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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Myths of the Iroquois, Illustrations

Gods and other Supernatural Beings

Returning Thanks to the Great Spirit

Stone Giant or Cannibal
Nearly all North American Indian tribes have legends of Giants, often described as "cannibals".  However, ironically many of the tribes who (perhaps falsely) accused the legendary Giants of cannibalism -- were themselves documented cannibals...  Quite a mystery.

Atotarho -- War Chief

The Flying Head Put to Flight

Pygmies ["Little People"]

Practice of Sorcery

Mythological Explanation of Phenomena

Origin of the Human Race (includes discussions of Constellations, Stars, Moon, Sun, North Star...)



Clans listed:  Bear, Deer, Eel, Hawk, Wolf, Beaver, Snipe, Turtle
Under "Religion" are discussions of dances and festivals celebrating the seasons, corn, green corn, etc.  The Iroquois are interesting to me, because they were the parent group from which the Cherokee diverged and descended.  So, as a Cherokee, I think there are things to learn from the Iroquois' history.

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