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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Commenting on "Finding Freedom"'s blog, my very first & only 'follower'

Interesting ideas, & quite lyrical prose in some places (smooth & digestible). Technically, above-average grammar (it's spelled dissent, not "descent"); but heavily interwoven with Freudian symbolism, reflective of commonplace bigotries & rather disturbed, dark. Cloned, zombie-ish, & slightly hypnotic, like a Michael Moore script; written in the style of a dedicated & determined propagandist: "We, You, They... Cockroaches, Fish, (etc)". I don't sense much sincerety or individuality here; you seem a well trained parrot of the 'status quo', or 'establishment' (or maybe just intensely hostile, frustrated, & confused). The stark hypocrisy of you expressing your own belief systems, while making very vaguely worded, negatively phrased, & accusatively toned observations about others' 'religions', is almost funny. It's not surprising that you have so many followers after being up for only a couple of months.

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