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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Human Hybridization - relevant facts

"The Rh system was named after rhesus click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced monkeys, since they were initially used in the research to make the antiserum for typing blood samples. If the antiserum agglutinates your red cells, you are Rh+ click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced. If it doesn't, you are Rh- click this icon to hear the preceding term pronounced. Despite its actual genetic complexity, the inheritance of this trait usually can be predicted by a simple conceptual model in which there are two alleles, D and d. Individuals who are homozygous dominant (DD) or heterozygous (Dd) are Rh+. Those who are homozygous recessive (dd) are Rh- (i.e., they do not have the key Rh antigens)."

[Note: the antiserum made from Rhesus monkeys, was originally, officially called, "anti-Human serum"... It is now called, "anti-D serum".]

So, if a particular blood type (Rh-) is compatible with Rhesus monkey blood or blood serum, but not with 'Human' (Rh+) blood...

And if Rh+ blood ('Human' blood) isn't compatible with either one (Rh- or Rhesus monkey blood / blood products): it agglutinizes, coagulates, or ~curdles, when it makes contact with that type of blood...

Then, does it make logical sense to call O- bloodtype the "Universal Donor"?

Does it make logical sense to introduce Rh- blood products into the bodies of Rh+ individuals (as the medical establishment, FDA, and pharmaceutical corporations have done in the past -- and who really knows what abuses they continue to commit)?

Well no, unless you just don't happen to give a rat's ass about Rh+ (Human) people.

So, why did they do it?  And why do the Rh negatives try to present themselves as 'special' or 'superior'?  They falsely claim to be of superior intelligence and morals, on many of their websites and in youtube videos.

The only real reason one would lie about oneself so much, in order to build up one's reputation(s), would be for the purpose of CONning the public, the way that politicians use propaganda and slick advertising.

Why do they wish to con the majority of people:  Human beings?  Is it to take attention away from their wrong-doing?  To distract us from their crimes?  I believe so.

The blood product and medical abuses, are but one aspect of what the Illuminati, Rh-, 'reptilian' Hybrids are involved in.  Check out every big celebrity, every megabillionaire, every powerful politician.  What is their bloodtype?  I can guess.

So are they rich and powerful because they're superior intellectually or morally?  Are they celebrities because they are more talented or more beautiful than regular Human beings?  I don't believe so.  I believe it's because they are more ambitious, aggressive, and greedy.

Are ambition, aggression and greed, superior traits?  No, but it serves their purposes.

Why would inferior, genetically corrupt Hybrids ~need to dominate "common" Human beings?  Why would the minority ~need to control the majority?  It's a compensatory mechanism, to ensure their own survival at our expense.  That's why.

Is the Human species worth preserving; or, should we allow our DNA to also be corrupted by the Hybrids?  Should we allow the Hybrids to kill off all true Human beings?  Are they more worthy than Human beings, to survive?

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