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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reply to Yorkie on "How do You Prove that Your Native American?"

What I find very revealing is how you have been stirred to fury in the past by any suggestion that your maternal Grandmother's line includes some evidence of mixing with white Europeans. I recall you angrily saying that you would like to see me repeat to the faces of some of your male relatives such suggestions. This strikes me as a form of reverse racism on your part. Any suggestion that your MtDNA has anything to do with non-Native American origins seems to infuriate and disgust you.

Well, there is absolutely NO CHANCE ON EARTH that your MtDNA is Native American. Anyone from a beginner hobbyist to a major league population geneticist could tell you that. I strongly suspect that you know this to be the case yourself, but you are in denial. You refer to the burden of proof, well, your case wouldn't stand up to the adversarial approach in any court of law because there is NO proof, NO evidence that any Native American carries your dna.

   What is the 'big deal' about having Native American dna anyway? Why privilege such a tiny [if it exists] part of your ancestry at the expense of the rest? This seems like a patronising attempt to make the Native American heritage into something 'special' and 'exotic'. In reality. it is no more 'special' than any other ancestry, be it English, Nigerian, or Siberian. There is nothing that makes Native American ancestry 'superior' or more 'authentic'. Native American 'wisdom' has its equivalent in all human cultures.

   You refer a little too often too to 'injustices' done to Native Americans. I would never deny that colonisation resulted in some cases of genocide, and I understand that many Native Americans feel that they do not enjoy full equity and equality in modern-day America. However, it doesn't help when you draw on the spurious idea of inherited white ethnic guilt and adopt a bogus ethnic identity yourself. Native Americans warred with each other long before European colonisation. They too committed the vilest of atrocities in the warfare of the 18th and 19th centuries, not just the white settlers and soldiers. For example, the Cherokee were known to torture captives to death. How do we justify that with 'cultural relativism'? The past is the past.

     I would be interested to see the results of your autosomal dna put through Doug McDonald's BGA analysis. He would soon tell you where the average of your ancestry lies, and I'm betting it is nowhere near the lands of the Cherokee. He sees me as nearly 100% English, and I feel no need to pretend to be something else. In my ethnic group, we aren't allowed to talk about 'membership' for fear of being called 'racist'. This doesn't bother us much, as we know who we are and are generally at ease with ourselves. You need to be realistic about who YOU are, and then you might find some peace. Its ok, I know you hate my guts- but someone should tell you.


You don't believe that my particular subclade of mtDNA (which isn't a "tiny" part of anyone's genetic heritage, as you claim, btw) 'W' is, was, or ever could have been, purely & authentically Cherokee? Prove it, then. I know otherwise; I know the truth.

~Prove that I'm lying, crazy, or stupid; or stop libelling me. I told you before to cease & desist, but the comment was censored, so I repeat it here. It's a personal attack on my character (having little to do with what the argument is actually about), when you & others insinuate that I'm lying about myself, or that I'm too crazy or ignorant to know the reality of my own family heritage.

Do you think the rest of my maternal family are ignorant, crazy liars, too? Lol.

Read "My Heritage" from the above webpage. I tried to post it here before, but it too was censored or disallowed by the Forum Moderator.

You ask, "what is the big deal about being Native American"? I ask you, why is it so important to you & others (including the US & some tribal governments) to ~disprove it?

And I've never denied my other ancestry, Yorkie; I talk about & research it just as much if not more so... only that it's the Native American mtDNA part of me that receives so much ~undue & irrational attention from strangers, such as yourself.

Some stranger once even came up from behind me unexpectedly at a carwash, startling me, to lecture me about my bumper sticker, "Native American", that I had on my 20-yr-old ride. Without even looking me in the eye, he tried to tell me that I had no ~right to put that sticker on my car! He soon turned heel & ran away, after I informed him that I am indeed Cherokee.

By the ~traditional tribal laws (before they got legally changed recently), even my own grandchildren have enough blood quantum to be considered valid Cherokee. Down to the 7th generation, Yorkie (or, 1/64 total quantum, derived from all direct ancestors).

But even if I wasn't truly Cherokee, I'm "Native American" enough for a bumper sticker (how ridiculously petty was his complaint): I was BORN here!

That's the very reason why my mother did deny the ~Cherokee part of her heritage: you can never be enough of either "Indian" or "White", to satisfy the status quo. But we were more fortunate (or not) than many of the racially mixed, because in later generations we could barely 'pass' for "white".

What I didn't know at first though, after learning about it, was how systematically & doggedly the US government worked/works to deny Cherokee & other aboriginal/indigenous Native Americans of their identities, & thus of their/our legal & moral birthrights.

I get that you & others like you who so vehemently & passionately protest my claim to be (even ~part) "Indian", must be jealous of something.

(But what? I'm a poor girl; I don't have any "privileges" because of who I am & never have. By marrying into the dominant society, we became isolated & alienated from most of our Cherokee family roots; & didn't escape discrimination by doing so. I've been trying for decades, to figure out who Cely Bird's & Steven Hilburn's ~parents were; haven't found any record of their names or specific locations, anywhere; only names of very few of their probable siblings or in-laws. There is hardly even any info regarding their daughter Polly's husband's family, either, other than I believe his parents' names -- although he was "white" & a hardworking, contributing member of St. Augustine industry & community. Is it because he was married to an "Indian" woman? I hope that by talking about them, it keeps their memory alive; & someone will someday recognize them & fill me in with more details.)

Are you afraid of some ~future gain or recompense that I might qualify for? If so, why? Are there not enough land, money, & resources for everyone to share fairly without discrimination? Or must some small segment of the population necessarily claim all (or the lion's share) of the pie, leaving the rest of us to starve? Are you afraid you might have to take a cut in pay, reduced retirement benefits, or lost tenure?

For a long time throughout my life, my ancestry thus my ~identity (all of it) was hidden from me. I'm not just another American citizen-taxpayer: I'm a unique INDIVIDUAL.

Interesting that you mentioned the alleged torturing of "whites" by Cherokee; why the comparison? The Cherokee didn't go over to Europe in ships, and lie, cheat, rape, & steal their way into owning your land. It was the other way around. And the British & American govts both, engage in "tortures", anyway, legally or otherwise.

One thing I've learned throughout all this discourse & through my own research, is how the indigenous, Hunter/gatherer / small-scale gardening types of tribes usually remained/remain in their own general homelands, rarely straying very far from them except seasonally. They typically lived/live very simply & humbly, yet manage/managed their natural resources very, very well.

But the merchant/trader/cosmopolitan types of tribes are forever needing to conquer 'others' & to destroy new land, in order to survive & to feed their ravenous appetites for luxury & power.

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