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Friday, January 20, 2012


R1a1a has selectively removed comments from my profile (on; "A Genetic Genealogy Community"), again today. Also my post concerning Cro-Magnon genes relative to Kennewick Man and Penon Woman's pseudo-Asian physical features, was disallowed.
Someone had posted to me: "You are very intuitive" -- and so he removed that post and another one where I complained that Yorkie was being allowed to harass me on my profile, while I was being prevented or blocked by R1a1a from answering back against Yorkie's bullshit.
I'm very plainspoken here or informally, sometimes -- especially when obviously and intentionally provoked or angered; but I've done absolutely ~ nothing wrong, to deserve the insane treatment that I've gotten on that forum.
It appears to me, that truth is not as important to them as is their political agenda.  Iow, as long as you go along with THEIR politics and society, you may make any ridiculous or false statement you please. Religion and Christianity forums were the same way.  As long as you were Zionist, and everything that goes along with zealous Zionism -- you were tolerated.  But if not, they came down on you with ~censorship.

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