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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Greek Calculator Results

According to Dienekes' anthropometric calculators, I'm 98% Caucasoid (on two of them); Alpinoid (on one); and I look like a Zulu (on one of them).  Here are the results from their "Greek Calculator":

Αποτελέσματα Φυλετικής Ανάλυσης - Results of Racial Analysis
Ομάδα (Group)Ευκλείδια Απόσταση (Euclidean Distance)Συνημιτονική Ομοιότητα (Cosine Similarity)
Αιγαίο (Aegean Islands)7.10.003
Κρήτη (Crete)7.6-0.157
Ιόνιο (Ionian Islands)7.82-0.256
Πελοπόννησος (Peloponnese)9.28-0.162
Στερεά Ελλάδα (Sterea Hellas)7.1-0.073
Θεσσαλία (Thessaly)7.43-0.169
Ήπειρος (Epirus)8.05-0.339
Μακεδονία (Macedonia)7.04-0.15
Θράκη (Thrace)6.460.244
Μετανάστες Ομογενείς (Greek Immigrants)8.68-0.737
Σαρακατσάνοι (Sarakatsans)5.650.662
Βλαχόφωνοι (Vlachophones)6.88-0.028
Σλαβόφωνοι (Slavophones)6.89-0.01
Σύνολο Ελλήνων (All Greeks)7.24-0.114
Σύνολο Βουλγάρων (All Bulgarians)6.140.413
Ρώσσοι Τασκένδης (Russians from Tashkent)4.420.747
Ουζμπέκοι Τασκένδης (Uzbeks from Tashkent)7.480.032

I seem to lean toward Russian from Tashkent / Sarakatsan / Bulgarian (in that order), assuming the proper method is to take the lowest Euclidean Distance as meaning the closest similarity.  That does seem to line up with the Cosine Similarity figures, so I'll accept that conclusion.
NOTE:  I originally goofed in my analysis, overlooking Sarakatsans and replacing that category with Thracians -- sorry.  But here and now, I correct my mistake (I'm a little surprised, no one brought that to my attention, lol):
Bulgarian women ca 1586, Ottoman Empire

Alina Kabaeva (I think she's probably more representative of "Russians" from Tashkent; the previous pix I posted were undoubtedly Uzbekis)

The thing about the so-called 'race' and 'ethnicity' calculators used by DNA companies, is that they are free to ignore any tribes they choose (as if we don't even exist) -- such as the Cherokee.

Keeping in mind, that my measurements may not be very accurate (however, there seems to be some sort of consistency -- even in the previous 'Zulu' result, lol).  I would rather see more scientifically based 'calculators'.  The ones that are available now, are quite streaked with bias, politics, ignorance, and discrimination (mainly due to omissions); they've limited usefulness.

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