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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Second "Dieneke's Anthropology Blog" Comment, Quoted Here

In most cases of successful mammalian hybridization, which female animal is most likely to produce (give birth to) offspring which is both ~viable and reasonably ~fertile: the superior of the two species bred, or the inferior of the two?

Answer: the superior of the two species bred. A female of the inferior species mated, will usually miscarry; or if it should miraculously give live birth somehow, the offspring will almost undoubtedly be sterile (ie unable to reproduce).

Which is most ~primitive taxonomically: the mare horse from which a mule is foaled, or the mule foal?

(I would assume the donkey sire to be the most taxonomically primitive of the three parties involved in procreating a hybrid mule).

Which came (ie existed) ~first: horse(s) or mule(s)? Answer: horses.

Horses (superior taxonomically) didn't "evolve" from the more primitive hybrid mules; nor did Humans from hybrid subspecies of Homo Sapiens sapiens (like Neanderthal or Denisovans, etc.).

The only way to evolve a horse from a mule, would be to backbreed mules with only purebred horses, for many generations -- but regardless, the offspring would still retain some fraction of their male donkey ancestor's DNA in them.

However, their mtDNA would always be that of a horse; because it would be irrational (ie largely biologically unsuccessful, and contrary to the working, practical theory of mammalian hybridization) to breed a mule mare with a stud horse.

~That was "Horse sense", lol~

[NOTE:  I forgot to mention the fact that even if a mule mare were bred to a horse stallion -- it would still have the mtDNA of its dam:  a horse. Lol.]

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