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Sunday, January 8, 2012

R1b vs I yDNA

Lots of information here.  But, what really ticks me off, is how they speak of the indigenous Cro-Magnons as though they were less than Human -- when in fact, they WERE the Humans.  The Indo-Europeans were and are, Neanderthal Hybrids, with Rhesus monkey DNA, dammit.  Having war technology and being greedy, bloodthirsty savages, does not make them "superior".

There was a time, when Cro-Magnons were referred to, rightfully, as the true Homo Sapiens sapiens pure species Humans.  Now, just because it's more politically popular to aggrandize the Indo-Europeans, suddenly its PC to put monkey - hybrid Neanderthals on a pedestal.  That's wrong.

They've come up with every idiotic excuse to make themselves superior, when they are intellectually and morally ~inferior to Human beings.  They're simply GREEDY bastards.

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