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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Impulsive, Compulsive, and Ill-Tempered

The Avatar used by Amazon's "Giacomo Casanova" (world's ugliest troll, Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer).  He only left this one up for a few hours, at most; displayed it in a fit of anger because I had changed my user name (from MindCandy to Alethea) just in time to avert his latest attempt to have me banned from the 'Forums'.

This was the only time he ever used a photograph of himself, as an avatar.  And when I confronted him about it, he tried to pretend that it was a ~drawing (not a photo, he said) -- LOL, he must think we're ~all simpletons.  In the picture, he's wearing a noose around his neck, which seems to be looped over the shower curtain rod.  Someone went to a lot of trouble to alter the image on Paint (however, there are ways to revert photos like this one back to their originals, uncropped.

It was only later that I learned about the "Goatsee Security Bathtub Girl incident".  (It seems Auernheimer posted a snuff-porn photograph of a blond girl who was being sexually abused, and who appeared to be in fact ~dead, in a bathtub).

"Bathtub Girl" is a sick photograph, which was first posted on 4-chan's b-chan? page (an organization of 'trolls' founded by Auernheimer, I believe).  It has since gone viral, all over the 'net; including different versions of it on YouTube.  It was posted for the expressed purpose of shocking people (some YouTube videos are of just young, innocent people reacting to the shock of seeing it for the first time; obviously it disturbs them as it did me).  The use of 'shock and awe' is a bullying tactic of psychopaths.

Later, some Japanese girls met the same fate, when some copycats pulled the same stunt.  Even if those girls didn't die (and I am sure that they did) -- you would really have to hate women a lot, to make and then publish such disgusting porn.

Auernheimer would have been about 12 yrs old when it (the Bathtub Girl murder) happened (I believe so, if I remember the dates correctly).  That would have been shortly after he met Janet Napolitano.  She admitted (to me, on the Amazon forum, during the protest of the pedophile book, whose author's Constitutional Right to Free Speech she ~defended, at the same time she was attempting to curtail, even remove, my own ~individual freedom to speak freely) to having met him when he was that age.  She is at least 25 years his elder.  But both are hermaphrodites, so they have that in common.  Napolitano graduated from University of Virginia, near Auernheimer's parents' home in Virginia.

But before I could confront him about the avatar or about the snuff-porn murder (which I couldn't really put together until I'd gathered enough of the pieces of the puzzle - although they really kind of just fell into my lap with perfect timing:  I was speechless from what I was learning about this guy; and found most all of the other evidence ~subsequently to the evil treatment I'd received from him and his gang on the Amazon forums), Auernheimer meanwhile afterwards posted several photos of himself on his (at the time) GNAA (Gay Niggers Assoc. of America) website - yet another of his many trolling / bullying organizations -- in a bathtub(!) along with the noose again, the shower curtain, a gray kitten, an "Anonymous" ("A" is for Anarchy, btw) bandana, and a handgun (which he posed using it for a penis substitute or phallic symbol).

(Another piece of the puzzle... I wanted to know why I was being targeted, cyber-stalked on the Amazon forums, and by whom.  He eventually "friended" me for the sole purpose of getting my email address, so that he could hack into my computor, for whatever reason -- because I was Christian, a woman, straight, outspoken about individual Rights, more intelligent than him?

I knew what he was up to, but played into it anyway, because I wanted to know why.  What I've learned from the experience has been well worth the trouble and headaches.  I wasn't about to take that shit sitting down, so I kept my eyes and ears wide open.  I needed then, as always, to know the Truth.

Anonymous cowards hide behind their disguises, their masks and aliases.  I learned what I've learned, from the www internet -- not by hacking like a cat-burglar into anyone's personal, private files.  Not by peeking into anyone's Windows, like a voyeur / sexual deviate.

We all deserve to know who is hacking us, and why.  He / they - his gang - were disappointed, that I have / had no money in my bank account for them to steal.  They're opportunists, criminals; and many of them I suspect are government employees, especially Veterans' Affairs officials and probably any and every branch of American Law Enforcement.  I'm disgusted by the condition of our country; it's been run -- ruined -- by losers and crooks for far too long, and no one has done a damn thing about it.

(I don't believe it's any coincidence either, how many connections Jared Loughner, the gunman in the Tucson Massacre who shot Gabrielle Giffords along with the other victims, has with Janet Napolitano and Auernheimer -- including the same fondness for posing with firearms, as if holding phalluses).

Now, after seeing the avatar I still didn't know who he was, until by sheer serendipity I ran across a news article about his arrest in Arkansas (for the Apple iPod information thefts).  It wasn't until the protest of the pedophile book was in full swing (and Auernheimer was out on bond), that I confronted him about that and some other things.  That whole thread was deleted by Amazon later, by the way.  They tamper with evidence a lot, I believe (the Feds and their "Friends", all Freemasons).

Anyway the protest of the book was quite animated, with lots of people connected to Amazon and the Government (along with, I'm sure, some others who were just simply fighting for the author because they were themselves pedophiles) ganging up against me and the others who bravely stood up with me to speak out against it.
(Rarely did anyone come to help me defend Jesus or Christianity on the forums, lol; although I don't really blame them for staying out of my messes -- I'm in the habit of learning things as I go along; I often leap first, then look; or sometimes jump into the water before gauging its depth, lol).

But, I still managed to confront him about "Bathtub Girl"; the Nazi porn on his Goatsee Security webpage; Napolitano's choice of the username "Mei Mei" (Chinese for, "Little Sister"); and probably quite a few other items that I can't recall at the moment (late, tired, lol).

It just doesn't make sense, that we pay law enforcement agencies so much money to do virtually nothing about crime.  The only agency willing to bring charges (and they got a conviction) against Phillip Greaves, the author of the book, was the Sheriff's Office in the Tampa, Florida, vicinity.  And because Colorado apparently wouldn't touch the case (as politically charged as it was, it even got mainstream media News coverage on TV, from Anderson Cooper and Chris Matthews -- who both sided with the Feds in protecting the ~criminal's "Rights" -- Tampa was forced to extradite him to Florida, where the judge gave him a gentle slap on the wrist for the crime of conspiring to sexually abuse children.

Not only do they nothing to stop such things as snuff porn, and books for pedophiles -- they bring ~backup (the Military, and maybe even Obama or a few others in Washington DC) to help them fight against ~citizens' Rights.  A criminal of that degree is not a citizen, folks.  He and anyone supporting him belong in prison, for attempting to capitalize on the suffering of helpless children.

Auernheimer and Napolitano had / have several aliases on many forums, where they harass people while pushing their own political agendas.  The two of them hassled Sean Carasov (the original "Cosmic Warrior" on Amazon, and their supposed "friend") to allegedly "commit suicide".

Remarkably, there's a photograph on the 'net, of Auernheimer and Carasov holding guns to one another's heads... what do you suppose is the symbolism in that?  Intuitively (and I've learned finally to trust my intuition most of the time) I believe they might have made some sort of pact, like a ~game, wherein if one or the other should fail at some task -- the loser must kill themselves, perhaps... But which one decided that Sean had lost, I wonder, if that is the case?

I recall that while Auernheimer got the troll gang together to corner Sean, Napolitano made some extremely sadistic comments to him... Perhaps his killing was by her orders, because he had done something to piss her off.  She kept bringing up "Italy":  "What do you think about Italy?", (to 'dirtyoldbastard', another of Carasov's usernames)".  Also as I recall, she mocked him about his alcohol use.  If I were Sean's family or other loved ones (assuming he has any, and he did have 'friends', was a very popular band road manager in LA) -- I would be concerned about his manner and cause of death.

(One common tactic troll bullies use, in order to confuse people reading forum threads, is to make 'dummy' or 'sock-puppet', multiple accounts with multiple identities -- some of which are often contrived to ~parody another poster on the forum, usually one whom they are attempting to smear, ban, or run a hate campaign against).

I read the text of that conversation; and it was disgusting, how coldly they hated Sean, just before he died.  Completely devoid of feeling, sentiment, or empathy.  Inhuman.  They basically told him (in so many words, and with attitudes and tones):  go ahead, kill yourself, failure.  His blood is on all of their hands, every single one of them who participated in that and other killings.  That's a killing, folks; no less than murder, when you tell someone to commit suicide and they do it.

And did I mention that they are ~Zionists?  They are (like the majority of our government bureaucrats, politicians, and most of the "established" religions)...

Auernheimer was around 16 years old at the time of the 9-11, "Twin Towers" debacle.  By that time, he was already an accomplished hacker.  Does anyone ever wonder why our well-paid government officials and military didn't stop that attack before it happened?  Does anyone believe that Dept. of Homeland Security is really looking out for the best interests of American citizens?  Auernheimer also set up a website around the same time, for anarchists:

[I have to search for the link... it was previously given as the 'contact' on the site, that's how I discovered it... based in Stuyvesant NY; and it listed people from all over Europe (major European capitals), as members of their little club.]

UPDATE: I believe this is the same website that I found on, given as their "contact" at the time I first found the site (I believe it was over a year ago):
("Anarchist Yellow Pages".  Strangely, they are 'anarchists' who use ~Illuminati symbolism.)

Auernheimer also claimed online, to be a "mercenary", and I believe the two go hand-in-hand.  And I believe that he stole the "Necklace of Mysteries" from an elderly African Zulu man (Credo Mutwa) in a strong-armed robbery with at least two local African accomplices.  It was attempted murder, according to Mr. Mutwa.  Auernheimer had bragged online, about going to Africa, just about the time of that particular robbery.
Credo Mutwa wearing his "Necklace of Mysteries", a gift from some African secret society he was once affiliated with.
In this video, Mutwa shows the necklace to David Icke.
In this video, filmed not long after the above linked interview with Icke, and shortly after the violent robbery committed against him, Mutwa appears obviously more aged, exhausted; describes to Icke the theft of the Necklace and physical attack on him by the thieves.  Listen to his description of the ring-leader.  It sounds exactly like Auernheimer.  On Amazon forums, Auernheimer had bragged about going to Africa, around the same time of this incident.  I believe he did it.

The Necklace of Mysteries is a secret-society, sacred ritual object, covered with Illuminati symbolism.  Mutwa had shown it to David Icke, only shortly before it was taken from him.  I wouldn't doubt that Icke set him up, too.  I think a lot of money changed hands, for that particular antiquity.  Mutwa described his attacker as an insane, "white", "fairy", with a lisp (or a funny way of talking, ~like a lisp - there is a bit of a language issue with Mutwa, as with most non-Americans speaking our native tongue).  Auernheimer fits Mutwa's description perfectly, in my opinion.

Auernheimer calls himself "Hammer" (also "Loki", "Weev", "Thor'sson" and many other aliases), but he's really just a loose cannon.

"A New Garden of Eden"
("The so-called Twin Towers were ~hated by many New Yorkers...")

(They're into surveillance, eavedropping, and voyeurism).

"There aren't any innocent people in America: we all -- no matter who we are or claim to be -- benefit from the crimes perpetrated in our names."
("Concerning 11 September, 2001").

(pro-Situs, or "Situationists", on Terrorism).

("The Way of War is a Way of Deception, SunTzu").

They talk a lot about Jewish Cemeterys worldwide; and about worldwide Terrorism.
("Terrorizing the terrorists").

(A very rambling, incoherent and florid rant against Christianity... It's meant to sound intellectual, but it's pure nonsense, pure hate.)

A very interesting (in a sick sort of way) site belonging to Napolitano:

This site is loaded with eyeopeners about where our government / elitists are coming from, psychologically and ethically.  It was written by a lawyer (Napolitano).

"An anarchist has a concept/practice of organizing against elections and the State that is distinct from all others."
(From, "On the NY Anarchist Tribes" -- most of whom appear to be European Illuminati, btw).

Detournement, a form of propaganda and manipulation of events:
(This was linked from their Index page).

(A lot of talk about Guy Debord, who 'invented' "detournement" - which is actually nothing more than psychopathic 'gaslighting' tactics - and who committed suicide and was also involved with the Letterists.
(A lot of talk on this site about Letterists, too, and about suicides - they seem very obsessed about Kurt Cobain's death, mocking him and Elvis Presley).

He and Napolitano have connections to the Tucson Massacre, too.  Notice how that was an open-and-shut case?  Napolitano is Obama's hitman.  "Dr. Pepper" refers to the Veteran's Administration's medical hitmen (their online youtube handle was / is Pimiento666 -- their original channel got terminated for bad behavior; but they just set up another similar one, with an almost identical name).

When I later learned about "Bathtub Girl" (whom Auernheimer, when confronted about it, assured me was alive and well, and had only been a 'paid model' for that photo shoot), and then saw his bizarre pose in the tub (complete with shower curtain) for GNAA -- I soon realized that the drapery in the back of the ~avatar is not a window curtain:  it's rather a shower curtain instead.

Auernheimer and his trolly "friends" seemed to think that "Bathtub Girl" was a very funny joke.  But, I don't think so; it's serious to me.  If she and the Japanese women were merely paid to look convincingly dead, where are they now?

(Fascism and references to the 'Twin Towers' again.)
(List of New York Anarchists... they seem to admire Bolshevism a lot.)

Close-up of the noose on Auernheimer.  Hard to see, but someone wrote, "DIE" on it.

UPDATE:  Some recent, random quotes from Auernheimer's tweet account, "rabite"...

"What is good? Everything that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself." Nietzsche  (17 April)

"What is good in life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women." Conan

"oh wow, an Israeli that wants to torture and rape children (probably started in the IDF) "

(Replying to the following quote from goldenzoltan:  I am so tired of living in hell. Nothing ever changes. I am drowning under a heavy curse I do not know freedom. What does help look like?...)

"read the book of job"

"I say let Western Man die so he may be reborn, twice as strong and masterful as before." (18 April)

"My Little Pony: Friendship Is Betrayal."

"When you put docs on a webserver in an OPEN directory, those files aren't "Secured". Arresting for this is idiotic." (19 April)

"if you have never heard of the met you are uncultured swine." (Met = New York's opera house). (20 April)

(Auernheimer quote) "Yeast suffers a horrific death in its own waste matter just so you can get wasted. Yeast dies for your sins and its blood brings you heaven"

(Originally quoted by "ugh, I tweeted again", aka "apartheid", in response to the above comment about beer[?]...) "As do all the lifeforms we have domesticated to service our needs. The human touch is distinct: drown it in its own shit, use it"

"Hey now, I'm remembering a specific photo essay you did involving your GF at the time and some yeast and a douche bag."  (Oddly, this quote from "auntiesiannon", aka "Siannon Anonymous", in response to Auernheimer's foregoing one above, retweeted by Auernheimer on his own account stream on 20 April, 2012 -- is not subject to 'copy/paste', like most of the other tweets.  I'm sure it's in reference to the 'Tub Girl incident'... UPDATE: it may now be subject to copy/paste -- that was fast!)

"Power over profit, a good job's hard to find. Power over profit, they'll soon own our minds." (21 April)

(To "auntiesiannon", re some French politician's wife...) "she's a reptile-faced whore" (22 April)

ANOTHER UPDATE: Wow, he yaps small-talk nonstop:

(April 26) "I love how Janet Napolitano says Secret Service agents buying whores is inexcusable, but assassinating US citizens is just peachy"
(He loves it.)

(April 26) "Why is this still in the news? Why was it there in the first place? 15.5T in debt and the gov has no bigger concern than empoyee sex habits?"
(He doesn't 'get it'.)

(The above quotes directly follow about a dozen rat-a-tat-tat almost simultaneously, wherein he compares himself again to Jesus... I doubt it.)
Free-anons... Freemasons.
Anonymous skull and crossbones logo.
Nothing more than a whole lot of posturing, theatrics, drama, hot air.

Northern Sun Anarchists' logo.
Incorporating the Skull with Anarchy
Another Anonymous logo, reeking of Masonic imagery.  The Freemasons have traditionally valued anonymity, and subversive anarchy, along with their superstitions.

Fertile, lol.
Anonymous is a Masonic Trolling (ie Civil War) Organization
Spoken like a psychopath.


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