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Monday, April 29, 2013

My Heroes

This is a work in progress, as I have accumulated admiration for quite a number of historical personages; and I haven't the time to list all of them at once.  I am starting off at random, in no particular order of esteem, mostly on the bases of convenience and coincidence.
Patrick Henry
Be mindful that Wikipedia, like other politically motivated sources, throws some spin on history, attempting to revise it.  So in all cases, use your own judgment of the facts.  The fact is that he opposed the U.S. Constitution which was presented as a replacement for the original Articles of the Confederation.  It is also a fact that he insisted on including a Bill of Rights for American citizens; and that he recommended at least twenty amendments to the document, straight from the get-go.
This is an online copy of Wirt's original c1817 edition of Patrick Henry's biography.  I have an 1837 edition of it.
Some excerpts of his speeches arguing against the proposed U.S. Constitution, at the Philadelphia Convention.
"But God had a tender eye over America and did raise her up a Henry, a Franklin, a Jefferson, an Adams, and a host of other worthies, to ____ fight ____ battles of mind with the intellectual grants of the old world"  ~ Inscription in the front of the Patrick Henry biography.
An interesting discussion concerning the U.S. Constitution.  I could certainly write a very long blog about it myself, and the temptation to do so is overwhelming; but, I'm going to try to conserve my energy for the time being.
The Voice of Freedom
Here's the treasure chest:  CORRESPONDENCE -- My ancestor, John Sevier, Patrick Henry's contemporary, is mentioned four times within volumes I and II of this text (page 460 in volume I; pages 65, 276, and 316 in volume II).  There doesn't seem to be much evidence yet, that they actually ever communicated personally or directly with each other; but I still need to pore over volume III above, the one containing records of Henry's correspondences.  In any case, I'm sure that they were quite familiar with and aware of each others' political influence.

From page 460, volume I

A description of the Battle of King's Mountain

Description of the State of Franklin controversy

"Sevier... was no traitor to his country"; and in fact it says here that he sounded the alarm about Spain.  But the history revisionist, Gordon Belt, would have us to believe otherwise.
Gordon Belt plans on writing his own biography of John Sevier... oh, joy (I bet he's seeing the $$$ signs, plus the opportunity to revise history yet again in favor of Andrew Jackson).
Thomas Jefferson declared him, the greatest orator that ever lived.
Patrick Henry was said to have looked Arabic or Jewish, and this explains why.  His mother was apparently of Moorish ancestry (and I believe "Henry" is or was a Jewish -- or Israeli / Hebrew, perhaps -- surname).

Above all else, St. Francis Xavier was a missionary, because he loved both God and Humanity
French language
A lot of family history; Francis Xavier is said to be an uncle of John Sevier, so if I am as I believe related to John Sevier, then I am also a niece of Francis Xavier.
Letters to a Princess of Germany; French language (not really certain they are Xavier's, must double-check -- but very interesting, anyway).
Apostle of India and Japan.
Apostle of the Indies, interesting frontispiece.
Nice bookplate
French language
French language, portrait frontispiece.
Histories of Ignatius, Xavier, and Favre, from the Jesuit viewpoint, c2006; first word in the text: "sex"... so strange, yet so typical.
From the Basque point of view, c1955.
F. X. Garneau; perhaps another branch of the family; in Canadian French language.

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