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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Theory

1 - Adam, a Cro-Magnon, Homo Sapiens sapiens (the red-skinned one) was the father of the Israelites (Shemites, or the true Semites) and of the true, Caucasian, Human being.  The Human being is the only creature on Earth that is made in God's 'image'.  That statement is based on the Human's capacity for intelligence and Godly morality.

They were Hunter/gatherers, as opposed to the children of Canaan, who were Agriculturalists.  The biggest difference between the two cultures, was that the Agriculturalists tended to be very grandiose, greedy, sensual narcissists; while the Humans tended to be very simple, humble, and generous. IOW, the Agriculturalists were generally insane, overly agressive, and very superstitious; while the Humans were much more level-headed, trusting (especially of God or 'Divine Providence') and wise in their management of natural resources (they didn't use more than they had, then go take it from someone else; and they didn't use up all their materials on fancy houses, shrines, etc.).

2 - Caucasians (the true Israelites, or Shemite/Semites) landed around the vicinity of Turkey and the Caucasus mountains, after the cataclysmic flood, spoken of in scriptures.  They stayed put there, until they'd had enough of the Agriculturalists (Indian and other Near Eastern / Asian Canaanites, or Japheths) and the Cosmopolitans (Babylonian, Egyptian, and other North African / Middle Eastern Hammites) harassing them and capturing them for slave labor.

The Canaanites also used bought or captured Caucasian women of some of the "X" and possibly also some of the "W" mtDNA clades, in Hybrid breeding programs with India's native ape, the Rhesus macaque monkey.  In that manner, the Neanderthal tribes (including Aryans, Indo-Europeans, etc.) and the Rhesus negative recessive blood gene were 'created' artificially.

The Aryans and Indo-Europeans (who refer to themselves emphatically as "whites", 'Semites' although they are not, and sometimes "Jews") soon began successfully 'passing' for Caucasians (nevertheless, they're descended from ~Neanderthal Hybrids / Rhesus monkey Hybrids; and have more golden-toned, sometimes characteristically freckled skins; often with blue or green eyes and straight, blond, red or black hair -- unlike true red-skinned and mostly brown-eyed, wavy haired Caucasians).

The "X" tribe women were also used in breeding programs in Egypt, and probably in ancient Babylon.  Most of the women in all the Agriculturalists' breeding forays, didn't survive that sort of abuse.  But their ~DNA did survive it, in their Neanderthal, and possibly other, Hybrid offspring.

The Pseudo-Jew / Pseudo-Caucasian Hybrids of Edom and Ammon also managed to destroy the ancient nation of Israel, rending the country in two, setting up monarchies, and eliminating / undermining their original priestly class (the Levites, who were healers, similar to shamans or ministers, among other things), replacing it with their own: the evil Cohenins.

They infiltrated Judah, calling themselves Jews because that was where they LIVED, not who they really WERE.  In order to achieve complete ownership of Israel, they adopted the practice of circumcision, and married into a couple of the tribes, forming new tribes as well (Manassah, etc).  But they were not true brothers, because they sold them who they refer to falsely as the "lost tribes" into slavery, forcing the others to eventually vacate the premises.

The pseudo Jews hated and feared the Israeli tribe of Dan so much, that they demonized them constantly, talking trash, smearing, and bad-mouthing them all the time.  The reason for the fear was two-fold: Dan was militarily the second most powerful tribe in those days, other than Judah; and the scriptural verses in the Bible, which gave Israel's blessing to his 12 sons, state that Dan would someday JUDGE Judah (or, the 'Jews').  It goes on to say that Dan would bite Judah's heels, as would a serpent (unexpectedly).

To this day, the Jews behave as if the true tribe of Dan is nonexistent or inconsequential.  I believe that is wishful thinking on their part.  They have taken some people whom they have ~labelled Danites, and corrupted their morals with Satanic teachings.  But I doubt that they're true Danites, any more than 'Jews' are real Judeans.

Incidentally, the anti-Christ of end-times prophecy spoken of in the Bible, is alleged to be descended from a Danite mother (like Obama's mom, whose naked backside may be seen in snapshots posted online), and a Judean father (it's said that his real father was Jewish, or that he is Jewish -- which I believe, because apparently he married a Jewish woman: Michelle).  Barry Soetero's mother's family originated in a region of England not known for having much 'class'. They're known in that region for being very inbred, iow.

3 - When they couldn't tolerate any more of the abuses, the true Israelites (the so-called 10 'lost' tribes) saved themselves by fleeing their homelands, settling as far away as they could get, in parts of Europe and probably also the Americas.  But they couldn't hide from the marauding Hybrid tribes for very long.  They were eventually invaded and slaughtered by them time and again.  The men were killed off generally (after being used first for slave labor); the women and children were taken captive and used mainly for labor or sex.  The Hybrids also had penchants for things like head-hunting, cannibalism, and Human sacrificing... and female confinement (the treatment of females as if they are property).

Some of the most winsome ladies were taken for wives, however.  Not that they were treated well by the Hybrids (they probably had baby after baby, too) but that they did survive death (at least long enough to have a few babies).  The shapes of the Hybrids heads did cause a lot of Human women (who had platypelloid shaped pelvises, now nearly extinct) to die in childbirth, however.

This is the reason why in Europe currently, most of their mtDNA is Caucasoid, while very much of their yDNA is Mongoloid, Middle Eastern (ie Aryan), or Negroid.

4 - In the Americas, the Human refugees from the old world battled with the cannibalistic, bloodthirsty powermongers in their lands: Aztecs, Incans, Mayans, etc.  The Cherokee were originally Iroquoians, but separated themselves from those particular 'Serpent People', in ancient history.  The Cherokee also was put into the position of needing to eradicate their ancient 'priestly' class, due to their shocking abuses of privilege.  The Cherokee also very strictly forbade such practices as cannibalism and abuses of women or children.

In their marital relationships, they practiced "serial monogamy" (not polygamy, and they definitely did not trade, sell, loan, or enslave their wives as if they were chattel; when a woman was through with a husband and told him to leave HER home, he was expected by tribal custom to do her bidding, no argument).  Cherokee homes and land belonged to the women; and their seven sacred clans were all, matrilineal and matriarchal.

The Cherokee were moral people, and referred to themselves as the 'real' People.  In the beginning they were strictly Hunter/gatherers, but later also became accomplished gardeners or crop farmers.  The women oversaw all of their agricultural ventures, as well; and the food crops and most of their lands (other than their personal homes) were held in common.  Each of the seven matrilineal clans settled together on very large tracts of land.  When married, a husband always lived with his ~wife and her own clan, not with his mother's clan.  He would also usually build, or help build, her house.

5 - Later, when the Indo-European and Pseudo-Semitic tribes outgrew Europe, they conquered the Americas and other far lands (Australia, South Africa, etc.).  It was always difficult for Human beings to survive amongst the Hybrid tribes, and it hasn't gotten any better since.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  It's so bad now that even the Chinese Hybrids (who possess the largest land mass in the world, besides Africa) want our land, too.  And our illustrious Hybrid leaders (the Pimps) have sold it out from under us.

6 - Hybrid tribes are ~always patriarchal, although some might be matrilineal.  The matrilineal Hybrid tribes are usually ones with large numbers of Rh- individuals; and they structure themselves that way, due to reproductive issues.

They always tend to practice agriculture on oversized plantations, which are never efficient enough to be sustainable.  They tend to create desert wastelands out of good soil.  They always overbuild (with very extravagantly urban / cosmopolitan tastes).  They're very fond of flashy, gaudy colors and monuments; also towers (think: the Tower of Babel, the Sears tower, the Empire State building, and the Twin Towers, among others).

They are always in competition with one another and with themselves, to be ever more extreme (think: the Space 'Program') (think: weapons of torture and mass destruction) (think: Designer clothing and Ferraris) (think: 100,000 sq foot 'homes', built like palaces -- for people who have the IQs of poodles or bulldogs).  They are easily bored and need a lot of 'entertainment', which they hope will keep their brains from turning into mush.

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