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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Favorite Old Books Available for Reading Online

Note:  I've also included links to historical research resources.
I love residential architecture and old books!  This one isn't limited to residential, of course, but still a good read.

House built in 1930 on Hiway 40 in Inglis, Florida, near my grandparents' home.  Not sure, but it looks kind of like the Gilleys' family home.
Five bedrooms, with an asking price of $275k on it.  Looks like it needs a lot of routine maintenance work, though.
Cleopatra, 19th century biography...  "Cleopatra Morrow", a native of the 19th century Ozark Mountains, in the Yellville vicinity, was my great-grandaunt.  Not much is known about her, because she mysteriously passed away very young, around eighteen years of age.  Her parents were Demosthenes Gracchi Morrow and Mary J. Kimberling; and her sister, Octavia Morrow, was my great-grandmother on my mother's father's branch of the family tree.  Her grave marker has been photographed and posted online, and should still exist somewhere out there in Arkansas.

c1903 Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Literature (Marcus Jastrow, Ph. D. Litt. D.  All in Hebrew language.

Strong's Concordance; with Greek and Hebrew dictionaries.  I have a nice hardcopy of this one.

Also, the Apocrypha.

English translation of the Greek Septuagint Bible.

Jewish Bible, in original language with translations.

Ashley Montagu's (ie Israel Ehrenberg's) c1945 Introduction to Physical Anthropology.

Speaking of old books... Immigration Law.

Etymology.  Another great source for fine etymology, is the Merriam Webster dictionary.

Mithraism, the basis of Catholicism, and also of Kabbalism.

Resources for historical research.

Resources for historical research.

Historical archives for the US Senate.

A study of Scottish Folk Dancing.

White Mountain, New Hampshire.

Cover of the Original 1611 King James Bible.
c1606 Breeches Bible (Catholic, no New Testament)
Illustrated Bible Treasury
Illustrated Bible Dictionary, great color maps
Illustrated History of the Bible, beautiful
Bible Scholarship, with helpful diagrams
Personal Names in the Bible, very informative

Illustrated History of the Holy Land, antique woodcut prints
Ancient Hebrew Tradition, a History based on the study of Monuments
Defense Department, lists of POWs and Missing Personnel.

Denman Family History, on Google books.

Denman Family History on

History of Retford, Nottinghamshire, England; in which the Denman Family played a large role.

District of Columbia "Organic Act" of 1871, establishing Washington DC as a sovereign territory apart from the rest of the nation.

Diaries of Judge Samuel Sewall.

Blocked on Twitter.

Live Radio Stream.

Bureau of Ethnology reports to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute.
At least fifteen volumes of Annual reports of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian.
Sixteenth Annual Report from the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian.
The fifth volume, or Fifth Annual Report, has extensive studies of the Cherokee tribe; extensive studies of Mound Culture, including skeletal bones of Giants; and makes the connection between the Cherokee tribe and the Mound Culture.
Volume XII on Google books.
Volume V on

Nothing much there, apparently... it must all be classified "top secret".

The United States of America, c1894 by Nathaniel Southgate Shaler of Harvard University (Volume I of three volumes)... "Our Continent and the Reasons for its Fitness to be the Home of a Great People".

Roller Mills for grain processing; industry news.

Letter of the Secretary of War, Congressional Edition, Volume 6978, 64th Congress, First Session, December 6, 1915 - September 8, 1916, House Documents, vol. 24...

Includes reports on Preliminary Examination for a Canal from Silver Springs to Ocala, FLA.; and Withlacoochee River, FLA... With a Letter from the Chief of Engineers, Reports on Preliminary Examination and Survey of Withlacoochee River, FLA., including Channel from Port Inglis to the Anchorage in the Gulf of Mexico, and between Stokes Ferry and Panasoffkee.

These reports are significant, in that they reveal historical facts concerning the geography and business climate of the times, in the regions covered.

The History of the English Language, by Albert C. Baugh, Fifth Edition (I have a nice clean copy of this book's First Edition).
Just an excerpt of the first sixty-four pages of the book.

Lots of old books here.
And here.

England Under the Stuarts.

John Sevier, Commonwealth Builder.

History of the US Constitution, by George Ticknor Curtis, c1865, Volume II

History of the US Constitution, by George Bancroft, c1889, Volume II, Sixth Edition.

"...But the people of the States, and not their governments, held the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power.  They had created, and they could modify or destroy; they could withdraw the powers conferred upon one class of agents, and bestow them upon another class.  What was wanted was the discovery of some mode of proceeding, which, by involving the consent of the State governments, would avoid the appearance and the reality of revolution, and make the contemplated changes consist with the American idea of constitutional action."

Jewish Encyclopedia, c2006 edition.

c1817 -- I have a copy of this book.

Middle English Prose and Verse.

English Prose and Poetry, by Manly (I have this book, too).

Full text of Journal of the American Oriental Society c1920.

Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Egyptian Book of the Dead, c1903.

Proof that the Original Thirteenth Amendment did (and does) exist; and that it was indeed ratified by the necessary number of States (thirteen, to be exact).

History of the Pilgrims and Puritans, Volume I, by Joseph Dillaway Sawyer, c1922
History of the Pilgrims and Puritans, Volume II, by Joseph Dillaway Sawyer.  I recommend reading all three volumes for an honest and detailed assessment of the real Puritan spirit and their social, religious attitudes.
How to Make a Country Place, by Joseph Dillaway Sawyer, c1914... sweet!

Plato, Laws.

The Public Orations of Demosthenes, Volumes I & II... Demosthenes (Gracchus) was the namesake of one of my gg-grandfathers, on Mother's father's side of the family.

The History of Herodotus, Volumes I & II.

History of the Wars, Books I & II, Procopius

Flavius Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews.
Flavius Josephus, Wars of the Jews or the Destruction of Jerusalem.

Really just a blog article, but with sources listed, concerning evidence of ancient Human giants.

Hard to find essays by Thomas Paine.
The Life and Writings of Thomas Paine, including a Biography, Volume I (there are at least ten volumes).

Criticism of Mr. Wm. B. Reed's Aspersions on the Character of Dr. Benjamin Rush, c1847
Selected Writings of Benjamin Rush, c1947

Manly P. Hall, signed and numbered limited edition.
Private Collection of Manly P. Hall's Alchemical Manuscripts, Box 1 (there are approximately a score of these collections).

Life of General John Sevier, by Francis M. Turner, c1910
John Sevier as a Commonwealth Builder, James R. Gilmore, c1887
John Sevier, Citizen, Soldier, Legislator, Governor... by Oliver Perry Temple, c1910
Borrowable, but not available online, such a shame.
The Shields' family, of Tennessee.
Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History, Volume I
Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History, Volume II
Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History, Volume II, second edition
Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History, Volume III
Andrew Jackson and Early Tennessee History, Volume III
Red Belts, by Hugh Poindexter, c1919

"Why also, should we all be taught to revere the memory of Miles Standish, and pay but scant attention to that of John Sevier?"

The Frontispiece of Red Belts, by artist, Ralph Pallen Coleman
The Romance of the Peerage, c1848, by George Lillie Craik.

Collin's Peerage, Volumes 1-9 of 9, by Sir Egerton Brydges, K. J.

Peerage and Pedigree, by J. Horace Round, c1910 (legal case studies), Volume 1.

The Baddington Peerage, by George Augustus Sala, c1860, Volumes 2 &3 of 3

Land of Romance, by Jean Lang; I like my 1930 copy better, because the frontispiece (a landscape by Tom Scott, RSA, is in gorgeous full color).

Whigs of Scotland, or, the Last of the Stuarts, a Historical Romance of the Scottish Persecution, by "the author" (W. C. Brownlee, aka William Craig), c1833, Volumes 1 & 2.

Romance of the Highlands, by Alexander Campbell, c1927... sweet!

Prince Otto, by Robert Louis Stevenson, c1886... frickin' awesome!  This one is beautifully illustrated, and contains period advertisements for common merchandise.


The Romance of the Shoe, the History of Shoemaking, by Thomas Wright, c1922 (with 146 Illustrations).

Ancient British Shoes

The Peacock Brass, King's Lynn

Paul's Window Shoe (top, right)
Wallace, or the Days of Scotland's Thraldom, a Romance, by Sir William Wallace, c1850, Volumes 1 & 2.
Select Remains of the Ancient Popular and Romance Poetry of Scotland, David Laing, John Small, c1885.
Malcolm, a Romance, by George Macdonald, c1875 (written in old Scottish dialect).
Historical Tales, the Romance of Reality, by Charles Morris, c1893, 1902 edition (Illustrated with photographs).
The Wallace Monument, Stirling
The Old Temeraire
The Romance of a King's Life, by John Jules Jusserand, c1896, translated from the French and nicely illustrated.
Fifteenth Century Representation of the Star Goddess, Venus

The Wheel of Fortune, Fifteenth Century


The Porch of Whitekirk


Tantallon Castle, after J. M. W. Turner [painting]
Another excellent text by Jesserand, English Essays from a French Pen, c1895, from the Harvard Library Collection.  Unfortunately, only one of the five original prints remains to be enjoyed:
French Ships, of the Early Part of the Fifteenth Century ~ frontispiece

Lady Jean, a Study of the Douglas Cause, by Percy Fitzgerald, c1904.
The Romance and Prophecies of Thomas of Erceldoune, from the Harvard Library.  This is extremely heavy-duty language study, not for the faint-hearted.  Edited by James A. H. Murray and published for the Early English Text Society in 1875.
I nicer version; however, the "illustrations" are all missing from these texts, so they must have been quite valuable or popular.
Full Text version.
Thomas of Erceldoune (or Ercildoune) was Thomas Learmonth (Learmount, Learmont, Learmounth) or Thomas the Rhymer (1220-1298).
A Study of Thomas of Erceldoune, by Josephine M. Burnham.
His political prophecies eloquently interpreted.
Thomas the Rhymer, by Kate Greenaway
The Kings of Carrick, a Historical Romance of the Kennedys of Ayrshire, by William Robertson, c1890, from the National Library of Scotland.
The Romance of Guy of Warwick, edited from the Auchinleck manuscript, etc., by Julius Zupitza, Ph.D., c1883, Part 1.
The X Jewel, a Scottish Romance of the Days of James VI, by the Hon. Frederick Charles Moncreiff, c1896 (gorgeous cover design):
Cover of The X Jewel
Clariodus, a Metrical Romance, from a sixteenth century manuscript, c1830, from the National Library of Scotland.
The Scottish Metrical Romance of Lancelot du Lak, from a fifteenth century manuscript, c1839
The Romance of Arthour and Merlin (Metrical, from the Auchinleck manuscript), c1838.  Much talk of dragons, fighting, and bloodshed.


Winged Serpent and Butterfly

Syr Gawayne, Knight of the Round Table
Pages from the Original Manuscripts
Hand-written, must have been fun translating, lol.


A Married Couple


The brogue is quite melodic despite it sounding so foreign; however, the book includes a lengthy Glossary at the back, to help with comprehension.
Beauties of Dr. John Moore, c1803.
Dr. John Moore, a man with opinions.

Official Army Register, 1922, from Stanford University Library.
Archives of William James Sidis
Archives of Boris Sidis
The Coming Kingdom, by H. L. Chamberlain, c1886; this discussion of Bible prophecy is a foreshadow of the Zionist movement. 
Ptolemy, in his geography of these parts (Afghanistan) locates the Aristophyli or "The Noble Tribes," near Cabul, a name at once suggestive of Cabul of Palestine which Solomon gave to King Hiram, which signifies sandy. (1 Kings 9-13)  Much of the country to which the name was transferred certainly warrants the application (ie, it is "sandy" there).





Letter, Handwritten manuscript; Revolutionary period.





History of the Non-Christian Cross.


The Last of the Vikings, by John Bowling
The Sentimental Vikings
Harald I of the Vikings
Vikings in Western Christendom.
History of Scandinavia (Complete), c1863
Vikings of Today (Labrador), dedicated to the Duchess of York.
Norman viking culture.

Vikings of the Pacific.
Silly Viking fantasy.
Teutonic Mythology.



Heraldry, graphics, c1699.
Doings of the Bodley Family in Town and Country.
Nice old photos and maps.
Shields family history.
Magna Carta Barons and their American Descendants.
English version.
(Found this, when I googled "neanderthals".  Strangely, it is Modern Humans with Neanderthal ancestry who are the most Aryan and most racist.)
I'd love a wagon and team, similar to this one!
An entire library; Oxford University.
Traits of early New Englanders.
c1855, awesome history of early New England.
Love this map, and would really enjoy 'hitting the trail' with it!
The Puritan in England and New England, by Ezra Hoyt Byington, c1896, Boston.
Sabbath in Puritan New England, by Alice Morse Earle
The Huguenot in New England, an article by Horace Graves.
Algonquin Legends, by Charles Godfrey Leland.
Humanism in New England Theology, by George A. Gordon, c1920
Organs and Organ Building in New England, an old magazine article with lovely pictures of antique church organs.

The old church organs were exquisitely handcrafted works of art.
Whalebone Whales of New England.
The marbling alone, is priceless on this book.

North Atlantic Right Whale ~ Male

North Atlantic Right Whale ~ Immature Female

Common Finback Whale

Skulls of New England Whalebone Whales

Blue Whale

Whaling ~ So sad, that the poor creatures are used commercially.

Little Piked Whale

Humpback Whale

New France and New England, by John Fiske
New England, or the Age of Brass, c1875
New England Historical and Genealogical Register, c1886, Volume 40  (There are many volumes of this priceless periodical, so I'm not going to copy all the links).
Customs and Fashions of Old New England.
The New England Conscience, c1915
Ruins of the Charlestown Convent with Old Middlesex Canal in Foreground

Abraham Lincoln

Madame de Maintenon and the Duchess of Burgundy
New England Magazine, published in Boston.
A New England Girlhood, Outlined from Memory (two different editions, both nice).
A report on urban renewal by the Federal Reserve Bank, c1959
New England History in Ballads
Indian Wars of New England, volume 2 of 3
Who's Who in New England, c1909
Historic Towns of New England (three editions).
KGB learns that Kravchenko is living in New England, 1944
John Winchester and some of his Descendants.
Pratt Portraits.
New England Chattels, or Life in the Northern Poor Houses... c1858
New France and New England, John Fiske, c1904 (heavily illustrated).
1902 edition; gorgeous maps.
Unique title page.
The Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America, Fiske, c1899 (great maps).
New England Old and New, c1920 (unique illustrations).
Old New England Houses, c1920 (many plate illustrations).
New England Doorways, c1920 (many plate illustrations, beautiful cover binding).
1919 edition.
Interesting illustrations, articles.
Heavily illustrated.
Published by Boston and Maine Railroad, unique cover.
A different magazine, great pictures.
Article, Pleasure Gardens of Rome.
Interesting Silhouette art cover.
One of the older issues; nice bookplate on it.
Antique cover binding.
Older issue, nice cover.
Archives has scores of this periodical, and every one of them has something of interest in it.
Beautiful illustrations and bindings.
c1892, Celtic style cover design.
Old New England Traits.
Delightful and unique, c1915
c1901, fabulous color map.
Original silhouette portraits.
c1883, unique illustrations.
Another nice edition of the same book.
c1873 Old New England Traits, awesome bookplate.
Art Nouveau cover design.
New England Farmer, periodical.
Sweet cover design.
"Agriculture, Horticulture, and their Kindred Arts and Sciences" (This periodical has numerous copies listed on -- all good).
New England's Vindication, the Gorges Society.
Cooperation in New England (a political study), c1888
History of New England during the Stuart Dynasty, c1864 (nice maps).
1865 edition.
List of names of VIP's (I suppose).
Unique marbled bindings.
Medical Gazette ~ Homeopathic, c1880
"Read Before the Massachussetts Medical Society" -- so sad, the superior attitude taken by doctors toward patients.
Very interesting frontispiece.
An interesting (biased) perspective on Puritan customs.
Unique bookplate.
Fabulous cover.
Madelon Hawley, or the Jesuit and His Victim, c1857
See page 456
Nice cover.
Well illustrated.
Serious history of early New England schools.
She writes very well.
Very interesting full-page b&w photographs.
True confessions of a Jewish man.
Bookplate and cover.
History of Evangelism in New England
Interesting cover.
Very pretty cover.
Silhouette portrait on cover.
Cover pretty color.
Art Nouveau title page.
Old map.
Cover color.
Scores of these journals, all good.
Extremely nice marbled cover.
A Child's History of England, by Charles Dickens
Transcendentalism in England. c1880
Good book; frontispiece portrait of Queen Anne.
"Boston being the capital of New England, as London is of Old England..."
The bizarre ramblings of elitists.
The bizarre ramblings of modern 'ministers'.
They can afford fancy, expensive printing.
Good book; bookplate.
I like the older periodicals and books, much better than what we have now... scores of issues of this one.
Sheet music for old songs.
Some nice old maps, in color.
Cool map.
Elites pat themselves on the back.
Lots of pictures, lovely title page and interesting frontispiece.
Interesting map frontispiece.
Great illustrations, frontispiece.
The moneyed class.
Notes on New England Birds, by Henry David Thoreau (cute frontispiece).
Good book; great title page, frontispiece and cover.
Interesting historical information.  There are several volumes of this one.
A jewel; frontispiece, exceptionally unique illustrations.
Pulitzer Prize-winning history of New England, includes a chapter on "the Defeat of Theocracy".
History of Bradford Academy.
A Southerner Discovers New England.
I love cookbooks.
1801, 1802...
Magazine article about the English regicides' effect on New England.
Marbled cover, bookplate.
Warning Out in New England... Clement Maxfield (my uncle by marriage, ~8x removed) is mentioned on page 39.  His wife was Mary Denman (Judith Stoughton's daughter).
Very beautiful marbled cover.
Contains an article about Roger Williams' parentage, pedigree.
Huguenots in Maine.
Farmer's Almanac, nice marbled cover.
Superb cover art.
Medical Gazette.
John Winthrop manuscripts, volume II
Lambert Lilly History, c1831, nice illustrations.
Recommended reading list by the New York State University Library, Class of 1895. (All Histories of New England).
Map frontispiece.
Good book, nicely illustrated, colorful bookplate.
Two lovely plate illustrations.
Cover and bookplate.
Nice clean copy, beautiful cover.
Windmill industry catalog.
New England and Other Poems, William B. Tappan, c1819
Revolutionary New England, James Truslow Adams, c1927
Discourse concerning the Goths in New England, c1843
Only because I'm a bird-watcher.
Full plate illustrations.
Excellent condition, gorgeous cover design.
Colonial residential architecture.
Maine, nice old map in color.
A different New England cookbook.
Nice cover.
Awesome cover, nice pictures.
Warblers of New England, color illustrations; interesting bookplate.
Nice clean copy. Art Deco cover.
Rare sheet music; Old English font, pretty.
England and the New Era, Brougham Villiers, c1920. Political socialism, liberalism, the Federal Reserve, published in London.
Industrial Structure of New England, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, c1930 -- superb color topographical map.
Marbled cover, bookplate.
Marbled cover, c1823
Nice large map.
Volume 3 of 4.
Volume 4.
Vernon L. Stauffer, Ph.D. , c1918, Columbia University Press.
Geological Survey of New York State.
Peering into the minds and attitudes of the Elite...
Antique marbled cover, very unique.
Nice marbling on cover.
Harriet Beecher Stowe.
Ambergris comes from whales.
Economic Summary Report by the US Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.
c1829, nice frontispiece.
An authentic Primer schoolbook... this one seems to be Catholic.
Rare bookplate.
Woodcarving designs.
Adzes and Axes of New England Indians.
The Thickness of Ice in New England During the Glacial Period.
Recent cooling period in global climatology.
England and Germany, c1907
Merchants for Colonization.
New Englanders for Peace.
Massachussetts Historical Society.
Women's Clubs' influence.
History of Fiat Money and Currency Inflation Prior to the American Revolution.
Andrew Jackson's Visit to New England in June of 1833.
Lovely book, frontispiece; c1821
May 19, 1780, was an unusually dark day.
Child Labor Legislation
Beautiful photographs, c1906
Nice cover.
England's Darling, a play; c1896
Burrows, c1880
This England
Illustrations, c1871
The Nobility in America.
Church history.
1807 Almanack
The Wonders of the Invisible World (witchcraft, Cotton Mathers).
German language, Modern Real Estate -- House Plans
Law, volume 1, c1858
Address by Senator Philander C. Knox
Modeling American System of Currency on that of England.
Frontispiece, Victorian era couple.
Frontispiece portrait of Lillian Gish.
Unique cover and illustrations.
Legends, Folklore
Art Nouveau cover, floral.
Frontispiece, Art Nouveau
Unique author's autograph.
(Several issues of this old historical periodical...)
Religious indoctrination; bookplate.
Title page, cover, art nouveau.
Bavarian Illuminati, Vernon Stauffer
Religious Liberty
Typical New England homes, Colonial residential architecture, Art Nouveau cover, full plate illustrations, Portland, Maine.
Illustrations, frontispiece.  c1886 textbook.
School text.
Frontispiece, c1874
Interesting illustrations, cover.
Cover, illustrations.
First Church of Dorchester, Massachussetts.
First Congregational Church of Salem, Massachussetts.
First Baptist Church, Providence, Rhode Island.
Cover, title page.
Road Atlas, c1915
Rooftrees, cover.
Title page (like Rooftrees).
Marbled cover, "the Prince Society".
Unitarian philosophy.
Charming cover, sheet music renditions of birdsongs.
New England Hurrican, in photographs, title page.
The Germanic Origins of New England Towns, c1882
"To Thirst After Strange Gods"
Nice illustrations.
Rooftrees, again.
Road atlas.
List of 18th century New England magazines.
Let us not forget that Church + State began in Germany, Italy, Greece.
I guess my g-grandfather, James Isaac Thompson, was a physician in Arkansas around this time (c1850).
Oaths of Allegiance...
Bookplate, title page
Great old photographs
Photographs of Springfield
Official roadmaps of New England
Old Colonial Brick Houses, c1917
Cover, c1903
History of Vermont
Squatina = Angel Shark
Cover, bookplate, title page, illustrations
History of glassmaking, includes formulas
American Mineral Waters
Author's autograph.
Did you know that automobile body frames were originally made from wood?
Discussion of Witchcraft by Cotton and Increase Mather
Pretty cover.
Several of these listed
New York and New England families
History of New Hampshire
Early Colonial records; there are several volumes on
History of New England newspapers
Emigrant aid and Cotton supply, strange combination
Cover, c1845, Witchcraft, occult
Colonial documents procured from Holland, England, France (several volumes, at least 7)
New England water resources, c1971
Founders of New England, couple of nice antique portraits, map
A Shorter History of England and Greater Britain, by Arthur Lyon Cross, Ph.D., c1920 -- color map frontispiece.
Interesting Heraldic color frontispiece, illustrations
Massachussetts Bay charter given by King William and Queen Mary (marbled cover)
Lots of goodies here.
History of England, by Rev. J. Franck Bright, c1904 (volume 5)
Palmerin of England, by Francisco de Marais, c1807, from the original Portuguese, four volumes
The Conquest of England, c1883
A Month in England, c1853
Travels in England, c1900
History of England, c1873
The American in England, c1835
Topic: England; German Language, c1833 (volumes 1&2)
Letters on England, c1823 (volumes 1&2)
England, Wales, and Scotland (travel), c1844
Bilder aus England, c1837 (German language)
England, Political and Social, c1874
A History of England, 1839 (volume 2 of 3)
Bilder aus-Alt England, c1860 (German language)
England for All, c1881
A Trip to England, c1906
England and Germany, c1916
A History of England, DAVID HUME, c1810 (volume 7 of 7)
David Hume, volume 1
David Hume, volume 3
volume 2
Letters from England, by Espriella, c1814 (volumes 1-3)
The Making of England, c1885
A History of England, by Stone, c1879, school text
A History of England, by Thomas, c1913
Cathedrals of England, c1904
England and South Africa, c1889
Sermons Preached in England, c1829
England Without and Within, c1881
A Tour Around England, c1870 (volume 1 of 2)
Social Reform in England, c1966, by Lucien Pontes (translated by his widow)
Austria, Great Britain, Treaties, Etc., c1907 (volume 3), German language.
Local Government in England, c1903, volumes 1 & 2
Gleanings in Europe, by James Fenimore Cooper, c1837, volume 1 of 2
With Juliet in England, fiction, frontispiece, cover, c1907
Mephistophiles in England, Confessions of a Prime Minister, c1835 (volumes 1 & 2)
England and the English, c1833, volumes 1 & 2
Ireland Exhibited to England, c1823, volumes 1 & 2
England Under Seven Administrations, c1837, volume 1
England Under Seven Administrations, c1837, volume 3
volume 2
Pictures of Old England, c1861
Gardens of England, c1908
The New Hampshire Repository, c1846
Criminal Law Reform in England and in the United States, c1911
Financing War
Using Women Workers in Industry as a Result of War, c1919
Eighteenth Century English Statesmen, c1892
Genealogical Gleanings in England, volume 1 (part 3), Waters, c1889
Lavishly illustrated
Vanishing England, c1910, lots of illustrations.
Great illustrations
Nice map, photos.
Cover, c1912
Architecture in England, detailed study.
King Alfred of England (volume 2), limited edition, rich color portrait frontispiece, c1906
c1914, Art Deco title page
c1912, by Masterman
How England is Governed, by Masterman, c1922
Afoot in England, c1922
Notes on England, by Taine, 1885
The Government of England, c1912, volume 2
Royal Palaces of England, c1911
The Crimes of England, c1916
The Reformation in England, c1906
The Conquest of England, c1884
Christian Socialism in England, c1903
My Discovery of England, c1922
Constitutional History of England, c1921 (bookplate)
Chaucer and His England, c1908
Cathedrals of England, c1898
Aristocracy in England, c1886
Public Life in England, c1884 (bookplate)
Stories of Early England, c1906
Must England Lose India? c1930
England Under the Lancastrians, c1921
Germany and England, c1914
Zeppelin Uber England, c1917 (German language), frontispiece, title page.
Alien Immigrants to England, c1897
Parish Churches of England, c1915
A History of England, by Wyatt-Davies, c1916
Russia, England and Turkey, c1876, marbled cover
Music in England, c1890
School History of England, c1861
Shaking Hands With England, c1919
Cervantes in England, c1905
History of the Tribe of Levi, c1847
England and South Africa, c1889
c1836, bookplate
A Tour Round England, by Thornbury, c1870
Austria, State Treaty, and England, c1907 (German language)
Stories of Early England, title page, frontispiece
Songs of England's Glory, title page, frontispiece, sea chanties, c1902
Little Stories of England, frontispiece, illustrations, c1911
The Spirit of England, c1915
The Bells of England, c1906, frontispiece
Foreign Armor in England, c1898, frontispiece, color illustrations.
Puritanism in England, c1912
In Shakespeare's England, c1904
Daniel Webster in England, c1917, frontispiece, marbled cover (unique), volume 1
Homes of Our Forefathers, c1889, artistic color prints (full plate)
Old England and New England, volume 2, c1853
Care of Small Pox patients
John Winthrop comments on Sir Isaac Newton.
The Effect of Thunder on the Compass of a Ship
Spinning Wheels, history
Poison Wood Tree
Transit of Venus over the Sun in 1761
Early New England Towns, c1908
New Hampshire as a Royal Province, c1908
The Colonial Parson of New England, c1896
A Genetic History of the New England Theology, c1907 (Ecumenical movement)
Positive Pedigrees and Authorized Arms of New England (Order of the Cincinnati), c1891
Adamant Wall Plaster
New England (Congregational) Church Manual, c1911, Chicago
New England Catholic Historical Society, c1901
New England Conservatory of Music Souvenir, c1888-9, cover and frontispiece
A Defence of the Clergy of New England, c1814
Constitution of the New England Guards (Hereditary Right to Bear Arms), c1839
New England Cremation Society, c1894
Federal Art in New England 1933-1937
Encyclopedia of the Laws of England (volume 7), c1898
The Story of the Indians of New England, c1896, school text, illustrated
Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast, c1875, great illustrations
Quakers Addressing the Topic of Slavery, c1837
Orchids of New England, c1884
New England Society of Pennsylvania, c1900
Literary Culture in New England 1620-1730, c1920
Watch and Ward Report (Vice), c1920
c1922, frontispiece, illustrations
Farmer's Co-ops.
c1899, cover, bookplate
Witchcraft, spiritualism, sorcery, c1881
c1895, Bird behavior.
by John Winthrop, c1835, volume 1 -- New England History 1630-1649
Forty year history of music in New England, c1899
Connecticut History, c1860
Uses of the Seas, U.N., c1969
Women's Auxiliary, c1863
Autobiography, c1893
The Earliest New England Code of Laws... Proposals to Amend the Articles of the Confederation (page 118)
c1898, title page, frontispiece
c1889, cover, illustrations.
Unique bookplate, cover, illustrations, c1885
Museum quality French art, c1920, title page, bookplate, illustrations.
Etchings of New York buildings, c1905, by Pennell
Italian language, illustrations, Heraldry
History of Scotland Under the Rule of Queen Mary, Etc... c1762, handscribed manuscript in German language.
The Girlhood of Maria Josepha Holroyd (Lady Stanley of Alderley), c1896, her letters.
Good history, nice marbled cover, c1869
Cover, frontispiece, illustrations
The disastrous origins of mixing religion and medicine, c1909
Analysis of the New England Primer, c1934
c1926, author treats the History of New England as what it really was:  an invasion, territorial conquest.
The Life of Thomas Hooker, c1870
Increase Mather and Sir William Phipps, c1870
John Cotton, c1870
Thomas Shepard, c1870
John Eliot, c1870
c1889, illustrated
Catholic History, c1872
Economic and Social History, volume1, c1890
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Production of White Pine Lumber, c1940
c1687, gorgeous marbled cover, title page.
Winthrop's Journal, volume 2, c1908
Encyclopedia of English Law, 1897-1903, volume 1 (there are many volumes, at least ten)
c1969, Report on evidence of hybridization among wild dogs (ie Coyotes) in New England.
c1838, bookplate
Yankee Humor, c1922
Volume 1, c1876, chapters about the American aborigines.
c1826, volume 2
c1895, illustrations
Magazine, c1886
Short Story, c1839
c1896, bookplate, illustrations.
Life of Allen Prescott, c1834, volume 2... "The rank is but the guinea's stamp, the man's the gowd [gold] for a' that." (Burns)
Children of Earth, a play, c1915, frontispiece, cover.
Indian Money (Wampum), c1884
Social History, c1885
c1867 -- The whole text is comprised of an "introduction" basically picking the book apart.
Many older women were condemned to "sanitariums" and psychiatric institutions, when their husbands or society grew tired of them.
Federalism (1800-1815), c1877
c1859, volume 1 (Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont)
Conversion of Indians to Christianity, c1899
Text, c1867
c1883, volume 1
Byfield Parish, c1904
The Priest, c1914
Forestry, c1912
History of Boston, c1905
Diary of John Quincy Adams (1787-1788), c1903, portrait frontispiece
Frontispiece, title page, endpapers, c1921
School reader, Grandfather's Chair by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1874
c1857, "It snowed incessantly..." (Republican propaganda).
The Puritan Republic, c1899
New England Medical Register, c1877
The Rise of Modern Democracy, c1894
Wicca propaganda, c1911
Cyprus, England's New Possession, c1878
Business Directory, c1849
Cyclones, c1887, marbled cover.
New England Border Wars (King William, Queen Anne), c1897, illustrations
A Genealogical Register of New England Settlers, c1829
c1829 Choir Memoirs
Boxborough, Massachusetts (genealogy, history), c1890
Fasting and feasting, c1895
c1906 Civil War era diary.
c1957, Newcomen Society, illustrations Colonial era.
The Clergy during the Revolution, c1958
Commercial Shipping, c1855, frontispiece
Cover, frontispiece, illustrations, c1883
Comparison of court procedures in England and New Jersey, c1905
c1918, reminiscences
School text with splendid b&w illustrations, c1888
c1864, Autobiography of a Farm House.
List of rare books, c1894
c1895, interesting photos and advertisements.
c1855, valuable, but very hard to read (text out of focus).
c1916 Lyrical poetry, cover, title page.
Residential architecture, c1911
Horseracing, names of horses, advertisements.
Stories by Jane Austin, c1912, printed in Germany
c1958, McCarthyism, witch-hunting
c1876, title page
Jeremiah Dummer
c1891 cookbook of baking.
Begins with a load of horse crap.
Connecticut History, c1883, marbled endpapers
c1925, gorgeous full-color plates
Congregationalist Doctrines, c1843
c1915, residential architecture, full-plate photographs
The Perfumed Garden (Islamic erotica)
In Italian language, Heraldry.
French language, interesting title page
French language, nice inscription.
Interesting bookplate
Kern Family Genealogy
I wonder if this is the same great dynasty?
This is the frontispiece from the Kern Genealogy, c1917 -- they are definitely a Masonic family

This is the sort of "culture" you can expect, when the Monkeys are running the Zoo.  Most of them can barely construct a sentence, and talk like coke-heads -- but hey, they are the leisure class.  And they truly believe that Aryans are superior beings (or, at least that's what they'd like for us to believe).
Illustrations, cover.
Ship log of the Saratoga, all in hand script.
The Gridiron Club -- elite politics.
Color illustrations
The Art of Love, French language, interesting illustrations of cherubs, etc.
The Art of War, Formation of Troupes, French language
Decorative motifs by Alphonse Mucha (Art Nouveau)
Cover illustration by Alphonse Mucha
Art Nouveau Posters from the 1890's
The Golden Age, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish
Nice cover art.
Full-color frontispiece by Maxfield Parrish
Teddy Roosevelt cartoons by Maxfield Parrish
Mother Goose in Prose, by Frank Baum, illustrated by Maxfield Parrish (cover, frontispiece, title page).
Full color, full page illustrations by Maxfield Parrish
Frontispiece by Maxfield Parrish
Very nice!
Color frontispiece
History of New York, cover illustration by Maxfield Parrish
Cover art, title page
Cover art
Beautifully illustrated
Early 19th century Fairy Tales by Wilhelm Hauff, beautifully illustrated.
Full color illustrations.
Lovely pastel and exquisite b&w illustrations.
Gustave Dore engravings, b&w.
Cover art
William Butler Yeats explains Irish Fairy and Folk Lore
Art Nouveau frontispiece and title page, lovely b&w illustrations.
Nicely illustrated
Art Nouveau frontispiece
b&w engravings
Fabulous cover art
Very unique text, by an Anonymous author
Rare old text, authored by a Countess D'Aulney, nice inscription.
Nice engravings in this copy
Sweet cover art.
Delightful cover art, front and back; c1950
Another old book of Fairy Tales, by another Countess De Segur
Lovely engravings.
W. W. Denslow illustrations.
A better, earlier edition.
Illustrated by John R. Neill
Oscar Wilde, frontispiece
Frontispiece, title page, excellent collection of stories.
Over 400 b&w engravings
Dutch Fairy Tales, very sweet.
c1867, Translated from the original French language, b&w engravings.
Gorgeous artwork
Slavic Fairy Tales.
b&w illustrations
Japanese artist
Hindu Fairy Tales; very dark, subdued illustrations.
Better quality
Irish Fairy Tales with a few b&w illustrations.
Cover, frontispiece
b&w engravings, cover art
b&w engravings
Very rare, old book; frontispiece, title page.
Japanese artist
Japanese book, nicer quality
Japanese, the quality varies between copies
German stories
Authentic Japanese stories.
Authentic Japanese
Maori Fairy Tales, beautiful artwork.
Belgian Fairy Tales, by the same author / illustrator of the Dutch ones.
Danish, frontispiece
Danish, frontispiece
Frontispiece, fancy peacock
Hindu Tales, Monkey Prince
English, b&w
Canadian, nice b&w and color illustrations, Native American theme
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Better quality Irish
Dragon frontispiece, title page, b&w engravings, cover art.
Nice collection of stories, cover art.
English, better quality copy
Stories, b&w engravings
Slavonic; stories, b&w illustrations
Three Countesses so far, and now one Count.
The Chain of Destiny
Some of the most interesting old books are in the worst condition.
American Indian
Gaelic; cover art, language
Favourite French
English, nice, very different
Anderson, two volumes
Celtic, cover art
Irish, Yeats
Manx Fairy Tales, great collection of stories.
Favorite Fairy Tales, antique color plates.
Irish stories, bookplate
East Indian stories, b&w illustrations
Grimm's, frontispiece
Grimm's c1800, cover art, numerous b&w
Native American stories
Chinese, the Stone Monkey, cover art
Norse, very unique.
Oriental, frontispiece
Cover design
East Indian, the Monkey Prince, delightful inscriptions.
Cover art
Stories from Papua, New Guinea
Great color plates
Outstanding frontispiece
Orange Fairy Book
Lilac Fairy Book
Pink Fairy Book
Grey Fairy Book
Crimson Fairy Book
Yellow Fairy Book
Old Fashioned stories
B&W engravings
Fine antique engravings
Arthur Rackham; great b&w illustrations, but the color ones have been removed from the book
Warwick Goble, artist
Stories, c1825
Cossack, c1902
Danish, H. C. Anderson
Old, Old Stories, by Mrs. Fortunio Valentine
A Study of Fairy Tale lore
Printed in England
Jewish Fairy Tales -- I think it is significant that this was printed prior to the "Holocaust", c1920
Jewish Fairy Tales, c1919 (prior to the "Holocaust")... The Giant of the Flood
International, c1850
Eastern Europe, the illustrations seem to be missing
South Africa
Cover art
Fairy Tales of Science, c1859
British, nice color plates
Little Black Sambo, c1908; rare, banned book
Little Black Sambo, c1923; Sambo was an East Indian (not African) boy; the book was a favorite amongst children.  It actually is a very sweet story.

Cover art, b&w illustrations
Rise of the Dutch Republic
Old fashion plates, especially nice ones from the Flapper era.
Women's Clothing, c1916
Watteau, beautiful color plates.
Study of Watteau's drawings, with one very good color plate (nude).
History of Isle of Bute, Scotland, c1893, volume 1
Volume 2 (includes Pedigree charts)

Banking and Currency Reform, 1913
Beautiful old book.
Cornish folklore.
Sweet color illustrations
Amazing color illustrations; French language.  Morocco.
Chats on Old Prints (interesting bookplate, great illustrations)
Chats on English China
Fairy Circles
Many volumes of this work are available to read online, all beautifully illustrated.
The King's Favorite
Early 18th century book.
Believed to have been used as the source text for the King James Version Old Testament Bible translation.
Norse (Icelandic and Faroese) lore and ballads, songs.

Interesting old portrait photography.
I like the cover on this one.
Interesting line drawings.
Excellent vintage illustrations.
Nice illustrations.
Stoughton is listed.
Yarborough is listed.
Part V (there are more listed in
Family of Richard Haines
Plus and excellent discourse on the Isle of Man.
Sewell family pedigree is included.
Ancient English Nobility
Beautiful endpaper marbling.
Mathematics, sacred geometry.
An old Massachusetts family.

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