, Judah) separated from the other ten tribes (or vice versa, or perhaps the feeling was mutual), which according to the Jews no longer exist (they wish).  However, in the scriptures God repeatedly identifies "Israel" as His chosen "people'... not Judah.  So, Israel cannot accurately be called, "goy", except in the Yiddish (pidgin Hebrew / German, ie Ashkenazi) dialect.  Because, it is certainly not scriptural or Biblical.

Wikipedia reinvents the meaning of the word.  Of course, it was coined in the Middle Ages by Jews, who used it as a derogatory label, much like goy in the Yiddish dialect.
Used to label Christians; used by Mormons to label non-Mormons.  Apparently Mormons are another pseudo-Christian Sect which is in reality composed of people of Jewish descent.  Also:  heathen, pagan.  Wow, the hypocrisy of those definitions is actually tangible.

All variations on the same root, gen.  So, the word "gentile", in the context it is used by Jews, is extremely racist.  And it couldn't have been in the original scriptural texts on which the Christian Bible is based, because the word was not even coined until the fifteenth century, long after those texts were first transcribed.

The true linguistic (as opposed to colloquial usages cited above) meaning of the word gentile (Latin gentilis) is:  kind, good, nice, well-born people.  So, people who are not Jews (according to Jews) are "kind, good, nice, well-born people" -- but for some reason there is something strangely wrong with being "kind, good, nice, well-born people"... something wrong with being true Human beings, I gather.  So the word, gentile, has literal, linguistic meaning; and it also has alternative, colloquial, cryptic meanings, depending on how it is used and by whom.  It is an example of what is known as "double-talk."

Speaking of double-talk.
"Cuthean" = "goy"... "Israelite" = "Jew", in this censored (ie altered) translation of the Talmud.


"In Leviticus 11:27, those beings that 'walk on their hands' are described as impure.  This can only mean the 'first-born' beings.  Among them the 'weasel' (gale, mustela), the 'mouse,' and the 'crododile' are counted.  Different animals were understood by these words than those that we mean by them today.  The gale = weasel is a designation for a lewd person, and Herodotus reports that there are wild-men in Libya and three types of mice, namely bipeds, zegeries or boynoi and echidnes, and furthermore also galai, which are similar to the Tartessians.  Now, we have already heard at the beginning [of this book] that Solomon received apes from this country.  Behemah, which occurs especially often in the Bible, can also mean a humanoid being, for in John 3:8 they dress themselves in sacks and call to the Lord.  It is meaningful that the Edda also knows of beast-men as berserkers and werewolves.  They live in the East and Thor goes into battle against them.

"Finally, a very strange designation of the beast-man must be mentioned.  He is mysteriously called:  'that certain one' (Greek tis, Latin quidam).  Thus Pliny says that only humans have calves of the leg, but a 'certain one in Egypt' does not.  Humans and 'that certain one' however, have soles [on their feet].  Herodotus mentions that in Sais there is a grave of 'a certain one,' whom he many not name.  However, it is Krios, who was mentioned in [Herodotus] 2:42.  God is also called 'a certain one' in II Kings 19:5 and Job 4:16.

"The lewdness of apes, especially of the baboon, exceeds all imagination.  They are Sodomites, pederasts and onanists; they also act in a disgraceful manner toward men and boys.  It is universally agreed upon that baboons will attack and mistreat little girls, and that in zoos, women are inconvenienced by their vile forwardness and shamelessness.  North of Lake Kiwu (Africa) the natives tell of giant apes (gorillas) which abduct women...

"It is now incumbent upon us to investigate as to why sexual activity with animals is also called Sodomy.  The more usual designation is 'bestiality.'  The Sodomites were guilty of this most terrible crime.  According to Genesis 19 they surrounded the house of Lot and wanted to violate the two angels, similar to the way in which the people of Belial in Gabaon actually violated a woman (Judges 19).  In Genesis 14 'horses' (hippoi, Hebrew rekus) are spoken of; in Amos 6:7 Jerome glosses 'debauchee' and Origines (homilia 14 in Joshua) comments on Psalms 14:8 by saying that by 'horses' and 'chariots' actually demons are meant.  In Exodus 22:19; Leviticus 18:23; 20:15 it is especially strongly forbidden [for] women to sit themselves down before Behemah [beasts] in order to have themselves mated by [the]m [the penalty is 'death', in fact].  'For it is a deed of infamy, through which the goim have defiled themselves.'  'They ought not to sacrifice any more to the se'irim [ape-people, or monkeys], with which they committed fornication,' reads Leviticus 17:7, and when a man finds an 'arot, an object of Sodomite love, in the possession of his wife, then he ought to write a letter of divorce at once (Deuteronomy 24:1).

"In Sap. 4:6 it is said:  'Offspring of illicit intercourse are the progeny of depravity against their progenitors,' and 'the seed of unnatural (paranomos [or, abnormal]) nuptials ought to be eradicated' (Sap. 3:16).  'The defilement of entities, the alteration of birth (bastardization), the lack of discrimination in marriage, and the breeding of nameless idols is the cause of all evil, in the beginning and in the end,' thus it is profoundly written in Sap. 14:26.  The word, 'entity' (= Hebrew nepes, Latin anima = Greek psyche) certainly cannot be translated by 'soul.'  This is because from the Talmud we know the the se'irim [apes, monkeys, or subhuman hybrids] seek out Sodomite relationships, kelaim; and that from this, imperfect nepes [psyches or entities] result.  In Sap. 12:6 it is said that the forefathers of the Canaanites were helpless 'souls' [ie psyches or entities], and that their seed has been cursed from the beginning.

['Of Republics I shall not now speak, having elsewhere spoken of them at length.  Here I shall treat exclusively of Princedoms, and... shall proceed to examine how such States are to be governed and maintained... {H}ereditary States, accustomed to the family of their Prince, are maintained with far less difficulty than new States, since all that is required is that the Prince shall not depart from the usages of his ancestors, trusting for the rest to deal with events as they arise.  So that if an hereditary Prince be of average address, he will always maintain himself in his Princedom, unless deprived of it by some extraordinary and irresistible force; and even if so deprived will recover it, should any, even the least, mishap overtake the usurper.  We have in Italy an example of this in the Duke of Ferrara, who never could have withstood the attacks of the Venetians in 1484, nor those of Pope Julius in 1510, had not his authority in that State been consolidated by time.  For since a Prince by birth has fewer occasions and less need to give offence, he ought to be better loved, and will naturally be popular with his subjects unless outrageous vices make him odious.  Moreover, the very antiquity and continuance of his rule will efface {wipe out, erase} the memories and causes which lead to innovation {ie "change"}.  For one change always leaves a dovetail into which another will fit {like dominos, or a chain reaction, or a revolution}.'  (The Prince, by Niccoli Machiavelli)]

Martin Luther before the Diet at Worms, 1521

"Just as Oseas 4:2 curses those who mix blood with blood, so that the Earth (animal world) mourns and the sedim, the 'birds of the air' and the 'fish of the sea' degenerate.  The passage Jeremiah 31:22-23 is famous because of its obscure sense:  'The Lord will create a new thing in the land, the woman will compass the man... the time will come when I will sow my seed in Israel and Judah, both with men and behemah.'  It had gone so far that natural intercourse between human men and human women had becaome a 'new thing' and fornication with monstrosities had become the norm.  The dealing in, and breeding of, the progeny of Sodom [bestial hybridization] was a very lucrative branch of commerce, and especially the priests of the Temple acquired enormous riches for themselves through this endeavor -- for men and women had to buy the Sodomite pleasure for a high price.  (Ezekiel 16:33).  For this reason these illicit lovers were also called 'usurers' (tarbut).

['Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of (Hu)man, and with the seed of beast.

'Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:

'Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:

'But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel:  After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts (ie coded into their DNA or genes), and write it in their hearts (ie minds, psyches, emotions, souls); and will be their God, and they shall be my people.

'And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.' ~ Jeremiah 31:27...37]

"The Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh has an episode which is similar to the already mentioned mixing of Hercules with Echidna.  Jabani is a shaggy sair-man [ape-man Hybrid] like Esau.  He lives in the wild together with the 'livestock' and with the 'swarms of the sea.'  He is a man of lewdness [a 'weasel'].  Gilgamesh has him captured by a lascivious whore... There have been countless naked figurines in shameless postures... found in excavations.  On a sarcophagus from Amathont we see a long row of these lewd hussies, while the dwarves [apes, monkeys or ape-men / Hybrids] scurry by.  No less obscene is the posture of the woman with a dwarf.

[I think it would only be fair to point out here, that most well-compensated prostitutes are really just very good actors, performing for their clients; and as such, they rely on their audiences' delusional gullibilities and willingness to subscribe to the illusion created which is not much different from the kinds publicly presented by snake-charmers or stage magicians.  Men tend to believe that the women involved really enjoy what they are doing as much as it appears, but that is rarely the case:  in fact, it is really just an often unpleasant 'job' to most prostitutes.  And I am sure that many of those ancient women (those "lascivious hussies") were in reality slaves, perhaps war captives in some cases (or otherwise certainly oppressed by the men who exploited them for pleasure and for profit), doing whatever they knew was necessary, in order to be allowed to continue to live.]

"Herodotus reports the following:  'The goat and Pan are called Mendes in Egypt.  In the region of Mendes, in my time, the following oddity occurred:  A goat (tragos) was mated with a woman before everyone's eyes.'  In fact, we see a woman in just such a copulation with an animal on an Etruscan mirror.  Bochart:  Hierozoicon (642) says that Moses alluded to the abominable passions of the Egyptians (Leviticus 17:7) which he timidly described.

"First Corinthians 10:20:  'Ye can not drink from the cup of the Lord and that of the demons at the same time' is always interpreted as Sodomy.  Even a more modern theologian, such as the Jesuit Pesch says that all the idolatry in the Old Testament is really diabolic whoredom.  Aelian says that the cynecephalics and tragoi [goats] have an untamable instinct to mix with human women.  Strabo corroborates Herodotus, when he relates that in Mendes Pan, the goat (tragos), and zoa are worshiped, and there women have sex with the goats.  Even today in India, girls are deflowered by an idolatrous doll [ie statue] which is fitted with a large sexual member.  The wooden idol has replaced the living Sodomite lover.  On the other hand, the pygmy girl impaled on a phallus in Fig. 4 is archeological proof that men also committed bestiality.

"If Italian women could not bear children Juno commanded that they ought to copulate with goats (hirci).  The Sibyl, in connection with Rome, says:  'Though you base men found intercourse with animals (ktenon koiten)... they no longer find the divine fire of the forest with the virginal Kurei, that nourishes the flame so well,' and, concerning Italy it is said:  'You are no longer the mother of the good, but rather you are raising beasts (theres).'  Jordanes reports that the Gothic king Filmer drove out all the sorceresses from his people; they had consorted with the fig-beasts, and from this union sprang the Huns.  Rigr engenders a hideous and misshapen brood with Edda in the 'Rigsthula.'  Just as Loki has Sodomite appetites, so does the Greek Boreas.  Sodomy with ape-men is preserved as fornication with devils and demons in the writings of the Church Fathers.  The Albegensians and Templars also committed this kind of lasciviousness, and in fact all of medieval witchcraft probably goes back to Sodomy.  Even in modern times sexual activity with animals, especially of women with dogs, is not uncommon.  

[Albegensians or Cathars were a heretical (against the Catholic Church) Christian sect with Gnostic leanings.  It came from Babylon and was steeped in Aryanism, Zoroastrianism.]

"The concepts of the ancients concerning fornication, or adultery, do not conform to our ideas.  Extramarital sexual activity between human beings was no transgression in the eyes of the ancients.  Strabo states that an adulterer is one who comes from a different kind.  Evidently Sodomy is meant, for Sophocles also explains extramarital pregnancy in terms of the interference of a demonThe ape-man is actually called the 'foreigner' by the ancients, the 'foreign man' (Hebrew zar, nekar, achar, Greek allotrios, xenos, Latin alienus, alienigena).  In the shorter Genesis we find alienigena, and in the corresponding passage in the Book of Kufale 'Moloch.'  Zacharius 9:6 has mamzer, which means 'mongrel' or 'bastard,' and which is translated by the Greeks with 'foreigner,' and by the Romans with 'divider' (separator).

"We also understand the abominable customs of the Babylonians, about which Herodotus speaks.  In the holy grove of Aphrodite women sit in rows, there is much coming and going, and the 'foreign men' copulate with the women there.  The same is reported by Baruch 6 and Strabo.  Especially convincing is a passage in Lucian, where he calls the hybrid form of Derketo a theema xenon (foreign apparition).  Xenika and voluptuousness are mentioned together by him in Kynikos 8.  The angels, as well as Sodom, have whored after 'foreign' flesh, says the Judas epistle (cf. First Ezra 9:2).

"As to why humans, especially women, hit upon this loathsome vice, Ezekiel 23:20 says:  'Women were crazy for the voluptuousness of fornication with those whose members are like the members of asses and whose flood of semen is like the flood of semen from a stallion,' and Ezekiel 26:26:  'woman whored with the people of Misraim with their big members.'  Diodor reports that the Greeks worshipped Priapus because of his large genital member.

[Egyptian, Hamite, and Masonic elements.]

"Now the important question arises as to whether the mixture of humans and beast-men was fruitful, and whether bastards were produced from their union.  The sources affirm this where mixtures of closely related beings took place.  The sons (ie people) of the Horite Se'ir are cited in this way in Genesis 36 and in Leviticus 1:5, Psalms 113:6, and Jeremiah 31:12 where baqar- and so'on-men appear.

The true Hebrew word for bastard is mamzer.  He is, according to Deuteronomy 23:2, excluded from the congregation (ecclesia, ie the Church) of the Lord, in contrast he is especially honored by the Philistines (Zacharius 9:6).  The word [mamzer] is derived from mazar = 'to copulate.'  We will come to know the land of Musri as the homeland of the beast-menEgypt is actually called the land of batards -- Misraim.  According to their geographical coordinates the Assyrian territory of Musri and Nabatia almost correspond to one another.  'Nabates' is the equivalent of 'mongrel,' or Dacharenes, according to Steph. Byz., and Jerome comments on Ezekial 30:5, that the chub are the 'hybrids' or 'mongrels' of the ancients.

[Known for their blue eyes and blond hair; lol.]
[This book by Abbe Prevost, c1760, is in the original French language; however I'm sure there is an English translation out there somewhere.]

"Hebrew tarbut is translated by 'human mongrels.'  This is indicated in the same definition and in connection with illicit copulation in the Laws of Hammurabi and in Assyrian tests by the word ukupe = apes (in definite historical passages).  These mongrels speak an intelligible language (Isaiah 33:19) and Isaiah composes a song o mockery against them, which imitates their hissing gibberish.  And, full of desperation, Ezekiel (13:19) says that concerning the people of Sodom that they murder beings which ought not die, and they give life to beings which ought not live.  For this reason, according to Oseas God does not show those zonim-people any Fatherly Love, although he [God] is indeed a spirit friendly to humanity [ie true, original (not Hybrid) Human beings] according to Sap. 1:3.

"The mongrels ha[d] to be annihilated in order to make a place for the people of God (Sap. 12:4, Genesis 34 the Sichemites, Deuteronomy 20:16).  God views them as only 'so-called humans' (Sap. 12:8).  Also, the Egyptian sources, which otherwise almost exclusively make use of a secret language, mention swamp-people (sachete) in the Nile delta, which medieval sources call 'bush-Murites.'  With the Greeks the pais (dwarf), kabiros, prolaos or protogonos were considered primeval men (Paus. 9:25).  The heretic Basilides counts the apes as bastards.  As is well-known, the many sources report about dwarves.  However, it may be less well-known that the dwarf, Hebrew daq, Greek (alternate reading of the Sept.) nanos, Latin lippus in Leviticus 21:20 is well-proven.  Other designations are Hebrew tap = Greek (Sym.) ochlos = Latin parvulus; Hebrew 'ezrach = Greek (Var.) autochton = Latin indigena.  In Exodus 27:11 the pygmies (Hebrew amadim, Greek phylakes) are called watchmen!  They are kept in their own towers.

"Second Par. 112:3 mentions the sukim as troglodytes.  Out of the many passages of historical evidence for beast-men and mongrels, I would like to emphasize Pliny 8:2, who recounts after Artemidorus, that a few [East] Indian tribes cohabit with 'wild animals' (feris), and the resultant births are mongrels and 'half-beasts' [ie Hybrids].  Pliny says that with no other type of animal is a mixture with humans as easy as it is with swine, and that these mixtures were called hybrids or half-beasts by the ancients.  However, it is proof of specialized knowledge when Pliny (10:85) maintains that animals of various kinds can cross-fertilize if the gestation periods are of equal duration.  Since the matter is of extreme importance, it is high time that experiments in such cross-breeding of species should begin (of course, only under the direction of scientific specialists) and thus test the reports of the ancients.

[Here, I should make my first stringent protest against Liebenfels' thinking; this is truly a bizarre idea, coming from a Christian monk, and is certainly a reflection of his deep immersion into the Gnostic philosophies of the Templars whom he admired so much.]

"In any case the experiments may be more difficult for us since the medial and transformational species have largely been lost.  [Good point, and a characteristic example of the author's more lucid nature.]  However, a success in crossing the highest form of human-like apes and the lowest type of humans (where possible from the same region) is very probable, as wherever human-like apes occur the natives view them as their relatives and reject the eating of primate flesh.  The fasting rules of the Egyptians and [East] Indians can now also be understood.  It speaks for the correctness of the views of the ancients that they called these bestial humans 'relics' or 'vestiges' of an older animal world -- just as we do (II Kings 21:2, Ezra 6:56, Isaiah 14:30, Soph. 1:3).

"On the so-called black obelisk of the Assyrian king Salamassar very strange portrayals of two-legged humanoid beings can be seen... Musri (Aramaic territory).  Apparently the udumu...hairy beings...a designation of the Biblical territory of Edom... Assyrian udumu is Hebrew adam!  ... Esau, who is also known as Edom, is called an is sa'ir -- a shaggy man.  From the present-day translation of the Bible it is not clear to us as to why God hates Esau, whom Jacob loves.  But Paul tells us (Hebrews 12:16) that Esau was a whoremonger.  Esau was a Sodomite... he ate of the udumu-food and thereby lost the right of the first born, ie he became the patriarch of the lower bastard race of Edomites and Horites.  According to Genesis 26:34 he took as wives the giantess Judith and the stinking Bashemath.  God hated the Edomites as Sodomites and exterminated them (III Kings 11:16).  Hebrew 'adam can only be translated as udumu in many passages of the Bible... where the Edomite women are called 'strange women' and 'prostitutes'; furthermore Isaiah 2:21; 44:11; Ezekiel 27:13, where 'adam is flatly translated as 'livestock' by Jerome... After all this nothing remains except to translate Adam in Genesis 2:7 by udumu as well.  There it is not said that God 'created' Adam, but rather that he 'formed' or 'transformed' him from an 'apar min-ha' adamah.  The word 'adamah is translated by 'earth.'  Adamah is, however, according to Genesis 10:19; 14:2,8; Deuteronomy 29:23, a city in the district around Sodom; in Joshua 15:7 Adumim is the vally of the rapha'im, ie of the giants.

"That 'adamah is not simply to be translated as 'earth,' but more as the udumu-kind [earth-kind, or perhaps terrestrial], follows from IV Kings 5:17 where the Greeks simply translate the word with hemionos, ie half-ass, or mule.  Now Syria is called the land of the half-ass in classical and Assyrian texts, in Isaish 14:7 the earth is happy, and Origines explains in hom. 19, in Joshua Idumea = terrena [ie terrestrial, earthy or earthly].

"When, in Genesis 2:20, it is said of Adam that he named the animals, it means that he Sodomized them.  Because 'to give a name' in the Bible and in the cuneiform inscription means the equivalent of 'to lie with.'  Because on Isaiah 4:1 some women ask a human-man to speak his name over them, which in this context can only mean 'to lie with.'  Besides the Talmud, Jebom expressly says Adam bastardized himself with animals, and the same is reported in Fabricus.  According to Hippolytus Adam is Greek kephus and according to Strabo the Athamenes are one of the Lapiths, a displaced ordinal population in Epirus.  In Egyptian the ape-formed Atmu, or Thum, corresponds to Hebrew 'adam.

"We have seen that the Greeks do not clearly translate 'adamah with udumu-kind, but rather with ge-earth, ie they use a code-word.  Besides, I believe that the Ionic form gaia is nothing other than a transliteration of the Semitic chaiah, which we came to know in Anthropognosis as the be[a]st-man.  In connectin with III Kings 10:22 we also noticed that the Greeks, diverging from the Latinizers and diverging from II Par. 9:21, translate qup with lithos -- 'stone.'  There is every reason to believe that 'stone' is the code-word (the allegoria) for beast-man, ape.  Pherekydes tells that the Kerkops, Sillos, and Triballos, were turned into stone due to their shameful acts (Sodomy).  Xenagoras says they became apes and that the Pithekusses are thus named after them.  Philo Byblius, on the other hand, reports that baitylia were 'living stones.'  Baitylia is the transcription of Semitic batulot, which were real living beings, just like Bathyllos is a dwarven male prostitute which Anacreaon sang about and batalos means something like 'entity.'

"The code-words arise as a result of some phonetic or material correspondence.  In Semitic stone is char, kopo (Greek kepos) sur; chori can also mean Horites (Genesis 36:20), qop 'ape' and sur 'bull.'  On the other hand, those be[a]st-men lived in rock-caves (Job 30:6).  In Deuteronomy 32:18 God is a rock (sur) which begets [procreates]; in Job 5:23 an alliance is made with sadeh-rocks; in Ezekiel 23:47 'mob-stones' even appear.  Now we also understand the stone of offence in Isaiah 8:14 and why the stones cry out in Hebrews 2:11 and Revelation 18:22.  In Sap. 13:10 man-like beings are spoken of as good-for-nothing stones and the work of an 'old' hand.  Jellinek, in Beth ha-Midrash 2:60 reports that in Rome there was a marble stone in the shape of a beautiful girl.  But then there came the evil-doers and the children of Belial, who make it warm, sleep with it and God preserves their seed in the stone and forms a child with it.  Of Virgil a tale reports that he erected a statue in feminine form which served the Romans as a prostitute, just like Pygmalion also slept with a 'statue.'... If 'stone' is a code-word for beast-man, then this coincides with the view of the Greeks that they descend from 'Deukalion's stones,' also thus with the viewpoints of more modern investigators.  Orpheus and Amphion were quite well able to have enchanted and tamed the ' stones.'

[So, that is why the stones seem to have a life of their own, in many of the old legends and myths; and perhaps that is why many modern men refer to their own testicles as "stones."]

"Since Hebrew sur means 'wall' as well as also one of the districts inhabited by the equally animalistic Ismailites, the collapsing 'walls' of Jericho will no longer appear to be a miracle to us (cf. II Kings 22:30).  It has to do with Sodom-beings yielding to the enemy of Sodom, Jehovah and to his chosen people.  Beast-men are also the 'stones' in the graves of Lazarus and Jesus.

[I'm not sure what he means by that last statement, and it is noteable that he cites no references to support it, either.  Sounds like anti-Christ bias to me.  This is an example of the sort of bias often found in most "history" and "science" texts; and usually there is no authentic citation of reference to back them up, so they are pretty easy to spot.  Problem is, they are sprinkled like dust throughout the narratives, so that more unsuspecting readers might not even notice that they are being subtly brainwashed.]

"Like 'stone,' 'wood' is also a code-word for Sodom-beings.  The Gnostic Justinus says that angels are also allegorically called 'pieces of wood,' and that the 'wood [ie tree] of knowledge of good and evil' is the Naas, ie the viper of Paradise.  The word 'cedar,' which occurs so often in the Bible, frequently means these sex-apes.  Thus the Latins translate Hebrew 'ezrach (Psalms 36:35) with cedrus, the Greeks, according to Aquilas with autochthon, ie 'original inhabitants.'

"... According to Pliny Syrian gardens were proverbial.  The Greek kepos means 'ape' and 'garden' at the same time, as does Hebrew 'eden.  The Biblical Eden is the garden of the joys of Sodom -- the time when the world was still full of those beings which later, due to interest in sensual indulgence, were prized as highly as gold and silver.  'Paradise is the fullness of angels' Palladius recounts concerning two sorcerers (breeders of ape-men) who laid out a Kepotaphion (grove or ape-grotto) in which they planted a number of rare 'trees' in order to cultivate debauchery in this paradise.  By means of their 'art' [witchcraft, hybridization, magic] they had soon filled the Kepotaphion with a number of demons in various shapes.  'Ye should be ashamed of your gardens,' it reads in Isaiah 1:29.  Eden is nothing other than Adonis, the provider of the greatest enjoyment of love which the wives of the ancients so longingly expected.  Lucian recounts that the Hellenics carried around small men (dwarves) made of 'wood' with large genital members... Herodotus mentions them too, but he expresses himself very secretively and with reticence.  In the Nordic legends of the gods, the first human pair, Askr and Embla, was made of 'wood.'

[I think that it is debatable whether or not those wood and stone phallic idols (ie dildos, really) were actually alive, or were simply loved as if that were so.  Either way, the ancient ones were undoubtedly quite obsessed with sex and breeding babies... I really pity the children, then as now.]

"We have already read that the sex-dwarves ['watchmen'] were kept in towers.  Isaiah 30:18 translates migdal (tower) with Latin parvulus = 'little one,'  Greek trephomenos ('grown-up' = tarbit).  Magdala, where Magdalena originates, was an ancient enclave of Sodomites.  Since we have already proven that 'wall' was a code-word for Sodomite entities, the secret designation 'tower' is all the closer.  It is said of king Ozias that he built towers and cisterns for his beasts of the field and wilderness, because he was a man much given to the cultivation of udumu.  In the Letter of Barnabas (16) the tower again occurs in connection with beast-men and in Pastor Hermae the stones of the tower-building are certainly humans [or, subhuman hybrids].  In a glorious image Isaiah 5:2 portrays God as a vineyard keeper and as a builder of towers.  He purely bred his people out of the brood of Sodom, prepared a select vineyard from which he had removed the 'stones' and built a tower with a wine-press.

"From Baruch 5:32 it can be seen that 'city' was also a code-word for these apelings of fornication.  Now too the cities built by Cain and the tower of Babel, which were hated by God, receive deep and intelligible meaning which up to now was lacking.  By means of the instillation of hills, groves, fenced gardens and towers for the breeding of mongrels the basis for the confounding of humanity was laidNot only languages, but also thoughts and feelings [and morals and mental health], were mixed up by this absurd orgy.

"The Sodom-beings are also called 'houses,' as in Amos 1:5, where the houses of lust are given by the Greeks along with 'men of Charran.'  Because God wanted to lead the people to pure [ie healthy] breeding standards he also had the title 'the Great Architect.'  Humans are his building (I Corinthians 3:9), and gloriously full of eternal wisdom is an old Egyptian saying:  'To marry your own house in your youth -- not a foreign, not an apeling-house -- is the best thing, because your wife will give you a son like yourself.'  Still today the church prays, without understanding the true meaning anymore, to the woman of purity and virtue, to Mary:  'Thou golden House, thou tower of David'!

"[Ancient kings of Assyria and of Musri took delight in breeding animals]:  The king has numerous herds bred in Kalach and brings them 'to each other.'  Again it is said that he had malsir-issuri [-] and pagutu [-] 'covered' (usabri) by the people of his country.  The word usabri is derived from the Semitic verb 'abar = 'to jump over,' 'to mount.'  It is precisely this [same] word which is consistently used to designate Sodomite fornication.  Thus in Leviticus 18:21:  'Thou shalt not give forth thy seed in order to 'cover' Moloch and profane the name of God.'

"The misbere-iam in Psalms 92:4 are translated as 'sea-bastards' by Aquilas.  In Job 21:10 'abar obviously stands for 'covering (as of [breeding] mares)' and in Ezekiel 16:15,25 it is said:  'Thou showest thy pudenda and spreadest thy legs for every one who would mount thee ('ober)'; similar to Baruch 6:42 Greek hybris is merely a transcription of 'abar.  Mythology confirms this linguistic correspondence in that Hybris is the mother of the Sphinx.  Also the expression, 'work of his hand,' which frequently occurs in the Bible, consistently indicates 'bastards,' for which Talmud Sabb. 30b, Genesis 5:29; Revelation 9:20 provide convincing testimony.

Body of a Beast, Face of a Man

"A rare coincidence has made it possible for us even today to be able to see these strange pagutu, these 'sea-men,' on a [bas] relief found in Nimrud, in ancient Kalach.  They are two-legged beasts about 1.2 meters tall with scaly skin.  Their existence in the past cannot be doubted, not only because of the excerpted reports, which are strictly historical, but also because they are mentioned in the ancient Law Code of the Babylonian king Hammurabi (around 2250 BC) as tarbit, ie as bastards.  According to II Rawlinson, Revers 3, Assurbanibal receives pagi, apes and sade-tarbit as tribute.  Additionally, in a list of gifts from the Egyptian king to the Babylonian king Burnaburiash, a pakudu and his young female companion made of kaspu (silver) are specified.  The strange humanoid shape in Fig. 15 (see the book link for diagrammatical pictures) was found in the pole-structures of Ripac in Bosnia.  I connect them to the pagutu.

"The pagutu occur very frequently in the Talmud as pagoin, or demons of fornication.  The Hexapla translates the dwarf in Leviticus 21:20 with phakotos and the Syrians say pakoto for 'fields of Moab' in Numbers 26:3.  According to the Entymologicum Magnum Belphagor is Beelphaagos; also in I Par. 1:50 Phogor alternates with phaoy.  Beelphagor is, according to Jerome in Oseam 4:14, Priapus, who is especially worshipped by women because of his large sexual member.  Above all, Moab appears to have been a favorite place of sojourn for the pagutu, because the pa'ate Moab are mentioned in Numbers 24:17.  Likewise the pagutu are also meant by the term pechatim in II Kings 17:9; because the Greeks translate this with boynoi, which we have previously proven to be beast-men.  As he does toward Edom and Buz, so does God also have an implacable anger toward the pa'at of Moab, the 'illicitly bred' or 'dukes of Moab,' and toward this whole mongrelized mob (Jeremiah 9:26; 25:23; 48:45).

"In Ezekiel 23:23 the pekod are translated as 'noble people.'  In the Book of Job 40 and KXLI Behemoth and Leviathan are portrayed as beast-men.  Of Leviathan it is said he is a ben-sachas, for which the Targam says 'fish-man,' just like Os. 11:10 expressly mentions 'water-men.'  The Phoenicians carry out trade with Leviathan, the women fornicate with him.  However, having intercourse with him is not without danger and this is why he is fettered and given a muzzle...

[I wonder if some of the so-called 'water-men' or 'fish-men' are simply just addmittedly strange foreigners who happen to live on islands or somewhere out over the sea at a great distance from the narrators' own homelands.]

"... The word pagu also means 'fig.'  Another Hebrew word for fig, debel, again has the secondary meaning of fornication... Besides the fig is a symbolic designation for female genitalia in the languages of most peoples.  The town of Beth-Phage, which occurs in the New Testament, is one of the locations whre the pagutu scurry around.  According to the ancient commentators Beth-Phage is Beth-ania.  The Semitic word 'ain, however, has different meanings, such as:  'eye, appearance, well, idol' (Zachariah 5:6).  The similar-sounding ia'en means siren.

"Another word for fig is te'enah, which also means copulation in Jer. 2:24.  The Greek designation for fig is sykos, which is a transcription of Semitic sikus.  In III Kings 11:7 the Moabite Charnosh, the Milkom, is one such sikus (monster, cf. Gothic skohs!).  Strabo mentions that tame crocodiles, called soychos, are bred at Arsinoe.  Nothing other than pagu can be understood for sikus, for in Oseas 9:10 it is said:  'Israel was a noble fig, but then they went to Belphagor and became sikusim like their lovers,' ie through fornication the inhabitants of the land had even degenerated in their outward appearance.  Additionally, the pagutu [ie fig-people] mentioned above in the cuneiform report, were also called emshua.  In Egyptian emsehu in fact had the meaning 'crocodile.'  Herodotus also saw this entity.  It was called a champsa, but it was not an actual crocodile, but rather was only similar to the Ionic 'crocodiles.'  It is captured with a hook and first hoodwinked, only then can one do what one wants with it.  It is obvious that the chapsa and the Semitic kemos, also called sikus in II Kings 11:5, are one and the same.

"In the Talmud three opinions concerning the nature of the 'tree' from which Adam ate are expressed.  The one thinks it was a grape-vine (gepen), the other a fig-tree (deber), the third wheat (or dagan).  Basically all three opinions are the same because Dagon is a fish-shaped god, and therefore nothing other than a pagu... A sad and disgusting picture of the customs of generally prevalent lewdness in Rome is revealed by the verses of Martial, ep. 70:  'The bride is rotten, the groom is rotten, rotten is the daughter, and the son-in-law is rotten too' and ep. 13:  'In order to buy lover-boys Labienus sold his gardens.  A fig-grove is now the property of  Labienus.'  The epigram would make no sense if the lover-boys were not fig-trees (= pagutu).  All the precious gardens, the large 'fish-ponds,' the 'warm baths,' they all served Sodomite fornication -- as did the grounds, and, in part, the discoveries in Pompeii prove this.  All banquets and symposia of the ancients were filthy Sodomite feasts.

"Along with pagutu 'garments' were also mentioned in the cuneiform inscriptions cited above.  The Hebrew word for dress is beged, which reminds us slightly of pagutu.  Leviticus 19:19 forbids the weaving of mongrel clothes, and in Ezekiel 27:20 and Soph. 3:4 beged means the equivalent of 'animals' or 'raving men.'  In Jeremiah 12:1 and Isaiah 24:16 it is translated as 'sin.'

"Now it is very pertinent that the ancients also called the pagutu [ie fig-people] fish.  It is obviously pagutu which speak in Job 12:8, and they are the 'plotters' (dagim) in Soph. 1:10.  Dagon, who was worshipped by the Philistines, is depicted on monuments with the body of a fish and also frequently with a loaf of bread (dagan) in his hand.  The 'fish of the sea' (dagot ha-jam), mentioned so often in the Bible together with the 'beasts of the field,' are always pagutu-like beings.  Likewise the 'eaters of fish' (ichthyophagoi) mentioned by Classical authors, are men who commit fornication with the pagutu.  Hebrew dag (fish) is all the more likely to mean pagu, since in Leviticus 21:20 Hebrew daq is translated with phakotos by the Hexapla.

"Now because Hebrew dagan also means bread, bread is also a code-word for the sexual parts and Sodomite monsters.  Concerning some converted women Isaiah 4:1 says seven of them will run after a single man and say, 'We want to eat our own (ie human) 'bread' again, and have ourselves covered by our own [ie human] "garments."'

"... The expression 'flesh' also has its Sodomite meaning.  Beelphagos = Belphagor.  Phagor is the same as Beor, the father of Bileam, whom II Petri 2:15 also calls Bosor, ie 'flesh.'  Bosra is the land of the Sodomite hobgoblins.  The 'flesh-pots' of Egypt the mongrel hoard of Israel longed after are nothing other than these sex-apelings.  The Talmud (Joma 75a) says that Egyptian 'fish' are meant erotically.

"In the whole literature of the ancients, however, the most frequent word for pagu is the code-word 'water.'  Anaximander even says that man was in the beginning similar to another animal, namely the fish.  Xenophanes maintains there must have once taken place a mixture of 'earth' and 'sea,' and even refers to pagutu-like beings on Malta, which are apparently the same thing as the echidna of Paul and the little dogs of Procopius.  'We belong to the same degree to the sea and to the earth and are actually amphibians,' Strabo thinks (1:19).  The 'lying waters' [calm, flat seas] and 'secret bread' taste sweeter, so says Proverbs 9:17.  The wondrous things recounted in the Bible about 'waters' -- that they stand still on mountain-tops, and clog up like pipes (Psalms 103:6; Psalms 77:13) and the 'floods' of the Reed Sea too -- all that is said in reference to Sodomite water-creatures.

"... 'Blood,' Hebrew dam, is another code-word.  Confirming this are Ezekiel 9:9, where damim of the Greeks is translated by 'mob,' and additionally all passages which talk about the mixing of 'blood.' -- Because 'wine' (Hebrew iain) sounds similar to ia'an (= siren) it is not strange that 'wine' is also used for these lewd water-creatures.  In Isaiah 1:22 the mixing of wine with water is viewed as a great crime -- Revelation 14:8; 17:2 speaks of the wine of fornication. -- In Sodomite hieroglyphics 'oil' (senen, cf. Eshmun) means nothing other than Sodomite beings.  This is obvious in Judges 3:29; Psalms 140:5; Isaiah 25:6; 28:1 and 5:1 where 'oil-men' are clearly indicated.  For everybody the sensual pleasure of intercourse with these lewd water-creatures appeared to be more pleasing than oil, more refreshing than fresh spring water.  It certainly does not betray a simple and harmless custom when the poets celebrate:  '"Water" is best.'

[This reminds me of the current popular (yet extremely disgusting) fetish for sex with sea mammals such as dolphins and whales.  There seem to be certain people (mostly particular types of 'men') who are more turned on, more sexually attracted to, those and other beasts (ie animals), than they are to Human beings.  Tigers, housecats, and dogs, are some other poor animals getting raped by those deviants who are promoting bestiality these days.  In fact, there seems to be a recurrence of all the abominable sexual perversions you can think of, throwbacks to Pagan Canaanites, among modern Humanoid creatures proclaiming themselves to be descendants of the Serpent Seed (ie bestial Hybrids).  Or maybe, as with homosexuality, they are merely becoming more blatantly open about it -- pushing for social acceptance and normalization of such behaviors.  They are apparently being enjoyed amongst the population of subhuman 'people' who have a lot of wealth to be able to afford to so actively promote their wretched lifestyle.  I'm sure that their behaviors are simply a reflection of their biology, but that doesn't excuse or justify any of it.]

"... What is understood by baziati are obviously the beings, sometimes with a tail, sometimes without, depicted in Fig. 7 [see text], because the word bazah sounds the same as the Egyptian word besa and the Egyptian Bes-dwarf depicted in Fig. 24 has a great similarity to the Assyrian images on the black obelisks.  There also can hardly be a doubt that the many Ptah-images (Fig. 23), the Indian Gana-dwarves (Fig. 22) and the dwarves on the sarcophagus of Amathont belong to this category.  These Bes-dwarves were living as late as the Roman Age, because an image from Pompeii shows three such ugly hobgoblins traveling on a barge (Fig. 43).  Greek pais or Latin puer, which occur in the orgiastic songs of the ancients, belong to this category, and we even see in Fig. 24 Bes playing on a lyre.  Flute-players and strummers of the cithara were always present at the Sodomite affairs of the ancients.  'You are standing there like a Bes' is what the Greeks would say to a person with a stupid face or unrefined bearing.  [That is funny!]

"... Mongrels... 'smooth-lings'... 'abominable creature'... estrangement from humanity... valuable booty in military campaigns... Baal... lechers... abominations... devours the labor and hard work of the fathers... entities of fornication... suck out the whole land and cause it to sink into a deep, deadly sleep... a cripple... [lame]... dwarves waddle with an unsteady gait... may not become a priest... lewd dwarves... 'greatest sin'... seed of Sodom... Ptah-dwarves... Sodomite flood of Egypt... the Egyptian abominations... 'primeval doors'... 'mourning doors'... 'doors of Hades'... 'flax weavers' [those who commit Sodomite copulation and breed such dwarves for commercial purposes]... linen-weavers... 'carpets'... 'purple wares'... Phoenix-garments (purple)... wares of Sodom... strange inventions...Sodomite inventions...

"Even at the time of the Templars the Phoenician coast and the local Templar residence (Castrum peregrinorum) were the main forges of this fornication.  Herodotus (1:105) explains the reason for the physical similarity between the Colchians and Egyptians by referring to the 'manufacture of linen' and notes that the Colchian linen-cloth is identical to the Sardonic and Egyptian (the Golden Fleece!).  At the lascivious Linus-round dance dwarves are always mentioned, who 'pour wine' or play 'with their flutes.'  With visible pleasure old Homer recounts:  'In the midst of the throng a pais played on a resonant phominx lustful tunes and also sang of dear Linus.'  On the other hand there were tunes which conformed to Jehovah, which condemned the linen garments of Sodom, and this is what the Bacchicites, Orpheans and Pythagoreans did.  Jehovah hates 'flax' and spurns Cain because he brought 'flax-seed,' a disgraceful sacrifice, to him.  The linen-cloth (ochonion, cf. Hebrew 'iton = ass, man-beast) one of these Sodomite cloths is in the grave of Christ."

[Ok, I am absolutely certain that God did not literally hate flax, the plant from which cloth is woven; but it was instead its association with Egypt that he did not care for.  'Flax seed' probably actually refers to Egyptian sperm or Egyptian progeny.  It is so strange and even subtly evil, how the Gnostics will go on and on about the esoteric, cryptic (ie "allegorical", or metaphoric) meanings of words and expressions -- until, when talking about Jesus Christ, they suddenly and inexplicably change their tunes and become uncharacteristically literal -- in order to achieve their intended (ie anti-Christ) effect.  This is exactly what I meant when I said at the beginning of this essay, that when reading such books as this one (really any text), serious scholars need to be ever-vigilant to diligently separate the 'chaff from the wheat' -- the facts from either intentional or accidental deceptions.  And I am absolutely certain that the author, Liebenfels, was aware of the fact that the terms "flax-seed", "linen-cloth", etc., were actually forms of figurative speech.  The monk was a linguist, after all.  And since I can't read German very well, it is difficult for me at this point to attempt to verify whether or not those oversights were introduced during the translation of the original manuscripts -- but, I would put money on it that they were.  Now, the best thing would be to investigate the background of this book's translator, to determine whether he is the source of that sort of bias.]

"An obviously living Ptah-dwarf is mentioned in an Assyrian list of gifts.  There the subject is 'pisi-stones called watha.'  In this list the apes are named immediately afterward.  Obviously the dwarves on the dish of Praeneste [Etruscan] are to be thought of as living beings.  Until now mythologists could provide no satisfactory basis for explaining the limp of the Greek god Hephaistos.  However, Herodotus (3:37) says the Egyptian Hephaistos is similar to the pygmies and the Phoenician pataiks, which the Phoenicians carry in their ships.

"[More euphemisms for subhuman hominoid hybrids]:  Hebrew kilaim [mongrels]... vessels (Greek skeue, Latin vasa)... Hebrew kele [precious vessels]... Greek krioi [choice rams]... vessels of longing... dwarven vessels [niru-mongrels]... Hebrew nimseim-mongrels... grove of lewd hobgoblins... property of kings... singing boys and girls... Hebrew udumu-men... chalices and cups... wine-mixing boys and girls... Hebrew bazah-vessel... Whore of Babylon... Hebrew kreteres [mixing jugs]... Sodomite jugs... stout people... ugly beasts... slow bellies... monkeys... lemurs... Neanderthal... reptilians... Hebrew pagutu... Every winged ('op) seres, which goes on four feet... Assyrian sirrussu... musrussu... mazorot [the Devil, Latin Lucifer]... mazar ['to whore']... Mizor, brother of Sedyk... militia caelis... sebo'im [the angels]... alsos [Hebrew aserim]... lecherous Egyptians... flesh of Sodom... salwim ['quails']... graves of prurience... winged vipers (Greek peri ton pteroton ophion)... serpents... vipers [Greek opheis]... hydras [pagutu]... winged serpents [mammals with wings that were bat-like, not feathered]... echidnai [winged vipers]... winged animals which whir when flying... winged creatures... troglodytes... sauros sauroi [Semitic seres, 'lizard- or dragon-like']... herpeta, herpeton ['snake-like']... 'whizzer'... beings which 'lisp like women'... land of silsal [of the 'whirring of birds']... Sipirmina [sepor, place of birds]... qol iesurer... Sodomite mob... 'ait [a bird with fingers]... 'birds of the sky, which know much' [ie sapient birds]... gallu [Assyrian winged demon]... phone [Greek 'winged demon']... benot-ia anah ['ostrich men', 'ostrich camel-men']... sirens... Sodomite hobgoblins... resep-men [bird-men]... Lilit or Lamia ['bird-man'-like monster]... humanoids... Libyan queen... achech [Egyptian 'griffins']... giant birds... men with issur-bodies and raven-faces... 'aribu [Arabia or 'raven-land']... 'arab ['giant' or 'bastard']... Sodomite linen... bats... salting-down [breeding resistant bastards]... unclean birds... winged vipers that fly around at night with wings of skin... Allat-(Lilit) and El-Uzza [similar to angels, celestial beings, like high-flying swans]... witches... strigas... lamias... devils... seraphim [celestial serpent-shaped demons]... sephirot ['birds' or 'numbers', ie hordes]... aeons... ophanim [winged creatures]... jezirot ['serving angels' or issuri]... gods... ozre rahab [Hebrew 'heavenly monsters' or Greek kete ta hyp' oyranoy]... strange flesh..."

[The the author goes on to claim, explain that the House of Israel is named after God himself:  'Issuru-el', which means, 'the issuru-God' or 'angelic, celestial God'.  That would concur with the Christian term, 'Heavenly Father.'  However, it is quite a stretch for anyone to assume that the Most High, Righteous and Almighty God is identical in character to lesser spiritual beings, such as certain angels or other flying beings that Liebenfels claims are Hybrid, corrupt creatures.  This is the sort of philosophy or ideology one finds among the Hybrids themselves, who know absolutely nothing about morality or of the Holy Spirit, having never witnessed or experienced it first-hand.  In order to see certain things, one must have the eyes for it.  In order to understand Human or Godly nature, you've got to be fully Human, mentally and physically; no biological, sub-Human Hybrid has the mental capacity to adequately handle the task.  So it is ludicrous to waste very much time taking such work seriously.  It is best to learn as much as possible from them, without allowing oneself to be drawn too deeply into their particular ideas of reality (irrationally based as they are, mostly on fantasy and on hearsay evidence) -- ones that are terribly confusing, unfortunate, and extremely unhealthy.

However, I'm sure that their religious beliefs, steadfastly reinforced with tediously ceremonial rituals and mind-numbing habitual traditions, all make perfect sense to them.  It is all that they know.

The author relates that the issuri (ie, the spiritual type of beings associated with God and the good types of angels, such as cherubim, archangels and archai) belong to an archaic animal world.  I think that he is sort of on the right track, but like all Hybrids, he can't quite hit the target.  They are indeed archaic, and aboriginal (ie 'beginnings').  And as such, they are the essence of not only the Holy Spirit but also of the true Human soul.  However, they are neither animalistic nor naturally carnal.  They are the part of us which we share with our Creator:  the Holy Spirit (breath, pneuma, life) is what our souls are made from, in true Human beings.  In that way (spiritually) we are the 'children' of God.  But God neither has nor needs a carnal body of his own, because that is why he has us.  He is connected to us, through our souls.  So, Liebenfels' conclusion is false in the literal sense ('Now what it is reported about the angels can be easily recognized as referring to beast-men').  But I will allow that just as we true Humans share the same Spirit with our creator God the Father, all sub-human Hybrids not directly created by God possess evil (fallen, contaminated, damaged, perverted, or corrupt) souls.

However, although spirit is definitely often associated with flesh and blood, yet it is not the same thing as flesh and blood, and may exist with or without benefit of a hosting terrestrial body.  With that most basic lack of understanding concerning the distinctions between, and the inability to recognize the differences within, the carnal and the spiritual natures -- Liebenfels veers off into the stereotypical Gnostic mire of obtuse logic, and so from this point on I will not over-exert myself in pointing out all of the intrinsic flaws.  I will instead just go ahead and enjoy reading it, to get a better idea of their delusional constructs, learning all I can about the linquistics involved, while occasionally taking note of some of their more relevant beliefs.]

"God did not spare the angels who sinned, but rather he thrust them into the chains of darkness (Greek seirais zophoy), into Tartaros... Therefore [according to scriptures, approximately one-third of] the angels [ie disembodied beings made of pure spirit] lost their original exalted [Holy] position as a result of their Sodomite fornication."

[This is what I believe happened (and it is fairly similar to what Liebenfels has stated):  When the original Human beings disobeyed God's commandment to leave the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil" alone, they sinned by fornicating with animals (bestiality).  Doing so, they contracted infectious diseases, greatly shortening their life-spans (previously they had lived practically forever, intelligently, wisely, free of both disease and of violence).  Likewise, with some of the animals (such as certain types of apes and monkeys) they successfully spawned monstrous Hybrid offspring, which they found so fascinating that they regarded them as objects of idolatry, worship -- and had sex with them too.  They became nymphomaniacs, obsessed with hedonistic activities (orgies, etc.) laced with idiotic superstitions.

And since it was the evil spirits or demons who had turned against God, which entered the bodies of the animals (such as the Serpent) in order to possess them, using the poor creatures as a means to communicate with and thereby tempt or seduce the Human beings into having carnal sex with them in that manner -- God banished Lucifer and his ilk from the heavenly sanctuary forever, forcing them to exist in a permanent state of darkness amongst beasts (animals) and humanoid Hybrids.  Possession of their bodies, in the absence of true holiness, is the only way that those demons are able to enjoy any sort of recreation.

And since humanoid Hybrids are biologically corrupt anyway, they have no issues with selling or giving themselves away to Satan (whom they idolize as Lucifer), whether in body, mind, or soul (if they have any to start with).]

"It is said that the angels are demons who have lost their heavenly bodies."

[I think he meant to say:  'It is said that the demons are angels who have lost their heavenly bodies.'  Because, that would make a lot more sense, especially in light of his next statement, quoting Justinus:  "The angels transgressed against the Law, they degenerated through mixing with the (Human) women and engendered children (via the beasts they spiritually possessed, with which the Humans had sex), the so-called demons."

Raising three important points:  1)  Those two contradicting statements indicate either a mistake in the original text (like a typographical or grammatical error, which I find rather difficult to believe coming from a scholarly linguist, like Liebenfels); or 2) it is clear evidence of a flaw in translation, whether deliberate or not; and 3) the demons (or degenerate, fallen, disobedient angels) inhabit the bodies of the humanoid Hybrids, utilizing those monsters for the purpose of performing evil acts (mainly involving the genetic destruction or alteration of the Human species, which the demons are otherwise incapable of possessing directly); so, the bestial humanoid Hybrids are themselves called demons because they are spiritually possessed by them.

In that way, it is fair to say that terms such as "fallen angels" may refer to strictly spiritual entities, or may refer also to subHuman (unholy or unclean) species like monkeys, apes, other beasts of the field, and to humanoid Hybrids likewise.]

"In Genesis 6 the Fall of the Angels, the beneha-'elohim (ie the god-men) is portrayed in the same way.  They [elohim or fallen angels, demons] found favor with the ape-men, the udumi, and mixed with them."

[I think that really means what I said before:  the demons initially mixed with Human beings in an indirect manner, by way of spiritual possession of any available beasts in the vicinity, with which Humans were induced to have sexual intercourse.  It amounted to a kind of psychic rape, much like that committed by incubi and succubi, except that in those cases of actual physical bestiality, the demons have or gain access to an actual mortal body with which to perform the evil deeds.  In that manner they cause more damage to their victims' health and safety, furthermore enjoying the potential of possible vicarious procreation of weak, damaged, truly monstrous and demonic Hybrid beings, which they may quite easily spiritually influence and possess in the future.

Elohim are celestial, disembodied, spiritual entities that have fallen from God's grace (ie demons or devils); whereas udumi are natural, terrestrial people.  Liebenfels thinks that udumi is equivalent to ape-men,  but I think he took an irrational leap of logic there; udumi are really the aboriginal Human species, prior to corruption with the genes of Lower Primates.  They are Human beings in their original pristine genetic condition.  He bases his logic on the idea of the terrestrial, earthly nature of the udumi; but, of course they are terrestrial when compared to disembodied angels -- but he carelessly disregards the fact that Humans have not only physical bodies made of flesh and blood, but also possess Godly souls.  That, to me, is a very obvious distinction.

And anyone who doesn't see that, who believes that elohim are something special, magical, and admirable (ie worthy of worship or idolatry) -- while simultaneously putting the Human species down as no different from the naked apes and monkeys -- is seriously brain-damaged.  Only humanoid Hybrids are capable of thinking that way.]

"... Enoch...:  After the birth of the demonic giants there prevailed a complete lack of discrimination.  Men sinned with [all manner of beasts]... God calls on Gabriel 'to eradicate the bastards (literally) and children of Sodomite birds, always refer to the issuri in the apocalyptic books."

[Here, he seems to be parroting the usual propaganda one often hears from the House of Judah denigrating the House of Israel.  There has been a vicious political rivalry between the two nations, ever since Judah separated themselves from Israel -- throughout the millenia.  Judah even goes so far as to claim falsely, that the tribes of Israel no longer exist, that they somehow mysteriously disappeared forever.  But, we know better.  He associates the people of the tribes of Israel with the "Sodomite birds", or beastly Hybrids possessed of demons, bastards which ought to be eradicated like some plague.  But that is not true; in holy scriptures it clearly states that God loves Israel and He repeatedly refers to Israel (not Judah) as "His people".  So, it stands to reason that if the Gnostics, who are all under the House of Judah, seek to demonize Israel in that fashion, then it is quite likely that the "demonic giants" they allude to, were in fact Israel or the aboriginal Human species.

The world has been the scene of a terrible war between humanoid species, some aboriginal, some Hybrid.  It seems that the Hybrids have gotten the upper hand in committing genocide against true Human beings.  In doing so, they have resorted to a gross subversion of truth.  It is quite apparent to me, why this book by Liebenfels (nee Lanz, a Jewish surname) has gone underground; it is all for the purpose of fraudulently presenting Hybrids in place of fully Human beings, as the supposed aboriginal Human species.]

"God created haven and earth and everything which is in them."

[But, Humans with Lucifer's help created the unnatural, artificial Hybrids.  Hybrids are not the work of God's creation.  If they were, they would possess Godly souls, virtuous morals, and conscience; but they do not.]

"According to Baruch 3:17 and Job 15:24 Sodomite games were played with them, and according to Os. 4:3 they died out because of that kind of fornication.  They probably still lived wild at the time of Christ [just two thousand years ago], but only dwelt in the wilderness at that time; for it was there that the Lord was tempted by Satan and the beasts, but served by the angels."

[So, like the Neanderthal which was, then wasn't, and yet still exists within the genomes of particular modern [ie Anatomically Modern Human or AMH] populations -- fornication with them apparently caused them to "die out" or become extinct.  However in reality, they did not become extinct, but were merely reformed through breeding.  Liebenfels also shows us that there is a real distinction between the Godly angels (those who serve the Lord) and the fallen ones (the demonically possessed beasts and Satan).]

"The Semitic word for 'star' is kokab, which has the meaning "prince" in Numbers 24:17.  In the ancient song of Deborah (Judges 5:20) the 'stars' fight rank and file against Sisera.  Since these are issura, the report loses all its miraculous aspects.  The stars and the 'sons of God,' who are otherwise angels, praise the Lord in common."

[Here, he is claiming that Sisera = issura = Israel, although I don't believe it (at least not in the context by which Liebenfels uses the expression).  However, I find no fault with the concept that stars = princes = holy (not fallen) angels.]

"Likewise the manna is a living being, but one which is loved by God.  It is the 'bread of angels'."

[I suppose that is why it was given by God to Israel, to eat in the wilderness, for food.  It is a food suitable for Human consumption.]

"The translation of umu [see udumu, 'adam] as 'day' makes no sense [until]... Clemens enlightens us that the [holy] angels are also called 'days.'  However, [holy] angels also bear a secret name:  'chariots of fire.' ... Therefore we read in the Tell-Amarna Letters how the kings make inquiries about the condition of the 'chariots of Sodom' and wish well-being for them.  Enoch and Elijah and Christ too disappear in[to] the 'heavens,' in 'fiery chariots,' they withdraw unto the issuri, to the good 'angels' in the wilderness."

[It would be a mistake to blur the distinctions between good and evil angels, and thus between 'chariots of fire' (ie 'days' or 'lights') versus 'chariots of Sodom' (ie darkness).]

"The opposite of the good angels is the Devil... That the Devil is a winged creature [ie, a spirit that 'flies'] is not only indicated in folk-tales, but also in Eph. 2:2 Paul calls him the 'Prince of the Air.'  The names of the Devil confirm my views... the old serpent... Asmodaeus... Abaddon... Due to the Devil's jealousy, death came into the world.  Now it becomes clear what the Original Sin was, the sin, which was transferred into the blood of all Humans -- it was Sodomy [ie, as he points out quite emphatically:  bestiality].

"All Biblical interpreters are in agreement that the lind-worm (according to Ulfila's translation) of Paradise was the Devil.  The nachas, as the worm is called in Hebrew, was not a 'snake' in our sense [of the word], because it had legs (according to Genesis 3:14).  It was a sentient [although not sapient], speaking [vocalizing], and therefore humanoid [ie subhuman] entity (Genesis 3:1).  It was a godlike being... that... copulated with Eve.  The god-men [ie demons] sodomized the ape-people, or udumu-people.  Through this action they themselves lost something of their higher natures, and on the other hand made the udumu more like gods and bred them upward (Genesis 3:22)."

[Here, it is quite obvious that Liebenfels is relying heavily on Gnostic reasoning, essentially nothing more than lies and deception; because the truth of the matter is that the demons were not as he claims "equal to God" -- they had already fallen by that time.  And the demons sodomized, not "ape-people", but Human beings -- udumu-people (the author already pointed out that umu means 'day', ie holy, or angelic; so it is a disingenuous error, at best, to place Humanity in the same category as apes, while glorifying demons as something god-like and somehow magical or special -- our "superiors").

In seducing Humans to commit bestiality, the demons in no way lowered themselves, because they couldn't get any lower already:  they were fallen.  All that really happened, is that they succeeded in corrupting the Human species.  They robbed God of His children, destroyed the Human race.  In no way did those acts of bestiality do anything at all to improve Human-kind.  For the Gnostics to make such outrageous claims is only undeniable proof that they are themselves Hybrid offspring of Satan, the Serpent Seed, seeking to glorify themselves, set themselves upon thrones, and cause the whole world to worship, idolize them -- the figurative Beast of Revelation.]

Here is wisdom.  Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast:  for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. ~ Revelation 13:8

[Now, I realize there is a furious controversy over whether this number or that number is the correct designation for the Beast; and I'm quite sure the confusion is intentional.  Because, the last thing the Hybrids want, is for themselves to be identified as the evil Beast.  Of course, they wish to remain in power and to always be known as the "chosen people of God."  But either way, it is apparent that there is a scientific technique (ie by methodical use of numbers or arithmatic, most logically through DNA analysis) to positively identify and distinguish genetically corrupt, mutant Hybrids (ie psychopaths) from fully aboriginal Human beings (ie morally upright, gentle people -- harshly and unjustly labelled "gentiles" or goyim, outsiders, slaves).  But, not if we allow ourselves to become confused with the smooth-talking Serpent's lies.  And when is the Serpent lying?  Practically every time its lips are moving.]

"According to the Gnostic Book of Baruch the serpent of Paradise and the 'Tree of Knowledge [of Good and Evil]' were one and the same."

[As long as they say it correctly, I can go along with that; but, notice how the Gnostics usually abbreviate the phrase so that it more neatly fits into their mythological structure?]

"One such bastard resulting from the fornication of the Devil [demon-possessed animals] with the udumu [true, aboriginal, earthly Human beings] was Cain, 'who is from the Devil' (I John 3:12).  According to Beowulf the Teutonic merman Grendel is one of these 'spirits of the primitive world,' whose father is Cain.  The giants and fiends of the primitive world were of very great stature and beautiful in form due to the righteous god-man [ie Human, not humanoid or subhuman Hybrid], Seth, but abominable due to the impure Cain.  For this reason Christ can say to the Sodomite people among his contemporaries that they are the children of the Devil.

"The Devil is also Leviathan.  Leviathan is also called a 'worm,' Greek ophis.  A third of the 'stars' (ie angels) were torn down to the level of udumu-apes by the great red dragon."

[Again, he errs by lowering the status of Human beings to that of Hybrids or beasts of the field.  That clearly is not a scriptural doctrine, nor does the author in any way offer valid proof of that claim.  Truly, all he is doing is parroting the Babylonian Talmud and other Gnostic / Pagan records.  Simply living on the earth is not proof of one's corrupt nature.  However being cast out of the presence of God in heaven is.  Because, although the original Human beings lived on earth and in fact had terrestrial bodies, it is told in Genesis that they had a direct connection to God (they carried on conversations with Him and obeyed his commandments) and were actually immortals with the potential to live forever, living in a virtual Paradise (ie with ample food to eat, no disease, and a climate so temperate and comfortable that they didn't even need to wear clothing for protection from the elements).  They would have been spared much future suffering and pain, had they just listened to God's commandment to avoid the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil" -- the Serpent, Lucifer.]

"The Devil is also called ben-sachar, Lucifer... The Devil is the Prince of the Air, he is the aether of Sodom, the issuru-bird, just as he appears as an eagle in the Apocalypse of Abraham.  He is the winged worm in whose arms the whole world lay and lies.  Because the Devil was winged he was also called bael-zebub, ie the fly-Beel (Lord)...

"'Ye are, however, dead in sin (sodomy [bestiality])... but with Christ are ye dead to the "elements of the world (stoycheia toy kosmoy)."

[He then proceeds to mangle the interpretation of that verse, so much that it is really only a repeat of his usual inability to discern the differences between evil and holy spirit, and between aboriginal and hybrid Humanity.

Nevertheless, he continues his thesis now by turning from the discussion of Anthropognosis (knowledge or study of Humanity) to one of Theognosis (study or knowledge of God).  As always, one has to remain wary of the slippery way that he weaves in and out through facts, wisdom, and outright foolishness and lies.  Gnostics have much in common with ordinary internet Trolls, in fact.]

[Grandiosely, he announces]:  "'O what a depth of treasure and of wisdom and of knowledge of God'.  Befriend a depth of overwhelming splendor and of overwhelming terror!  Here the highest and ultimate riddles will be solved, there the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven will become ours, the mysterious keys which contain and release everything.

"Euhemerus, whom the degenerate church destroyed, and Saxo Grammaticus, insist that the gods had actually been primitive men.  In Apollonius' Acts of the Martyrs it is said:  'They call earlier men gods.'  Again the Egyptians believed that their eight original gods had the heads of frogs and serpents.  Lucian says:  'If you go to the land of Egypt and inquire about the gods, it will certainly be a pithekos (ape), tragos (goat), ibis [type of wading bird], or ailoyros (ape).'  That is why the gods are also called demons or 'strangers' (in Deuteronomy, Psalms, Kings, and Ezekial... they are even called 'hirelings').  In the temples of the Egyptians there were many rooms the purpose of which can not be easily understood.  The 'gods' were anxiously guarded, chambers carefully cleansed, on festival days the gods received garments, collars, sceptors and crowns and were led around in solemn processions, or travelled in covered barques [boats] on the temple ponds.  Attached to every temple were gardens surrounded by high walls.  Frequently there was also a large pond in there along with a pleasure-pavilion.  All of these are things that cause big headaches for scholars."

[Here, he immediately launches into the presumed study of the nature of "God", by inexplicably focusing all of his attention on Pagan idols:  the bestial, sodomite Hybrids, called gods (with a small 'g')!  That is how the Gnostics have caused so much confusion, for anyone not intelligent enough to notice their complete lack of realistic logic, their natural tendency toward deception, and their unfortunate inability to truly understand God as much as they pretend to.  Sure, it is a fine way to learn more about the Hybrids, and about Pagan idols and customs of worship, and about history... but it doesn't shed much light on the subject of the nature and character of the Creator God, the Righteous One, the heavenly Father of Humanity.  But fortunately for Human beings, we don't actually need anyone -- least of all, Hybrids or Beasts -- to explain to us the nature of our own heavenly Father.  His Law is written on our hearts, ingrained within our genome; we have no problem recognizing the Holy Spirit.

So, while I will continue to glean as much information as possible about the role in world history played by the practice of idolatry of those filthy, vile, bestial, mutant Hybrids; how they were and continue to be adored, and even set upon 'royal' thrones to rule over Human beings -- I will nevertheless not be fooled into thinking that there is no difference between God and gods; or between evil and holy spirit.  I know that the word "angels" does not apply equally to both demons (fallen angels) and holy angels.  And likewise, I know that the term "gods" does not mean that those idolized creatures were / are by any means holy or equal to the true, Righteous God; nor are they at all "superior" to Human beings.

And for that reason, I do not understand his boasting that such knowledge would cause any real scholar "headaches".  It might only be confusing if one cannot assimilate the most simple and basic facts of the matter.  Unfortunately for some readers, this author (like all Gnostics) does much to obfuscate the most important, key elements concerning the nature of God, while presenting an otherwise banquet of information to absorb and digest, and while posing as some kind of purported 'ascended master' imparting valuable secret knowledge.  God doesn't keep secrets;  there is no need to seek Him out, because He is right there in front of anyone who resonates enough with Him to recognize that Human souls are actually, spiritually, reflections of the Holy Spirit.  The knowledge of Truth is far from 'dangerous' in the hands of the wicked who lack the wisdom to even understand it.  And it is much less likely for Hybrids to experience injured feelings when presented with Truth, as it is that they will certainly attempt to misuse knowledge for personal gain.  So, their mantra, "Truth hurts" is pure nonsense.

Also, it was not the Knowledge of Truth that ruined Mankind, but rather it was the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Remembering that the word "knowledge" (to "know") Biblically means "to have sexual relations or intercourse with", in order to procreate, it becomes that much easier to realize that the Original Sin involved the intercourse between "Good and Evil", or "Human and Beast", or "Aboriginal (true, or pure) and Corrupt (foreign, strange)".]

"Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death." ~ Exodus 22:19

"And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die..." ~ Genesis 3:4

"There shall no strange god be in thee; neither shalt thou worship any strange god." ~ Psalms 81:9

"Herodotus...:  'It is also the tomb of a 'certain [one]' (monster [or god]), which in this context I dread to name by name, at Sais in the Temple of Athene.  In the sanctuary there is also a lake, and in the night on this (lake) the Egyptians imagine what happens to that (ie the monster [the 'certain, unspeakable, abominable one']), and this the Egyptians call mysteries.  But about this, although I know all about it, I will keep my mouth pure.'

"In Egyptian and Greek legends [H]uman women become pregnant by the gods [ie the idols of Pagan worship:  beasts, monsters or Hybrids] and in the law code of Hammurabi 266 the gods are mentioned as meting out lashes in the stable.  Moreover, the [fallen] angels, which we have already proven were beast-men, are actually called 'the [rebellious] sons of God' in the Bible, and according to Gregorius Cedrenus, Seth [a true Human being] was called "God[like]" because of his shining face."

[Keeping in mind all along, the author's false premise that mating Humans with Beasts somehow degenerated the Beasts while elevating the status of Humanity.  Such an atrocious, shameful attitude to take toward the acts of bestiality, and of fornication.]

"Tertullian reports that the ancients [ie Hybrid Pagans, Serpent Seed of Cain] worshipped the four elements as gods; Thales worshipped the water (pagu), Heraclitus the fire (bezah), Anamimenes the air (issuri), Strabo the heaven and earth (udumi), Plato the stars (angels)."

[It now becomes obvious how Israel got its name; issuri (air) is symbolic of spirit or soul.  Israel is the tribe of people who have Human souls or spirits.  The Holy Spirit abides within their hearts.  The name, Israel, has nothing at all to do with demonology.  Although the fallen angels or demons are spiritual beings and so characteristically 'fly about in the air, like birds', that is not the same thing as assuming that the people of Israel were bird-men or Hybrids.  What a ridiculous leap of logic; for one thing, it is extremely unlikely that any Human being would ever be capable of producing offspring with any kind of bird.  Liebenfels is being entirely too literal on that point.  Furthermore, he uses Sisera as some sort of flimsy corroboration to attempt prove that Israel = Sisera, and therefore is evil like Sisera.  But there is absolutely no connection between Sisera and Israel or issuri.  Even Wikipedia, a website commonly recognized as being biased in favor of the House of Judah, is crystal clear in showing that Sisera was not Israel:

Sisera cannot be Israel, since Sisera opposed Israel in battle.
Sisera was beaten in battle by Barak, along with Israeli fighting forces.
Yael, or Jael, was the courageous woman who slew Sisera in his tent.
Deborah, a Hebrew judge and "prophetess of the God of the Israelites" foresaw the end of Sisera.

And Adam (udumi) simply means that they are terrestrial, earthly beings; it does not definitively indicate genetic corruption via bestial hybridization.  In fact, there are times when those words may be used in a symbolic context; but there are other times when they mean exactly what they say literally, and are simply descriptive adjectives.  So, when Anamimenes worshipped issuri, he really was worshipping the element of air -- he was not worshipping, in that case, Hybrid idols or Israelites.  (Wow, I can't believe someone hasn't pointed out these logical flaws already; or maybe they have, and I just haven't heard about yet.)]

"Modern men derive religion from an ancestral cult.  The cult of primeval men, of the ancestral fathers of the [H]uman race, is in fact the basis of all religions."

[I agree that Paganism is an integral part of all the mainstream, State-sanctioned religions -- just as Paganism was the first official State Religion, the State has stubbornly continued to perpetuate those superstitious, idolatrous practices, through various means.  However, he is wrong to assume that Individuals cannot have their own personal religions (ie believe systems or doctrines), which isn't necessarily always based in Paganism or Serpent [Phallic] worship.  He only proves that the Hybrid species control and promote all of the major, most powerful established religions of the world; and that is true.  It is also the foundation for Gnosticism, Kabbalism, and Freemasonry.]

"'All heathen gods are demons' ie beast-men.  They were beasts of Sodom with which fornication was committed... Strange and miraculous things are also told of the pagan idols.  They are copulated with, they devour [eat], they crawl into caves, they walk, and they speak."

[Therefore, the beasts of Sodom, or Hybrids, beast-men, are not to be confused with graven images, carved of wood or stone, or cast in metal -- which, although sometimes worshipped as idols, are simply not living beings, and so cannot do "miraculous" things.  Personally, I find nothing "miraculous" about the fact that Hybrid creatures, although monstrous, are living entities.  It's just a biological given.  I think the ancients were merely awed by their own ability to breed such curiosities.  I'm sure it bolstered their egos and was much like going to the Circus, for them (ie fun, exciting, pleasurable, in a puerile sort of way).]

"The eidola are therefore certainly to be conceived of as living beings.  Thus, for example, the simulacra veterum deorum roll their eyes.  Paganism, idolatry, is Sodomy -- and the most important commandment of the old covenant is not 'thou shalt believe in one god,' that is not to be found anywhere in the Bible, but rather 'Thou shalt have no beast-man gods in my place'."

[What the scripture actually says, is:  "Thou shalt have no other gods before me... Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:  Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them:  for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments." ~ Exodus 20:3-6

Here are some other fairly relevant by-laws and rules of behavior, in addition to the Ten Commandments.  Many of these touch on the subject of purity of the Human species, cleanliness, justice, etc.

... So, essentially the scriptures say that there is only one true God, and that He is not to be confused with idols or any other lesser objects of superstitious worship, whether they be lifeless graven images or any living thing, including beasts or Hybrid monsters.]

"Thou shalt not speak the name of God over a Sodomite monster (sawe, Greek mataios, Latin vanus), ie not Sodomize it."

[He gives no reference to scripture for that statement, and I believe he simply made it up.  The scriptures efficiently cover all aspects of sinful behaviors with idols of every kind, when it says not to give them greater status than God, and not to worship or serve them in any capacity.  It goes without saying, that one shouldn't engage in bestiality, either.  In fact, scripture states unequivocally, "Whosoever lieth with a beast shall surely be put to death." ~ Exodus 22:19.  That is strong enough language anyone ought to be able to understand.

... Unless he was thinking of the one I already quoted above:  "There shall no strange god be in thee; neither shalt thou worship any strange god." ~ Psalms 81:9]

"If idolatry had been the act of praying to images, then cultic statues would have had to have been found in the holiest temples in Pompeii.  To the surprise of the archeologists relatively few images were found, and they were not in places of honor."

[Maybe that just means that the people of Pompeii preferred their living idols over statues or pictures of them.]

"If Judaism and Christianity had really been combating the worship of images, then the art-works that were found in Palestine and in the catacombs, and which in no way deviate from the contemporary pagan art -- neither in content nor in form -- would be incomprehensible.  Certainly Plato did not pray to marble statues, while we are more fetish-worshippers than assailants of images.  Neither was there an extant purely spiritual polytheism which differentiated the pagans from the Jews and Christians.  Pagans, such as Plato, were no polytheists, while Jews and Christians with their present-day belief in angels and saints are no strict monotheists."

[The author makes so many presumptions in those statements; where do I begin?  What messy, sloppy logic... I will enumerate them:

1) He equates the State sanctioned, pre-fabricated, modified, and standardized religions of "Judaism" and "Christianity", despite all of their false doctrines, with the reality of truth found in the holy scriptures (in other words, he fails to recognize or acknowledge that their doctrines, traditions, and rituals are wrong); then attempts to justify those same false, mainstream, "socially acceptable" religions, using false interpretations of the scripture.

2) He equates the Pagan, superstitious worship of idols, whenever only one idol is chosen to be an object of devotion, as if it were the same as serving the one true God (the Creator, the Righteous One).  Ie, he thinks (or, would like his readers to accept that) "monotheism" is the same, regardless of which god happens to be the one attracting your attention.

3) He equates belief in the existence of anything, such as angels or saints, as if it means the same thing as worshipping, idolizing, serving, or "praying to" them.  The fact is, that only idolators do those things.  It is quite possible to "believe in" angels and saints, for example, without making them into gods or objects of worship.

I "believe in" the existence of dolphins, too (because, Lo! it is true:  they do exist!); and I think they are sooo cute, I really love them, and would defend them from harm if I could... but I don't worship, or "pray to" them.

Why is it that if you just happen to believe in certain things which aren't visible to Hybrid eyes, or known to their senses, they jump to the conclusion that you idolize those entities?  Likewise, they typically will deny that those things exist, simply based on the fact that they are unable to detect them with their own perception.  I'm sure that in their minds, your pain does not exist either -- because, after all, they can't feel it.  Human emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences, are all foreign to Hybrids.  And their type of 'logic' is truly bizarre.  That is why it is commonplace to find them completely devoid of empathy -- especially to any non-Hybrid.

Another thing I find within the Hybrid nature, is their inability to master any Human language.  They are great at making funny monkey-like gestures, and gutteral murmerings, jive talk, ebonics, pidgin, etc.  But they struggle whenever trying to communicate to real Human beings.  For example, they are unaware of the many meanings of a simple word, such as "love"; and how to properly use words in context.

"To love", does not necessarily mean, "to worship" or "to idolize".

"The gods are older, genetically related, forms of humankind and the human race -- should it not then be possible that they were equipped with archaic sense organs?  We present-day humans [ie AMH's or Anatomically Modern Humans -- not necessarily aboriginals, but often Hybrids] possess several sense-organs which are obviously vestigial remains of archaic organs.  These ancient organs have extremely wondrous influences on many processes of life."

["Vestigial remains?"  So much for the "Theory of Evolution" erroneously attributed to Darwin.  The fact is, that probably most AMH's are descendants of Hybrid hominoid, subhuman creatures, such as the Neanderthals and Denisovans (although I'm quite sure there are at least a few more that have yet to be properly identified).  While correct in realizing that the original Human species was far superior to what we have amongst us now, the Gnostics often make the mistake of idolizing both, our Human ancestors and the Hybrid offspring of Humans x Apes.  Neither should be idolized; but Humanity ought to be cherished and preserved, while Bestiality ought to be condemned.]

"The Taubach Man (Chelles) was certainly superior to modern man in many abilities.  If this were not the case, how could the human race have survived with the primitive technology in the murderous struggle against prehistoric monsters?  (Klaatsch) 'Antediluvian [pre-Flood] man had a highly developed occipital lobe [ie like the Neanderthal subspecies].  Since it is believed that the centers for optical impressions have been found there the opinion has been put forward that the antediluvian hunters possessed an especially keen sense of observation, while intelligence and language were retarded.'  That again agrees with older reports:  The great prophet, Moses, had a heavy tongue; the Pythia -- apparently a bestial humanoid -- delivered her oracles in a stammering speech; the Bible quite often mentions the gastromythoi, ie those who speak from their stomachs.  In addition to this there is the fact that in many regions idiots or apes were actually worshipped as holy beings thought to be especially close to the divinity.  When the ice-age men were found in France they were at first thought to be fakes because they portrayed animals with such an amazing gift of observation and execution.  The entirety of this Ice-Age is incomprehensible without presupposing a special sensory ability.  In later times this kind of art suddenly stops.  Even within the historical period, in Babylong as well as Egypt, the older examples of art are more original and imaginative.  These things are inexplicable if one does not accept the view of the Bible, full of deep wisdom, which says:  The spirit of God did not remain in the udumu-bastards (Genesis 6:3)."

[Ok, so he confides to us that Moses was probably a Neanderthal Hybrid, which is altogether possible, in that he was born and raised in Egypt.  Neanderthals are known to have been exactly as Liebenthals described:  endowed with enlarged occipital lobes, to the detriment of the rest of their brains.  However, one need not exagerate their powers of sight, to include the ability to prophecy; nor should one assume that they were worthy of idolatrous awe.  It has since been proven that those exquisite cave paintings of which he speaks, were in fact created by Cro-Magnons.  And it is ludicrous to ignore all the truly amazingly gifted artists of not only the Modern ages, but also those who lived during ancient times.  He habitually forms radical conclusions based on miniscule, anectdotal evidence.

There are many reasons for the rise and fall of sophisticated culture, and genetics is but one of them.  If their senses served them so well, then Neanderthal Hybrids would have succeeded in overcoming the Human species; but, although they continue to try, they still haven't risen above Humanity in ways which count the most:  nobility, beauty, honor, morals, intelligence, kindness, wisdom, sheer genius.  As much as they would love to rid the planet of all Human life, they know that they cannot really survive alone, without us.  They depend on us for so many things, although of course they would never admit it.

However, I find no fault in the scripture that he quoted above (Genesis 6:3); only in his admitted interpretation of it:  ie that Adam of Genesis was himself a bestial Hybrid "bastard".]

Since it is in German language, most readers will need to throw the Bing translator on it.
This is the English version, interesting enough in itself; but if you follow the link to the German version, you will find even more intriguing information about it.
I am absolutely certain that their larger occipital bumps are the reason modern Neanderthals prefer to communicate with pictographs, primitive symbolism, gestures, body language, gutteral growling, muttering, murmuring, slang, lingo, and sign language.  It is why verbal conversation, and even written discourse, with them, is so very frustrating, even maddening.  But when they are talking with one another, they don't notice that there is anything wrong, unusual, or laughable about their manners and behaviors.  Likewise, they are unable to fully understand Human language and communication, preferring to adulterate it, misinterpret it, or when worse comes to worst (as when they are losing arguments) -- mock or misrepresent it.

"Clarivoyant persons, the existence of whom no one can doubt, even if there is a good deal of fraud mixed in, are today to be found primarily among white [ie read: "Aryan" or "Indo-European", not Caucasoid] people, and actually in relatively racially pure [ie read: "inbred"] white people -- eg among the Frisians and Westphalians (Veleda, Katharina Emmerich)."

[So, he would like for us all to believe that the Neanderthal Hybrids (with their bulbous occipitals) are a "pure" race (I suppose because they are so "white"); and that although dim-witted and barely able to put a proper sentence together, they nevertheless possess miraculous, godlike powers of extra sensory perception.  And, that we regular, common Caucasoids, or any other race of Mankind, cannot possibly be so gifted... So, there is the justification for idolizing the Hybrid subspecies, despite the fact that God denounces them as "evil bastards".  Never mind that the logic is ridden with flaws like Swiss cheese -- it is palatable for those whom it praises.  That is what I call self-serving rationalization.]

While possibly psychically gifted, I'm not one hundred percent convinced that Friesian people are Aryans or Neanderthals; but I will look into it.
Celtic, Germanic; she was a first century AD "seer" who lived in a tower near the Lippe River, a tributary of the Rhine.  Her people deified her, thought of her as some sort of goddess.
A very devoutly faithful Catholic saint, who experienced religious ecstasy and visions.

"On the other hand the only winged mammal, the bat, has organs and instincts which remain puzzling to scientists today.  (Brehm) Blinded bats can avoid any obstacle, even thinly stretched wires.  (Claus) An animal moving forward in the air is better suited to be a receiver of electrical waves than a land-animal is.  It is known that the wireless telegraph uses a vertically stretched antenna of the proper height."

[They compare themselves to bats.  And, it is not lost on me, that bats (like Hybrids) are associated with vampires, vampirism.]

"The lind-worm [ie Serpent, Satan] of Paradise is more clever than all the other "primitive humanoid beings" [ie "the beasts of the field", according to Liebenfels' interpretation].  Primitive men (isesisim; qasis) and Leviathan possess great wisdom (Job 12:12; 41:25).  But especially convincing is III Kings 4:31:  'And the wisdom of Solomon was greater than that of the primeval Issuru ('eiton ha-'ezrachi) and that of Heman (umu?), and that of Cholchol and of Dorda (dove?), of the Mahol-men.'  What these beings were is made clear by the preceding verse 30:  'The wisdom of Solomon exceeded the wisdom of the primeval men and misraim.'  Quite clearly it is said in the strange passage of Ecclesiastes 10:20 that the winged Baal makes the 'word' known.  The ugly silen and the abominable faun were thought to be expecially authoritative oracular gods and the faun-faced Socrates bragged about possessing a daimon.  The cyclopean eye and the Wotan's single eye, the Egyptian eye-amulet and the Eye of God in the Triangle portrayed in our churches, the Arimaspians of Herodotus in the north or Europe are clear and unmistakable reference points."

[It seems the author had been drinking too much wine.  His ideas are all over the place, even contradictory from one sentence to the next.  I will enumerate some of his claims:

1)  The tribes of Israel (Issuru) were beast-men (bestial Hybrids, like the Neanderthals).  In reality, Israel was descended from Adam and Seth, the aboriginal Human species -- not from the Serpent Seed of Cain and the Hybrids.

2)  Satan was a Hybrid too, but he was more clever (ie intelligent) than the other Hybrids.  In reality, the Serpent of Paradise (Satan) was a spiritual being, Lucifer, the fallen angel.  By seducing Eve to commit bestiality (probably with apes) he spawned a degenerate subspecies of Humans:  the Serpent Seed of Cain.

3)  The Jewish king, Solomon, was like the Serpent:  a wiser Hybrid than most.  The author seems to find nothing wrong with that.

4)  Baal, a powerful demon, "makes the 'word' known."  In reality, this is what the verse says:  "Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter."  So, demons don't actually make the "word" (ie Jesus, or Truth with a capital T) known -- what it makes known is any curses directed toward the rich or to royalty.  Ohh, so that is why the rich and the royalty worship and serve their demons...

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." ~ Timothy 6:10

"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." ~ Isaiah 55:1

"But Peter said unto him, Thy money perish with thee, because thou hast thought that the gift of God may be purchased with money." ~ Acts 8:20

5)  He tells us that Socrates was himself a Hybrid Satanist.  So, we are supposed to accept (as they do) that Socrates was some godlike genius, and that being a Hybrid Satanist is what made him so special.  However, the reality is that I personally don't find much interesting in Socrates' ramblings.  That is the sort of thing only Hybrids can appreciate.

6)  And then Liebenfels begins babbling mostly incoherent praises about the "single eye", which for Neanderthals apparently is a subject of egotistic, narcissistic, Self-idealizing idolatry.  Evidently Liebenfels believes that since they are found in all the Catholic churches, in Aryan mythology, and in the ancient Pagan temples of Egypt... well, then they must be alright.

Next, Liebenfels launches into a long discussion of the virtues of electricity, and of course he previously alluded to the  dubious claim that Neanderthals with their awesome occipitals are like the bats in their ability to navigate blindly in the dark.  This is the basis of the Gnostic justification and rationalization of Sun worship and Luciferianism.]

"The Devil descends like a bolt of lightning.  The cherubim defend the Tree of [L]ife with blazing bolts of lightning.  (Genesis 3:24), that is noble humanity against the udumu (Adamite)-giants."

[But in my opinion, the "udumu (Adamite)-giants" were "Humanity", who suffered degeneration through bestiality and whose remnants were the targets of genocide at the hands of the Hybrid, "dwarven" beast-men; the Tree of Life is God, whom the cherubim defend; the Devil is no hero; and the bolts of lightning made by the Devil cannot equal the beauty, brilliance, and power of the light produced by God's angels.  Only Hybrids are awed by Lucifer's glamourous parlor tricks.]

"Hermaphroditism is always connected to such peculiarities in propagation [ie when exposed to light of particular wavelengths].  Equally strange is the fact that bats are fertilized in the fall, but that the embryo does not develop until the spring.  After mating the female bats withdraw from the males and lead an Amazon-life among themselves.  These female bats, in a way, fertilize themselves a second time by themselves.  Now the fascination with virgin-births becomes understandable.  Apis is born from a cow fertilized by a 'heavenly ray' (the ray of an angel [not]).  As soon as Belial looks at a 'stony statue' (ape-creature [or, Hybrid]) it becomes pregnant and bears him a son, Armilus (Midrash)... In most old law books the enchanting of men to cause them to become impotent is severely punished."

[So, now we are to understand that:

1)  Hermaphroditism is caused by light or radiation (never by Hybrid genetic mutations).

2)  Female bats fertilize themselves (even after already having been fertilized by the males).

3)  Jesus was not really born of a virgin, because women are like bats and can fertilize themselves.

4)  Angels and demons have power to fertilize eggs with just their light.

5)  Men are made impotent by sorcerers' Luciferian spells.

(By the way, I quite understand why the bestial Hybrids were commonly known as "stones" or "stony statues".  Observing them now, I realize that like all psychopaths they do not possess any Human emotions; so, they do not react or respond as Human beings.  It is as if they are zombies; they live, breathe, eat, shit, and have pulses -- and yet they are not fully alive.]

"Today Hermaphrodites still occur among [H]umans not all that infrequently.  Today it is generally assumed that the embryo is originally bisexual [not technically, because once an egg has been fertilized with a sperm carrying yDNA, it is from that point on really male, regardless of its early stage of development].  The feminine sexual organ is itself actually bisexual [not really, but we'll just humor him; the truth is that male and female genitalia complement each other].  This is because the clitoris is nothing other than a stunted penis [here lies the source of the stupidest ideas concerning femininity and womanly behavior -- no wonder men are so confused].  A notable phenomenon is the fact that inbreeding promotes the generation of hermaphrodites [that does make sense; but unfortunately Liebenfels spins that little tidbit of factual knowledge into a delusional fantasy].

"According to the Bible, and many commentators, the man which was supposed to have been created 'in the image of God' in Genesis 1:26 (which is not the udumu in Genesis 2:7), like the 'Sons of God' and the Sethites, was hermaphroditic."

[Hardly.  First of all, Seth was descended from Adam and Eve.  Adam (like Eve) was created in the "image of God" (spiritually, because God is holy spirit), but Adam was by no means a hermaphrodite, otherwise there would have been no need for him to have a mate:  Eve.  While it is true that spirit is genderless, it is an exageration of logic to presume that Adam was also genderless.  Our physical bodies possess gender; but our spiritual bodies do not.  Liebenfels couldn't distinguish the difference between spirituality and carnality, because one would need to possess a Human mind and soul in order to understand such things.

(Also note that Liebenfels {or maybe just his translator} capitalized the "S" in "sons of God"; it isn't written that way in scripture {KJV}.)

Likewise, he was unable to discern the differences between mankind (the "udumu {Adamite}-giants"), the "Sons of God" (evidently angels, whether fallen or otherwise; but usually it seems to refer to the fallen ones, since they are found in the company of Satan or Lucifer, in scriptures), Sethites (true Human species, descended from Adam and Eve), and Canaanites or Cainites (the Hybrid subhuman species resulting from bestiality, the Original Sin).  The confusion (ie lies) of the Gnostics even has me confused sometimes; and it is obvious to me that like the Serpent of Eden, they have deceived the entire world, even the very 'elect'.

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them," ~ Genesis 6:1 KJV

The word "Men" in verse one of Genesis, sixth chapter, is translated as "HUMAN", "Human cell", "humankind (ie mankind)" and = "ADAM", in the strict Hebrew translation from the original text.

"That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." ~ Genesis 6:2 KJV

"The Hebrew phrase translated 'sons of God' (בְנֵי־הָאֱלֹהִים, bÿne-haelohim) occurs only here (Gen 6:2, 4) and in Job 1:6; 2:1; 38:7.  There are three major interpretations of the phrase here:

"(1) In the Book of Job the phrase clearly refers to angelic beings. In Gen 6 the 'sons of God' are distinct from 'humankind,' suggesting they were not human.  This is consistent with the use of the phrase in Job.  Since the passage speaks of these beings cohabiting with women, they must have taken physical form or possessed the bodies of men [actually, probably apes].  An early Jewish tradition preserved in 1 En. 6-7 elaborates on this angelic revolt and even names the ringleaders.

"(2) Not all scholars accept the angelic interpretation of the 'sons of God,' however.  Some argue that the 'sons of God' were members of Seth’s line, traced back to God through Adam in Gen 5, while the 'daughters of humankind' were descendants of Cain. [I disagree with that opinion, as I hold that the sons of God were fallen angels possessing the bodies of apes, and that the daughters of men were human women].  But, as noted above, the text distinguishes the 'sons of God' from humankind (which would include the Sethites as well as the Cainites [actually I disagree with this too, because I don't consider the Hybrid Cainites humankind in the purest sense of the word]) and suggests that the 'daughters of humankind' are human women in general, not just Cainites.  [The truth is that they were indeed human women, but not 'in general' -- ie not Cainites (or, Nephilim, bestial Hybrids)].

"(3) Others identify the 'sons of God' as powerful tyrants, perhaps demon-possessed, who viewed themselves as divine and, following the example of Lamech (see Gen 4:19), practiced polygamy.  But usage of the phrase 'sons of God' in Job militates against this view.  For literature on the subject see G. J. Wenham, Genesis (WBC), 1:135.  [I believe the truth is that the 'sons of God' were the fallen angels (ie evil spirits), possessing the bodies of real apes, who somehow seduced (or raped) and then bred with Human women, thereby producing a race of Nephilim (or, bestial Hybrids)]."

So, my theory stands to reason:  the fallen angels, including Lucifer, the Serpent or Satan (ie "the Sons of God", spiritual entities), were cast out of the presence of God, away from the Holy sanctuary, and became jealous of Humanity (the "Adamite-giants").  So, they possessed (ie spiritually entered) the physiques of animals (beasts of the field, particularly apes or monkeys) and prodeeded to seduce or rape and impregnate human women, producing subhuman species or races of Hybrids, which became known as Canaanites or Cainites.  Sethites were those descendants of Adam and Eve (ie Humans) who did not engage in bestiality, thus keeping their seed pure.  That is how the Cainites / Canaanites became known as the Serpent Seed.  Serpent Seed = Bestial, subHuman Hybrids.  Any alternative explanations, which are enumerated above in the quoted scholarly commentary, are simply lies, confusions, or deviations from the truth.

The word "took" (as in, "took" them 'wives') is translated as "stole" (also "raped" or "seduced").  "Wife" in this context, means "breeder".

"And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man[kind], for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years." ~ Genesus 6:3 KJV

"For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." ~ Romans 6:23

"There were giants [ie Nephilim] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God [ie fallen angels or demons, including Lucifer] came in unto the daughters of men [ie humans], and they bare children [ie bestial Hybrids] to them, the same [ie bestial Hybrids] became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." ~ Genesis 6:4

So, Nephilim does not actually translate properly to mean "giant"!  The proper translation of that word (nephilim, naphiyl, nphil), descriptive of 'the Hybrid offspring of apes spiritually possessed by demons, which crossed or bred with Human women' -- actually is supposed to mean "feller", "bully", "tyrant"; and is from the root word, naphal, which basically means fallen, bowed down, defeated...  See also:  napal, a carcass, a ruin, overthrow (ie destroy).

There is nothing to suggest that Nephilim equates to "giants", other than a faulty translation of the Hebrew language in the King James version of the Bible (plus the perpetuation of the myth, and much exagerated hyperbole by the Nephilim themselves).  And, I'm quite sure that was deliberate; because what that accomplished, was the complete and utter confusion of definitions between the true Human species (who really were giants long ago, compared to Anatomically Modern Humans) and the Hybrids who are the Serpent Seed, or Beast of Revelation.

So the real meaning of the word, Nephilim (bullies, tyrants, monsters) fits perfectly into my theory that they were evil, hominoid, bestial Hybrids -- not some "divine" or "noble" creatures, as some would have us to believe.  "Mighty men" and "men of renown" actually means they were "fierce" (ie aggressive, dangerous) and were very "notorious", or "infamous", having bad reputations (ie everyone was warned to watch out for them).


(Translating the original ancient texts is terribly time-consuming, but I'm grateful for all the helpful tools online.  This site is easy to find, by googling "classic net bible".)

I believe this is by far the most important and profound truth I have ever uncovered in my entire life, a life which I long ago dedicated to authenticity and the rational testing of reality.  For most of my life, my journey was delayed by many obstacles; but about three years ago, God turned me onto a path more direct and much easier to navigate.  But, it is a terrible shame that anyone should ever have to spend an entire lifetime waiting to know the whole truth about something so essential to the future well-being, to the survival and preservation of Humanity.  It is a tragedy, that the truth is being systematically covered up in darkness, by 'people' who claim to be the 'Illuminati'.  All 'Illuminati' really means, is that they know the truth of the matter -- but they are making damn sure we don't find it out for ourselves.  Liars and thieves.

"A race of giants... [not]."  I wonder how they can say that, when they of all people ought to have a real command of the Hebrew language.
Some say they are Aliens, or ET's... [no, evil spirits and fallen angels are not space-men].
The Nephilim glamourize, glorify themselves, expecting Humans to do the same.  They expect Humans (like their fellow Nephilim) to be awestruck and dumbfounded by their illusory (ie imaginary) 'gifts' and 'powers'... or, by their truly bizarre behaviors, methinks.  And in fact, Liebenfels informs us that the Nephilim bestial Hybrids were idolized and worshipped as gods by the ancient Pagans.

"And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span." ~ I Samuel 17:4

"tn Heb 'the man of the space between the two [armies].'  (Referring to the term, 'champion'.)

"tc Heb 'his height was six cubits and a span' (cf. KJV, NASB, NRSV).  A cubit was approximately eighteen inches, a span nine inches.  So, according to the Hebrew tradition, Goliath was about nine feet, nine inches tall (cf. NIV, CEV, NLT 'over nine feet'; NCV 'nine feet, four inches'; TEV 'nearly 3 metres').  However, some Greek witnesses, Josephus, and a manuscript of 1 Samuel from Qumran read 'four cubits and a span' here, that is, about six feet, nine inches (cf. NAB 'six and a half feet'). This seems more reasonable; it is likely that Goliath's height was exagerated as the story was retold. See P. K. McCarter, I Samuel (AB), 286, 291."

And as I have pointed out before, even Rabbi Chaim Potok (Wanderings... History of the Jews) admitted that there was much exagerated propaganda from Jews, concerning the exploits and character of king David (and Solomon too, most likely).

"And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spake according to the same words:  and David heard them." ~ I Samuel 17:23

"And the priest said, The sword of Goliath the Philistine, whom thou slewest in the valley of Elah, behold, it is here wrapped in a cloth behind the ephod:  if thou wilt take that, take it: for there is no other save that here.  And David said, There is none like that; give it me." ~ I Samuel 21:9

"And he enquired of the LORD for him, and gave him victuals, and gave him the sword of Goliath the Philistine." ~ I Samuel 22:10

"And there was again a battle in Gob with the Philistines, where Elhanan the son of Jaareoregim, a Bethlehemite, slew the brother of Goliath the Gittite, the staff of whose spear was like a weaver's beam." ~ II Samuel 21:19

So, Rabbi Chaim Potok was correct in saying that Elhanan was the individual who actually killed Goliath, probably while under David's command in battle.  Potok explains that beside the fact of the verse above saying so (when translated accurately straight from the original Hebrew text, that is), it is only logical that David didn't kill Goliath, because according to Potok and the context of the scripture, David was completely unaware of the location of Goliath's sword in the sanctuary, until the priest offered it to him there.  The phrase "the brother of" (Goliath) is not found in the language of the original text.

"And there was war again with the Philistines; and Elhanan the son of Jair slew Lahmi the brother of Goliath the Gittite, whose spear staff was like a weaver's beam." ~ I Chronicles 20:5

The books of Samuel, along with Joshua, Judges, and Kings, were written down around 5-600 years BC.
The books of Chronicles were written down around 250-400 years BC.  So certain details, such as the phrase "the brother of" were added at this later date by another Jewish scribe.  Potok also takes that point into consideration.

"And it came to pass after this, that there arose war a Gezer with the Philistines; at which time Sibbechai the Hushathite slew Sippai, that was of the children of the giant:  and they were subdued." ~ I Chronicles 20:4

Again in verse four, the Hebrew word Rephaim was translated in the KJV text as "children of the giant".  The use of the word giant in those cases, in place of Rephaim, appear to be an abuse of poetical license, based on the traditional exagerations of Jewish folklore.
In this verse, the descendant of Rephaim killed in battle, was named Sippai, meaning threshold.

"And it came to pass after this, that there was again a battle with the Philistines at Gob: then Sibbechai the Hushathite slew Saph, which was of the sons of the giant." ~ 2 Samuel 21:18

This is the corresponding earlier version of the same scripture.  In this one, the person killed by Sibbechai was called Saph (tall, or could mean something similar to threshold).
Either way, I don't think one very large specimen necessarily means that all the Rephaim were "giants".

Here, giant should actually be translated Rephaim (ie literally "invigorating")
From the root, "to heal", "to mend", "to cure", "physician", "to make whole".  The literal meaning of the root has been transferred to the tribes of Rephaim, and used in a derivative fashion (ie with poetic license) to indicate that they might have been "giants".  In other words, Rephaim (inaccurately defined as "children of the giant") is a colloquialism.  A clearer understanding of the meaning of the word Rephaim would be "zombies", "vampires", "ghosts", "the living dead", etc.  Indeed, they must have been some truly terrifying, hideous creatures.

"Hebrew Word: rapa
Strong's Cross Reference: 7503,
Derivative Definition: II, giants, Rephaim.
"This root is cognate to the Phoenician verb rph with a similar meaning.  Rapa appears forty-three times in the OT.  It is used in the Qal, Piel, Hiphil, and Hithpael stems.  The root bears a wide variety of meanings and connotations.  The preferred reading is, 'How long will you remain disheartened.'  This is an interesting and significant root.  However, each occurrence must be carefully compared with other similar contexts.  Interestingly enough, rapa is used in poetic contexts only a very few times.  The nouns repa'im (q.v.) 'shades' and the proper name 'Rephaim' may be related to rapa or rapa', but the connection is not clear.
"Re pa'im.  'Ghosts of the dead, shades'.  A word and idea of Ugaritic origin, rp'i, which means 'the dead inhabitants of the netherworld' is cognate to both Hebrew and Phoenician re pa'im... The primary fact concerning the eight occurrences of the root in the OT is that it appears exclusively in poetic passages.  Its use is prescribed as a 'B' word or second synonym in parallel series.  The most common parallelism is death (dead)/ghosts (a more complex poetic structure).  The parallelism ghosts/sheol occurs in two passages.  In one other passage the parallelism is reversed to form sheol/ghosts and in another single instance a complicated parallelism of what has been called the modified 'staircase' type sets 'foolish men'/ to ghosts.  It is clear that this ancient quasi-mythological term was used merely to satisfy the requirements of Hebrew poetic structure and in no way indicates any specific connotation to the root re pa'im other than as a synonym for 'the dead' and the 'place of the dead.'
"It may be added that the Ugaritic evidence is uncertain.  The root rp'i is translated by Gordon as 'deities, shades of the dead'; by Aistleitner as 1) prince (Fuerst), 2) God as Prince [ie evil spirit or fallen angel?], 3) Baal as Prince of the gods'.  Several of the passages refer to the gentilic Rephaites; in the Tale of Aqhat, Daniel is called a Rapha-man (see re pa'im below).  In some of the other passages the translation is dubious, e.g. Ginsberg translates by 'community' in italics.  It is methodologically questionable to use these Ugaritic data extensively in determining the OT meaning of this word as some have done.  There seems to be no clear Ugaritic connection of the root with the netherworld and the Hebrew theology differs from the Ugaritic in any case.
"The Hebrew evidence adduced by W. White for parallelism of rp'i with death, dead, sheol (or grave, is important and convincing.  However, the ghost-like character of the dead is not so clear.  Really, as the term refers to dead persons, the translation 'dead ones' would fit very well in cases.  This does not deny that other passages refer to continuing life of the soul, but not necessarily in shadowy semiexistence.
"re pa'im:  Giants, Rephaim.  A term of Ugaritic origin, the designation for one of the most primitive pre-Semitic peoples of Palestine.  According to the Ugaritic myths and legends the hero Danel (no relationship to the biblical Daniel), and the champion of Baal are both called Rephaites.  Whether this is a folk etymology or a term based upon some ancient historical term is unknown.  The OT historians used it to describe the pre-Israelite inhabitants of Palestine... [T]he Ammonites called them the Zamzummim but no data is extant on this name.  The versions are confused in translating the term.  The usages are as follows:  KJV, giants; RSV, Rephaim; jps, Rephaim.  In several passages, the KJV translates giants, while the RSV renders Rephaim; [in other passages] KJV renders giant, RSV giants.  Other passages follow a similar confused pattem.  The KJV justification for substituting giant in cases is based upon the details about the Rephaim in [passages], where they are said to be "Tall as the Anakim."  The LXX also translated the word as giant in [certain passages].  The exact relationship between Rephaim I and II is very difficult and no plausible explanation as yet has appeared.  (As to Og's famous bed, it may have been a sarcophagus which was large not because Og was a giant but because other objects would have been buried with him.)"
So bottom line, the usage of the word giant instead of Rephaim seems to have been the result of exagerated folklore and poetic license.

"In all mythologies the primal god is a hermaphrodite.  Thus the Egyptian Thum says:  'I am the great god, who created himself.'  Zeus gives birth to Athene.  Ymir, the Germanic primal god, generates offspring with himself.  Ymir and the valkyries still live on even today among the Bavarian and Austrian people as St. Kummernis who is worshipped as a bearded half-man / half-woman.  From the Koran it is clear that the angels were also thought of as hermaphrodites.  The angels are the Uranian Aphrodite of the Greeks.  Herodotus reports concerning the Scythian hermaphrodites which everyone could see as such [presumably because they wore no clothing].  Their hermaphroditism was the result of their plundering of the temple of Aphrodite-Urania in Askalon, ie they abducted the issuri-men [subhuman Hybrids] from there and Sodomized them and the resulting children were hermaphrodites.  Now we can understand why the inhabitants of Sodom lusted so much after the angels [demon-possessed, bestial Hybrids] which were visiting Lot.
"Pliny 8:3 emphasizes that hermaphrodites do exist, which were considered 'miracles' [ie wonders, freaks, novelties, curiosities] in earlier times, but which served for the satisfaction of lust in the time of Pliny.  Loki is called the 'child-bearing feminine,' as generally, as far as I can judge, the pure blond Germanic race has the greatest inclination to hermaphroditism.  [That is an admission that those Aryan tribes are Nephilim.  It is unfortunate however, that Liebenfels and other Gnostics, through methods of faulty logic, have succeeded in glorifying them as some divine, godlike race.]
"It is illustrative that the Saxon code of law (Sachsenspiegel), meant for pure-raced northern Germany contains its own legal measure concerning the Allzuviel (hermaphrodites).  An especially unusual custom surrounding the crib of a manchild speaks further concerning the one-time existence of authentic bilateral hermaphrodites.  In some regions upon the birth of a child the father has to lay down and act as if he had borne the child.  Additionally is must be noted that there are really lactating men.  That the Kars had a strict matriarchy, that among the Germanic peoples the wise women (valkyries, blessed maidens) were held in such high regard, is for me further proof for the former existence of Amazons.  Among the Hebrews the child was adopted by a foster-father by him setting it on his lap and thus indicating that it has been borne by him.  In an Orphic hymn it is beautifully expressed:  'Zeus the First, Zeus the Last, Lord of Lightning... Zeus was a man, Zeus was an immortal virgin.'"
[That only tells me that their men were quite effeminate and apparently very jealous of women.]
Kars is a Turkish city.  This is in the Caucasus region, and I don't think it has any valid connection to the Germanic tribes.
The Kars Province is adjacent to Armenia.
Approximately the same region from which the Khazars (later, German Ashkenazi Jews) arose.

"And if I [Liebenfels] were asked what I understood divinity to be, I would say:  By that I understand the living beings of the ultraviolet and ultrared forces and worlds [ie it would be fair to assume that he means the entire unseen, invisible, spiritual realm -- regardless of moral character].  In former times they were embodied and moved about in complete purity.  Today they live on [H]uman beings.  The gods [ie idols, demons] slumber in bestialized [H]uman bodies [ie Nephilim or Hybrids], but the day is coming when they will rise up again.  We were electric, we will be electric, to be electric and to be divine is the same thing [not really]!  By means of the electric eye primitive man was omniscient, through inner electrical power they were omnipotent.  The omniscient and omnipotent has the right to call itself God!"
(Apparently unlike the true, Righteous God, divinity has little to do with virtue or morality.)

[Woo-hoo; I guess that calls for a celebration, perhaps an orgy?  So, Gnosticism is complete and utter anti-Christ apostasy.  Believers of that New Age philosophy grandiosely believe themselves to be gods, while attempting to justify their reasoning with incredible rationalizations rooted in extremely poor logic.  However, what they are really practicing is delusional idolatry combined with bestiality.  Hence, we have found the mysterious Beast of Revelation:  the Nephilim, or Serpent Seed of Cain.

Liebenfels then launches a narrative ridden with extremely weird and shoddy logic, attempting to justify Pagan racism, Aryanism.  It quickly becomes apparent why the Aryans glorify certain symbols (ie peacocks, monkeys, swastikas, etc.) as having magical or godlike qualities; and why they are so fixated on hermaphroditism and other sexual fetishes.  Again, he falsely associates the Israeli tribes with the issuru-people, whom he implies are bestial Nephilim Hybrids and vipers.  Yet the true meaning of the term issuri / issuru is ether.  The word ether simply means spiritual or heavenly; it just means that the tribes of Israel are descended from true Human beings with Human (ie Godly or moral) souls.  It says, confirming holy scriptures, that Israel, descended from Adam and Eve through Seth, is the People of God (the Creator).  There is no way that Israel can be rightly categorized as Nephilim, when the truth is that God would never forgive or claim them as His own, if that were the case... While tedious and often infuriating, it is somewhat interesting nevertheless to read through the strange suppositions of the Gnostic belief system (ie their religion or dogma); because that is the best way in which to understand their typically bizarre thinking and behaviors.]

"Any doubt that we are dealing with living beings in the form of logos, male'ak, dabar, or 'emer is laid to rest by Paul where it is said that the 'word' (logos) is a living being."

[Paul actually was talking about the personified Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the embodiment and teacher of Righteousness, ie morality.  However, Liebenfels equates the same concept (logos) with various Pagan gods of mythology (including 'the good primeval serpent'), while implying that Israel (God's chosen People, according to scriptures) are 'the Sodomite vipers of the wilderness.']

"... The logos is the patriarch of European man, man in the real sense.  He is the one who sits on the white [ie Aryan] horse, he is the white stone (Revelation 2:17).  He conquers the other three kinds of men:  the black [Negroid], the yellow [Mongoloid], and red [Adamite, also probably some Native Americans]; he is the king of kings, the lord of lords.  The present-day colored [H]uman races are nothing other than udumi [red, Adamite, and some Native Americans], baziati [Mongoloid or yellow] and pagutu [Negroid or black] which have been bred-upward by contact with homo Europaeus.  They are as dangerous to the Sons of Logos [ie Serpent Seed] as they were in pre-history.  They ensnare us with their arts of love -- breeding themselves upward, while breeding us downward!"

[So in true Gnostic style, Liebenfels ignores scriptural texts which would disprove his theory, while quite literally making stuff up.  According to holy scripture, Noah only had three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) who fathered precisely three major race divisions:  Shem = Red or Adamite (ie Caucasoid); Ham = Black or Negroid; and Japheth = Yellow or Mongoloid.  So it begs the question:  of what is the Aryan race descended?  The answer is that they are the Nephilim, bestial Hybrids; the "white", "shining" ones who have pronounced themselves nobility, royalty, high caste... our 'superiors'.  They are the Peacock Cult, Monkey Cult, Luciferians who proclaim themselves 'lord of lords, king of kings'.  That, dear readers, is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.]

Birds of the Assyrian Monuments and Records.
Volume 8.
Another copy of Volume 8.
Ostara (a journal published by Liebenfels).  What is most terrifying about all of this which I have discovered about the Gnostics / Templars / Freemasons / Etc. ("Legion") -- is that they possess so much Global power.  In fact, they have virtually cornered every market; and can anyone see how they are abusing that power?  Does anyone 'get' that those idiotic Nephilim sub-Humans are hell-bent on destroying Humanity -- even at the cost of destroying themselves and the entire planet along with us?

Contents [of the linked issue of Ostara]:

Paradise not as a regional definition, but rather as time of the “angels”, Eden as beloved of the “great gardener”, the “trees”, “streams”, “stones” and “serpents” of Paradise nothing other than “angels”, Adam and Eve human-animals, the human-animal gardens of the Assyrian kings, cultic fornication with the Assyrian udume (ape-humans), pagatu (sea-nickers), baziati (dwarves) and issuri (angels), the original sin, the mixing of the angels with the human-animals, the lentil eating Esau an udumu, the ark as an allegory of pure breeding and the tower of Babel as allegory of racial mixing, Moses as enemy of the ape-humans and glorifier of the Germanic people and the blonde heroic race, the ladder of Jacob or the true way to heaven, 1. Image: The biblical Adams- (Ape-) human in the British Museum

[In other words:  a pack of lies.]

Finding all sorts of interesting things.
More about the Beziati; and about the "Religion of the Aryo-Germanic Folk:  Esoteric and Exoteric."
Black Magic.
The Rise of the First Reich, edited by Boyd H. Hill, Jr., c1969, is an excellent early history of Germany; but more importantly, it is a history of the enduring partnership between Church and State (ie the consolidation of totalitarian political power and 'authority' over the masses of 'common' people).  From starting on page 126 of the book, is some interesting information concerning the subject of giants:
"Bede's seemingly strange association will become less cryptic when we turn to another peculiar item of the Aachen miniature:  the apparently gigantic stature of the emperor whose feet rest on earth while his head is in heaven.  Incidentally, there exists a miniature of Otto's contemporary in the East, Emperor Basis II, who likewise towers like a giant from earth to heaven... while his defeated enemies crouch below.  The giant figure, of course, was a distinguishing mark not only of Hellenistic and Roman or Byzantine emperors honored by colossal monuments, but also of Christ.  It was a feature well known in early Christian popular belief, especially in the Gnostic and docetic circles which may even have drawn from a Rabbinic tradition concerning Adam:  'The first man extended from the earth to the firmament.'  However, the vision of a giant Christ was orthodox as well.  It was kept alive within the Church through the 18th Psalm:  'He hath rejoiced as a giant to run his course.'  And although in the Psalm the giant stature of God -- Justin parallels him with the mythical Heracles [ie Hercules] -- has no obvious relation to the two natures [ie the dualistic nature of Jesus, the mortal, carnal, Son of God and the eternal, celestial, spiritual heavenly Father], Saint Ambrose (c. 340-397) nevertheless speaks in that connection of Christ as the gigas geminae substantiae (giant of twinned substance).  The Psalm has been taken subsequently as an allusion to either the Incarnation or the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ.  And perhaps the Ambrosian 'Giant of two substances' should be linked to a standard interpretation of the head and feet of Christ which was current in the East.  'The head means the godhead of Christ; the feet, his manhood,' writes Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 315-386); and it was quite common, especially in connection with 'the feet like unto fine brass' of the Revelation (1:15), to explain that the feet of Christ indicated the Incarnation."
I don't believe that the early, orthodox Christians would ever have dared refer to Christ in terms of being a "giant", had it any sort of adverse or dark connotations.  So, for any Biblical scholar or religious leader to equate giantism or giants with Nephilim, is more than simple faulty logic; it is intentionally deceitful.
Eleven instances of the word, "giant" in the KJV Bible, according to this source.

Words represented by "giants" in the Bible, are:  Nephilim, Rephaim, Annaki, Zanzummim, Emim... All which are not strictly literal, but only figurative translations of the word.  In every case, it seems that later translators of the scriptural texts took poetic license in translating the meaning of the original language.  In fact, they mostly seem to indicate monstrous, evil, humanoid creatures -- not necessarily giants.
Nephilim is more accurately and logically translated to:  the fallen or destroyed ones (ie monsters).
Although claiming to be supported by other Biblical verses, there is really no corroborating evidence to suggest that Rephaim means anything other than ghosts (ie monsters, frightful beings) -- which is exactly how Google translates it.
Anakim means quite literally long-necked, which doesn't really suggest giantism to me, as much as some sort of physical defect or abnormality.
Ammon = tribal.
Zanzummim = plotters (or buzzers, according to Google translate).
Emim = terrors (horrors, according to Google translate).

From Rise of the First Reich, page 128, which first expounds more about the mixing of Church and State, then reconfirms my theory that giants were not always symbolic of evil:

"The Reichenau artist did not come about those passages merely by chance.  Commissioned... to design a triumphal image of the emperor, he naturally turned to Psalm 90 and consulted Augustine's commentary.  For Psalm 90 was the great Victory Psalm, the 'imperial' Psalm par excellence according to oldest tradition, because it contains the famous versicle (v. 13):  'Thou shalt tread upon the adder and the basilisk, the lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.'  In fact, this Psalm was for many reasons so irresistibly imperial that the very few and rather exceptional representations of Christ in the full uniform of a Roman emperor -- golden armour and imperial shoulder fibula with three pendants -- are all connected with Psalm 90:13, although otherwise 'gods in uniform [ie warrior gods]' were a subject not too rarely depicted in late Antiquity.  There cannot be the slightest doubt, therefore, but that the Augustinian exegesis of Psalm 90 prompted the artist to represent the living emperor Christ-like as Imperator in tabernaculo militans (military emperor in the tabernacle).  As a result, he turned the ambivalent word tabernaculum from its figurative meaning (flesh) back to its original meaning of tabernacle:  thence in his picture the 'veil of the tabernacle,' which became to him also an essential stage property for dividing the emperor's body and indicating the geminate nature -- pedes in terra, caput in coelo (feet on earth, head in the heavens).

"To understand the specific function of the veil, another iconographic pattern has to be considered:  the image of the Ascension of Christ showing only the feet of the Incarnate whereas the body and head have already disappeared in heaven.  Perhaps, though not necessarily, the concept of Christus Gigus was influential too... Maximus ecce gigans scandit super astra triumphans (Lo, the greatest giant strides over the stars in his triumph)..."

So in conclusion, while I would admit that there must have been a real tradition of giant lore among the ancients -- one which even represents Jesus Christ himself as gigantic -- it is sufficiently apparent that the Nephilim or bestial Hybrids probably were not themselves actual giants.


"According to the sources which we have investigated, all 'elements' more or less have electrical sentience and power, but the issuri-being[s] have these to the greatest degree.  For the reason we read in many passages in the Bible of an equivalence between the pagan gods and Jehovah [never seen that, and he cites nothing to prove that statement].  The Devil is thought of as an opponent of equivalent status [not really].  God stands in the assembly of the gods (Psalms 81:1 [?]), Paul says (I Corinthians 8:5) there are many [false] gods and lords [ie idols].  The pagan gods are not like the God of Israel [that's an understatement].  They are from the vineyard of Sodom (Deuteronomy 32:31ff.).  So we now have to ponder whether the God of the Hebrews [ie Israel, the issuri, who according to Liebenfels, bred with the fallen angels] was nothing other than one of those electric beings from the primeval world..."

[It is quite obviously the intent of the Gnostics, to cast the Righteous, Creator God as nothing more than any other god or idol.]

"The Gnostics considered the Demiurge and the Lord-God an animal and Clemens Al. says:  'they worship the Corax (raven) as an angel of God.'  Cerinth called God an angel, the Naassenes worshipped the good serpent (nachas) as God and Creator of the cosmos.  The 'name' of God lives in the angels (Exodus 23:21).  According to the writings of the Fathers the oft-mentioned wisdom (Hebrew chokmah) is actually God.  Strange things are expressed about chokmah.  She existed already in primeval times, before the udumi and pagutu existed (Proverbs 8:23).  Chokmah is conceived of as a living being throughout all the ancient scriptures."

[The truth is that the subject of Wisdom is personified only in a poetic fashion, in holy scriptures.  By no means is it meant to be a real, separate being, or any sort of god; nor is Wisdom meant to be just another name for God, although wisdom is considered one of God's praiseworthy virtues or characteristics.  However, the Gnostics have a strange manner of fragmenting and compartmentalizing, while simultaneously blurring important boundaries.  It does seem that besides habitually obsessive compulsive reactions, boundaries are a big issue for them.]

"In the New Testament the most frequent designation for God is 'ab = father.  On many occasions Jesus says (Matthew 5:18) that he absolutely does not want to abolish the old law, but at the same time the word father suddenly appears as the customary designation for Jehovah without anyone knowing why this is so."

[Actually, the reason is clearly explained in the scriptures -- which maybe Liebenfels didn't study all that well.  Also, God's verbal designation really is not a point of Law, whether of the Old or New Testament, or Covenant.  Because according to scripture, God simply is ["I AM"] -- God has no name that either is or may be known by any Human being, or by anyone other than His Son, Jesus Christ.  That is why Jesus is the only existing entity who may enter the Holy of Holies:  the Heavenly Sanctuary, where God Himself, the Wellspring of Life, is enthroned or concentrated.  However, by now we surely understand that the anti-Christ Gnostics come from a purely Rabbinical, Talmudic, Babylonian, Pagan, mystical or esoteric tradition of religious philosophy.  The only way that Gnosticism could ever make any sense, requires a complete denial and rejection of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant.]

"In contrast, in the Old Testament the word cloud appears much more frequently than 'ab, ie as translated.  Now Origines says that cloud is the holy spirit which today we still commonly conceive of as a dove [except, not literally].  'Ab means ibis in Egyptian, however [yet, 'ab is actually Hebrew in the scriptures, since they are not written in Egyptian.  But, Gnostics never allow such minor technicalities to impede their flights of fantasy...]  'Osiris the Ibis (hab), the Blessed' is found in Hermes Trismegistus.  The ibis and the baboon were holy to Osiris.  The cloud ('ab) spoken of in Exodus 14:19 goes out before the Israelites -- it is dark by day and shines at night.  In III Kings 18:44 an 'ab in the shape of a man emerges from the sea and begins to speak.  In Isaiah 14:14 the Devil wants to make himself the equal of God when he ascends to the height of the clouds.  'Who below the clouds can make himself the equal of God?' (Psalms 88:7).  The Lord speaks in the cloud (Psalms 98:7).  The house is filled by the cloud (Ezekiel 10:4).  In all cases the Lord is indicated by this..."

[But like I said, God doesn't change just because you choose to call Him cloud instead of Father.  And as Liebenfels himself points out, the word cloud merely refers to one particular aspect of God's personality:  the Holy Spirit; whereas, Father acknowledges yet a different aspect of the same being.  In my opinion, Father is more respectful of the personal connection between Humanity and God, our Creator.  Holy Spirit is also a finer choice of appellation than the more simplistic, naturalistic cloud.  But underlying all the nit-picky, obsessive criticism of Christians' customary manners of reference to God, is the desire to equate God = cloud = other Pagan gods.]

"Ovid knows of the children of the clouds.  In Homer Zeus bears the by-name leader of the clouds.  The Greek word for cloud is nephele and corresponds to German Nebel (fog).  Herodotus provides the best evidence that Jehovah is really the ibis [groan].  Below we will see that Jehovah is Osiris.  Osiris is, however, the ibis.  Osiris is the same as the Greek Dionysus.  Jehovah is, according to more recent scholars, Iacchus or Bacchus, whose retinue is formed by tame beast-men.  Additionally, the Bacchic Mysteries are nothing other than the doctrine of the Bible.  Just as Jehovah is [not] the Egyptian ibis, the enemy and opponent of the other lower Sodomite hobgoblins, as this follows from the already described fight between the ibises and the winged vibers.  Herodotus expressly distinguishes between two types of ibis.  The one has crane-legs and a 'bowed face' (prosopon epigryphon) and the size of a crex.  A second type, however, has legs like [H]umans.  It is obviously the ibis, a humanoid being, against which Ovid directs his famous, but mysterious, poetic invective:  The Ibis.  In this poem can be found all the hatred of the kind of paganism which had sunk into Sodomite practices for the anti-Sodomite religion of Jehovah and Christ...

"All of this does not fit for the harmless ibis-bird, it has much more similarity to that which is reported about the phoenix and salamander.  In the Bible the ibis occurs as iansup (Leviticus 11:17; Deuteronomy 14:6; Isaiah 34:11) always in connection with the swan (Hebrew tinsemet, according to Targ. salamander) which lives among the ruins.  The Aramaic expression for iansup is qipod, which indicates an ape-like animal.  According to Isaiah 34:15 it is the same as qipuz (arrow-snake) and Rashi explains it with harisum (Latin ericius hedgehog).  It is of special importance that the kabod of the Lord is so often mentioned -- this is translated with splendid appearance (gloria) by the ancients.  Zeus abducts Ganymede in the shape of an eagle and Wodan does the same with Odroerir.  In the Helgakvida it is said:  'In the primeval time when the eagles sang.'

"The good serpent, who animated everything, is God, according to the Naassenes.  The Bible, read in its original text, says the same thing [yet again he gives nothing to support such a wild accusation].  The Roch, a humanoid bird which occurs so often in Arabic fairytales, is, according to the word itself, the same as ruach -- the holy spirit that hovers over the waters in Genesis 1:2.  The verb rachap used in this passage has the meaning to brood in Deuteronomy 32:11.  The Quiches ([Mexican] Indians) say the creator hovered over the primal waters as a feathered serpent."

[So in that very convoluted fashion, the Gnostics soft-brush the distinctions between the righteous, virtuous, Christian God and all of the other Pagan gods and idols.  This book clearly introduces the earliest concept of the current Ecumenical movement.  Essentially, what he is trying to prove is that it doesn't really matter which gods you serve -- because apparently morality doesn't have much to do with any of it, and the Christian God is no different from any Pagan ones.]
Freemasonry, Our State Religion.

"... What the Bible says concerning the God of Israel is attributed to the aether (issuru) by the Greek cosmologists.  The sons of Nyx (comp. Hebrew nachas) are Aether and Hemere.  Hemere is, however, an angel.  From Orpheus comes the sentence:  'Zeus is one, Aether one, Helios one, Dionysus one, one God in all,' just like Jehovah unifies all anthropological elements in his form.  Thus Orpheus sings:  'Zeus, root of the earth and the starry heaven.  Zeus, the essence of the wind, the power of fire -- the Moon, the Sun, the King who bore everything forth.'  Aeschylus says:  'Zeus is aether, Zeus is Ge (Earth)' and Anaximander calls the aether divine and immortal.  Stobaeus also profoundly notes:  'Thus everything arose from Aer (air) and to it everything will return.'  Concerning God it is said...:  He dwells in the aether and creates himself, is indeterminable (according to zoological classification) and sees everything."

[It is quite a stretch to state that Jehovah "unifies all anthropological elements in his form."  And it is easy to see where that line of reasoning is heading:  he will soon proclaim that the Hybrid Nephilim are not just equal to, but are in fact 'superior' to natural, regular, simple, humble Human beings who were merely made in the image of God, by the hand of God.  The Gnostic Nephilim are overawed at their ability to artificially breed novel monsters through acts of bestiality and fornication.  They are drunk on their own illusory powers, narcissistically mistaking themselves for magicians, sorcerers, gods...]

"The different names by which Jehovah is known in the Bible certainly confirm my hypothesis.  God bears the name 'el.  I consider Greek Helios = solar god to be related.  Heliopolis is the sanctuary of Osiris and the ibis.  God is called the Zedyk-Helios in Mal. 4:2.  God has his dwelling in Helios (Psalms 18:6).  Here a world-famous Bible passage also finds its explanation.  Helios (Sun) and Selene (Moon, Hebrew iarech), which stand still in Joshua 10:12, are issuri which are fighting against the ape-men."

[That is sort of like saying the Sun and Moon, rather than merely being under the control of God, the Holy Spirit, and at His command, are themselves sentient spiritual beings which are free to act autonomously, independently.  In that fashion, Liebenfels bestows godlike traits upon those particular heavenly bodies, rather than recognizing them as miraculous gifts from the true God.  So, you might infer that the Gnostics have as much or more gratitude toward the Sun and Moon as they do toward God Almighty; yet, they only show it by seeking to exploit them in the same ways in which they exploit the earth (ie Paradise, the Garden, Eden, our Human Habitat):  through plans to mine them, capitalize on them, colonize them, experiment on them, etc.]

"God is frequently called adoni.  He is in fact a God of love, like Adonis, and Ulfilas therefore correctly translates with Frauja, ie the God Froh (Joy).  In Psalms 16:15 the tamunah of God are spoken about.  I refer to the already discussed word tamewan.  Truly, God is a 'hidden' God (Isaiah 45:15).  Jehovah is the highest among the chaiim, which are primitive humanoid beings (Psalms 114:9).  His appearance is horrifying (Job 27:28); Proverbs 9:10; etc.).  Just like the Sodomite entities, God bears the code-name stone.  Berahoth 5b explicity says that by rock in Job 18:4 the holy one is understood.  God is called the stone of the entities of the primeval world in Isaiah 26:4.  He is called 'adi-adThe Arabs understand the Adites to be primitive people of giant size and great strength who lifted blocks of stone with ease.  God is also called a stone in II Kings 22:3; Psalms 61:8; Isaiah 30:29, etc.  Among the burning stones in the Garden of God (Ezekiel 28:13) is named the gold of the glory of God.  In Exodus 3:2 the angel of the Lord shows himself to Moses in a flaming fire from a tok-seneh.  In Egyptian the ibis is also called tech and in III Kings 10:22 and II Par. 9:21 the tukiim are peacocks, that are brought with apes from Tarshish to king Solomon.  The Greek word batos (thorn-bush) occurs in Aristotle's hist. anim. as a designation for a kind of sea-ray.

"So then Deuteronomy 4:24 and Hebrew 12:29 can with justification call God an all-consuming fire.  He was [? considering God is supposedly eternal] a living, electric fire."

[Liebenfels continues making unsubstantiated claims about the nature of God and how He is presumably no different from the Pagan idols.  The author simultaneously works on minimizing the differences between the pure Human species (made in God's image and by His hand) and the artificial, Hybrid subspecies.  He also shows the typical Gnostic lack of language comprehension in the way that he completely ignores context.  For them, the same words mean the same things, so are completely interchangible, without regard to context.  That, along with sheer or subtle deceit, smooth tones, and rhythmic cadences, is how they con the unsuspecting and uneducated into believing that whatever they say is really rational and reasonable.  The fact is, they are simply very persuasive, relying mainly on the strength of their persistent determination alone:  they know that if they repeat the same crap over and over again, most people will eventually break down and agree with them, if only to make them go away and be quiet.]

"If we focus on the Biblical Hebrew term 'emer = logos (Psalms 11:6) the riddle solves itself.  'Emer is the primeval, megalithic Amorites, Gomorrites, he is Gomer, the first son of Japhet (Genesis 10:2) he is Gamir = Armenians, he is the Cimmerians, the Cimbri-hero, the dual-sexed Germanic Gymir, the patriarch of the Germanic peoples.  Let us not forget that Herodotus refers to especially numerous hermaphrodites among the Scythians.  [How could we forget that?]  The logos = Hermes; Mercury is Wotan the highest of the German gods.  The logos is also Himeros, Cupid and Eros...

"The Thracians worship Hermes as their tribal god and the Scythians call Zeus their father (All-Father).  According to Herodotus present-day Germany was inhabited by the king's Scythians.  This designation obviously refers to some distinction.  For millennia the race of these men, who were the kings of kings, sallied forth from this country [ie Germany].  According to Herodotus the Scythians at one time ruled over all of Asia (Semiramis!), and Lucian even calls the Deukalion-Noah a Scythian.  Scythia is the land of the griffins, of the Arimaspians, flying feathers, of the valkyries and angels.

"Also in the Book of Enoch Noah is portrayed as being angelic, blond, white with light eyes; and in the Koran (51:28) the Male'akim prophesied a 'white boy' for Abraham.  The Germanic women appeared like goddesses to contemporary Romans.  Concerning their customs Strabo says:  'We consider the Scythians the most honest, and least deceitful of men.  And certainly they are such noble men because they have not given themselves over to such debauchery and sensual pleasures.'  It has taken a lont time for people to be convinced that Germania is the 'womb and factory of nations.'  Only today, now that almost the whole world has succumbed to ape-nature -- right up to the Germanic countries which have not been fully spared either -- does the truth begin to dawn on us, that we are lacking a certain divine [H]umanity in a general flood of ape-men.  But it won't be long before a new priestly race will rise up in the land of the electron and the Holy Graal... Great princes, strong warriors, God-inspired priests, singers with eloquent tongues, and bright-eyed cosmologists will rise up out of Germany's every-holy soil of the gods -- put the Sodomite apelings in chains, establish the Church of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Graal anew and make the Earth into an 'Island of the Blessed.'  The temples of the pastors and ape-dealers will collapse, the Graal-castle and the Church of John will, however, abide until Christ comes again (John 21:33)!"

Today's Gnostics preach that the Holy Grail are certain family lineages and individuals possessing Rhesus negative (ie Aryan) blood-type.  Likewise, they falsely claim in all of their propaganda that Rhesus positives have "the monkey blood".  They consider Rhesus positives their inferiors, gentiles, slaves...  So, don't be lulled into thinking that Nazi fascism is a thing of the past and that both eugenics and genocide are not being practiced on us today.  If you were to have access (like they do) to the medical records of everyone in high political and corporate positions, not only in the U.S. but throughout most of the world -- I'm sure you will find the vast majority of them have that type of blood.  They are in all of the key positions of power, not by coincidence, and not because they are deserving, superior, or more intelligent -- but simply according to their own schemes and plans.  They call themselves the Illuminati, as if they are something truly godlike -- but what they really are, is a global crime syndicate no different from (and including) the Mafia.

In the Freemasons and other Illuminati sponsored fraternal organizations, only Rhesus negatives are ever promoted to positions of power and authority; only Rhesus negatives are brought into the inner circles of the Knowledge of Good and Evil:  the esoterica of their Secret Societies.

I've already proven in other of my blogs, that Rhesus negative blood is compatible with Rhesus monkey blood, so I won't repeat it again here.  It is a fact easily proven with the correct testing methods.  But be aware, the true physiological properties of their bloodtype is one of their most well-guarded secrets.  For one thing, that is why they produce so much repetitive propaganda to obscure the reality of it.  But, you might also have noticed how secretive they are about their Rh- bloodtype in person (for example: Rhesus positive parents are usually not informed by medical staff when their newborns have Rh- bloodtypes -- although Rhesus negative parents usually are informed, regardless of which bloodtype their newborns have), while online (ie anonymously) they brag and boast about it almost nonstop, and with the most obnoxious hyperbole.

Rhesus positives also need to understand how critically important it is to realize that transfusions of Rhesus negative blood is NOT SAFE for Rhesus positive patients, despite the fact we are being lied to about it (the "universal donor" nonsense, which only raises the dollar value of their blood as a commodity); that is just another of their self-aggrandizing, self-serving, and harmful (to us) myths.

The most remarkable thing about the Aryan culture is how their philosophy is rooted in the preservation of their bloodlines.  Liebenfels wrote his book, Theozoology, many years before the Rhesus negative bloodtype was even identified, yet the Aryans already had long customarily chosen their breeding partners primarily based on matters of color and physique:  blond hair with light golden or creamy colored skin, red hair and freckles, bosomy, often petite in height, light-eyed women were usually chosen for wives (and/or mistresses) by the elites.  These just coincidentally happened to be the same traits found almost exclusively in Rhesus negative people.

Their women's moral values and intelligence was/is a secondary issue for them -- they really only needed to be virginal, to pass the test... And obedient; because then as always, Aryan women were merely the chattel or property (sometimes trophies) of their patriarchal husbands -- despite their loud protests of denial to the contrary.  Elite men would usually only marry a very young (ie guaranteed virginal) woman, preferably with a generous dowry, one that included a lot of money and/or real estate (ie oftentimes a girl from a wealthy family, without surviving brothers who might inherit the estates) -- which typically wound up eventually in the hands of one of the couples' sons.

So by the time the Aryans finally learned (in around 1940 or sometime thereafter) that their signature bloodtype, Rhesus negative, is in reality compatible with Rhesus monkey blood, while Rhesus positive bloodtypes are not (oops!) -- it was already too late by then, because they had so thoroughly bred "the monkey blood" into their own gene pool.  And for a tribe of people with such an ingrained ethnocentric sense of false pride, the only viable defense mechanism against that shockingly overwhelming blow to their egos was to quickly save face and deny the truth -- because the only other alternative for any such aggressive, violent people, would have been mass suicides and/or a complete 'cleansing' and 'purification' of their breeding stock.

But to a large extent, they actually handled the problem with both methods.  They did go into total, blind denial, proclaiming themselves superior to Rhesus positives and to all others outside of their own bloodlines, while proceeding to further inbreed amongst themselves; and at the same time, they waged a sadistically cruel genocide against all non-Aryans within WWII Nazi Germany, not only with the intention of preventing cross-breeding of themselves with non-Hybrids, but furthermore it seems with hateful, angry malice -- as if punishing the Human species, for unwittingly proving by our very existence alone, that Aryans really are not our 'superiors'.

Sir Richard Burton's anthropological musings.

Numerous issues of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland.

"Finally, among primates, human [blood] serum dissolves the corpuscles of fishes, frog, snakes, pigeon, fowl, night-heron, horse, swine, ox, rabbit, guinea-pig, dog, cat, hedgehog, and lemur.  The effect of human [blood] serum was tried upon the blood of six species of apes (the platyrhines, Pithesciurus sciurcus, Atoles ater; the catarrhines, Cynocephalus babuin, Macacus sinicus, Macacus cynomolgus, and Rhesus nemestriuus, at the Berlin Zoological Garden).  In all cases the Human [blood] serum dissolved the ape corpuscles.  The serum of Macacus had no effect upon the blood of some persons [ie some humans], while the blood of others was quickly dissolved by it.
Among the true anthropoid apes is first found blood which is physiologically equivalent to that of man... It is well known that the horse and ass, dog and wolf, rabbit and hare readily cross [ie breed offspring].  It would be a valuable experiment to attempt by means of artificial fertilization, a cross between the rat and mouse, or between the domestic cat and the ocelot [or, between Humans and Apes??? -- I'm already on record stating that it has already been done, in ancient history].  The physiological similarity of the blood of either pair of animals points toward the possibility of a successful crossing.

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