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Monday, February 13, 2012

Their Political Agenda is Too Obvious
(The link to the pdf for Donald Panther-Yates' work, "Cherokee Clans, an Informal History" c2011)


['zänder', quote (to me)]:

"I'm sorry, but in a previous post you recommended a "recent study", written by Donald Panther-Yates and I thought, it was your text or at least one, you could subscribe.

"I simply cite:

'"One of the cases of U2e* is my own, an anomalous Cherokee type . . .
This line evidently arose from a Jewish Indian trader and a cherokee woman."'


I don't enjoy correcting or re-educating people who claim ostentatiously, to be my intellectual superiors (lol).  It doesn't pay well, for one thing; it's time-consuming and stressful, for another.  These trolls are obviously biased, prejudiced, and don't read or speak English well (yet they never give up trying to force their politics and religions on me, and certainly on others too, who differ with them).

Worse than that, they usually receive favoritism from forum moderators (and presumably from other power sources, too) -- while we who differ with them (although more correctly so) receive little but persecution (discrimination, blocking, banning, derision, mocking, lies, gang-stalking, cyber-bullying, etc.), for sticking to and defending the factual truth.

Today, Yorkie visited my profile again; and R1a1a removed more of my comments:  the one where I explained Yorkie's (and his surname dictionary's) linguistic mistakes regarding the Denman name; and the one where I pointed out my direct relationship to US patriot and colorful historical figure, Tennessee's first governor, John Sevier.  Why do those things bother them enough to take action against me?  They behave like spoiled, jealous children.  Why do they rival me?  Do they just hate being wrong about anything?

Or, is my opinion of less value than theirs, for some unexplainable reason?  Do they have more Right to Free Speech and to Freedom of Beliefs (Religion), than 'regular', "common" people like me?

If that's the case, I disagree.  If I am so worthless in their eyes, why is my opinion of any concern for them?  Why does my opinion have any meaning at all for them, if that's the case?


My reply to "zander", awaiting moderator 'approval':  He's suggesting there, that his female Cherokee ancestor was U2e, not the Jewish male ancestor (obviously).  (You seem to believe that particular haplotype to be strictly associated with Jewish ethnicity only.)  Besides, if you continue reading, in the same paragraph, a couple of sentences later, he names the yDNA of that same Jewish trader: "J".

"Haplogroup U2 (named 'Uta' by Bryan Sykes) is most common in South Asia but also found in low frequency in Central and West Asia, as well as in Europe as U2e.

"This haplogroup has been found in the remains of a 30,000-year-old hunter-gatherer in South European Russia (Kostenki)."  Wikipedia


Following, is the Donald Panther-Yates reference with which "zander" took issue, while misquoting it:

"In Phase I and II of “Anomalous
Cherokee Mitochondrial DNA Lineages,"
many Paint Clan descendants proved to be
haplogroup U2e* or X. One of the cases
of U2e* is my own, an anomalous
Cherokee type also found in other study
participants and traced to Libya and
Greece in ancient times. This line evidently
arose from a Jewish Indian trader and a
Cherokee woman. My fifth-greatgrandmother
was born about 1790 on the
northern Georgia and southwestern North
Carolina frontier and had a relationship
with a trader named Enoch Jordan. The
trader's male line descendants from his
white family in North Carolina possess Y
chromosomal J, a common Jewish type."


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