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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


One particularly evil pundit remarked wrongly, that "every death is a suicide."
But really, many if not most, are murders:  homicides by committee; conspiracies based on consensuous condemnation resulting from hateful covetousness, and simply executed through negligent paucities of due process.

In other words, we unfortunately possess no Societal Justice or Truth.  Our Systems frankly disrespect Humanity.

In other words, the mighty, powerful, and aggressive men of our Society have generally degenerated to the level of inhumanly sadistic, hysterically predatorial ~beasts, hunting "witches".  Thus, they label their victims negatively (demonizing them) because they need socially approved justifications for their crimes.  They need to share accountability with their peers, for their tendencies to bully.  And they need to work as covertly as possible, in order to get away with it for very long.

Pacifist, gentle people are stalked by them, as if by grizzlies or by lions.

They know that the dead don't talk, and believe they are defenseless.


"What is 'government', when [or, IF] words have no meaning?"  ---  Jared Loughner

I believe Jared was an instrument in the hands of our government; one who was hellbent on silencing Gabrielle Giffords.  But, he makes a very valid point:  if words have no meaning, then 'government' also has no meaning.

I believe Giffords was silenced by 'committee', for her stance on government spending.  The politicians and bureaucrats have ruined our nation's economy, and she was talking about reform which would have cut deeply into their pleasure-seeking materialism.

Loughner was merely an easily brainwashed tool for them:  an 'expendable' hitman, who would take the rap for them.  They've probably lobotomized him, by now.

Maybe it wasn't Giffords, but some of her trolly 'staff', who actually pushed Loughner over the edge.


Suicide is an act of violence against the Self, and I'm not a violent person (other than for self-defense) --  so my death, whenever it occurs, is definitely not "suicide" (regardless of who says so).

No one can make me hate life, no matter how hard they may try.


"God sifted a whole nation that he might send choice grain into this wilderness."

  ---  William Stoughton  (From "Election Sermon at Boston", April 29, 1667; quoted in Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations".)

I'm sure William would be rolling in his grave now, if he could but see and know what has happened and continues to occur, in America.


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