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Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Comment Posted on Deineke's Anthropology Blog

I believe the causes for most of the present day diversity in Human DNA, were the practices of deliberate inter-species hybridization among ancient agriculturalists. Most of the so-called archaic hominids, such as Neanderthal, Erectus, Denisovans, etc., were unnatural & biologically unsuccessful hybrids ~created by Homo Sapiens. That's why genetic remnants of various types of lower apes are found in many 'modern' Humans. Evidence of inter-species hybridization is found in a variety of distinctive types, which were historically concentrated continentally among some indigenous tribes; but now that Earth has become so populated, & with the aid of technology (transportation especially), we now have even more varied combinations of different genes within specific individuals and/or ethnic groups. Blood types, factors, & groups, give us some clues about the origins & chronologies of some of the most identifiable hybrids. In other words, I believe that humans were deliberately bred (by humans, not by aliens, lol) with various lower apes or Rhesus macaque monkeys, mostly in the regions where those animals are native, & at various times throughout the eras of very early agricultural development. Breeding and hybridization is/was of prime importance to agriculturalists, & often a great source of delight, pride, & satisfaction, to people experimenting with them.

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