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Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's too Quiet Here, without Your Voice (to "Hentiny" on the DNA forums)

I know they can and do silence us; history (both ancient & modern) keeps repeating itself. I'm sorry that happened to you, as you obviously do attempt to know & tell the truth, which I much prefer to hear.

I too have been shut down, at Amazon Religion forums (I was MindCandy / Alethea, & had an active used book account over there at one time), denied my Civil Rights, by hermaphrodite / homosexual / Zionist, ~government-connected ~trolls (led by Andrew Auernheimer, aka Weev or Loki, who subsequently got himself arrested for hacking into elite iPod accounts & whom I have very good reasons to believe is a sadistic mercenary hitman type, responsible for many vile capital crimes of both national & global significance, both on & offline; & whom I know is the founder of internet terrorist groups like Bantown, 4chan & Anonymous; & who founded the website, 'deviantart'; his ol' lady is/was ~Jan et Nap olitano (aka 'NB' or 'Enby', Mei Mei, etc)... no exageration & I'm completely serious) for my Christian views & also because of mentioning my ancestry.

The abuse intensified (DHS with Amazon brought in some VA brass, trolls within my local community, the mainstream Media (Anderson Cooper & Chris Matthews) & even some ~Military or Secret Service or something, to perform tactics of psychological warfare.

I seriously suspect that even B. H. O-bam-a (aka 'Violet' on the A-forums) himself was personally involved in fighting against my ~Individual freedoms for the benefit of the Corporation when I protested Phillip Greaves' book, a guide for pedophiles instructing them in how to commit their crimes w/o getting caught or in trouble w/ the law,

Same basic story (politics & 'social engineering'), different forum. They got me banned after repeatedly & intensively, organized gangstalking & harassing me there, even hacked my computor, etc. I finally had enough of it and admitted truthfully & reasonably, that prior to meeting them I'd never hated or feared Jews or Homosexuals, but that now I definitely do so. For saying that, I got banned, finally.

The govt Zionists commonly defend Islam or any other ~cult or ~established religion which is in their political corner (ie Mormonism), but violate the rights of Individual free-thinkers. They're especially anti-Christ & continuously get away with posting hate-filled threads on Amazon, condemning & mocking christ, christians & christianity.

I've read their comments on the forums, where they brag about using military-style tactics to "shatter" citizens' "world-views", in order to "replace them with their own".

Although they quite forcefully & solidly defended the ~pedophile author's~ ebook on Amazon, yet when I protested it, the hypocrites tried to discredit me by using embarassing & false accusations of pedophilia against ~me, online, with repeatedly 'flashing' their little graphic buddy, "pedo-bear", at my comments.

I think that it's interesting & very revealing that now even the Pope & the Queen of England are ~seriously suspected of & being investigated for organized crimes against children (and ultimately, against Humanity). In their cases,  I now have no problem believing the charges against them.

They also harassed me at my online used junk/antique businesses on Bonanzle & on Etsy, essentially running me out of business at both those sites (which are, like Amazon's used books biz, pretty lousy venues anyway).

The moderators here manipulate my convos, by omitting about half of my posts & by delaying the ones they do publish by several days usually. In one of my moderator-omitted comments, for the thread "How do You Prove that You're an Indian?" I quoted "My Heritage...We are Indian & Proud People" from the following link, but it never got published.

I copy all of my forum replies to my google blog, "Truth:Freedom", for the record, prior to posting them here. (I'll copy this one as well.) Before Auernheimer (the Hitler worshipping Nazi / murderer) somehow hacked into and destroyed my ~printer, I used to make hard copies of a lot of sh^t pertaining to the 'problem' which unfortunately & unexpectedly involved me. I have evidence printed that 'Weev' didn't want me to have, & tried very hard to prevent me from printing... Now I guess I have to rely on disc storage of info.

Not that there really seem to be enough people (alive & well, anyway) these days who care about things like truth & justice, to win the presently mostly covert civil war raging on around us, but I feel duty-bound to at least try. And I got ~drawn into it: 2 or 3 years ago I never would have imagined how much of the hidden underworld of our government & society generally would eventually be revealed to me, or even to the world in general.

(And since unemployed & chronically ill now, I haven't much else to do, I have to stay busy somehow; I just wish now that my life hadn't been wasted so many years, trying to keep the mortgage paid, it would have been put to better use learning the truth, speaking out about it, & defending Freedom.)

The more they try to shut me up, the louder I become. I'll die fighting them, not just for myself but for eveyone that I KNOW they oppress & abuse, for everyone who have already died or who lay suffering because of the beasts.

However, unfortunately whenever I take a good look around at other people, I too often see their Hybrid clones & zombies, both online & off (although online or in print, as in speech & behaviors, it's slightly easier to 'read' where they're actually coming from politically & morally); instead of true Human beings with free hearts, minds, & souls. I realize now that true Humans are drastically in the minority.

Again, 2-3 yrs ago, I had always just assumed like many others, that we are ~all Human beings with souls. But that's not the case, in fact. And I don't believe their BS propaganda about them being 'ET' Aliens or Annunaki, either, lol. DNA research can be very eye-opening.

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