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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Inter-Species Hybridization is the Result of Bestiality

Lots of facts; along with plenty of wishful thinking to boot.  If you can sort out the truth from the propaganda, it's really good reading:

"Cro-Magnon were anatomically modern, straight limbed and tall compared to the contemporary Neanderthals. They are thought to have been 166 to 171 cm (about 5'5" to 5'7") tall.  Though the largest males may have stood 183 cm (6'0") or taller. They also differ from modern day humans in having a more robust physique and a slightly larger cranial capacity.  The Cro-Magnons had long, fairly low skulls, with a wide face, a prominent nose and moderate to no prognathism, similar to features seen in modern Europeans.  A very distinct trait is the rectangular orbits.

[NOTE: Cro-Magnons had a larger cranial capacity than the average modern Human, and were also taller, on average.]

"Several works on genetics, blood types and cranial morphology indicate that the Basque people may be part descendents of the original Cro-Magnon population.  A 2006 study of Basque DNA has shown a 1% incidence of mtDNA haplogroup U8a dated to the time of Cro-Magnon but noted that the low incidence of this ancestry and recent gene flow from neighbouring populations means the current Basque population cannot be considered reliable examples of the physical characteristics of Cro-Magnon.

[NOTE: I believe that the Basques were originally Cro-Magnons (like the Tuareg and probably the Cherokee, Saami, Altai, and other 'indigenous' ancient Caucasian types), but that they were invaded by "Indo-European" Neanderthal Hybrids at some time in history, changing their DNA forever.  Their subsequent reaction to invasion, by isolating themselves ethnically, was meant as a protective mechanism against further genetic corruption.

However, isolation doesn't and can't prevent the Rh- and other recessive genes from making its rounds throughout any closed population.  Any genetic corruption that took place via inter-species breeding in ancient times, is irreparable, in other words.  All they could do, was to cut their losses.  They were at least intelligent enough to realize, that the inflow of Neanderthal genes was NOT "beneficial" to their people.

Virtually all of the purely Cro-Magnon (Homo Sapiens sapiens), 'Caucasian' tribes listed above (and others not mentioned here), were the frequent targets of invasive, intrusive DNA corruptions of various kinds, due to attacks and assaults by Hybrid tribes:  Homo Erectus ('Asian'), Neanderthal ('Eurasian'), and others (probably also some which arose in Africa and Indonesia -- anywhere where Cro-Magnons had earlier made the lethal mistake of inter-species breeding with native lower primates).

They had at some point gone into hiding, into refuges, against the Hybrids; but were eventually caught off guard, either by the sheer sudden viciousness of the warring, bloodthirsty, plundering tribes (who either lay in wait, sometimes setting traps and snares, or who alternatively stalked their prey exactly as any predatory animal of any size will do, even to Humans.

It has been surmised that Neanderthal Hybrids couldn't/can't run as fast as Humans (Cro-Magnons).  And while that may be true over long distances, like the alligator (who also has short legs and a heavy, low-centered body build) -- they may have been incredibly fast-moving at short, striking-range distances.

Another reason for them being caught off guard, would have been the fact that Hybrids (although 'different' looking from Cro-Magnons) nevertheless had many 'Human' features.  So the Cro-Magnons (at first, anyway) tended to give them the benefit of the doubt, until it was probably too late to defend themselves against the wanderers or marauders.

Cro-Magnon types of tribes tended to be Hunter-gathering, small-scale farming groups or families who preferred to stay in one particular location as much as possible, building nice cozy (though small and earth-friendly, also temporary) homes, and hearths.  They settled around clean rivers, lakes, seacoasts, and other places where they could find the resource materials, foods, and drinking water that they needed for survival.

The Hybrids on the other hand (being not exceptionally bright), didn't make very efficient utilizations of their resources, and were forced to constantly roam like Gypsies, seeking Cro-Magnon tribes which they could ~exploit in various ways (stealing resources and weaponry, eating their food, cannibalizing them, raping, etc.)

That scenario set the stage for many, many wars and feuds between Cro-Magnons and the many kinds of Hybrids.  When the Hybrids got enough Human DNA into their population, they finally became capable of often ~infiltrating Cro-Magnon society, by pretending to be Humans.  But since their customs, manners, and morals were rarely truly Human enough to maintain any successful ruses or 'cons' -- they developed traditions of ~secrecy.

That's how the Cult religions, 'secret societies' and the Occult got started.  They also developed very obsessive-compulsive rituals, in order to help them to remember things which were important to their tribes' survival.  Most of it (as seen in their often strangely disturbing, frequently crude, or even pornographically obscene yet colorful and repetitive, ~symbolism) is based on very superstitious, primitive thinking (~schizoid thought processes, in fact); however much of it serves very serious purposes of ~survival for them, particularly on social, psychological, emotional, and political levels.

The Cherokee, Andaste, and other of the originally Cro-Magnon types in the 'New World' were similarly repeatedly attacked by various kinds of Hybrid tribes.  Homo Erectus was probably more prevalent in the Americas; however, Neanderthals and other as yet unknown types probably were also found populating the ancient terrain.

When certain tribes of Hybrids eventually and gradually became more politically, biologically and socially powerful, they began seeking to exterminate by ~genocide all the remaining Cro-Magnon tribes.  The hypocrites would instill in their younger warriors, much hatred and fear of Cro-Magnons, by demonizing the 'enemy' 'outsiders' or 'strangers', with false and exagerated tales of immoral behaviors allegedly committed by Human beings -- who they simplistically view as mere 'competition' for the vast amount of resources that is unfortunately consumed by most Hybrid tribes.

Other means developed by Hybrids in order to gain needed resources and power over Human beings and ultimately over each other as well:  Patriarchy and marital customs (such as the ritual confinement of women as if they are property/chattel); metropolitan, urban centers; merchant economy / trading; systematic conquering / warring; planned genocides; slavery; monarchys; caste systems; propaganda; religious oppression/persecutions; introducing and maintaining institutional systems of ritual, ceremony, and sacrifice; promotion of superstitions; slander and libel of 'enemies' (demonization, or hate speech); etc. ]

"...Markku Niskanen (2002) of the Department of Anthropology at the University of Oulu, Finland, claimed the 'strong cheekbones and flaring zygomatic arches of many Finno-Ugrians, commonly and erroneously assumed to be Mongoloid features, are actually inherited from European Cro-Magnons'

[NOTE: Cro-Magnons had some cranial features which made them and many of their modern descendants appear slightly 'Asian': ie ~square-shaped orbitals and high, prominent cheekbones; however other features (like high, non-sloping foreheads and certain chin shapes, hair and eye shapes and colors; nose and nasal bone shapes; mouth and teeth sizes and shapes) set them apart.  Their brain cases for example, tended to be longer than the Homo Erectus / Hybrid 'Asians', and higher than the Neanderthals.  There are many other subtle anatomical differences of course, between a purely Cro Magnon individual (which may barely even exist anymore) and any of the various Hybrids.

I believe that DNA analysis can pinpoint Hybridization in the Human species, much more accurately than the old systems of physical anthropology.  And I don't believe it's about 'race', because there is only ONE Human race, or species.  Any species or subspecies, other than Human, isn't ~technically or definitively Human, any more than a Chimpanzee is a Human or a Mule is a Horse.

That's not to say that Humans ought to be cruel to Hybrids.  Are Humans cruel to Horses because they're not Human?  Or, are Humans cruel to Mules because they're not horses?  Of course not.  Anyone who would be cruel to animals, are "inhumane": they're not ~Human.

On the other hand, normal, mentally and emotionally well adjusted Human beings don't allow others of any species, to bite, harm, injure or kill Humans.  To do so, would be Self destructive: it would be physically and psychologically unhealthy.] 

"...The Cro-Magnon shared the European landscape with Neanderthals for some 10 000 years or more, before the latter disappear from the fossil record. The nature of their co-existence and the extinction of Neanderthals has been debated. Suggestions include peaceful co-existence, competition, interbreeding, assimilation and genocide. Other modern people, like the Qafzeh humans seem to have co-existed with Neanderthals for up to 60 000 years in the Levant.

"...The Neanderthal Châtelperronian culture appears to have been influenced by the Cro-Magnons, indicating some sort of cultural exchange between the two groups.  At the original Châtelperronian site layers of Châtelperronian artifacts alternate with Aurignacian, though this may be a result of interstratified ("chronologically mixed") layers, or disturbances from earlier excavations.  The "Lapedo child" found at Abrigo do Lagar Velho in Portugal has been quoted as being a possible Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon hybrid, though this interpretation is disputed.  Recent genetic studies of a wide selection of modern humans do however indicate some form of hybridization with archaic humans took place after modern humans emerged from Africa. About 1 to 4 percent of the DNA in Europeans and Asians appears to be derived from Neanderthals, though none of it can conclusively be tied to a European event.
Monkey Armies of India.
(The above link is not really "porn"; it's just a figure of speech, someone trying to be clever...)
Comparisons of a variety of ancient skull types with 'modern' Human types.
Rhesus macaque monkey skull.
The Vedic monkey god(s).
(Descriptions of the 4 basic types of female pelvis.  The Platypelloid pelvis, often called the "archaic" type, by some OB/GYNs, is the rarest.  Women with this type of pelvis tend to deliver their first babies in breech presentations.  Some women with platypelloids have to be delivered by C-sections, for every baby that they carry to term.)

"...A 2003 sequencing on the mitochondrial DNA of two Cro-Magnons (23,000-year-old Paglicci 52 and 24,720-year-old Paglicci 12) published by an Italo-Spanish research team led by David Caramelli, identified the mtDNA as Haplogroup N. Haplogroup N is found among modern populations of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, and represent the northern branch of the out-of-Africa migration of modern humans. Its descendant haplogroups are found among modern North African, Eurasian, Polynesian and Native American populations.

[NOTE:  Cro-Magnon (defined as Caucasian by DNA testing of ancient remains' samples) descendants are found among  Native American populations.  It should also be brought to the readers' attentions, that the oldest mummified remains in America (found in Windover, Florida) -- dating back to pre-Egyptian times -- are Caucasian, as are many other of the most ancient Native American remains.  Why then, is there such a big cover-up about those facts?  What is the political agenda attached to keeping that particular truth, and other associated relevant evidence, hidden from the public?  Do the Hybrids not want Cro-Magnons aware of it?  I believe so.]

"Jared Diamond [author of 'Collapse - How Civilizations Choose to Fail or Succeed'] has suggested a scenario of violent conflict comparable to the genocides suffered by indigenous peoples in recent human history.

"...Even a slight competitive advantage on the part of modern humans could account for Neanderthals' replacement by anatomically modern humans on a timescale of 10,000–20,000 years.
The theory that early humans violently replaced Neanderthals was first proposed by French palaeontologist Marcellin Boule (the first person to publish an analysis of a Neanderthal) in 1912.
Another supporter of competitive replacement is Jared Diamond who points out in his book The Third Chimpanzee that the genocidal replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans is similar to modern human patterns of behavior that occur whenever people with advanced technology invade the territory of less advanced people."

[NOTE: I don't necessarily totally believe all of Diamond's theories... Genocide can go either way: the inferior civilization may choose to annihilate the superior one, out of FEAR or SELF PRESERVATION; not, because they are more technically advanced, wise, or moral, lol.

Also, despite all the different plausible theories given here, Wikipedia doesn't state the most ~obvious cause of the Neanderthal's demise: its inferior Hybrid genes made it a generally unsuccessful breeder, when compared to the healthy robustness of the pure species Cro-Magnon.  The hybrid mammal, "mule", is an example of what I mean by that statement.

The Neanderthal had Rhesus negative blood types, and its males could only breed well with Rhesus positive Cro-Magnon women (who probably didn't find them very attractive, nevertheless).

The Neanderthal women would have been more successful at the task of procreation, when mating with another Rhesus negative (a Neanderthal, iow) -- but only IF she were lucky enough to find one who wasn't ~sterile.  Yet even with a potent 'husband' however, many or most of their Hybridized, Rh- offspring would have had multiple genetic deficiencies / weaknesses, causing them to die young or be infertile, anyway.

An Rh-, Neanderthal woman (presumably shorter than Cro-Magnon women and with straight blond, black or red hair; blank, expressionless, but unusual blue or green eyes; lower intelligence; creamy golden, easily sun-tanned skin; large breasts; and rounder, broader hips: ie a 'novelty') would usually be able to bear only one (the firstborn) of an Rh+ husband's babies to term.  Unless he was either Rh- or a carrier of the gene, himself -- all of her other Rh+ babies (after the firstborn) would have almost certainly been stillborn or miscarried.

That's why Rh- men who want families (children, in other words) will nearly always choose (almost instinctively) Rh+ wives or mates.  Many of them don't bother with marriage, of course, choosing rather to sow their seeds as if they were King Solomon.

... I find it disturbing when 'experts' put forth theories, such as the one above attributed to Jared Diamond, assuming such things as that any civilization of 'superior' technology (based on what ~criteria of superiority?) would necessarily or normally destroy and genocide their 'inferior' ("less advanced") neighbors.  I find that idea very Darwinistic (ie false and contrived; also loaded), arbitrary, and cynical, to say the least.

... Notice that the Cro-Magnon genes are 'Caucasian' (not 'Indo-European' or 'Eurasian'), and that their ~descendant haplogroups are found among other modern populations, INCLUDING ~Native Americans.  That's a very important point.]

"While interbreeding is viewed as the most parsimonious interpretation of the genetic discoveries, the authors point out they cannot conclusively rule out an alternative scenario, in which the source population of non-African modern humans was already more closely related to Neanderthals than other Africans were, due to ancient genetic divisions within Africa.  Among the genes shown to differ between present-day humans and Neanderthals were RPTN, SPAG17, CAN15, TTF1 and PCD16."

[NOTE: Wikipedia fails to mention that every Neanderthal remains ever tested, possessed 'Caucasian' ~Human >>mtDNA<<.  That is due to the biological facts of mammalian Hybrid theory.  Scientists only found noteable differences in the DNA of Neanderthals from modern Humans AFTER they got around to making successful Full Genome Sequence analyses.  Lol.  Why do you think they were so damn keen to get that particular study done?

Why do the scientific community, educators, government, and mass media publicize everything about it, except they won't discuss the facts relevant to Hybrid theory (other than little hints here and there; and inferences about hybridization supposedly being a ~good, ~beneficial, or ~healthy phenomena (it isn't in reality, not for Humans or for Horses)?  They're avoiding the topic, for some reason (like many other relevant points which I've brought up here and elsewhere, concerning blood chemistry, DNA, and the history of Human hybridization).

Why do they seek to censor, even to persecute, people, for even suggesting such a thing is true?  Why violate a person's Rights (Freedoms of Speech, Religious beliefs, pursuit of Happiness, etc.) in order to cover up the truth?  If it were not true, why would they care what anyone says about it?  If it were not true, why would they take it seriously at all?  Have you seen any of the garbage that is put out on the internet and in the mass media?  The government and their many minions (mostly bureaucrats, I would assume) do absolutely nothing about things like snuff porn films, gangstalking, missing children and adults, and other very serious and violent hate crimes, etc. -- yet become very upset and disturbed about Hybrid theory facts being published.

Why?  Is it too personal for them?  Does it strike a nerve?  Does it endanger their social, economic, and political power bases?  I believe so.  It hits them where they feel the most:  in their bank accounts.  One may easily ascertain where their priorities lay.

The 99% Human mtDNA and the mostly Human X chromosomes, coupled with the distinctive and unmistakable Neanderthal input from their yDNA (which I would wager has many parallels to the Rhesus macaque monkey and/or other lower apes), proves inter-species hybridization.  It also proves ~bestial practices took place in ancient times.

I believe that when the Ice Age ended and coastal populations became nearly completely decimated in the ensuing floods and rising seas, the few remnants of Human beings (Cro Magnons, or 'Giants') mated with various lower apes, in desperate attempts to maintain survival of the species.  Unfortunately however, in doing so they corrupted Human DNA irreparably and permanently.

Nobody seems to want to admit or accept the truth about it, though.  It's probably too shocking a thought for most people to handle.  On the other hand, some of the slightly more aware of us seem to have compensated psychologically and emotionally for that knowledge, by pretending that hybridization / bestiality are unexplainably and somehow ~good for us:  yet it ~isn't really good for us; they're in deep denial]

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