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Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to sort out your 'friends' from your enemies:

Be brutally honest and plain-spoken. Don't make any effort to 'win' 'friends'; it won't work anyway, in the long run. Be true to your Self.  If they don't care for you and disappear quickly, you're better off without them anyway.  It's better to know that right up front, than to invest too heavily in fraudulent relationships.

By the same token, learn to recognize when people are not communicating authentically. These days, it seems to be very commonplace, for certain 'classes' within our society to take an adversarial stance toward people they consider their inferiors or 'outsiders'. As such, although some act alone (serial killer types), most narcissists & psychotics form secret societies or gangs & clubs, which seek to ~undermine the 'competition' for available favors or resources. (Or they go into politics, lol.)

You know how they talk: it's like a wall of memorized text that's nothing but ~babble in the final analysis. Their grammar is very poor; & they use that lack of skill to their advantage, by appealing to emotions & psychological needs (such as the needs for love, acceptance, survival, security, food, shelter, sex, respect, intellectual stimuli, etc.) , rather than to reason or logic.

Very often they chatter long-windedly, with much flambuoyant body language & dramatic emphasis thrown in to their presentations, ALMOST seeming to say something important or to get to the 'point'; but, not quite.  It's sometimes almost 'entertaining', too, yet not so much.

When you're done listening (or they're finished yapping), you usually find you must fill in the many blanks they've left, with your own imagination. You vaguely feel manipulated somehow. And you sense that much of your time has just been wasted in the distraction. Very much like encounters with con-artists. In fact, that's what is really happening in many cases.

When more direct, however, they're far more terrifying & intimidating. But at least then, it's easier to know where they're really coming from. They save that sort of direct speech for when they believe they have you backed into a corner, though.

And people who feel 'entitled' are generally nearly impossible to please; most are looking for freebies like sex, money, labor, favors, social status, easy-but-high-salaried-'jobs' (they prefer to call them, "positions", lol), good times, entertainment, parties etc.  It seems public schooling & mass medias have conditioned them so:  to view even simple, everyday social transactions as nothing more than business negotations, through which they must succeed by cynically outwitting the 'opponent', thereby gaining the better part of the 'bargains' or 'deals'. And to always feel that they've somehow (without working or trying very hard) inexplicably earned a dubious lifestyle of royalty, or at least gentry.

A criminal society produces criminals; immorality breeds itself; lawlessness creates prisons, slavery, and bondage of every sort.

Those types of lazy, unintelligent people (along with the descendants of ancient interspecies Hybrids of course) who have bought, been sold, or lured into the/a collective 'dream' or delusion presented by 'authorities' & 'experts' ('educators', celebrities, bureaucrats, 'bosses', etc. -- nearly all of whom are Hybrids or employed by the same), allowing their 'superiors' to do all or most of the thinking & planning for them, are looking for 'pretty' speech & promises, not for honesty or truth.

And that is why 'politicians' & propagandists are so very popular and socially powerful. It is the same reason why they are so obscenely wealthy & spoiled. How was the Obamas' Hawaii vacation, btw?

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