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Saturday, January 28, 2012

A "Calculator" Made Me a Caucasoid Zulu...

Results of Anthropometric analysis

Your best match is: Zulu (according to all 14 measurements) and Zulu (according to 11 independent measurements). See table All Populations below for other close matches.

Overall, you are 1.05 standard deviations from the average Zulu (according to all 14 measurements) and 1.12 standard deviations from the average Zulu (according to 11 independent measurements).

Pairwise Comparisons

The entry in row A column B is the probability that you belong in population A rather than B when only populations A and B are considered.

All Populations

These are your matches when all populations are considered.
Azerbaijan 11
Bulgarian 00
Czech 13
Croatian 86
German 00
Greek 33
Hungarian 00
Italian 00
Polish 00
Portuguese 00
Russian 67
Slovak 00
Slovenian 11
Iranian 00
Turkish 00
Egyptian 00
Indian 03
Singaporean-Chinese 00
Vietnamese 00
Thai 00
Japanese 31
Angolan 11
Zulu 7473
Afro-American 11
White-American 00

[NOTE:  This analyzer doesn't include "Native American" or "Cherokee" (the most populous tribe of Native American.  Neither have I seen a single DNA study ever done, on the 7 matrilineal clans of Cherokee.  I'm a Bird (Cely Bird, who married Steven/Stephen Hilburn).  Also, I don't want to read studies where they leave out the results (ie, fail to identify the haplogroups involved in their results and/or conclusions.  And I want to see an analyzer that will tell me my own specific mtDNA haplotype, automatically.]

UPDATE:  I have found a very good study done by Donald Panther-Yates, "Cherokee Clans, an Informal History", c2011... It's not a completely exhaustive study (there are very good reasons, for Native Americans being reticent about having our DNA tested / 'analyzed'; it's difficult to get many of them to participate; also cost may be an issue, many times), but I did learn a few things:

1- Just because your surname is "Bird" (like my gg-grandmother's) doesn't mean you are a member of that clan (it could be a paternal surname, while clans are strictly matrilineal)...
2- Based on my mtDNA, I'm definitely not either a Wolf or a Long Hair clan member...
3- It's very possible, even probable, that I'm a "Paint", because that clan is thought to have originated from ancient Phoenicians (with many of the associated mtDNA markers present there).

I recommend this paper (available in pdf online, for free) to anyone who is interested in the subject.  Mr. Panther-Yates is associated with DNA Consultants, a company which I have a great deal of confidence in, based on their sincere regard for Truth / Facts.  Some less honest DNA companies don't treat them with the respect they deserve (and I would question them myself, if they did so).
Are Zulus Caucasoids?  Because, I'm supposed to be 98% Caucasoid.  I've got Caucasoid mtDNA, too.  Dad's DNA is Western European, which inexplicably dates back to King Tut of Egypt.  And I honestly don't have Zulu facial features, imho.

The analyzer calculated me as being zero "White" American, and only 1/100 chance of being Afro-American, while having a whopping 74/100 chances of being Zulu, lol.

Must be joking, can't be right.

Deineke's anthropological features calculator says I probably look like this (but I don't get the connection, sorry).

Wow, they're polygamists with hang-ups about female virginity; how ironic:  a patriarchal society.  They trace their ancestry through their maternal lineage, however; so they're matrilineal.

Cherokee are (or were at some time in history) a matrilineal matriarchy.

CLANS:  Bird... Deer... Wild Potato... Wolf... Paint... Long Hair... Blue

Real Zulu women.

Do I look Zulu, in my early- to mid 30s?

My three children.

My maternal grandmother (Cherokee).

Grandpa, 75 yrs old

Zulu sisters.




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