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Monday, April 23, 2012

Class Warfare is Civil War, Treason

Healthcare reform "killed" by this Jesuit Supreme Court judge, Clarence Thomas.  Judge Thomas became a supreme court judge for life, following Janet Napolitano's failure to win a sexual misconduct trial against him, on behalf of her client, Anita Hill.  I wonder if Ms. Hill was aware then, that her attorney, Ms. Napolitano, is genetically a MALE, posing as a female?

The Feds are playing charades with Healthcare legislation, anyway.  By the time they're done with it, we will have been screwed yet again.
Meanwhile, people too sick to work are being told by doctors that it's "all in your head, you're imagining it, you're crazy, lying, stupid... get a job first, and buy health 'insurance', then we'll take care of that cancer, infection, injury, etc." -- and thanks to our Nazi AMA and Government, we're being denied Social Security disability or any other kind of help in our times of dire need.  How does anyone work or get / stay healthy and safe, without adequate shelter, food, water, heat, and real medical care?

Don't have it, can't afford it... thanks to corporatism.
(Are they doctors, or are they businessmen... what is their priority?  What should it be?  We're talking about something which directly affects Human life, liberty, and happiness -- all guaranteed to every Individual by our Constitution.)

(It's obvious, their priority is $$$, not Human life and well-being.)

(According to this source, the World Health Organization, America ranks 72 in healthcare system performance.)

(Number 24 in healthy life expectancy, number ONE in COST.  Not cost effective, very inefficient.  Indicative of widespread CORRUPTION.)

(Why do we put up with such poor performance, in so critical matters?)

It might make sense, if the USA's healthcare costs were either LOWER, or just SLIGHTLY higher than the rest of the world, and if American citizens were actually HEALTHY compared to the rest of the world -- but look how far out of line our costs are:  we're getting no VALUE for our MONEY.

(The Huffington Post jumps to the defense of the healthcare 'industry'.  "...We are NOT number 37...")

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come
when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict
the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to
others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special
privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."
― Benjamin Rush, physician and one of the original signers of the US Constitution.

The following quote is from pages 139-140 in "History of England", c1926, 3rd Impression, author George Macaulay Trevelyan:

"[In 12th century AD England] By men such as these, in local possession of sovereign power, whole districts were depopulated.  The Thames valley, the South-West and part of the Midlands suffered severely, but the worst scenes of all were enacted in the fenland, where Geoffrey de Mandeville kept an army afoot on the plunder of the countryside.  In the heart of this unhappy region, in the cloisters of Peterborough, an English monk sat tracing the last sad entries of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, first compiled under the patronage of the great King Alfred, now shrunk to be the annals of the neglected and oppressed.  In it we hear the bitter cry of the English common folk against the foreign chivalry to whom the foreign Kings had for a while abandoned them.

[From the "Chronicles", recorded contemporaneously to the events therein described]:  "'They greatly oppressed the wretched people by making them work at these castles, and when the castles were finished they filled them with devils and evil men.  They then took those whom they suspected to have any goods, by night and by day, seizing both men and women, and they put them in prison for their gold and silver, and tortured them with pains unspeakable, for never were any martyrs tormented as these were.'

"Then follows the passage so often quoted in our history books, the inventory of the tortures used, of which the mildest were starvation and imprisonment in oubliettes [dungeons with openings only at the top -- the idea being that prisoners were never expected to be released from them, their wardens didn't even bother to remove the dead bodies; prisoners were left to starve to death in them, mercilessly forgotten by the 'authorities' -- sadly, it would've been less cruel if they'd simply buried their victims alive (another favorite torture of many ruling classes)] filled with adders, snakes and toads.  If we remember that two generations later King John starved to death a highborn lady and her son, we may well believe the worst of these tales of horror wrought under the anarchy upon the friendless and the poor.

"While such atrocities were things of every day in the stone castles that now covered the land, the feudal nobility who had reared them were also engaged with a peculiar zeal in founding and endowing monasteries.  In Stephen's reign a hundred new foundations were made.  Those who caused and exploited anarchy were foremost in making liberal grants to the Cistercian monks, who first came over from France at this period.  We need not suppose that religious motives of a very high order were always at work, any more than that they were always absent.  A Baron, whose imagination was perturbed by some rude fresco in the church of a long-clawed devil flying off with an armoured knight, would reflect that a grant to a monastery was an excellent way of forestalling any such unpleasant consequences that might follow from his own habits of torturing peasants and depopulating villages..."

[NOTE: We now have groups of internet 'trolls' (who oddly enough are tightly connected to our government, though covertly or undercover... they're called 'hackers', and they specialize in spying on citizens and in "social engineering") associated with organized groups of highly sophisticated and moneyed anarchists, doing the very same thing today, to Americans and to our Nation.  They are creating anarchy, for the purpose of exploiting circumstances for their own gain and benefit.  They're no better than bloodthirsty savages or pirates, although they drive fancy cars and reside in mansions or penthouses, living luxurious lives without actually producing anything of real value (in other words, they don't earn what they have in any honest fashion).  They think of themselves as "entertainers" (like Court jesters), but in truth they are only con-artists distracting us so that we won't notice that we're being robbed of all of our material goods, real estate, and our very lives... the old "shell game".]

"[Page 469, in 17th century AD France:] During these very years his [the catholic King James II] ally, Louis XIV, was revoking the tolerant Edict of Nantes, persecuting the Huguenots of France with the utmost cruelty, forbidding them even to escape into exile [they were forced to sneak out of the country or risk death, torture and enslavement], driving them by torture to the Mass, separating families as if they had been negro slaves, sending the men to the galleys and the women and children to be brought up with stripes [beatings] and ill-usage [forced work, and all kinds of mistreatment and abuses] in a faith they abhorred.  The sum of human misery thus wantonly brought about is horrible to contemplate.  In the course of years, some hundreds of thousands succeeded in escaping, mostly into England, Holland or Prussia.  A large proportion were artisans and merchants of high character, who brought to the lands of their adoption trade secrets and new industrial methods.  Religious sympathy prevented their welcome from being marred by trade jealousy.  The transference of so many of these men from France to England was not the least of the causes why Britain so far outstripped her great neighbor in commercial and industrial enterprise.  Many French industries were ruined and many English industries founded by the greater cruelty of religious persecution in France."

Although the violence Louis XIV waged against the Huguenots (who were in fact law-abiding, good, industrious citizens on the whole) was presented as a religious conflict, the correction of "heresy" -- the Pope and the Vatican were at the time actually more politically moderate and tolerant than the king of France (notwithstanding their nearly ~700 years prior history of constant bloody Inquisitions).  It appears the Jesuits were then responsible for the relentless and dogged pursuit of an official connection between Church and State, thus causing a tangled mingling of politics and religion.  So I'm inclined to believe that the underlying issue was really one of classism and materialism (for example, State-established Church tithes were lost because the Huguenots had their own, separate meetings for worship).

France shot itself in the foot by its own foolish greed, however, because the Huguenots took their skills, intelligence, courage, and clever craftsmenship to England and to other countries -- including eventually to the New World, where they planted the seeds of true democracy.

Unfortunately however, nearly 500 years later, much has changed since then.  And as the proverb goes:  "History not learned, is destined to repeat itself."  I believe we are now again witnessing Civil War, treason by our elected officials and other government and military leaders against our nonviolent, hardworking, productive and trusting "common folks", through the latest, most sinister forms of class warfare.

In some of my other posts, I discuss how the AMA and Medical Establishment are tools, literally hitmen or assassins working for the Government.  After all our leaders are Nazis; and the Government funds most corporations, including those involved in the field of medicine and 'healthcare'.

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