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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Pictorial History of England

A Soldier of the Empire

Saint George's Hall ~ Liverpool

Hawarden Castle

Furness Abbey

Hardwicke Hall

State Bedroom ~ Haddon Hall

Lion's Face Rock ~ Dovedale

Shakespeare's House ~ Stratford-on-Avon

Warwick Castle, from the Avon [River]

The Bells of Ouseley on the Thames [River]

Magdalen Cloister and Tower ~ Oxford

The House of Lords

Bridge of Sighs ~ St. John's College, Cambridge

The Major Oak ~ Sherwood Forest

Bolton Woods
Raglan Castle, from the Moat

Durham Cathedral, from the Prebend Bridge

The Barbican ~ Alnwick Castle

Worcester Cathedral, from the Southwest

Chepstow Castle, from the Moat

The Blowing Stone ~ Uffington

Wells Cathedral, from the Swan Pool

Exeter Cathedral ~ West Front

Bath by Bagworthy Water ~ Doone Valley

Gateway ~ Canterbury

Bonchurch Road ~ Isle of Wight

Railway Map of England and Wales
Lion Rampant (or, maybe Passant...)

The Tower of London (frontispiece)

Color Map of England and Wales
Queen Elizabeth I
Trial of Charles I ~ 1684 

Council of War ~ 1623

The Lord High Admiral ~ Earl of Warwick

Nell Gwynn
The Duke of Wellington
Shakespeare's England, by William Winter, c1893
Kensington Palace

The Tower of London (drawing)

St. Clement Danes ~ The Strand

Gower's Monument
(This particular book has several very detailed drawings of grave monuments inside old churches.)

Temple Church

Old Tabard Inn ~ Southwark
(I have a very nice antique print of this site, in my personal collection.)

St. George and the Dragon
(This whole book is in vintage Art Nouveau / Deco style -- my favorite.)

Windsor Castle

St. George's Chapel ~ Windsor Castle

Windsor Forest and Park

The Curfew Tower

Westminster Hall

Greenwich Hospital

Queen Elizabeth I's Cradle

Washington Irving's Parlour

Holy Trinity Church

Approach to Shottery

Whitehall Gateway

Lambeth Palace
(Steamship, foreground)

Dulwich College

Westminster Abbey, from the Triforium

Henry VII Chapel

Chapel of Edward the Confessor

The Poet's Corner ~ Westminster Abbey

The North Ambulatory [walkway] ~ Westminster Abbey

The Grange

Shakespeare's Birthplace in Henley Street (drawing)

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Charlecote, from the Gatehouse

Shakespeare's Monument

Interesting Art Nouveau / Deco Illustration ~ Two Mounted Knights and an Angel

Peveril Peak

St. Paul's, from Maiden Lane

The Charter-House

St. Giles ~ Cripplegate

Goldsmith's House

Art Nouveau / Deco ~ Peacock

Fleet Street ~ 1780

Gray's Inn Square

Stoke-Pogis Church

"Minds that have nothing to confer find little to perceive."

Column on Barnet Battlefield

Art Nouveau / Deco ~ Cupids Fighting Wild Boar

Falstaff Inn and West Gate ~ Canterbury

Butchery Lane ~ Canterbury

Flying Horse Inn ~ Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral

Stratford Church

The Stratford Memorial

Mary Arden Cottage

Art Nouveau / Deco ~ Owl with Poppies, Scroll, Two Lamps, and Two Torches
(NOX = "I die" or "Hex", in Greek... perhaps)

Church of St. Martin

Westminster Abbey, from the Street

Middle Temple Lane

Warwick Castle
(Boy in skiff on Avon River, foreground.)

Books were works of art, in those days.
Battle of Marston Moor
"For God and for King"

William the Conqueror and Mathilda Grant Special Privileges to London Citizens

King John on the Field of Runnimede Confirming the Great Charter

Richard II Resigns the Crown to Henry of Lancaster, in the Tower of London

Caxton Exhibits His Printing Press to King Edward IV and His Court at Westminster

William Cecil, Lord Burghley ~ Queen Elizabeth I

Lord Strafford, on the Road to Execution, Passes the Window of the Imprisoned Bishop Laud, Whose Blessing He Receives.
James II Receives the News at Whitehall of the Landing of the Prince of Orange
Death of Admiral Nelson on Board the "Victory"

John Stuart Mill ~ Charles Robert Darwin

Worldwide Map of British Possessions ~ 1903
No pictures, but a great narrative on English History (two volumes).
London history, with fine engravings.

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