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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sean Carasov

On the left, Sean Carasov; on the right, Andrew Auernheimer.  Sean is holding Auernheimer's weapon, while Auernheimer is holding Sean's.  I know that, because I have seen Auernheimer with a pistol in other photographs, and he seems to favor nickel-plated guns with black handles, like this one.  So in effect, Sean's own weapon is at his head in this photograph; very ironic.  Also, Sean's face is quite flushed here (compared with the skin on his arm, and with Auernheimer's face).  Maybe that's because Auernheimer caught him offguard with some kind of inflammatory remark, just prior to the picture being 'shot', so to speak.  I know that Auernheimer is very fond of shock tactics, verbally speaking (like a lot of sadists).  To me, Sean looks peeved, sort of distressed, despite the fact he seems to be trying to smile and appear collected anyhow.  Auernheimer, on the other hand, looks cold as ice; and there is as usual nothing Human in his eyes.  Also: who took this photograph?  Was it Janet Napolitano?

"Sean was a good troller, and a good man.  He was one of us.  He was a man who loved the mudkips... and drinking, and as a troll he explored the orgs of Southern California... in your wisdom Lord, you took him..." NoirAngeles goes on to say that they threw his ashes into the Pacific Ocean.
[Above is the link to the site where Auernheimer posted his drawing, in cartoon style, of the dead Sean Carasov -- posting it the very next day after he died, apparently... It showed Sean lying on the floor obviously lifeless, with his cat licking leaking fluids off of his body.  It's been removed, and replaced with other artwork unrelated to the topic.  I had a feeling that would happen: tampering with evidence.]
[For the above anime site, all I did was google, "Nyarth's drawing of Sean".  "Nyarth" is the poster (Auernheimer) who drew the now-missing cartoon of the dead Sean Carasov -- in the EXACT same style as is seen here.  I'm an artist with a trained eye for detail myself:  this is the same artist who drew the other, missing picture. Nyarth describes himself as a "pornographer", btw.  Snuff porn, Nazi porn...]

[I have reasons to believe this article was written by Sean.  I found it by googling him.  A couple of things about it caught my eye.  (It was written under a pseudonym, and I don't believe it was a woman, but a man posing as a woman, who wrote it):

[Sean:  "In the last few months I’ve also been told that I should sell weed and/or become a kept woman. Several times. This is the kind of high life that leads to Heidi Fleiss-ness. One girl who was really trying to convince me to make and sell “baked goods” almost had me convinced. We were eating paella together, so I must have been weak and vulnerable. She said it was easy, and she did live in a pretty snazzy place. But, I don’t have an oven, there's the rub.   I also got a cryptic email from a female acquaintance last month saying: "How do you feel about Italy in July?"  My reply was: "I feel awesome about it but I'm unemployed so..."  She went on to explain that she was seeing an Italian dude, and they were going to his motherland on vacation.  He had an Italian man-friend and she thought I could come, have a free trip, and... keep him company.  “No expectations of course,” she added. Of course. If that man-friend were Ryan Gosling I would have been on that plane lickety-split. Something told me it was not Ryan Gosling, so I declined. I must admit I was haunted by visions of frolicking on yachts in the Mediterranean for weeks after our email exchange, but I live right by the Pacific Ocean. What do I need a yacht for?

[Elsewhere in the blog, I believe "the Elf" mentioned his love for single malt whiskey:  Sean's favorite.  I can't find that now, though, for some reason.  However on the same page, there's a link to another article with a different by-line -- for a single malt whiskey.]

I warned Cosmic Warrior (his Amazon username), that Janet Napolitano ("Mei Mei"), whom he used to hang out very closely with, on her "Tea House in a Treehouse" thread in the Christianity forum, being a Mormon (as she claimed to be, and behaved like one online) -- would not approve of any talk about single-malt whiskey or boozing in her presence.  That wasn't long before she evidently stopped speaking to him (gave him a cold shoulder, iow -- many conservative Mormons are also fond of shunning as a form of punishment), and he disappeared off the forums (being replaced with a stand-in for awhile).  It wasn't long, before he died (in the early morning hours of Oct. 31 of 2010).

"Oct 31 00:20:51] * OldDirtyBtard ( has joined
[Oct 31 00:20:51] * mediacrat sets mode: +o OldDirtyBtard
[Oct 31 00:21:02] lap_dragon: hey
[Oct 31 00:21:06] PerpetuallyAroused: yo odb
[Oct 31 00:21:14] OldDirtyBtard: hay
[Oct 31 00:21:18] DRUNK_MAN: faust i understand if the concept of talking from authority is unknown to you and your inbred brood, but i will not tolerate your feeble attemps to chat any longer
[Oct 31 00:21:18] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: ODB whats your DOB? And do you have a hot BOD?
[Oct 31 00:21:19] Faust: sup odb
[Oct 31 00:21:23] lap_dragon: if women weren;t meant to cook, then why do they have milk and eggs inside of them?
[Oct 31 00:21:28] HardServ:
[Oct 31 00:21:41] Faust: DRUNK_MAN: u mad?
[Oct 31 00:21:45] OldDirtyBtard: yes and yes perpa
[Oct 31 00:22:03] OldDirtyBtard: im also really wasted
[Oct 31 00:22:04] PerpetuallyAroused: the first part of that wasn't a yes/no
[Oct 31 00:22:06] Dickwurst_: ilu lap_dragon
[Oct 31 00:22:10] DRUNK_MAN: Faust: mad at what?
[Oct 31 00:22:18] OldDirtyBtard: OKAY
[Oct 31 00:22:19] Faust: u mad
[Oct 31 00:22:25] OldDirtyBtard: SHUT UP
[Oct 31 00:22:26] lap_dragon: u mad bro?
[Oct 31 00:22:34] DRUNK_MAN: Faust: mad at what?
[Oct 31 00:22:35] lap_dragon: my tittties are bursting with delight
[Oct 31 00:22:35] HardServ: I WANNA PERFECT BODY
[Oct 31 00:22:41] HardServ: I WANNA PERFECT SOUL
[Oct 31 00:22:43] Faust: bro, u mad
[Oct 31 00:22:44] HardServ: I WANT YOU TO NOTICE
[Oct 31 00:22:47] HardServ: WHEN IM NOT AROUND
[Oct 31 00:22:53] HardServ: YOUR SO VERY SPECIAL
[Oct 31 00:22:55] DRUNK_MAN: Faust: mad at what?
[Oct 31 00:22:56] lap_dragon: the dragon from shrek is sexy
[Oct 31 00:22:56] HardServ: I WISH I WAS SPECIAL
[Oct 31 00:22:59] HardServ: BUT IM A CREEP
[Oct 31 00:23:00] lap_dragon: I would hit hat
[Oct 31 00:23:03] * Cunt_Destroyer ( has joined
[Oct 31 00:23:03] * mediacrat sets mode: +o Cunt_Destroyer
[Oct 31 00:23:06] HardServ: IM A WEIRDO
[Oct 31 00:23:11] HardServ: WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE
[Oct 31 00:23:12] Dickwurst_: holy crap I found my bioforge CD
[Oct 31 00:23:14] HardServ: I DONT BELONG HERE
[Oct 31 00:23:24] Faust: lap_dragon: What do you think about fucking automobiles?
[Oct 31 00:23:31] OldDirtyBtard: i need a vote
[Oct 31 00:23:32] * lap_dragon is now known as annoyingorange
[Oct 31 00:23:39] annoyingorange: i think i am drunk
[Oct 31 00:23:42] annoyingorange: hahahhahaahahhahaha
[Oct 31 00:23:45] Dickwurst_: SUBJECT MUST STAY IN BUNK
[Oct 31 00:23:52] Dickwurst_: RECUPERATION IS MANDATORY
[Oct 31 00:24:03] HardServ: WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY
[Oct 31 00:24:07] * IamnotTaryn ( has joined
[Oct 31 00:24:07] HardServ: WHATEVER YOU WANT
[Oct 31 00:24:08] IamnotTaryn (Quit: Where da fuck am I going) quits
[Oct 31 00:24:14] HardServ: YOUR SO FUCKING SPECIAL
[Oct 31 00:24:17] HardServ: I WISH I WAS SPECIAL
[Oct 31 00:24:21] HardServ: BUT IM A CREEP
[Oct 31 00:24:26] HardServ: IM A WEIRDO
[Oct 31 00:24:30] * annoyingorange is now known as shrekdragon
[Oct 31 00:24:35] HardServ: WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE
[Oct 31 00:24:37] shrekdragon: murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[Oct 31 00:24:38] HardServ: I DONT BELONG HERE
[Oct 31 00:24:42] * shrekdragon looks at HardServ
[Oct 31 00:24:44] HardServ: I DONT BELONG HERE
[Oct 31 00:24:58] * shrekdragon curls her tail around hardserv
[Oct 31 00:25:00] NRG: then get out
[Oct 31 00:25:04] Faust: Comfort him with some of that hot dragon love
[Oct 31 00:25:11] shrekdragon: murrrrrrr
[Oct 31 00:25:12] NRG: fucking furries
[Oct 31 00:25:19] OldDirtyBtard: VOTE
[Oct 31 00:25:20] HardServ: KARMA POLICE
[Oct 31 00:25:26] * shrekdragon shoves hardserv into her dragon cloaca
[Oct 31 00:25:35] OldDirtyBtard: kill myself naow
[Oct 31 00:25:50] OldDirtyBtard: or wait til im sober
[Oct 31 00:25:58] OldDirtyBtard: VOTE
[Oct 31 00:26:02] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about italy?
[Oct 31 00:26:07] HardServ: but ilu odb
[Oct 31 00:26:18] OldDirtyBtard: ilove italy
[Oct 31 00:26:18] HardServ: KARMA
[Oct 31 00:26:19] Cunt_Destroyer: sober seppuku is no seppuku at all
[Oct 31 00:26:20] HardServ: POLICE
[Oct 31 00:26:24] HardServ: ARREST THIS MAN
[Oct 31 00:26:28] HardServ: HE TALKS IN MATHS
[Oct 31 00:26:34] HardServ: HE BUZZES LIKE A FRIDGE
[Oct 31 00:26:39] HardServ: HES LIKE A DETUNED
[Oct 31 00:26:39] * shrekdragon orgasms all over HardServ , spurting her dragoness juices all over his face
[Oct 31 00:26:40] HardServ: RADIO
[Oct 31 00:26:42] OldDirtyBtard: c'mon
[Oct 31 00:26:46] HardServ: KARMA POLICE
[Oct 31 00:26:49] HardServ: ARREST THIS GIRL
[Oct 31 00:26:50] OldDirtyBtard: NOW
[Oct 31 00:26:55] HardServ: HER HITLER HAIRDO
[Oct 31 00:26:58] OldDirtyBtard: or later
[Oct 31 00:26:59] HardServ: IS MAKING ME FEEL ILL
[Oct 31 00:27:00] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: do it now
[Oct 31 00:27:07] OldDirtyBtard: #ed decides
[Oct 31 00:27:08] HardServ: AND WE HAVE CRASHED HER PARTY
[Oct 31 00:27:14] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:27:17] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:27:18] * shrekdragon has her period on HardServ
[Oct 31 00:27:23] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:27:30] HardServ: WHEN YOU MESS WITH US
[Oct 31 00:27:35] OldDirtyBtard: otay perpa
[Oct 31 00:27:37] HardServ: KARMA POLICE
[Oct 31 00:27:43] HardServ: IVE GIVEN ALL I CAN
[Oct 31 00:27:45] HardServ: ITS NOT ENOUGH
[Oct 31 00:27:49] Faust: dharma police
[Oct 31 00:27:51] RayZfox:
[Oct 31 00:27:51] HardServ: IVE GIVEN ALL I CAN
[Oct 31 00:27:53] * Dickwurst_ cunnilinguses shrekdragon
[Oct 31 00:28:01] HardServ: BUT WERE STIL ON THE PAY ROLL
[Oct 31 00:28:05] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:28:08] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:28:10] HardServ: THIS IS WHAT YOULL GET
[Oct 31 00:28:17] HardServ: WHEN YOU MESS WITH US
[Oct 31 00:28:18] Dickwurst_: why the fuck does my spellchecker think cunnilinguses is a real word?
[Oct 31 00:28:24] zapjaste: oooooooooooooo
[Oct 31 00:28:26] Faust: #dragonfurs
[Oct 31 00:28:30] HardServ: AND FOR A MINUT THERE
[Oct 31 00:28:32] HardServ: I LOST MYSELF
[Oct 31 00:28:36] HardServ: I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:28:43] HardServ: PHEW FOR A MINUTE THERE
[Oct 31 00:28:46] HardServ: I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:28:49] HardServ: I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:29:06] Faust: I lost my lunch
[Oct 31 00:29:08] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about italy?
[Oct 31 00:29:12] Faust: I went hungry
[Oct 31 00:29:16] HardServ: FOR A MINUTE THERE I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:29:23] HardServ: FOR A MINUTE THERE ILOST MYSELF
[Oct 31 00:29:25] HardServ: PHEW FOR A MINUTE THERE
[Oct 31 00:29:28] HardServ: I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:29:30] HardServ: I LOST MY SELF
[Oct 31 00:29:44] Dickwurst_: OOPS I FORGOT MY HAT
[Oct 31 00:29:44] Faust: HardServ: Why aren't you singing on skype?
[Oct 31 00:30:11] OldDirtyBtard: PerpetuallyAroused: i 3 italy
[Oct 31 00:30:17] OldDirtyBtard: howecver
[Oct 31 00:30:37] OldDirtyBtard: i'm looking for my .45
[Oct 31 00:30:41] OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:30:55] Faust: Gonna shoot soom coons?
[Oct 31 00:31:03] Faust: *some
[Oct 31 00:31:13] bottlecap (Broken pipe) quits
[Oct 31 00:31:24] Dickwurst_: if there are any women among them can I sex them first?
[Oct 31 00:31:25] HardServ:
[Oct 31 00:31:28] HardServ: how i feel now
[Oct 31 00:32:02] Sheneequa (Broken pipe) quits
[Oct 31 00:32:44] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about opium?
[Oct 31 00:32:55] RayZfox: [00:30:13] @OldDirtyBtard: howecver
[Oct 31 00:32:57] RayZfox: [00:30:33] @OldDirtyBtard: i'm looking for my .45
[Oct 31 00:32:59] RayZfox: [00:30:38] @OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:33:07] RayZfox: that could be epic if he offs himself
[Oct 31 00:33:13] PerpetuallyAroused: RayZfox: he can READ IT WHEN YOU GET BACK YOU FURRY FAGGOT
[Oct 31 00:34:01] * RayZfox cums all over PerpetuallyAroused and Dickwurst_
[Oct 31 00:34:19] Faust: not cool bro
[Oct 31 00:34:31] Dickwurst_: IT'S NO WONDER YOUR GAY RAYZFOX
[Oct 31 00:34:32] Dickwurst_: IT'S CALLED
[Oct 31 00:34:33] Dickwurst_: NATURAL
[Oct 31 00:34:35] Dickwurst_: SELECTION
[Oct 31 00:34:39] RayZfox: Faust id never cum on you without ur permission first ;.;
[Oct 31 00:34:52] shrekdragon: Press alt + F4 to become and operator
[Oct 31 00:34:58] shrekdragon: *an
[Oct 31 00:35:11] * shrekdragon was kicked by DRUNK_MAN (that is clearly a lie do not force me to kick you again)
[Oct 31 00:35:20] * shrekdragon ( has joined
[Oct 31 00:35:28] shrekdragon: wow I guess I got a kick out of that
[Oct 31 00:35:32] * shrekdragon is now known as annoyingorange
[Oct 31 00:35:35] Faust: RayZfox: That's good, because you'll never get it
[Oct 31 00:35:35] annoyingorange: hahhahahahahahahahahahha
[Oct 31 00:35:36] Thayo: no lying allowed
[Oct 31 00:35:37] OldDirtyBtard: i cant find my clip
[Oct 31 00:35:41] OldDirtyBtard: brb
[Oct 31 00:36:00] OldDirtyBtard: um
[Oct 31 00:36:04] Faust: We have a furry infestation we need to put down
[Oct 31 00:36:05] RayZfox: Faust: :P
[Oct 31 00:36:10] HardServ: OldDirtyBtard: do it on cam
[Oct 31 00:36:16] annoyingorange: furries are funny
[Oct 31 00:36:37] OldDirtyBtard: HardServ: too complicared
[Oct 31 00:36:42] Faust: furries are fag-enablers
[Oct 31 00:36:49] annoyingorange: yes, they are
[Oct 31 00:36:54] annoyingorange: but they are also funny
[Oct 31 00:36:55] HardServ: lol get on tinychat click broadcast
[Oct 31 00:36:56] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about opium?
[Oct 31 00:36:57] Dickwurst_: NOT ON:Y THAT
[Oct 31 00:36:57] HardServ: not to hard
[Oct 31 00:36:59] Dickwurst_: FURRIES ARE FURRIES
[Oct 31 00:37:00] Dickwurst_: D:
[Oct 31 00:37:01] DRUNK_MAN: your hatred of furries Faust betrays your secret desire
[Oct 31 00:37:06] DRUNK_MAN: you seem overly vehement
[Oct 31 00:37:10] annoyingorange: though, the dragon from shrek turns me on
[Oct 31 00:37:12] OldDirtyBtard: i'll be dead in 30 miins
[Oct 31 00:37:12] DRUNK_MAN: almost as if you have something to hide
[Oct 31 00:37:12] HardServ: ill even make the channel
[Oct 31 00:37:13] annoyingorange: I would hit that
[Oct 31 00:37:32] Dickwurst_: OldDirtyBtard, NOOOOO
[Oct 31 00:37:40] Dickwurst_: GO GET RAYZFOX INSTEAD
[Oct 31 00:37:48] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: before you kill yourself, do some salvia
[Oct 31 00:37:51] Faust: why would you shoot yourself before trying for the high score?
[Oct 31 00:37:53] RayZfox: what i do?
[Oct 31 00:38:11] OldDirtyBtard: plox tto be tellling sheneequa to fix my ED pages
[Oct 31 00:38:13] Dickwurst_: you're a furry
[Oct 31 00:38:17] Dickwurst_: that's what you did
[Oct 31 00:38:18] RayZfox: oh
[Oct 31 00:38:27] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about opium?
[Oct 31 00:38:28] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about opium?
[Oct 31 00:38:30] PerpetuallyAroused: OldDirtyBtard: how do you feel about opium?
[Oct 31 00:38:37] RayZfox: i was born a furry im a fox in a human body :P
[Oct 31 00:38:59] Faust: RayZfox is the reason odb wants to kill himself
[Oct 31 00:39:10] Dickwurst_: ^
[Oct 31 00:39:10] Faust: Frankly, I don't blame him
[Oct 31 00:39:15] annoyingorange: I am an otherkin
[Oct 31 00:39:27] annoyingorange: I lived my past life as a sentient fungus creature
[Oct 31 00:39:38] Dickwurst_: MY PAST LIFE IS FUCKING TRIFFID
[Oct 31 00:39:39] RayZfox: im not an otherkin just a furry
[Oct 31 00:39:53] annoyingorange: I got trompled to death
[Oct 31 00:40:02] annoyingorange: by a guy who was flashing colors
[Oct 31 00:40:17] Faust: If I had ops, you furfags would be banned from this channel
[Oct 31 00:40:23] Dickwurst_: ^^^
[Oct 31 00:40:27] Dickwurst_: OPS FOR THIS MAN
[Oct 31 00:40:43] PerpetuallyAroused: if I had ops faust would be pory and banned
[Oct 31 00:40:50] Faust: wat
[Oct 31 00:40:50] OldDirtyBtard: tay
[Oct 31 00:41:05] PerpetuallyAroused: zonday
[Oct 31 00:41:14] OldDirtyBtard: found a fully loaded clip
[Oct 31 00:41:33] HardServ: OldDirtyBtard: ill make the tinychat rom
[Oct 31 00:41:37] OldDirtyBtard: i'll post some pix
[Oct 31 00:41:44] PerpetuallyAroused: dounds like some hot russian roulette
[Oct 31 00:41:56] OldDirtyBtard: HardServ: no
[Oct 31 00:42:03] Faust: Roulette with an automatic
[Oct 31 00:42:06] Faust: lol
[Oct 31 00:42:12] Dickwurst_: roulette with a shotgun
[Oct 31 00:42:19] Dickwurst_: double barreled
[Oct 31 00:42:24] Dickwurst_: the slug is in one of them
[Oct 31 00:42:27] Dickwurst_: BUT WHICH ONE?
[Oct 31 00:42:32] OldDirtyBtard: i'm going into the bushes
[Oct 31 00:42:48] Faust: SHOOT THEM COONS
[Oct 31 00:42:56] OldDirtyBtard: fuck the ix
[Oct 31 00:43:04] OldDirtyBtard: pix
[Oct 31 00:43:27] OldDirtyBtard: 'i'm done'

It is a shame that his ED "friends", instead of offering the helping hand that he so desperately needed, encouraged him to broadcast his suicide on the internet."

I believe that Janet Napolitano is PerpetuallyAroused here; and that Faust is Auernheimer.  Sean is OldDirtyBtard.  On Amazon's Christianity forum, where Janet Napolitano plays the part of a little innocent Mormon girl (with some kind of disability, to boot -- obviously a troll, for that and other reasons) named Mei Mei, hostessing her very own 'private' discussion thread (which nevertheless, the whole world may read), called "Tea House in a Treehouse"... Sean Carasov was a regular visitor on her thread, under the name of Cosmic Warrior.  Incidentally, the LDS Mormon church is or was at the time, a major sponsor or advertising client of Amazon.  On that thread, Mei Mei spoke fondly of Italy at least once or twice.

The first person to address Sean, is PerpetuallyAroused; she asks him (like a cop) for his "DOB" (date of birth)... then sarcastically asks him if he has a "hot BOD" (a hot bod, in contrast to a cold, stiff, dead one).  She wasn't flirting with him, when she said that.  She was bullying him, and he knew it.

At nearly 26 minutes into Halloween, Sean asks again for his 'friends' to "VOTE", ie to advise him whether to kill himself now or wait until he's sober.  But they are working together as a team against him, and not one of them tries to save his life.

Four seconds later, the very next person to speak to Sean, is "PerpetuallyAroused" again.  She asks, "OldDirtyBtard:  how do you feel about italy?"

Sixteen seconds later, he replies, "ilove italy".

Again he asks for advice: now or later?  And at 27 minutes into the early morning hours of Halloween, PerpetuallyAroused orders him to " it now."

Half a minute later he concedes, "otay perpa".  "Otay" -- I don't think that was a typo; I believe he was regressing emotionally then, to the level of a child.

A minute and a half afterwards, PerpetuallyAroused badgers Sean about Italy again:  "How do you feel about Italy?"

Another minute passes, then Sean answers again, "I 3 [love] Italy; however I'm looking for my .45; brb." [I don't know what "brb" means.]

[UPDATE:  I now realize, "brb" means "be right back".]

About two and a half minutes later, PerpetuallyAroused asked Sean, "How do you feel about opium?"

Less than three minutes later, Sean announces that he can't find the clip for his gun.  "brb" (again).

Hardserv then suggested that Sean do it on cam (live video), but Sean replied it would be "too complicated" to do it that way.  Hardserv then proceeds to give instructions and even offers to set it up himself.

Just over four minutes later, PerpetuallyAroused badgers Sean again:  "How do you feel about opium?"

Sixteen seconds afterwards, Sean replies, "I'll be dead in 30 minutes."

Then PerpetuallyAroused suggests Sean do some salvia (some kind of fancy, powerful drug used by people with lots of money, who are into partying hard -- people on YouTube have demonstrated its potency: it makes most of them fall to the floor in a faint, halucinating).

Then she asks again, in rapid succession, three times:  "How do you feel about opium?"

Then while his fellow trolls crack jokes about his impending death, he announces, "tay" (childspeak for 'okay'); "found my clip"; "I'm going into the bushes"; "I'm done."

I don't believe his 'friends' and 'associates' were simply being callous and cold-hearted; I believe they somehow blackmailed him into doing it.  I've even entertained the idea that they might have murdered him, staging it to look like a suicide... but that wasn't really necessary, apparently, and I know of no evidence proving such a scenario.

Sean was British, but got around.  He was the road manager for "The Clash" and other punk bands, at some time in his life; and had lived in Thailand for another period of time.  I believe it was while in Thailand, that he visited a zoo or wildlife sanctuary where there were tigers.  Those animals impressed him, cat lover that he was.

On Amazon, he bullied me mercilessly for awhile (starting threads about me, wherein he called me names, like "bitch").  However, I'm not sure what happened thereafter, to cause him to back away from me.  He left me alone, in the short weeks before he died.

Then I noticed a change in the personality of the 'character' using his ID on the forums (Cosmic Warrior).  This person acted more like Auernheimer, I thought.  At the time, I'd not heard of Sean's death, and I just assumed that he had moved on.  I couldn't understand at the time though, why someone else needed to take over his account.

He was very brash, very cocky and very anti-Christ; but murder is murder, regardless who the victim is.  And I do consider his death a murder.

And according to the source given above for the text of his last conversation, Sean died of a bullet from Andrew Auernheimer's weapon (or at least from the one Auernheimer is holding, in the photograph):  how perfectly ironic.
(This comes up when someone -- not me, I assure you... I just found out about it -- googled "auernheimer cock".  Lol.)
This should link to the Tea House thread on Amazon, where I showed Cosmic Warrior the picture of the tiger.  His name later got changed to "Gone to Texas" -- after his death.

Here's the last post to me from Cosmic Warrior (Sean Carasov), before his death:

"There's a Siberian Tiger at the Big Cat Sanctuary on the Isle of Wight. He paced up and down and looked really narked. He was as big as a horse as well!"  "

The whole time, especially just prior to that little exchange, "Giacomo Casanova" (aka Andrew Auernheimer and all of his other aliases) was hounding me like the bullying internet troll he really is.  His remarks were deleted on Sept. 11 2010; mine were later deleted on Feb. 1, 2011, after I was banned by Amazon (and shortly after the thread I OP-ed protesting the pedo e-book by Phillip Greaves).

Even Mei Mei's Tea House friend, "David", surprised me by trying to persuade "Casanova" to stop escalating the arguments.  "Mei Mei", "Casanova"'s "fiance" pretended to be civil, but at the same time was openly encouraging him in his shenanigans (applause, praise, etc.).  Not surprising that she's so two-faced, since she was known to have remarked how much she enjoys that sort of "entertainment".  But, you know she's just a nice little, crippled Mormon girl.  Auernheimer now claims to be a Jewish Mormon, too.
I discovered entire forums on Amazon's boards, devoted to topics such as "Fascism", "Nazis", "Bondage", and "S&M".
"I would like to think there was an element of humanity to the decision but there's nothing in Amazon's history or in Jeff Bezos' public persona that would lead me to think that was the driver of the decision. … Rarely has Amazon made any business decisions that didn't affect the bottom line."
The guy was born with the silver spoon in his mouth, for Pete's sake.
This article includes a close-up photo portrait of Bezos... Sorry, but he looks weird to me, especially the eyes.  He has Hybrid features.
The latest Tree House thread is presently running without their illustrious hostess, Mei Mei (or Me! Me!).  She claims she was being stalked by a vicious troll on the "Ammie" forums; now, she and AWK (Alpha Wingnut Karen, another bigwig there) have created a "secure" Facebook page, where they can hang out and tell jokes all day long without any outside interference.

Ok, so I retweeted a comment from Andrew Auernheimer's Twitter account, which was in response to his comment: "look at your incompetence. I will beat the stupid out of you and scar your inner thighs with hot iron for this behavior."  That being very typical for him, a raging misogynist (I call him "Jack the Ripper", in fact).
This is the comment I retweeted:  "But we definitely block the "threats of violence against women are 'wit', not part of the problem" guy".  And I totally agree with this female tweeter; and if Auernheimer had not attacked me so viciously, inspiring me to defend myself the only way that is available to me -- by watching practically every move he makes so that I know what my enemy is planning next -- I would heartily block him myself.
But, I simply retweeted her comment instead, because it spoke for me as well.  However, a troll who calls itself "Internet Female -- I suck dick for retweets" and who constantly hobnobs with Auernheimer online (and who was naturally involved in the same public Twitter conversation referred to here), also retweeted the same comment -- I presume for the purpose of keeping tabs on a foe of its hero, Auernheimer.  Those Trolls are right to call themselves "Gay Niggers", because they are quite frankly, trash.
Now, a day or so later I idly inspected the Troll, Internet Female's Twitter account to see what kind of criminal activity it was into.  And right away I noticed that it had tweeted something seemingly mundane to another tweeter called "John Denver -- PerpetuallA"; and that caught my attention, because of Janet Napolitano's handle, PerpetuallyAroused (see in the conversation above -- she / it was the main antagonist leading up to Sean Carasov's death by "suicide").  I've already explained all the reasoning behind my belief that it is Napolitano, so I won't repeat myself here.
Anyway, I look at "Perp's" following, and low and behold, who do you suppose is on there?  That's right:  Sean Carasov's old Twitter account, "OldDirtyB/tard", which I must presume was taken over by Napolitano / Perp.  "Someone" redecorated his whole page with pure mockery of him, so disgusting and sad.  But, that is the way those sadists operate.
Andrew Auernheimer's Twitter page.
The Troll, and good friend of Auernheimer, Internet Female.
Janet Napolitano's Trolling Twitter page, John Denver @ PerpetuallA -- Parasite of the Internet (appropriately named, of course).
Sean Carasov's Twitter page, "OldDirty/b/tard -- I'm now Diamonds... also (.Y.):  I wonder what that's supposed to mean?  I do know that Napolitano sometimes calls itself NBY; ie N(apolitano) B(e) Y (as in yDNA, male).

Anyway, here again is the connection between Auernheimer and the above conversation wherein I believe he operated under the alias of "Faust".

Something else which really stands out in all of this, is the complicity of Freemasonry in Government corruption and Gang-stalking.  Of course, Corporations are also involved in all of it, but the two entities enable and support one another.

Oh, and another thing:  Sean died on October 31, 2010; yet, his tweets continue on until May 13, 2011 -- which is approximately one year beyond the time when Auernheimer along with all of his filthy Troll 'friends' attacked me gangland style and attempted to get me permanently banned from Amazon forums.  They had hacked into my computor and was spying on me with video and audio, too, sadistically mocking me about it on the forums.  A real power trip for those disgusting deviants, perverts.  However, they failed that time (I wasn't banned until February, 2011).
Looking over his Tweets, I ran across a link to his YouTube channel.
This link is front and center on the Twitter page for "Your Anonymous Jews" -- the real "Anonymous".  Like I've been saying, they're all Jewish, Freemasons, Zionists.


  1. Please contact me .... Sean was my brother and 4 years on I still have questions about his 'suicide'. More to the point I need to talk about the asshole Aurenheimer who clearly encouraged Sean to kill himself.

    1. This is my second attempt to reply; don't know what happened the first time. My comment simply disappeared apparently. Hope it works this time... Anyway --

      I'm sorry that we meet under these circumstances. Sean shouldn't have died so tragically and so untimely. What they did to him was more than just wrong, it was evil. Had I been present during his final online conversation, I assure you that I would have fought for him. I would have convinced him to not listen to them, to the negativity. I would have convinced him that his life was worth preserving.

  2. Thank you so much for replying. I was wondering if perhaps I could email you rather than posting on here .... it all seems too personal to be writing about him on here. I have more questions than answers and I'm so confused and hurt about what happened. I'm not expecting you to have all the answers and I don't expect you to take away the hurt and confusion but there are things I need to ask, etc. Would you be ok about emailing? I understand if you'd prefer not to email but I had to ask.

    1. Tuffy, I don't doubt your sincerity; but I just make it a policy not to go into private conversations with people I don't know personally. I'd assume that Sean did have some family, and that they really cared about him -- so I don't question your claim to be his sister, having no evidence to refute it. But what happened to Sean was a public matter, otherwise I'd never have known anything about it; because as a regular person who isn't hired to harass people for political reasons, I was only acquainted with him and the other trolls ~online. I'm no 'insider', and for that reason I don't know how I could possibly provide you with any more important answers to your questions. Pretty much everything I know I've tried to explain here. The evidence of wrong-doing is out there, the police or FBI surely know about it -- but I'm not a professional detective or involved in law enforcement in any capacity. I'm not a 'spy' either... I just happen to be an astute, vigilant, defensive observer, one who somehow unwittingly got caught up in the moment, at that particular time. I was under personal attack, my freedoms of speech and religion were being threatened even on forums designated for such discussions, simply because my beliefs don't generally fall into lock-step with the Status Quo and the Politically Correct. I just always try to do the right thing, to be morally and conscientiously impeccable, to keep a clear conscience, and to learn wisdom, regardless of the cost. Because I have to live with my Self, with my own mind -- and I want that to be a peaceful, joyful experience... But I don't have time or energy to go around seeking 'excitement'. Unlike the trolls I've met, I don't desire violent or thrilling "entertainment". I'm no adrenaline junky. Adventure / misadventure just sometimes inadvertently finds me, as in this case. I don't think of myself as some dragon-slayer or romanticized heroine. I really hate drama, unlike some people (i.e. ED staff, and other trolls). Running into Auernheimer online came at a turning point in my life; not all by itself, but partially, part of the whole picture. I had no idea at first, that he was a "troll"; didn't even know anything about that lifestyle, that occupation. I had to look up the definition of "troll", just to understand it. I was new to the internet then. But it was destined to happen, despite all the pain involved. I'm just the kind of person who makes the best of every situation. I'm a survivor. It is up to the paid professionals to bring justice to Sean and to his family. I don't have that kind of power. I have problems of my own, battles with health, and so on. I don't mind talking to you, as long as you don't mind keeping the subject matter all out in the open. If I could learn what I have about this case, I'm sure that you, being even more rightfully motivated, could discover even more yourself. My aim here was simply to bring attention to the issue, for the sake of Humanity. It's too late to bring Sean back; but maybe someone else will be spared, if enough people stand up for our Rights.