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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stepford Students, the Making of America's Zombies

He claims he hypnotized the students to improve their 'performance' in school and in sports.  Yet he also has been caught in several lies about his activities.  And he remains on the State payroll, in school 'administration'.

I think it's rather strange to have a gripe about something like an old banner that's been in the hallway of a school for decades.  Especially a banner which rationally attempts to appeal to the students' consciences, to be better citizens.  I don't think that the banner would have, or should have, been in any way meaningful to any atheists in the crowd.  So to protest it being there -- being offended by the mere sight of it -- reveals a great deal of religious ~intolerance, on the part of the 'activist'.

I would protest only if teachers and staff were systematically and forcefully attempting to indoctrinate students with any specific cult or religion.  But I don't think that banner falls into those categories, at all.  How petty and thin-skinned, are atheists.  Their religion (which they constantly push on the rest of us) doesn't seem to serve them well.  It doesn't build their characters, or make them any more logical thinkers, than Christians.  Also, why do they always target Christians, of all the religions out there?  It's never "Catholics", "Mormons", or "Muslims".  Only "Christians".  They're anti-Christ, not anti-religion, that's why.  If they were anti-religion, they wouldn't be such fanatical zealots themselves.

Symptoms of stress or side-effects from pharmaceuticals used to treat ADHD / ADD.  Cause is being with-held from the public, even though it is a ~public school.  12 female students affected.

The marching band fell ill with nausea, coughing, and scratchy throats, following a 'blood drive' that had been conducted at the school earlier in the day.  22 students affected.

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