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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Troll Picking a Bone

terryt has made no effort to understand a thing that I said; and still doesn't use the term "superior" properly, in the context of biology / zoology / animal husbandry (breeding and hybridization, in other words) -- even after I graciously provided it with a dictionary definition... yet demands that I answer more of its stupid, leading questions, based on its own affectedly ignorant misconceptions.  Lmao.

The troll doesn't acknowledge that the hybridization occured AFTER separation of the species (Human and apes).  Also, it has the disturbingly common inclination to blur species' boundaries.  It's all good, as far as it's concerned.  Fine, marry a chimp, idiot.  They're capable of interbreeding, so nothing "surprising" about that?  Lol, that's ~bestiality.  And don't bring religion into it:  bestiality is stupid and wrong, I don't care how you look at it.

We can't change what may have happened in the past, but we must change our ~attitudes toward Human hybridization, because I do not believe that lowering ourselves to the level of apes is beneficial to the best interests of Mankind.  If we accept what happened, as if it was quite alright, it opens the door to further, future experiments; and that's not only wrong, but dangerous to the Human species.

The Human species IS worth preserving; it IS superior to all other living creatures on Earth.  Doesn't intelligence count for anything anymore?  It appears that intelligence has been subverted by mindless ~programming.

But programming involves the programmed / conditioned, and the programmer.  In other words, the slave-holder vs the slave; the alpha male vs the weaker clan members.  Trust me, you don't want that; the Human species won't survive such degeneracy.  In order for the species to survive, every member has to be as healthy as possible.  Retarded ~isn't healthy, folks.

I hear that in Denmark(?) where they legalized recreational drugs, prostitution, and cannibalism on live TV -- men can legally have love affairs or 'marriages' with any animal they choose.  That reveals how very incompetent, ineffective, and weak that country's people are:  their men can't have or form normal relationships with women of their species.  Like the stupid, lazy men who wish to marry an expensive robot / android - instead of a real woman.

The hybridization which ruined Human DNA forever, was probably triggered by bottlenecking of the Human population following the Toba supervolcano eruption (about 80,000 yrs ago) -- so it was NOT a natural thing to do, for most Human beings.  They may have been desperate to survive, but it wasn't WORTH it to lose all those IQ points.

The world is a mess now, because of what happened.  This is a nightmarish existence for children, especially (knowing what I do now, I would NOT have brought children into this literal cesspool of criminal governments).  What sort of civilization finds an economy of excess for the privileged, and death for those of us not 'connected' - one based on ~war, greed, and thievery - "normal"?  Well, that would be the one which "normalizes" every drop in their moral standards.

What's the "new normal"?  Well, it's the kind of normal wherein it's quite acceptable to lose fission reactors, to allow them to fall into volcanos.  We probably can't survive such abuse much longer, as a species, but we'll just put on a brave face as we watch our loved ones die of cancer and other associated illnesses caused by all the industrial pollution.  And when there's no more food:  we can always drink algae smoothies.

(It was only later, during the height of India's ancient empire, that the Hybrids began breeding their own Hybrid slaves from captured women and the native Rhesus monkeys... that too, is WRONG -- not natural, or 'ok'.  A violation of Human rights and dignity)...

By the way, I read in a Wikipedia article yesterday, the quote: "the US Constitution allowed slavery"...  The original Constitution says no such thing (it mostly delineates American citizens' Human Rights)...  The truth is that slavery was not "allowed" by the Constitution, but was rather based on the greed-motivated assumption that dark-skinned people were not ~Human; nowhere does it say such a thing in the Constitution.)

But then, I believe it is wrong to enslave either, Humans or animals.  I have no problem with Humans working together with animals, teaching them how to do tasks, etc.; but I do have issues with the many very rampant and hideously cold-hearted abuses of animals.  That kind of behavior is inhumane: sub-Human.  All sadism is sub-Human.

Humans really are the 'superior' species -- but only if you are truly Human.


"terryt's" most recent mockery:

"geneticist David Reich of the Broad Institute at Harvard and M.I.T. has advanced a theory that the bishop’s wife would have found even more disturbing: human and chimp ancestors, after diverging into separate species millions of years ago, came back together and interbred".

Here's the paper:

What aspect of it is so surprising to you? As the two species diverged there would have been no magical moment in time when they were suddenly unable to form hybrids. The drift apart would basically have been gradual.

"Which begs the question: If Humans were going to subsequently breed themselves back into some of earth's native lower primate populations (some of which may be extinct now) following speciation - why have naturally divergent species in the first place?"

What do you mean by, 'why have naturally divergent species'? Sounds as though you believe evolution moves in a particular direction, controlled by some supernatural power? Speciation simply occurrs as populations split an develop in their own direction. If they happen to meet again before speciation is complete they are quite capable of interbreeding still. And on what grounds can you really claim to know that over the period of hybridization the line that was to give rise to humans was somehow 'superior' to the other line?

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