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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Antique Book Marbling and Decorative Papers

Navy and Orange
Woodland Leaves, Soft Green on Cream
Trefoil Leaves on Gold
Wine, Gold, Indigo
A simple two-color marble in Peach and Light Green

Circus colors
Even solid black or white has underlying color; like this very Dark Green
Dark Olive; from a completely different copy of the same book linked above
Art Deco Feathers
Library of Congress logo, custom print
Kind of "William Morris" style, sprigs of tiny flowers, semiformal

Whimsical Victorian era Silhouette style Art

Dark Red
Gold abstract floral
Sage green floral
Tiny floral on Gold
 Sage green abstract floral
Slate floral
Gun metal gray marble
Semi-formal abstract leaves
Another interesting, very richly pigmented, dark color; Eggplant
Art Nouveau landscape / waterscape, with scroll, text
Granted, it's plain; but I like the earthiness of the natural pigments, Raw Sienna
Same book title as above, but a different edition; Burnt Umber
Khaki drab or dark olive
Bole, a very soft and dark shade of purple

Gypsy Caravan colors

Misty landscape with house and church
Semi-formal abstract design, Dark Purple
Jet Black
Neutral Gray
Abstract floral, Soft Green-gold, semi-formal
Moss design in Gold on Cream
Intricate details on this faded endpaper

Landscape with Human figure, Turquoise on Cream
Burnt Sienna endpaper from a beautiful book about birds
Ashes of Roses
Dark Sage Green floral
A very formal, symmetrical design
A somewhat lighter shade of Oxblood
Peacock Green

Text Lettering
Dark Brown
Complex monotone floral
Hand-drawn Curly-cues

Gold, Rose, French Blue marble

Dark Red, Indigo, Cream
Medical motif

Faded Shell Pink
Simple floral with a soft patina
Charcoal, or Flat Black
Medium Olive Green

The endpapers of a c1905 book on English Constitutional Law, carries a catalog of more Law books.

Art Nouveau style front endpapers, signed by the artist, Norman Ault
This site doesn't allow copying, but check out the pictorial endpapers on this one (Little Tom of England, c1935).

Fancy Map endpapers

Chocolate, Russet, Green, Gold, Cream

Primary Colors
Antique White Calico

A unique variation in Red, Celadon, Light Orange, Cornflower Blue, and Ivory

Persian Blue, Aquamarine, White

Green and Gold
Semi-formal Leaf design in monotone Antique Beige

Art Nouveau Roses with Text
Mint Green Calico
Semi-formal Pine Green abstract floral

Faded Gold on Peach moss design
Green sprigs with a deep patina
Gold leafy floral
Semi-formal arrangement of Gold Peacock feathers.

A formal, Art Nouveau design of Persian influence
Early 19th century endpaper printed with a floral pattern incorporating a company logo.

Slate Blue, Royal Blue, Gold, and Red
Burgundy, Slate Blue, Turquoise, Ecru, and White

Sable, Mauve, Prussian Blue, Ecru
Teal Gingham Check geometric (German text)

Powder Blue, Red, Ecru

Shades of Blue and Red, with Ecru

Pictorial with Children and Castle

Art Nouveau Landscape, Tree and Boulders with Scroll, probably by Maxfield Parrish

Art Nouveau Pictorial with Castle and Storks

A Marble in subdued tones
Fantasy art Pictorial with Children wearing Bunny Suits, sitting amidst Toadstools

Elaborate Pictorial endpapers from an early copy of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
Endpaper from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, illustrated by W. W. Denslow

The endpapers are the most colorful part of these 1919 & 1908 editions (other than the covers)

Fantasy Pictorial, Castles in the Air, Soft Blue and Gold

c1921 Pictorial, Native American theme
From the c1908 edition of Little Black Sambo, a banned book during the Civil Rights Movement
Pictorial of Child reading a Book
Swirls, from an Illustrated History of the Holy Land

Fans, from an Illustrated Commentary on the Book of Acts

Black and Ivory on Yellow background
An Abstract Pictorial of a Human Figure

Primary Colors on a Creamy neutral background

A pretty plaid, but I can't get it to upload here.

French language book of law, c1773
Nice illustrations, besides the pretty marbling (many volumes of this work are available to read online)

A charming 16th century French text, which also has a remarkable bookplate.


Reminds me a bit of Tortoiseshell








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