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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Awaiting Moderator Approval

Why do you believe there was a Chinese presence in Russia?

The stone-age, hunter-gathering, indigenous people of that region were Cro-Magnon, not the Neanderthals which came later from the direction of the Near East region of Mesopotamia and India/Pakistan.

Virtually all the ancient Cro-Magnon remains tested (anywhere in the world, in fact) possess 'Caucasian' mtDNA, although their skulls have square-ish eye sockets making them ~appear superficially, somewhat like typical Asian eyes -- yet not truly Asian).

Is it the present Asian resemblence in many genetically old but modern-day Russians' facial features, that makes you and others think they were Asian?

Note that both Penon Woman and Kennewick Man (Paleo-indians) were classified 'Caucasian' based on their bones and skulls.  Penon Woman at first was erroneously thought to have been Ainu, not based on DNA analysis, but due to what appeared to be superficially, a combination of Caucasoid and Asian skull features.

'"This is a recreation of the craniometric dendogram entitled "Cranial Cluster 28 Groups" in a book by anthropologist William White Howells, professor of anthropology at Harvard University who said "Indians" or "American populations" are closest in "studies of cranial distance" to "Europeans" as seen above and that among "Indians" or "American populations", only "Eskimos" are "strongly Mongoloid in form".'

Notice that Native Americans (the most ancient, paleolithic ones, that is) are taxonomically most related to "Europeans" (meaning the most ancient, Cro-Magnon bones of Europe, not the more modern 'Indo-Europeans').

Now, Kennewick man has square-ish eye-sockets and slightly 'Asian' facial features, too.  But, other analyses prove that he's Caucasian instead.  In other words, he's probably a Cro-Magnon type (ie not Neanderthal).

[NOTE: Logically the paleolithic bones would possess DNA from the Paleolithic Age. That's assuming they're as old as scientists believe them to be; also assuming the Paleolithic Age was at the time(s) presumed by Science.

However, some mtDNA dating back to the Paleolithic Age, is still present among certain modern Human populations and/or individuals.]

Excellent paper by trailblazing Anthropologist, R. Cedric Leonard -- whom Wikipedia unashamedly smears, btw.
Tribal distribution of Cro-Magnon in Western Europe.

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