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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shell Culture of Ancient North America, Illustrations

Shell Vessels 

Earthen Vessel Made in Imitation of Shell (bottom) 

 Engraved Shell, Harrisburg, Arkansas

 Shell Spoons

 Shell Celts
 Shell Implements

 More Tools Made of Shell

 Shell Fishing Appliances

 Manufacture of Implements and Ornaments

 Pins ~ Eastern Forms

 Pins ~ Pacific Coast Forms
Perforated Shell Beads 

 Discoidal Shell Beads

 Massive Beads and Pearls

 Tubular Shell Beads
Use of Wampum Beads in Indian Council
 Wampum Belts
Wampum Belts Belonging to the Onondagas 

 Onondaga Wampum Belt

Another Onondaga Wampum Belt
Beautiful Onondaga Wampum Belt, Decorated with Human Figures
Wampum Belt Belonging to the William Penn Family 

 Strings of Wampum

 Ancient Pendants of Central & South America
Pendant Ornaments ~ Eastern Forms 

Plain Pendants ~ Pacific Coast Forms 

Pendant Ornaments of the Pacific Coast 

 More Plain Pendants ~ Pacific Coast Forms

 Perforated Plates

 Style Classifications

Shell Gorgets ~ the Cross 

The Cross of the Mound-Builders 

Shell Crosses of the Mound Builders 

 Scalloped Shell Disc ~ Nashville, Tennessee

 Shell Disks ~ Tennessee

More Scalloped Shell Disks ~ All from Tennessee 

 Scalloped Shell Disks ~ Southern North America

Shell Gorget, "the Bird" ~ Mississippi 
 The Bird Design

 1. Alabama, Eagle ~ 2. Florida, Gold Bird Ornament ~ 3. Ivory-billed Woodpecker

 Spider Gorgets (rare)

 Rattlesnake Gorgets

 Rattlesnake Gorgets, from Tennessee Mounds

 Rattlesnake Gorgets, made by Mound-builders
Rattlesnake Gorgets, all from Tennessee Mounds 

 The Serpent Design ~ No. 6 is from Alabama
The Human Face ~ Tennessee, Virginia
 Shell Mask ~ Virginia

 Human Face Design ~ Tennessee, Virginia

 Human Face Shell Designs ~ North America
Shell Gorget ~ the Human Figure ~ McMahan Mound, Tennessee 

Human Figure Shell Gorget, from a Tennessee Mound 

 Human Figure Shell Gorget, from Missouri

 Engraved Shell Gorget ~ "Fighting Figures" ~ Tennessee

The Human Figure Design, Hand-Engraved in Shell ~ North and Central America 

Thunderbird Designs 

Frog Design in Shell ~ Found only in Arizona

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