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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Censorship by Genetic Genealogists

Genetic Genealogists maintain very tight control of information on their websites.  How can they receive federal government funding, when practicing such bias?  Yesterday, my comment to Bernard Secher was blocked by R1a1a (DNA forums moderator).  My opinion was not even open to discussion, regardless of the sheer, unvarnished truth in it.  And if there was not truth in my position, why not then allow someone "more knowledgeable" than I am, to explain the true facts of the matter, to me and others who might believe similarly regarding European history?

Today, it was American history which got curbed by the moderators.  'hentiny's' response to 'westpa's' ridiculous logic, was severely curtailed there, on the very same thread where 'rainbow' was officially allowed to sarcastically infer that Caucasoid Indians were/are in the same league with "Bigfoot" (or, "Sasquatch").  The hypocrisy of that "community" is utterly palpable.
(page 2)

westpa:  "...An ancient European migration to the Americas has always seemed plausible to me. The problem is the lack of evidence to support it. No DNA results from pre-Columbian remains showing typically European haplogroups. That is not to say that a future finding of such remains is impossible (especially in the northeast). If I were a betting man, I'd put down a little wager that we eventually find some. But I'd also bet that any pre-Columbian European migration was very small in comparison to the those who came across from Asia (Siberia, Polynesia, Jomon or otherwise)."

[My interjection:  And as for us living remnants of those ancient ones, they and the government are annoyed with and simply deny our very existence...  Next, I record the response attributed to 'hentiny' by forum moderator(s); then following, 'hentity's' complete, real statement, which showed up in my email inbox, from the forum.]

'hentiny's' moderated reply:  [westpa quote]: "No DNA results from pre-Columbian remains showing typically European haplogroups."

[hentiny] and of course sea people/ sea tribes buried their dead?

'hentiny's' unmoderated reply:  you know to prove how ignorant scifi is did you all know that sea people buried their people at sea?

did you know they might sometimes bury their leaders, kings etc.;

but did you know those kings were always the same female clan..

you didn't know that did you or any anyone does hum !

so your kind of proof is totally irrelevant to real history and ALL DNA you do find came from the
last two thousand years or less.

and what is even worse any kings they did bury you scifi folks have had your way with it and nothing of them even is left ....

(the Windover mummies of Florida)
(Penon Woman of Mexico)
(the US Dept of the Interior's keen interest in the remains of Kennewick Man, found in the Columbia River of Washington State)
(the Smithsonian Institute was forcefully prevented by the US government, from further study of Kennewick Man)
(Luzia woman, from Brazil.  It seems there are possible Continental differences between ancient remains of North America, compared to those found in South America.  The oldest North American remains are apparently Caucasoid; whereas the South American remains are more likely to be Australoid or even possibly African.  It makes sense that there are Human variances between the two continents, as there are very definite and dramatic differences in the populations of other mammalian species, too.)
(9000 year old Caucasian Mummy found in Nevada.  This mummy was wrapped in the very same type of finely handwoven textiles, which were found along with the Windover Mummies of Florida)
(While these documentarians attempt to present the facts in an unbiased manner, yet they perpetuate the Euro-centric attitudes found in our Euro-centric American government.  To wit, they characterize >7000 yr old remains discovered on American soil, as "European"... Lol.)
(Discover Magazine's documentary about Kennewick Man)
(The latest evidence about ancient Americans is shattering "traditional history")

The concluding statement from the above-linked video, "Native Americans may not have been the first", is bullshit.  Because, no matter how many different 'races' populated pre-Columbian America or when they got here -- every one of us who are descended from pre-Columbian families are "Native Americans", regardless of our 'race'.

Every one of us, despite our varying DNA, were robbed of our homelands and of our natural resources.  We were all stripped of our identities and subjected to genocide.  We were all forced to give up our own traditions, to accept the laws and customs (even the clothing) of the Aryan invaders from over seas.

All of us were treated then as now, like second- or last- class citizens.  All Native Americans are still being subjected to continual discrimination, personal attack, and prejudice, even to this very day.  It has nothing to do with our DNA.  It's all about the fact that we were and are HERE, on OUR LAND, which they COVET and STOLE / STEAL from us.

The narrow-minded and bigoted "authorities" persist in trying to attach a 'race' label on Native Americans, and that's wrong.

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