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Sunday, May 20, 2012

From the Horses' Mouths

Since beginning research on my mtDNA, a type of DNA which is excellent for estimating one's deep ancestry, and finding that my family's haplogroup is a very rare one somewhat closely associated with the ethnicity of Jews and other Indo-Europeans (at MyFamily, the W forum is literally like nearly everywhere online dominated by Jews or people of decided Jewish descent; however, I know that I'm Native American and probably a rare clade similar to W1e...); after finding many disturbing facts and fictions about them I decided to look deeper into the subject of Jewry and of the Indo-European tribes.

So now I'm reading a book by the Polish American Jew, rabbi Chaim Potok (1929-2002) , called "Wanderings... History of the Jews".  Wow, it is an excellent read (despite the obvious bias of the author) and simply packed with details, much of which he gleaned directly from Biblical accounts and other ancient scriptures.  Quite scholarly workmanship.  He states that one purpose for writing about the history of his tribe, Judah, was for developing background and facts for his works of fiction.

I've learned a few things about Jews on my own (that they hold themselves apart from and superior to all other tribes of Israel and from "gentiles"; that many of them are conversos -- both to and away from Judaism; that many of them practice their religion and other traditions or customs in secret -- that is, there are many crypto-Jews; that many of them who are in the public eye tend to change their names to sound un-Jewish; and many other interesting observations about them -- most of which I must say do not impress me as being the behaviors I would expect from "God's Chosen"...).

Here is a poignant quote from page 426 in the 1978 Fawcett paperback edition of the book:  "In 1547 a man of humble, and therefore untainted, origins -- an archbishop named Siliceo -- promulgated a limpieza de sangre, purity of blood, statute and imposed it upon Toledo.  In the future only those whose blood was untainted by the blood of Conversos and by official accusation of heresy could be appointed to any ecclesiastical position.  In 1556 King Philip II approved the statute.  'All the heresies in Germany, France, and Spain,' he remarked, 'have been sown by descendants of Jews.'  That was fantasy as far as the Jews of France and Germany were concerned.  Strangely, Philip II was himself a descendant of Jews [LOL, I usually have difficulty distinguishing Jews from Catholics or Muslims -- they're really all just about the same animal, particularly since Jews have so frequently converted to either religion just to save their own skins; not to mention how bigoted and hypocritical are all three religions].

"The limpieza statutes spread throughout Spain.  Conversos were excluded from guilds and colleges, and could not reside in certain towns.  Religious and secular organizations made blood purity a qualification for membership.  You had to bring evidence of an unstained genealogy.

[Remember the grief I received on the DNA, where the Jewish posters and self-proclaimed genetic genealogists denied my Native American heritage based on the lack (in their minds) of written documentation to the facts.  There they bragged to me about all the stacks of legal documents proving their own lineages, as if that were some sort of requirement, as if anyone (even people whose ancestors didn't keep written records) not having notarized and certified 'papers' or 'pedigrees' on file in courthouses someplace -- the ones which haven't been torched by government employed arsonists, presumably -- are arbitrarily presumed to be lying and completely devoid of ethnic identity.]

"This obsession continued through the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  Communities contended with one another to intensify the harshness of their blood laws.  The vaguest rumor of Jewish descent became an irremovable stain.  A man's honor depended not on his own accomplishments but on haunting echoes beyond his control.  Then Old Christians ...[Christians in this context actually refers to Roman Catholics -- I get so tired of how many Jews, Muslims, and Atheists tend to lump all Christians together in the same category.  The Vatican and Jesuits also targeted every Protestant sect in their Inquisitions against heresy, not Muslims and Jews alone.  The only real "Protestant" Inquisitions against heresy were led by the Church of England, which protested only against the Vatican, not against the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic religion -- and they also persecuted all other (real) Protestants: the Reformationists, like the Puritans, Baptists, Quakers, etc.  Other Protestant persecutions against 'heresy' (such as the Salem witch trials and banishments of heretics from Boston) were mild and very short-lived compared to the Catholic and Anglican Inquisitions and pogroms.  Trevelyan gives credit to Britain (in his book "History of England") for America's eventual freedom of religion, but that's an error resulting from egocentric, false nationalistic pride; because really it was honest, upright Puritan Americans like Sir Harry Vane, Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, and others (many of whom were ministers in the Congregationalist church) who fought, spoke out, suffered ostracism and died, for liberty's sake.]... Then Old Christians suddenly found themselves living in dread of a loss of name through hearsay and rumor.  No one could prove that his blood had been pure since time immemorial.  In the end you established your limpieza de sangre by inventing a genealogy, falsifying papers, and bribing witnesses.  For centuries the Spanish land devoured itself with its hatred of the Jewish stranger."

In the end you [meaning Catholics and Jews] established your identity by inventing, falsifying, and bribing, he says.  French Huguenots (ie real protestants) certainly didn't utilize such methods in order to blend into Spanish (or French for that matter) society.  They didn't even try to blend in because they weren't merely being excluded from certain desirable clubs or organizations, like the Jews:  Huguenots refused to convert, so they were being slaughtered and enslaved like cattle.  Rather than convert, lie and deceive, most Huguenots chose to fight, die or flee for their lives.

The only Huguenot I know of who converted to Catholicism, was a king of France (King Henry IV, also known as "Henry the Great", "Good king Henry", the "Green Gallant" and "Henry of Navarre").  Although like most Europeans of the time he was baptized Catholic as an infant, he converted to 'real' Protestantism as an adult; then was forced by politics to abjure his faith in favor of Catholicism when he ascended the French throne.  His sole purpose in doing so was to placate the Vatican while he generously and kindheartedly gave French Huguenots the merciful, precious gift of peace and safety during his reign.  For that reason, he was assasinated by a zealous Catholic who considered him a heretic.

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