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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Neanderthals and Other Hybrids, Info & Reference
(Discussion about the definition of species, etc.).
(Complete Harvard Classics online; this one is Fiction)!
(A different link for the same chapter, on Hybridism).
(Origin of Species, by Darwin).
(Full text for Darwin's Descent of Man, volumes I and II).
(A short discussion on Hybridism and Common Descent).
(His 'theory of personality' is based on the idea that AMH's are a Hybrid between two different types of archaic Humans:  Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.  I believe he was onto something; his theory is very similar, but not identical, to my own.  I believe Cro-Magnon was the true Human type, which hybridized with certain Apes and Monkeys, to create the Neanderthal and other so-called 'archaic' hominids.  After they were bred, they later were absorbed into the Human population.)
(Stan Gooch, Ph.D.).

UPDATE (11/29/2012): An exciting new breakthrough in yDNA knowledge.
(An excellent lecture by Mike Hammer.)

(Here, you can look up the DNA patterns for Chimps - 6RCUU, Gorillas - 9ED3A, and the new Human yDNA root - 6M5JA. The new root is called A00, and is thought to be "closer to Neanderthals or other archaic humans than we thought." LMAO.
Dienekes found this long before I caught on, lol.
Some Cherokee humor.
An interesting, though fairly typical opinion -- but from Cherokee X, this time.
If Neanderthals and Humans didn't have babies in the past, then why do they now?  People with Neanderthal genes often have babies with Homo Sapiens (Humans) without them, so they most likely did so in the past, too.  The Cambridge University study doesn't prove that Neanderthals were/are not a hybrid subspecies of Homo Sapiens.
"Watch DNA Consultants Principal Investigator and Native American historian and advocate Donald N. Yates, Ph.D. and author Rod L. Meldrum take on the controversy surrounding Haplogroup X from Barry McLerran and Rick Stout’s newly released documentary film The Lost Civilizations of North America...  Did all North American Indians come across the Bering land-bridge tens of thousands of years ago or did some, including the Cherokee, originate more recently in the ancient Middle East? You decide."

I'm one of those rare "X" Cherokee Indians... how'd that happen?  It's so frustrating, being controversial.
"There are many cases of 'archaic' type skulls that are associated with the Maritime Archaic who migrated to North America (by boat) from 7000 - 2000 BC.  They eventually migrated in to the Great lakes region.  These are a few of headlines of giant skeletons with Neanderthal like skulls in the Great Lakes  This link will take you to headlines from the coastal regions, where more of these Neanderthal looking skulls were uncovered. "
(Comment by Fritz Zimmerman)
Interesting documentary film, with an equally interesting discussion following.
More interesting discussion.
More advanced testing.
More interesting discussion.  OP asks whether she and a Neanderthal boyfriend might produce offspring... In my opinion, the answer is "yes".  Then she asks whether or not that would be considered "bestiality", lol... Again, YES (in my opinion).

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