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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reply to Thormalen's hateful comment about Cherokee vs Pueblos

['thormalen' (Bad little Thor)]

"I do not think you understand....  These people are still in place sence before the Spanish arrived. Their land and religious places are still under their control.  The Cherokee are a scatered people living in a foreign land forced on them by others.  Big difference."


No, you don't understand.... you say that there's a "Big difference" between the two tribes, when there's really no comparison.

For a fraction of the effort, the Pueblos were ~allowed to keep their desert lands; while the Cherokee lost all of their prime forests, goldmines, and fertile soils, to the same invaders' armies.

They threw a little fit, and got their lake back. But the Cherokee worked with the government for decades, fighting wars for them, cooperating with them -- and still got the shaft.

And it wasn't because they were less deserving or clever than the Pueblo, I assure you. There is nothing that they could have done, to prevent what the Indo-European invaders did to them, short of killing every single one of them on sight. Do you think that's what they should have done? I'm sure they would have, had they known about their DNA.


Note: I'd promised myself not to bother with the DNA forum anymore, because I'm being censored and harassed there; and because their 'regulars' hate Cherokee people.  But, I couldn't resist submitting this one for 'moderator approval'. I'm sure Thormalen (a known government agent btw, Claude Thormalen according to his own word and online sources) is being deliberately provocative here, probably to get me banned from the forum.

What really gets me, is that he claims to have been adopted, and that his "mother's people" (not ~his people, even though she's his ~blood relative) are Cherokee. I can only assume that because he hates his mother for giving him up for adoption, he has projected that hatred toward people who don't deserve such treatment.

Some of the others who express open hatred and disrespect for Cherokee, seem to base their feelings on the recent case where the tribe disenfranchised a large group of non-Cherokees (black, ex-slaves), for not having any Indian blood at all. Those people lost all of their tribal privileges ($$$ and land, I suspect) when that happened.

And I guess some of them just don't like ~me, CherokeeW, because I'm a REAL descendant of Vikings, lol.

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