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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Physical Anthropology

My Dimensions:  Head Length - 205 mm
____________ Head Breadth - 158 mm
_____________Head Height - 130 mm
__________Minimum Frontal - 113 mm
._____________Bizygometry - 135 mm
_________________Bigonial - 110 mm
_________Total Face Height - 110 mm
________Upper Face Height - 68 mm
.____________Nasal Height - 43 mm
.___________Nasal Breadth - 33 mm

Classification Results: You have a 98% probability of being Caucasoid and a 2% probability of being Negroid.

This classifier is based on Howells (1973, 1989) craniometric data and has a 92.5% success rate on the training samples (711 skulls from Oslo, Zalavar, Berg, Egypt, Teita, Dogon, Zulu). Misclassification error is expected to be higher in out-of-sample skulls, both due to the small number of measurements used, and errors introduced by converting anthropometric dimensions to equivalent cranial ones. Send feedback to dienekesp [at] gmail [dot] com if your results do not match your expectations, preferrably noting your exact measurements.
Howells WW (1973) Cranial variation in man: a study of multivariate analysis of patterns of difference among recent human populations. Peabody Museum Papers 67:1-259.
Howells WW (1989) Skull shapes and the map: craniometric analyses in the dispersion of modern Homo. Peabody Museum Papers 79:1-189.
1971; I'm only 13 yrs old, sitting on the edge of a steep, very high cliff in the Catskills of New York.  I have acrophobia.  I'm only there, because I stumbled on the place.  More than forty years ago.

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