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Friday, January 6, 2012

Caucasians were the First Americans[/quote]

Excellent and timely link; thanks for sharing. I've tried to explore the subject myself.  It isn't easy figuring out the truth and then adequately expressing it in print or in speech, when you're under constant attack from forces which devalue truth and freedom, so I hope it isn't too confusing anyway. (I don't consider it my final word on the whole subject, just my 'work in progress').

Maybe you can make some sense out of what I've discovered so far, in my studies of identity. It all began with my investigations into my own mtDNA, which I at first thought was "X" (that's what was reported to me, by Genographic Project, in Jan 2007).

Before realizing that the Project had, years later (in mid-late 2010), 'updated' my results from "X" to "W" -- I had already begun deep inquiries into the "X" clades. What I learned about "X" was nothing short of unsettling, even disturbing, to me.

I learned that certain clades of "X" were associated with Rh- blood types, Neanderthal Hybrids, Indo-Europeans, 'royal' blood, and the 'Illuminati'. I'd never studied those subjects prior, other than what I heard on the mass media and in the news. I'd never deliberately looked into it, and didn't know a whole lot about world history or anthropology, either.

I didn't know what to think, had questions: was I somehow connected to those same subjects, through my DNA? I knew that I wasn't Rh-, but was aware of many facts about the bloodtype, which I found to be creepy, scary. I didn't want to be related to them.

By the time I realized I have in fact a unique clade of "W" DNA, it was too late; I'd already learned so much about Indo-Europeans and how they differ from true Caucasians, how they are related to Neanderthal Hybrids, and how the Rh- blood gene fits into that picture.

Then I turned my attention to the "W" haplogroup, quickly learning that it's very rare, ancient, and somewhat closely related to "X". I was quite dismayed to find that "W" is most concentrated in the regions of India/Pakistan that are considered the origin of 'Aryans'. The more I studied Aryans and Indo-Europeans, the more uncomfortable it made me feel.

It was only after a tremendous amount of study (thank God, I had been very observant my entire life, or none of it would have ever made any sense to me), that I was able to conclude that the problem lies in the uses of terminology, definitions, and language.

Because if you take a specific tribe of people, and allow some of them to remain ~natural (the way God made them), while breeding some others of them with lower apes; according to the principles of mammalian hybridization, it doesn't matter that their off spring all have similar mtDNA, or the same ~haplogroups (although one would expect differing ~subclades, or haplotypes): you will still end up with two completely different ~subspecies -- the original species and a hybridized variety (or varieties, because of all the mutations inherent in hybrid breeding).

So, although their ~mtDNA may seem similar enough to be classified in the same haplogroups (just as a mule's mtDNA is that of its mare, a horse), their unique mutations will show that they belong in separate ~haplotypes (that of the mother species, and that of the hybrid subspecies). Thus, even though they share mtDNA haplogroups, no reasonable person would choose a mule over a horse, for riding or other purposes for which only a true horse will suffice. In other words, although mules are born of mare horses, it's impossible to teach them to ~canter like a horse.

Any old farmer ought to know those simple, basic, biological facts; yet our government and educators only work to cover up the truth about it, why? They have worked diligently to confuse definitions and terminology, so that now the average person believes that an Indo-European is the same thing as a Caucasian, and that both of them are "white". They would also have us believe that Indo-Europeans are native to Europe, just like Caucasians (Thus the whole false "Aryan Invasion" theory of India). Yet anyone who studies the problem may easily understand that is not the case.

They also have built an incredibly elaborate mythology around the Aryan, Hitler, antisemitism, racism, etc. -- completely confusing and obscuring the reality of what is really going on with those Nazis and groups like the KKK. It turns out that 'Jews' are not really Semites, and that they are in fact the most racist culture on the planet.

Are you aware that it is 'Jews' who ~run the KKK? And that the highest concentrations of 'Jews' in the world, are in both Germany and Argentina (along with America and Israel, of course)? (Basques, with their high rates of Rh- bloodtypes, also are very attracted to Argentina}. Why would the 'Jews' wish to rub shoulders with Nazis? It's because they're the same people. They've been playing us for fools.

Similarly, they've managed to label all people with dark skins, "black". Again, not all "blacks" are ~Negro. Some are in fact Aryans or other types of hybrids, too. And I have a feeling that if I study Negro or African DNA even further, I might find some more surprises. Same thing goes for Asian DNA (which has already been recently proven to have major components of Negro inheritance in most of it).

Educators would have us believe that modern humans "evolved" from ancient Hybrid creatures like Neanderthals and Denisovans; but that's not the truth of the matter. Many modern humans are ~descended from those hybrid subspecies, but they / we didn't "evolve" from them. It's not the same thing.

As for Native Americans, the government treats us like a 'race' (which they insist must be 'Asian'). Again, it's a confusion of definitions and terminology, because Native American simply refers to people whose lineages go back on this land to pre-Columbian times. It doesn't matter which race they are classified as, if their families lineages go back that far in time, chronologically.

A few years ago, when much evidence was coming forth that the earliest Native Americans were in fact Caucasian (since then they've done everything in their power to lie about and cover it all up), a lot of stupid Indo-Europeans arrogantly proclaimed, "See, we ~were here first!": They don't care about truth, they only want to own our land.

The elite are accutely aware, that argument won't carry water; they ~know about subclades, subraces, and subspecies, which would clearly identify the differences between ancient indigenous American Caucasians (with their now almost extinct, related indigenous European tribes) and Indo-European, Aryan Hybrids (most of which have Asian or African yDNA, due to their historic habit of invading our countries, and taking some true Caucasian women captive or slave).

So, are the 'elite' "superior" to us (as they would have us believe) because they lie and deceive so intently; because they maintain such a degree of secrecy; or because they're so vicious and aggressive? I don't believe so. I believe they're in power, because they ~like and ~need power for survival; not that they are more intelligent or very moral.

It's very interesting to see people discussing the same and other important issues on sites like that of the one you linked for me. I'm happy to see that a few people are finally waking up to reality, against all odds. But it's very disheartening to see how very confused most (even the intelligent and honest) continue to be, about everything.

They often get so very close to the truth (and to freedom therefore), but then sadly remain bound by what the government pushes on us: lies, misinformation, and guilt complexes (accusing or implying that if we speak the truth, we are: 'antisemitic' - what a joke anyway, they must laugh their fat, lazy, stinking asses off every day at that one; 'racist' - from the people who pretend that they're not 'gentiles', and who believe they have the right to kill anyone who isn't one of them; 'treasonous' or 'unpatriotic' - from the government who is now waging war against its own citizens; 'ignorant' or 'uneducated' - from the people who have completely perverted and subverted ~knowledge; etc.).

We all need to realize that we're dealing with hypocrites and criminals in our government: organized crime. Until we understand that, we will continue to allow them to rule over us. The hypocrites and criminals among us (even the ones who are in the 'establishment', like highly placed doctors, judges, lawyers, 'educators', law enforcement, military, corporate ceo's, bureaucrats, religious cult leaders, etc.), don't mind that we have a corrupt government; they don't mind the propaganda that they are spoonfed in school and in the media, either. They love it, it serves their purpose.

And they're safe from harm, as long as they're very obedient to the ~elite~ sobs. It's very obvious to me, from the way people speak on the various forums (being so very careful how they word their statements, and often backing off when challenged, knowing that there are 'moderators' around with the power and authority to deprive them of their freedoms of speech and of beliefs), that if they are not Nazis themselves, they are very afraid of stepping out of line. Because when we speak the truth, the 'elite' come down on us like tons of bricks. Or like hammers on anvils (one of their favorite allusions to one of their gods, Thor).

Sorry for talking so much, but it seems that so much needs to be said, and there really doesn't seem to be much of an audience for the truth. (I had elaborated a lot, recently on my little blog, filling in a lot of anthropological and other details on the subject of the Hybrid Beast -- only to have much of my work 'disappear' while I was sleeping. I'm still frustrated and irritated about that; but I take it as yet another sign that it may be time for me to let go and allow God to take care of things now. Maybe He doesn't need my help, as much as I want to give it. Maybe He has something else in mind for me now.)

I appreciate your kindness, and pray for you too. I was very touched when you offered to pray for me, it means a lot. I will copy some or all of this to my blog, mainly because I might not have this account much longer (in light of my treatment here, thus far). I don't even bother to submit comments for 'approval' here, anymore. I don't really feel that there is anything much worthwhile to learn at this site, either; it's too biased. R1a1a has removed all of the comments on my profile, too.

I guess it makes me feel that they hope to 'kill' me off, by silencing my voice; and if that is what has happened to you, then you must understand how that feels. Discriminatory violations of Individual citizens' Civil Rights, is a most heinous type of crime.

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