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Monday, October 1, 2012

History and Genealogy Links
(Build number 15).
A delightful blog about Philadelphia.
(This seems to be where all the DNA Forums regulars landed.)
This is an interesting history of a separate branch of the Denman family; ours arrived in America in 1635, while this one came much later, in 1795.  However, it is noteable that both families were "nonconformists" (a religious term, with regards to Protestantism, meaning that they rejected the rituals and other idolatrous trappings of both, the Catholic and Anglican churches).
I need to read this one.
Besides Ohio, New York, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, California and Mississippi -- it's evident that at least one branch of the Denman Family wound up in Illinois.
I'd like to see these papers.
Liz is not very closely related to our branch of the Denmans.

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